Dog wearing a red bandanna with fly swatter.

Mosquito Mutts

ACPS currently has over 100 dogs in our shelter who have tested positive for heartworm disease. Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitos, which are all too common in Florida, and treatment in a shelter is difficult: dogs need 30 days of rest (short leash walks only, nothing that elevates the heart rate) to heal after their injections—which is tough in the noisy, stressful shelter environment.

Our new partnership with our city's Mosquito Control is a great solution for treating more of our heartworm positive dogs! Select dogs will be given their injections by our dedicated veterinary team and then moved to the Mosquito Control facilities' brand-new kennel space for Mosquito Mutts for the duration of their recovery period. Mosquito Control staff and some of our volunteers will make sure these pups get enrichment and are comfortable in their new space while they heal.

Stay tuned for updates and stories from our Mosquito Mutts as they embark on their journey to full health—as well as some tips and tricks for preventing heartworm disease in your own pets!