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For each SERVICE OR GOOD that a business provides enter the name of that service as listed in the NIGP Description Word Search and then enter the NIGP code while registering as a supplier with the city of Jacksonville.

There are thousands of goods and services that carry NIGP Codes. Therefore, you should scroll through the listing, NIGP Commodity Codes, to identify all goods and services offered by your company.
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Asphalt, Construction, Demolition, Design, Drainage, Electrical, Engineering, Paving, Plumbing, Printing, HVAC, Mechanical, Mowing
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Commodity Code Description
005.05 Abrasive Equipment and Tools
005.14 Abrasives, Coated: Cloth, Fiber, Sandpaper, etc.
005.21 Abrasives, Sandblasting, Metal
005.28 Abrasives, Sandblasting (Other than Metal)
005.42 Abrasives, Solid: Wheels, Stones, etc.
005.56 Abrasives, Tumbling (Wheel)
005.63 Grinding and Polishing Compounds: Carborundum, Diamond, etc. (For Valve Grinding Compounds See Class 075)
005.70 Pumice Stone
005.75 Recycled Abrasives Products and Supplies
005.84 Steel Wool, Aluminum Wool, Copper Wool, and Lead Wool
010.05 Acoustical Tile, All Types (Including Recycled Types)
010.08 Acoustical Tile Accessories: Channels, Grids, Mounting Hardware, Rods, Runners, Suspension Brackets, Tees, Wall Angles, and Wires
010.09 Acoustical Tile Insulation
010.11 Adhesives and Cements, Acoustical Tile
010.14 Adhesives and Cements, Insulation
010.17 Aluminum Foil, etc.
010.30 Bands, Clips, and Wires (For Pipe Insulation)
010.38 Clips, Pins, etc. (For Duct Insulation)
010.41 Cork: Blocks, Boards, Sheets, etc.
010.45 Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems
010.53 Fiberglass: Batts, Blankets and Rolls
010.56 Foam Glass: Blocks, Sheets, etc.
010.57 Foam-in-Place Insulation: Phenolic, Urethane, etc.
010.59 Foam Plastics: Blocks, Boards, Sheets, etc.
010.62 Insulation, Interior
010.63 Insulation, Blown Type
010.64 Insulation, Loose Fill
010.65 Jacketing (For Insulation): Canvas, Osnaburg, etc.
010.70 Magnesia: Blocks, Sheets, etc.
010.72 Mineral Wool: Blankets, Blocks, Boards
010.75 Paints, Primers, Sealers, etc. (For Insulation)
010.76 Paper Type Insulation Material (Cellulose, etc.)
010.78 Pipe and Tubing Insulation, All Types
010.81 Preformed Insulation, All Types (For Ells, Tees, Valves, etc.)
010.83 Recycled Insulation Materials and Supplies, All Types
010.84 Rubber Insulation
015.06 Addressing Machine Supplies, Metal and Plastic Plate Type
015.10 Addressing Machine Supplies, Paper Plate Type
015.15 Chemicals and Supplies, Dry (For Bond Paper Type Copying Machines)
015.16 Chemicals and Supplies, Wet (For Bond Paper Type Copying Machines)
015.20 Chemicals and Supplies (For Spirit Type Duplicating Machines)
015.25 Chemicals, Inks, and Supplies (For Mimeograph Machines)
015.38 Paper, Chemicals, and Supplies (For Blueline Machines)
015.39 Paper, Chemicals, and Supplies (For Coated or Treated Paper Type Copying Machines)
015.45 Paper, Chemicals, and Supplies (For Diffusion Transfer Type Copying Machines)
015.55 Paper and Supplies (For Dual Spectrum Process Copying Machines)
015.70 Paper, Chemicals, and Supplies (For Thermal Process Copying Machines)
015.77 Recycled Copying and Duplicating Supplies
019.21 Berry Crops
019.24 Buckwheat
019.30 Corn
019.32 Cotton
019.41 Fruits, Citrus
019.42 Fruits, Deciduous Tree
019.47 Grapes
019.50 Hops
019.53 Melons
019.56 Nuts, Tree
019.60 Potatoes, Irish
019.62 Pumpkins
019.66 Rice
019.67 Rye
019.72 Sorghum
019.73 Soybeans
019.78 Sugarcane and Sugarbeets
019.85 Tobacco
019.90 Vegetables
019.94 Wheat
020.02 Backhoe (For Farm Tractor)
020.04 Brush and Tree Chippers
020.06 Brush Cutters and Saws, Motor Driven
020.10 Counters, Acre
020.13 Cultivating Equipment, Farm: Go-Devils, Row Type Shovel Cultivators, Tooth and Spring Harrows, etc.
020.14 Curb Edger, Heavy Duty, Tractor Mounted
020.15 Cutters and Shredders (Mowers), Heavy Duty, Flail: Tow Type and/or Center Mount Type
020.16 Cutters and Shredders (Mowers), Heavy Duty, Reel and Rotary: Tow Type and/or Center Mount Type
020.18 Dozer Blades (For Farm Tractors)
020.20 Drying Equipment, Grain
020.23 Ensilage Cutters
020.25 Farm Wagons
020.27 Feed Mills and Mixers
020.28 Feed Wagons
020.30 Fertilizer Applicators and Fittings, Liquid and Gas
020.31 Fertilizer Distributors, Dry, Commercial (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Distributors)
020.33 Garden Tractors, Cultivators, and Plows
020.34 Gang Mowers, Reel Type, Towed
020.35 Grain Bins and Tanks
020.36 Grading Machines for Seeds, Grains and Dried Vegetables
020.37 Grass Seed Strippers and Cleaners
020.39 Grass Spriggers and Seeders
020.40 Grinding Mills: Seed, Grain, Dried Vegetable
020.41 Harvesting Equipment: Bean, Corn, and Pea Pickers and Shellers, Combines, Cotton and Fruit Pickers, Headers, Sled Cutters and Threshers
020.43 Haying Equipment: Balers, Dryers, Elevators and Rakes, etc.
020.46 Herbicide, Insecticide and Fungicide Applicators and Distributors
020.49 Irrigation Equipment and Supplies, Agricultural
020.59 Land Levelers
020.61 Loaders, Tractor Mounted, Farm
020.62 Log Splitters
020.63 Manure Spreaders
020.64 Mower, Articulated Boom: Flail, Rotary, or Sickle Head
020.65 Mower (Steep Slope Type with Cutter Head on Telescoping Boom): Flail, Rotary, or Sickle Bar Cutter Heads, For Mounting on Tractors or Trucks (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Mowers)
020.66 Mower, Tractor Mounted (Steep Slope Type with Cutter Head on Telescoping Boom): Flail, Rotary, or Sickle Bar Cutter Heads (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Mowers)
020.67 Mower-Tractor Unit or Self-Propelled Mower, for Slope Mowing (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Mowers)
020.68 Mower, Center Mounted; and Tractor (See Class 515 for Lawn Type Mowers)
020.69 Pasture Renovators
020.71 Planting Equipment, Broadcasting
020.72 Planting Equipment, Drilling
020.73 Planting Equipment, Row Crop
020.74 Processing Machinery and Equipment, Agricultural
020.75 Posthole Diggers, Tractor Mounted
020.76 Protection Structures, Rollover (ROPS)
020.77 Pulverizers and Rotary Tillers, Soil
020.78 Recycled Agricultural Equipment Accessories and Supplies
020.79 Rock Pickers and Rakes
020.81 Rodent Control Equipment, Tractor Operated
020.82 Spade, Tree (Truck or Trailer Mounted, or Three-Point Hook-Up for Tractor Mounting) and other Tree Transplanting and Diggers
020.83 Sweeps and other Steel Shapes
020.84 Soil Mixers and Samplers
020.85 Terracing Equipment
020.87 Tillage Equipment, Heavy Duty, Farm: Blade Plows, Disc Harrows, Listers, Rotary Hoes, Tool Bars, etc.
020.89 Tractors, Farm, Wheel Type
020.90 Tree and Root Cutters and Stump Grinders, Tractor Mounted
020.91 Tree Girdlers and Timber Tongs
020.93 Umbrellas, Tractor
020.95 Unloaders and Elevators, Grain
020.96 Wedge, Steel, Tree Felling and Splitting
022.04 Brush Chipper, Cutter and Saw Parts
022.13 Cultivating Equipment Parts
022.15 Cutter and Shredder (Mower), Flail, Rotary, Reel, and Sickle Bar Parts
022.30 Fertilizer Distributor Parts
022.41 Harvesting Equipment Parts
022.42 Haying Equipment Parts
022.43 Herbicide, Insecticide and Fungicide Applicator and Distributor Parts
022.49 Implement Parts for John Deere
022.51 Implement Parts for Ford
022.53 Implement Parts for International Harvester
022.58 Implement Parts for other Farm Equipment
022.62 Irrigation System Parts, Agricultural
022.70 Planting Equipment Parts
022.73 Posthole Digger (Tractor Mounted) Parts
022.74 Recycled Agricultural and Implement Parts
022.75 Sprigger and Seeder Parts, Grass
022.77 Tillage Equipment Parts
022.80 Tractor (Farm and Garden) Parts
022.82 Tree Spade and Forestry Equipment Parts
022.95 Unloader and Elevator (Grain) Equipment Parts
022.97 Wagon Parts
025.10 Compressor, Bare Unit (Not Mounted or Powered), 15 HP and less
025.20 Compressor, Bare Unit (Not Mounted or Powered), over 15 HP
025.30 Compressor, Base or Tank Mounted, Electric Motor or Engine Driven, 15 HP and less; and Parts
025.40 Compressor, Base or Tank Mounted, Electric Motor or Engine Driven, Over 15 HP; and Parts
025.43 Compressors, High Pressure, All Sizes and Models
025.45 Compressor, Portable, Electric Motor or Engine Driven, 5 HP and less; and Parts
025.50 Compressor, Portable, Electric Motor or Engine Driven, over 25 CFM at 100 PSI; and Parts
025.55 Dryers, Desiccant Air
025.60 Filters, Air Gauges and Valves, Pressure Regulators, Shock Mounts, etc.
025.70 Moisture Separators, Non-Refrigerated
025.80 Moisture Separators, Refrigerated
025.85 Motors, Air Compressor
025.90 Recycled Air Compressor Accessories and Supplies
031.03 Air Conditioners: Commercial, and Parts and Accessories not Individually Itemized
031.04 Air Conditioners: Controlled Environment (For Computer Rooms, etc.), and Parts and Accessories not Individually Itemized)
031.05 Air Conditioners (Cooling and Cooling/Heating Types): Window and Wall Mounted, and Parts and Accessories Not Individually Itemized
031.06 Air Conditioning and Heating: Central Units, and Parts and Accessories Not Individually Itemized
031.07 Air Circulation Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
031.08 Air Curtains
031.09 Air Flow Meters
031.10 Air Purifiers, Accessories and Supplies
031.11 Blowers: Industrial Types
031.13 Chillers, Heat Exchangers and Receivers
031.14 Chilled Water System, Portable
031.15 Chilled Water Meter System
031.16 Coatings and Sealants, Duct
031.17 Coils: Chilled or Heated Water, and Direct Expansion
031.18 Coil and Fan Units, Air Conditioning
031.20 Compressors, Air Conditioning: Hermetically Sealed, Window Unit Type
031.21 Compressors, Air Conditioning: Industrial Type, and Parts
031.23 Condensing Units (For Air Conditioners)
031.24 Controls, Cooling Tower Water Treatment: pH, Conductivity, Corrosion Sensors
031.25 Controls: Limit Switches, Relays, Thermostats, Gas Valves, etc.
031.26 Control Systems: Complete (For Automatic Temperature Control)
031.27 Cooling Tower Water Treatment: Non-chemical Ozone, Centrifugal Separators, Magnetic Descaling Equip. (See Class 885 for Chemical Types)
031.28 Cooling Towers: Forced Air, Gravity, etc.
031.29 Dampers, Motorized
031.30 Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers
031.31 Duct Cleaning Equipment, Air
031.32 Duct, Prefabricated (Flexible or Rigid): Glass Fiber, Plastic, etc.
031.33 Duct, Fabricated, Metal
031.34 Dust Collectors, Industrial Type
031.36 Electronic Air Cleaners, Electrostatic Precipitators, Ozonators, Accessories, and Parts
031.38 Evaporative Coolers
031.40 Fans, Industrial Types: Attic, Exhaust, Forced Draft, etc. (Including Fan Blades and Fan Parts)
031.41 Fans, Room Type, Ceiling and Portable Type (Stationary and Oscillating)
031.43 Filter Coating, Adhesive, Coil Cleaners, Degreasing Solvents, etc.
031.44 Filters, Air Conditioning/Furnace (Permanent Type)
031.45 Filters, Air Conditioning/Furnace (Disposable Types)
031.46 Filters and Filter Media, Evaporative Cooler
031.49 Filter Frames, Metal
031.50 Freon
031.51 Furnaces, Central Heating Type (Forced Air, Gas Fired)
031.53 Grilles, Diffusers, Registers, etc.
031.55 Hand Tools, Air Conditioning and Heating Service Type (Including Leak Detectors)
031.56 Heat Pumps
031.57 Heaters, Electric (Baseboard Type) and Parts
031.58 Heaters, Electric (Panel or Wall Type) and Parts
031.59 Heaters, Electric (Portable) and Parts
031.60 Heaters, Gas-Fired (Space Type, Vented and Unvented) and Parts
031.61 Heaters, Gas-Fired (Wall Type, Vented and Unvented) and Parts
031.62 Heaters, Kerosene or Oil Fired (Space Type, Vented and Unvented) and Parts
031.63 Heaters, Space, Steam
031.65 Heating Elements, Electric
031.66 Hydronic Specialties
031.67 HVAC Equipment, Accessories and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
031.69 Odor Control Equipment (Indoor)
031.70 Odor Control Equipment, Duct Air (Including Ozone Type)
031.72 Pumps, Descaling Acid
031.73 Pumps, Refrigerant Circulating
031.74 Pumps, Refrigerant Vacuum
031.75 Radiators, Heating
031.76 Recycled HVAC Products, Accessories, and Supplies
031.78 Roof Ventilators, Power Driven (Including Recycled Types)
031.79 Roof Ventilators, Wind Driven (Including Recycled Types)
031.80 Solar Heating Units
031.82 Stoves, Wood or Coal
031.87 Testing and Recording Instruments
031.89 Thermometers and Gauges
031.91 Unit Heaters, Electric (Duct and Suspended Types)
031.92 Unit Heaters, Gas-Fired (Duct and Suspended Types)
031.93 Unit Heaters, Gas-Fired (Radiant and Infrared, Portable and Stationary)
031.94 Unit Heaters, Steam and Hot Water Types
031.95 Ventilation Equipment and Systems (See 031-78, 79 for Roof Ventilators)
031.96 Vent Pipes, Fittings, and Accessories
031.97 Vacuum System, Central, Including Filters, Parts and Accessories
035.02 Air Conditioning Units, Aircraft (For Cooling Interiors While at the Gate)
035.03 Aeronautical Charts and Maps
035.04 Aircraft Avionics, Not Otherwise Classified (Navigation Instruments, Transponders, etc.)
035.05 Aircraft Crash Locators and Accessories
035.06 Aircraft Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
035.07 Aircraft Fuselage and Components
035.08 Aircraft Fenders
035.09 Aircraft Communications Radio
035.10 Aircraft Navigation Radio
035.11 Aircraft Master Control Systems (Computer, etc.)
035.15 Aircraft Radar
035.20 Airplanes
035.21 Airships
035.22 Airport Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
035.23 Airport Equipment Ground Power for Aircraft at the Gates
035.25 Automatic Pilot Systems
035.26 Baggage Handling Equipment and Parts
035.27 Beacons, Visual and Runway Lights
035.28 Cameras and Accessories, Aerial Photograph
035.29 Drop Equipment and Supplies, Aerial
035.30 Engines and Parts, Airplane
035.31 Encryption/Decryption Systems, Aircraft
035.32 Ejection or Escape Systems, Aircraft
035.35 Engines and Parts, Helicopter
035.37 Engine Instruments: Fuel, Manifold and Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Tachometers, etc.
035.38 Environmental Control Systems, Aircraft
035.40 Equipment and Supplies, Airplane (Not Otherwise Classified)
035.44 Fire Control Systems, Aircraft
035.45 Equipment and Supplies, Helicopter (Not Otherwise Classified)
035.46 Flight Instruments: Airspeed, Altimeters, Attitude and Turn/Bank Indicators, etc.
035.47 Flight Simulator
035.48 Gliders
035.49 Hydraulic Systems, Aircraft
035.50 Helicopters
035.52 Hot Air Balloons
035.54 Information Display Systems, Flight (F.I.D.S. - Airport)
035.55 Instrument Landing Systems
035.60 Instruments and Testers, Airplane
035.65 Instruments and Testers, Helicopter
035.66 Landing and Braking Systems and Components, Aircraft
035.67 Lights: Anti-Collision, Landing, Navigations, etc.
035.68 Metal Crack Detection Dyes
035.69 Magnatometer (Security Screening Equipment)
035.70 Parts (Except Engine), Airplane
035.71 Oxygen Equipment, Aircraft
035.72 Parachutes and Drag Chutes
035.75 Parts (Except Engine), Helicopter
035.76 Power Systems, Aircraft
035.77 Photographs, Aerial
035.78 Ramps, Aircraft Boarding
035.79 Recycled Aircraft and Airport Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
035.80 Snow Melters for Runways, Roads and Streets (See Class 765 for other types of Snow Equipment)
035.81 Sweepers, Runway (See 765-77 for Street Sweepers)
035.82 Taxiway and Runway Testing Equipment and Supplies
035.83 Tanks and Accessories, Fuel (Aircraft)
035.85 Tools, Airplane
035.90 Tools, Helicopter
035.91 Tow Bars for Moving Aircraft at the Airport
035.92 Wind Tees and Wind Socks, Airport
035.93 Tugs and Tractors for Moving Aircraft at the Airport
035.94 Warning Systems, Aircraft (Emergency, Fire, Escape, Ejection, etc.)
035.95 X-Ray Scanner, Passenger Baggage
037.18 Bar Equipment and Accessories
037.23 Cards, Greeting and Gift (Including Recycled Types)
037.25 Carnival and Fair Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
037.28 Collections: Coin, Stamp, Comic Books, etc.
037.34 Decorations: Christmas, Party, etc.
037.35 Decorative Household or Office Items (Not Otherwise Classified)
037.43 Gifts (Incl. Gift Certificates)
037.52 Novelties and Advertising Specialty Products
037.56 Paper, Crepe
037.63 Recycled Decorations, Games and Toys
037.64 Replicas: Food, Fruit, etc.
037.75 Soda Fountain Equipment and Accessories (Including Slush Machines; see 165-50 for Malt and Milkshake Machines)
037.78 Souvenirs: Promotional, Advertising, etc.
037.84 Toys and Games (Not Educational Type)(See 208-47; 209-48; 785-53; and 805-51 for other type games) (Incl. Children's Coloring Books and Activity Items)
037.88 Video Game Machines
037.89 Video Games
040.01 Amphibia (Frogs, Toads, Salamanders and other Cold Blooded Vertebrates) Live
040.02 Animal Carriers
040.03 Animal Care Supplies (Collars, Clothing, Leashes, Litter Boxes, etc.)
040.04 Animal Training Equipment and Supplies
040.05 Bees
040.07 Birds
040.08 Cages/Shelters, Animal and Marine Life (See Class 495 for Laboratory Type)
040.09 Cats, All Types (Pets)
040.10 Cattle, Beef (Breeding Stock)
040.11 Cattle, Beef (Commercial)
040.20 Cattle, Dairy
040.21 Chickens
040.22 Chicks, Meat Type, Baby
040.24 Chicks, Meat Type, Starter
040.26 Cockerels, All Types, Baby
040.28 Cockerels, All Types, Starter
040.30 Dogs, All Types
040.35 Earthworms
040.37 Electronic Identification Systems Used for Inventory and Tracking of Animals
040.40 Fish, Brood and Fingerling
040.42 Fish (Not Otherwise Classified)
040.45 Fish, Tropical
040.48 Fur Bearing Animals (Not Otherwise Classified)
040.50 Goats
040.58 Hibernation Boxes (Butterfly, Ladybug, etc.)
040.60 Hogs, Pigs and Swine (Breeding Stock)
040.61 Hogs, Pigs and Swine (Commercial)
040.70 Horses
040.71 Houses and Cages, Bird
040.75 Marine Life (Not Otherwise Specified)
040.80 Mules and Donkeys
040.82 Pullets
040.83 Pullets, Laying Types, Baby
040.84 Pullets, Laying Types, Starter
040.85 Rabbits
040.86 Recycled Animal, Bird, and Marine Life Accessories and Supplies
040.87 Rodents (See 495-12,13 for Experimental Types)
040.88 Reptiles, Live
040.90 Sheep
040.91 Specialty Items for Shows and Entertainment (Perches, Hoods, Hoops, etc.)
040.92 Toys for Pets
040.93 Turkeys, Baby
040.94 Turkeys, Starter
040.95 Wildlife and Pet Bands, Labels and Tags (Not Electronic)
040.96 Zoo Animals, All Types
045.06 Appliances, Small, Electric (Not Otherwise Classified)
045.12 Appliances, Small, Non-Electric (Not Otherwise Classified)
045.14 Blenders, Household
045.15 Bread Makers
045.17 Can Openers, Household
045.18 Cleaners and Sweepers, Hand-Operated
045.20 Coffeemakers, All Types (Household)
045.21 Cooking and Food Preparation Utensils, All Types (Household)
045.22 Cookware and Bakeware, Household (Not otherwise listed)
045.24 Dishwashers
045.25 Dishes, Drinking Utensils, and Servingware (Household)
045.30 Disposal Units
045.40 Flatware and Cutlery, Household
045.46 Hot Plates and Burners, Gas or Electric (Household)
045.47 Irons, Clothes (Household Types)
045.48 Ironing Tables (Ironing Boards)
045.49 Ironing Table (Board) Pads and Covers
045.50 Kitchen Units, Compact, Complete
045.51 Mixers, Food (Household Types)
045.52 Ovens, Microwave and Convection (Household)
045.54 Ranges, Stove Tops, and Ovens, Electric
045.60 Ranges, Stove Tops, and Ovens, Gas
045.64 Recycled Appliances and Accessories
045.66 Refrigerators and Freezers
045.70 Skillets, Electric, Household
045.72 Storage Baskets, Metal and Plastic (For Freezers)
045.73 Toasters and Toaster Ovens
045.74 Tools, Appliance
045.75 Trash Compactors (See 165 and 545 for Other Types)
045.77 Vacuum Cleaners, Manual (Including Parts and Accessories)
045.78 Vacuum Cleaners, Electric (Including Parts and Accessories)
045.84 Vent Hoods (For Ranges)
045.85 Vent Kits, Household Laundry Dryer
045.92 Washers and Dryers, Coin-Operated Type
045.94 Washers and Dryers, Residential Type
050.10 Block Printing Supplies
050.23 Coatings, Protective (For Artwork)
050.30 Cloth (For Application of Designs and Transfers): Burlap, Linen, etc.
050.40 Drawing and Painting Supplies: Brushes, Canvas, Chalk, Colors (Acrylic, Oil, Water, etc.), Crayons, Palettes, Paper and Pads, Staples, etc.
050.46 Letter Cutting Machine
050.50 Engraving, Etching, and Lithography Equipment and Supplies (Burins, etc.)
050.60 Picture Frames and Framing Supplies: Mat Cutters, Mats, Molding, Stretcher Strips, etc.
050.67 Racks, Drying (Portable and Stationary)
050.69 Recycled Art Equipment and Supplies
050.80 Sculpturing Equipment and Supplies: Carving Boards, Casting Materials, Modeling Clay, Sculptor's Tools, etc.
050.82 Shapes, Strings, Tapes, Twists, etc. (Decorative Art Items)
050.85 Silk Screen Process Supplies
050.87 Stained Glass Supplies
052.02 Antiques
052.08 Ceramic and Glass Objects (Shadow Boxes, Stained Glass, etc.)
052.12 Collectibiles, Museum Pieces, etc. (Not Otherwise Classified)
052.16 Drawings (Originals) (Charcoal Prints, etc.)
052.24 Engravings, Etchings, Linocuts, Lithographs, Scrolls, Serigraphs, and Similar Reproductions
052.32 Fabric Designs (Silk Screen, etc.)
052.40 Masks
052.48 Mixed Media
052.50 Murals, Canvas
052.51 Murals, Clay
052.52 Murals, Glass
052.53 Murals, Photographic: Kiln Fired, Image Sublimation
052.54 Murals: Stone, Tile
052.55 Murals, Wall
052.56 Paintings (Originals) (Oil, Acrylic, Water Color, etc.)
052.64 Photographs
052.72 Posters and Prints (Not Originals)
052.76 Recycled Art Objects
052.80 Sculptures: Marble, Metal, Plastic, etc.
052.88 Wood Carvings and Woodcuts
055.02 Air Bags, Automotive
055.04 Air Conditioners and Parts
055.05 Anti-theft and Security Devices, Automotive
055.06 Automobile Top Carriers
055.08 Belts, Safety; and Child Restraint Systems
055.10 Brake Adjusters
055.11 Bug Screens and Protective Shields, Vehicle
055.12 Cameras, Video (For Use in Police Vehicles)
055.13 Car Seats for Infants
055.15 Chains and Traction Belts, Tire
055.16 Consoles, Police Vehicle (Includes Controls for P.A., Sirens, Warning Devices)
055.18 Controls (For the Physically Impaired)
055.20 Conversion Kits and Systems for CNG, LPG, etc. Gases
055.21 Couplings and Hitches
055.24 Cushions and Covers, Seat, Automotive
055.27 Emergency Kits for Vehicles Including First Aid Kit, Tools, etc.
055.28 Fans, Cab
055.30 Fifth Wheels
055.32 Gauges, Automotive (Incl. Speedometers)
055.34 Generators, 110V (Attached to and Operated by Automotive Engine)
055.35 Global Positioning Systems for Tracking Vehicles
055.36 Grille Guards and Crash Cushions
055.37 Headlights, Accessories and Parts (Including Lamps)
055.38 Heaters, Defrosters, and Defogging Systems
055.39 Immobilizer Devices, Vehicle
055.40 Interior Trim Items, Vehicle
055.46 Lights and Lens: Back-up, Stop, Tail, and Parking
055.48 Lights and Lens: Clearance and Marker (Incl. License Plate Lights)
055.51 Lights and Lens: Directional and Turn Signal
055.54 Lights and Lens: Emergency, Flood, Trouble and Spotlights
055.56 Lights and Lens: Miniature, Automotive
055.57 Lights and Accessories: Flashing, Light Bars, Revolving, and Warning (Including Strobe/Warning Lights)
055.58 Lights and Lens, Automotive (Not Otherwise Classified)
055.61 Mats, Floor (See 760-56 for Heavy Equipment Type)
055.64 Mirrors, Rearview, Interior and Exterior
055.66 Moisture Separators
055.68 Monitors, Computerized (Brakes, Lights, RPM, Temperature, etc.)
055.69 Organizers (Cup Holders, Tissue Dispenser, etc.)
055.70 Power Takeoff
055.72 Propane/Butane or Natural Gas Conversion Equipment
055.74 Racks, Vehicle (Gun, Hat, etc.)
055.75 Reel Assembly, Cable, Vehicle Mounted
055.76 Reflectors
055.78 Seats and Parts, Automotive
055.79 Sirens, Horns and Back-up Alarms
055.82 Splash Guards
055.83 Switches and Flashers, Automotive
055.85 Tanks, Fuel, Auxiliary
055.88 Tops and Covers (For Short Wheelbase Vehicles)
055.89 Warning Devices, Triangular (Including Slow Moving Vehicle Signs)
055.90 Wheelchair Lift and Accessories, Vehicle-Mounted
055.91 Vehicle Safety Systems (Including Collision Avoidance and Impact Sensing)
055.95 Recycled Automotive Accessory Items
060.01 Adapters and Clevises, Automotive Parts
060.03 Antifreeze
060.06 Axles, Trailers and Trucks, Tandem and Single
060.09 Batteries For Electric Vehicles (Including Recycled Types)
060.12 Batteries, Storage (Including Electrolyte and Recycled Types)
060.15 Brakes, Electric Controller
060.18 Brake Fluid, Hydraulic
060.21 Brakes, Repairs, and Replacements (Not Electric Controller)
060.23 Bushings and Related Items
060.24 Cables, Looms, and Terminals (Incl. Fuse Holders)
060.27 Cement, Radiator
060.33 Clamps, Hose
060.35 Cooling System: Radiators, Complete and Cores; Thermostats; Water Pumps; etc.
060.36 Electrical Accessories: Alternators, Ammeters, Distributors, Generators, Regulators, Starters, etc.
060.37 Electrical Parts (Not Ignition) (Not Otherwise Classified)
060.38 Engines, Diesel (Automotive) and Replacement Parts
060.40 Engines, Gasoline: Complete, Short Block, and Parts
060.41 Exhaust System: Clamps, Exhaust Pipes, Mufflers, Tailpipes, Catalytic Converters, etc.
060.42 Filters: Air, Fuel, Oil, Power Steering, Transmission and Water, and PCV Valves
060.45 Fittings (For Copper Tubing)
060.46 Front End Alignment Parts and Accessories (See 075 for Equipment)
060.47 Fuel System: Carburetors and Kits, Fuel Pumps, Tanks and Caps, etc.
060.50 Fuses, Automotive
060.54 Gaskets and Gasket Material, Automotive
060.57 Glass and Supplies: Door, Windshield, etc.
060.58 Governors, Engine and Road Speed
060.60 Hose and Hose Fittings: Brake, Heater, Radiator, Vacuum, Washer, Wiper, etc.
060.61 Hydraulic System Components and Parts
060.63 Ignition System: Coils, Condensers, Points, Rotors, Spark Plugs (Not Aircraft), Spark Plug Wires, etc.
060.64 Lubricating System and Parts (See 060-42 for Filters and Class 075 for Equipment)
060.65 Power and Drive Train Components and Parts
060.67 Recycled Automotive Parts
060.69 Remanufactured Engines, Transmissions, Differentials and Rear Axle Assemblies
060.70 Replacement Parts for Chrysler (Mopar)
060.71 Replacement Parts for Ford
060.72 Replacement Parts for General Motors
060.73 Replacement Parts for International Harvester
060.74 Replacement Parts for other than Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and International Harvester
060.75 Retread Rubber
060.78 Retreading Equipment
060.79 Seals and O-Rings
060.83 Shock Absorbers, Struts, etc.
060.84 Springs, Leaves, Suspensions, etc. (Incl. Sway Bars)
060.86 Steering Components and Parts
060.87 Tire and Tube Repair Items and Vulcanizers
060.93 Tire Sealing Compound
060.94 Transmissions, Standard and Automatic (Including Clutch Assemblies and Parts)
060.95 Wheel Bearings and Seals
060.96 Wheels and Rims (Including Wheel Covers and Hubcaps)
060.97 Windshield Wiper and Washer Assemblies, and Parts (Including Windshield Washer Fluid)
065.05 Aerial Ladders and Towers (Including Buckets for Personnel)
065.07 Bodies and Parts, Passenger Cars
065.08 Bodies, Animal Control
065.10 Bodies, Utility
065.12 Body and Frame Parts (Not Otherwise Classified)
065.15 Bookmobile Bodies
065.17 Bus Bodies, School
065.23 Cement Truck Bodies
065.25 Covers, Camper Shells, Load Covers, etc. (For Trucks)
065.27 Derrick, Digger, Truck Mounted
065.30 Dump Bodies, Hoist Subframes, etc.
065.34 Fire Protection and Crash Rescue Bodies
065.35 Flat Bed Bodies
065.40 Grain Bodies
065.43 Handles, Grab
065.44 Hatches, Roof (For Ventilation, Emergency Exit, etc.)
065.45 Headache Racks (For Truck Bodies)
065.50 Ladder Rack Bodies
065.55 Livestock Bodies
065.60 Milk Delivery Bodies
065.62 Mobile Service and Lubrication Bodies
065.65 Oil Field Bodies
065.66 Ordnance (Explosive) Disposal Bodies
065.67 Platform Bodies (Including Elevating Type)
065.68 Powerlift Tailgate
065.69 Pickup Truck Bodies
065.70 Refrigerated Bodies
065.72 Recycled Autmotive Body Accessories and Parts
065.75 Refuse/Garbage Collection Bodies and Parts
065.78 Sewer/Catch Basin Cleaning Body and Equipment
065.80 Stake Bodies
065.83 Tanker Truck Bodies
065.85 Tool Compartment Boxes (For Trucks)
065.86 Truck Bodies and Parts (Not Otherwise Classified)
065.87 Truck Bed Liners
065.88 Trailer Bodies and Parts (Including Access Steps and Ladders)
065.90 Van Truck Bodies
065.92 Water Tank Bodies
065.94 Winches and Cranes, Automotive
065.95 Wrecker Bodies
071.00 AUTOMOBILES, SCHOOL BUSES, SUVS, AND VANS (Incl. Diesel, Gasoline, Electric, Hybrid, and all other Fuel Types)
071.03 Ambulances and Rescue Vehicles (See 072-30 for Fire Protection and Crash Rescue Trucks)
071.04 Automobiles and Station Wagons (See 071-80 for SUV Types)
071.05 Automobiles, Police and Security Equipped
071.14 Bus Chassis, School
071.15 Buses Complete, School (Conventional Type) (See Classes 556 thru 559 for Mass Transit Vehicles)
071.16 Buses Complete, School (Small Vehicle Type)
071.17 Buses and Vans, Prisoner Transport (Incl. Special Components)
071.53 Motorscooters and Trucksters (Incl. All Terrain Types, Golf Carts, etc.)
071.55 Motor Homes (Incl. Bookmobiles, Mobile and Field Offices, etc.)
071.56 Motorcycles
071.76 Snowmobiles (See Class 765 for Snow Blowers and Plows)
071.80 SUV Type Vehicles (Incl. Carryalls)
071.86 Trams, Touring
071.90 Vans, Cargo
071.91 Vans, Customized
071.92 Vans, Passenger (Regular and Handicapped Equipped)
072.00 TRUCKS (Incl. Diesel, Gasoline, Electric, Hybrid, and Alternative Fuel Units)
072.01 Class 1 Trucks (6,000 lb. GVWR or less)
072.02 Class 2 Trucks (6,001 - 10,000 lb. GVWR)
072.03 Class 3 Trucks (10,001 - 14,000 lb. GVWR)
072.04 Class 4 Trucks (14,001 - 16,000 lb. GVWR)
072.05 Class 5 Trucks (16,001 - 19,500 lb. GVWR)
072.06 Class 6 Trucks (19,501 - 26,000 lb. GVWR)
072.07 Class 7 Trucks (26,001 - 33,000 lb. GVWR)
072.08 Class 8 Trucks (33,001 lb. GVWR and Over)
072.30 Trucks, Fire Protection and Crash Rescue
072.94 Wreckers, Complete (See 065-95 for Wrecker Bodies)
073.10 Trailers, Semi, Enclosed
073.14 Trailers, Specialty, Enclosed, Tag-Along
073.15 Trailers, Specialty, Frame, Tag-Along
073.24 Trailers, Transport, Dry Bulk
073.27 Trailers, Transport, Equipment, Fixed Deck, Tag-Along
073.28 Trailers, Transport, Equipment, Tilt Deck, Tag-Along
073.30 Trailers, Transport, Machinery
073.32 Trailers, Transport, Tank
073.43 Trailers, Utility, Enclosed, Tag-Along
073.45 Trailers, Utility, Flatbed, Tag-Along
073.47 Trailers, Utility, Gooseneck
073.50 Trailers, Utility, Tilt Deck, Tag-Along
075.01 Air Powered Shop Tools, Regulators, and Parts
075.02 Alarm Systems, Visual and Audio (For Electrically and Mechanically Operated Doors)
075.03 Aligners, Balancers, and Accessories, Wheel
075.06 Battery Chargers and Testers, Automotive (See Also Class 725)
075.08 Brake Bench Stands
075.10 Brushes and Cleaning Compounds, Automotive Cleaning
075.12 Carbon Removing Tools
075.14 Cements (For Chromated Felt, Gaskets, Trim, and Weather Strip) and Gasket Shellac
075.17 Chamois and Sponges (Including Car Wash Mittens and Windshield Squeegees)
075.19 Cleaning and Washing Equipment, Steam, Cold and Hot Water Pressure and Jet Types, Portable and Stationary (Also See 075-49)
075.20 Crankshaft Truing and Engine Stands
075.22 Creepers
075.24 Diagnostic Instrument System for Vehicle Emission Testing
075.25 Dynamometers
075.27 Fender Covers
075.28 Files, Ignition, Tungsten Point
075.29 Flush and Fill Equipment and Tools  (For Automatic Transmissions,  Cooling Systems, Power Steering Systems, etc)
075.31 Grinders, Cylinder Hone and Valve Seat; Portable Boring Machines; Hones; and Boring Bars
075.33 Hand Tools, Automotive Air Conditioning (Including Refrigerant Charging Equipment)
075.34 Hand Tools, Body Rebuilder's
075.35 Hand Tools, Special Automotive: Brake Tools, Body and Fender Dollies, Hand Operated Pullers, Mechanic's Inspection Mirror, etc. (For Hardware See Class 450)
075.36 Hose, Exhaust (For Shop Use Only)
075.38 Hydrometers, Antifreeze and Battery
075.41 Jacks, Safety Stands, Portable Cranes, and Parts (For Automobiles, Trailers, Trucks, and Transmissions)
075.42 Lights, Drop, and other Remote Work Lights (With Cords)
075.43 Lathes, Armature and Brake Drum
075.44 Lifts and Hoists, Floor Type: Electric, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic
075.46 Lubrication Equipment: Guns, Hoses, Fittings, Lubricators, Oil Pumps, etc. (Including Oil Filter Presses)
075.47 Mechanic's Equipment and Tools (Not Otherwise Classified)
075.48 Mechanic's Wire
075.49 Parts Washing Equipment Including Air Agitated and Pump Agitated (Also See 075-19)
075.50 Oil Analysis and Diagnostic Equipment
075.54 Presses and Pullers, Machine Powered (Including Frame Alignment)
075.55 Reclamation Equipment, Automotive (Including Refrigerant Recovery)
075.56 Recycled Automotive Products (Not Otherwise Classified)
075.57 Reel and Hose Assemblies, Air and Water Dispensing
075.60 Refinisher Products (Including Polish and Body Filler, For Paint See Class 630)
075.63 Relining Equipment (For Brakes)
075.64 Shop and Mechanic's Equipment and Supplies, Recycled
075.65 Spark Plug Cleaner and Tester, Electric
075.66 Specialty Products: Carburetor Cleaning Compound, Radiator Flush and Stop Leak, Transmission Sealing Compound, Water Pump Lubricant, Windshield Washer Solvent, etc.
075.67 Spring Tester (To Balance Valve Springs, etc.)
075.68 Spill Containment, Clean-Up, and Hazardous Waste Elimination System (For Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Work)
075.69 Starting Equipment, Vehicle (Equipment Battery, Not Battery to Battery)
075.72 Tachometer (With Wheel for Speed Recording)
075.78 Testers: Engine Analysis, Headlight, Ignition, Timing, Compression, Oscilloscopes, Stroboscopes, etc.
075.81 Tire Changing Equipment
075.83 Tire Changing Tools and Accessories: Lug Wrenches, Tire Gauges, Tire Mounting Lubricant, Tire Pumps, etc.
075.84 Tire Storage Racks
075.87 Tow Bars and Chains
075.89 Training Aids and Instructional Equip. and Supplies, Automotive
075.90 Undercoater Equipment and Accessories
075.92 Undercoating Compounds
075.94 Wheel Chocks (Blocks)
075.95 Valve Grinding Compounds
075.96 Vehicle Washing Systems, Automatic, Stationary
075.97 Windshield Replacement Tools
080.10 Badges, Buttons, Emblems, and ID Cards, Celluloid and Plastic: Student, Faculty, Membership, Employee, etc.
080.15 Badges and Emblems, Metal: Cap, Game Wardens', Officers', Service Awards, Uniform, etc.
080.25 Card Holders, All Types (See Class 578 for Metal)
080.35 Convention Badges and Name Tags, Adhesive Back
080.38 Convention Badges and Name Tags, Nonadhesive type
080.44 Fasteners (For Badges, etc.): Metal, Plastic, etc.
080.45 Folders, Presentation
080.50 Nameplates, Metal, Adhesive Back
080.53 Nameplates, Metal, Nonadhesive
080.55 Nameplates, Plastic
080.56 Nameplates, Specialty (Including Clocks, Logos, Pen/Pencil Sets, etc.)
080.57 Ribbons and Rosettes (Awards)
080.60 Recycled Awards, Convention Items, Trophies, etc.
080.65 Service Awards, Specialty Type
080.69 Tags: Luggage, Security, Identification
080.70 Tags, Metal, Adhesive Back: Inventory, Property, Tool, etc.
080.73 Tags, Metal, Nonadhesive: Inventory, Property, Skiff, Seine Trawl, etc.
080.75 Tags, Pet Identification
080.78 Trophies, Plaques, Awards, Certificates, etc. (Not Otherwise Classified)
085.08 Bags, Biodegradeable
085.10 Bagging, Burlap (For Baling Cotton)
085.15 Bags, Burlap or Jute
085.20 Bags, Canvas or Duck (Except Mail)
085.25 Bags, Cement
085.26 Bags, Dunnage
085.27 Bags, Denim
085.28 Bags, Hazardous Material
085.30 Bags, Mail
085.35 Bags, Muslin
085.40 Bags, Osnaburg
085.45 Bags: Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene
085.50 Bags, Potato
085.55 Bags, Sand
085.65 Patterns, Cotton Bagging
085.73 Recycled Bags and Erosion Control Items
085.75 Sacks, Cotton Harvesting
085.80 Seals, Mailbag, etc.
085.85 Soil Erosion Sheeting Material (To Include Silt Fencing): Asphalt, Biodegradable Paper, Burlap, Excelsior, Jute, Straw, etc.
085.90 Ties For Bags and Cotton Bales
090.16 Dough Mixers
090.24 Dough Sheeters and Dividers
090.32 Dough Troughs
090.40 Dough Trucks
090.48 Flour Sifters
090.56 Ovens, Bakery
090.60 Pins, Rolling
090.64 Proof Boxes
090.70 Recycled Bakery Equipment and Supplies
090.72 Roll Dividers and Rounders
090.80 Slicers, Bread
090.88 Tables, Bakers'
090.96 Wrapping Machines, Bakery
095.05 Barber Chairs and Parts
095.08 Barber Jackets
095.11 Barber Shop Basins, Bowls, and Fittings
095.14 Barber Shop Cabinets and Parts
095.17 Barber Shop Mirrors
095.20 Barber Shop Sterilizers, and Sterilizing Jars
095.21 Barber Shop Sundries: Clipper Lubricants, Disinfectants, Dispensing Bottles, Mugs, Neck Dusters, Trays, etc.
095.23 Beauty Shop Basins, Bowls, and Fittings
095.26 Beauty Shop Cabinets and Parts
095.29 Beauty Shop Chairs and Parts
095.32 Beauty Shop Foot Rests
095.35 Beauty Shop Lamps and Parts
095.38 Beauty Shop Mirrors
095.41 Beauty Shop Stools
095.44 Beauty Shop Tables
095.48 Cases (For Barber and Beauty Kits)
095.50 Chair Cloths, Shampoo Capes, and Clips
095.53 Clippers and Parts (Hair)
095.62 Dryers, Curling Irons, and Parts (Hair)
095.66 Make-Up Mirrors
095.71 Lather Makers and Parts
095.72 Mats, Barber Chair
095.77 Recycled Barber and Beauty Shop Sundries, Accessories and Supplies
095.89 Shears and Tweezers
095.92 Strops and Hones, Razor
095.95 Vibrators, Massagers, and Parts
100.04 Baskets, All Types (Not Otherwise Classified)
100.05 Boxes, Crates, Baskets, etc. (For Fresh Fruits and Vegetables)
100.06 Containers, Plastic (All Purpose)
100.07 Containers, Recycling
100.08 Covers, Drum (All Types and Sizes)
100.09 Casks
100.10 Drum Spigots, Metal or Plastic
100.15 Drums, Fiber
100.21 Freight and Cargo Containers (Shipping) (See Class 640 For Boxes)
100.25 Gaskets, All Types (For Barrels, Drums, Kegs, and Pails)
100.30 Hazardous Material (Chemicals) Containment/Storage
100.31 Hazardous Material Containment/Storage (Petroleum)
100.34 Holders and Containers, Compost
100.37 Labels, Hazardous Material Container
100.40 Pail-Type Containers, Steel
100.45 Plastic Barrels and Drums, Reinforced
100.49 Plugging Compounds, Chemically Resistant, Pre-Mixed or Dry (Temporarily Stops Leaks in Drums, Tanks, and Other Containers)
100.50 Plugs, Drum
100.56 Recycled Containers, All Types
100.57 Repair Supplies and Equipment for all Types of Containers
100.60 Stainless Steel Drums
100.67 Steel Barrels, Drums, and Kegs
100.85 Wooden Barrels and Drums
105.12 Ball Bearings and Parts
105.18 Bearing Assemblies (Including Hanger Bearings and Custom-Made Bearings)
105.30 Bearings and Parts (For Marine Equipment)
105.36 Journal Boxes
105.48 Pillow Blocks (For Bearings)
105.58 Recycled Bearings
105.60 Roller and Needle Bearings and Parts, Straight
105.72 Roller Taper Bearings and Parts
105.84 Sleeve Bearings and Parts
110.09 Accessories: Dressing, Hooks, Laces, etc.
110.13 Belts, Recycled
110.18 Conveyor and Elevator: Canvas and Duck
110.22 Conveyor and Elevator: Neoprene, Plastic, and Rubber
110.26 Conveyor, Food Processing: Neoprene, Plastic, and Rubber
110.33 Flat Belts, Automotive and Lawn Mower (Serpentine) Plain and Grooved, Rubber
110.40 Power Transmission, Canvas or Duck
110.48 Power Transmission, Leather
110.56 Power Transmission: Neoprene, Plastic, and Rubber
110.63 Recycled Automotive and Industrial Belts
110.74 V-Belts, Automotive Fan and Generator
110.82 V-Belts, Industrial
110.90 V-Belts, Fractional Horsepower
110.95 V-Belts, Wedge Type, Oil and Heat Resistant, and Static Conducting
115.05 Biochemical Reagents and Tests: Antibiotic Assays, Differentiation Discs, etc.
115.10 Biochemicals: Amino Acids, Enzymes, Nucleotides, Peptides, etc.
115.12 Blood Fractions (Not for Human Use): Antigens, Antiserums, Controls, Serums, etc.
115.14 Catalysts, Biochemical
115.15 Chemicals, Isotopically Labeled (With Deuterium, Radionuclides, etc.)
115.18 Culture Media, Dehydrated
115.19 Culture Media, Prepared (For Microbial Cultures See 495-38)
115.50 Nutritional Chemicals (Not For Human Use): Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, etc.
115.67 Recycled Biochemicals
115.70 Research Diets, Special Purpose (For Experimental Animals) (To include Diets for Beneficial Insects)
115.90 Stains, Prepared
120.05 Agitators, Fish Tank
120.08 Airboats and Inflatible Boats
120.10 Anchors
120.11 Animal Capture Guns and Accessories
120.12 Bait, Fish
120.13 Battery Boxes, Marine
120.14 Barges
120.15 Bells, Ship
120.16 Bilge Pumps and Boat Bailers
120.17 Boat/Ship and Marine Environmental Control Systems
120.18 Boat Components (Not Otherwise Classified)
120.19 Boat Fenders
120.20 Boat Ramps and Parts
120.21 Boats, 21 Feet and Under
120.22 Boats, Recreational (Not otherwise Listed)
120.23 Boats, Over 21 Feet (Including Ferries)
120.24 Boats, Pedal and Pontoon
120.25 Bridges, Passenger Loading
120.26 Buoys, Marker
120.27 Bollards (Mooring Devices)
120.28 Communications Equipment, Marine
120.29 Camels (Structure to Lift Submerged Vessels)
120.30 Canoes and Kayaks
120.31 Cranes, Container
120.32 Chiller, Water, Large Flow Capacity (To Chill Hatchery Water)
120.33 Depth Finders or Indicators
120.34 Culture Equipment and Supplies, Fish (Aquaculture; Pisciculture)
120.35 Docks and Piers, Fixed and Floating (Including Dock Systems, Gangways, Marinas, Wharfs, etc.)
120.36 Electrical Accessories and Parts, Marine
120.37 Fish Locators and Shockers
120.38 Fish and Marine Life Incubators, Accessories and Related Equipment
120.39 Fish Tanks, Holding and Transport
120.40 Fuel Tanks, Boat
120.41 Gates, Safety, Marine
120.42 Gauges, Marine
120.43 Hydraulic Systems, Marine
120.44 Hardware, Fittings, Parts, and Supplies, Boat (Except Spark Plugs)
120.45 Hatcheries, Ranches, and other Fishery Resources
120.46 Hatching Equipment, Fish (Including Jars and Standpipes)
120.47 Lifeboats, Sailboats and Dinghies
120.48 Life Preservers
120.50 Lights, Beacon and Signal
120.52 Lights, Marine Navigation, Boat
120.53 Line Throwing Apparatus (Rocket)
120.54 Marine Equipment and Supplies, Recycled
120.55 Minnow Tanks
120.56 Motor and Engine Parts and Accessories (Miscellaneous), Marine
120.57 Motors, Marine, Electric
120.58 Motors, Inboard, Diesel, Marine
120.59 Motor Conversion Unit (Outboard Propeller to Jet Water Drive)
120.60 Motors, Inboard, Gasoline
120.62 Motors, Outboard, Diesel
120.63 Motors, Outboard, Gasoline
120.64 Navigation Instruments, Marine: Compasses, Sextant, etc. (For Electronic Navigation Equipment See Class 220)
120.65 Nets and Repair Supplies, Marine
120.67 Nets and Repair Supplies (For Wildlife Trapping)
120.70 Paddles and Oars
120.71 Pontoons, All Types
120.73 Preservatives, Net
120.74 Pumps, Marine
120.75 Propellers (For Inboard and Outboard Motors)
120.76 Rigging and Rigging Gear for Ships
120.77 Rocket Charges and Cannons, Wildlife Trapping
120.78 Rafts
120.79 Reefer (Refrigerator Boat or Ship), Including Parts and Accessories
120.80 Rods, Reels and Tackle Supplies
120.81 Reach Stackers and Straddle Carriers, Marine
120.82 Sails (Including Components and Accessories)
120.83 Scuba and Skin Diving Equipment
120.84 Ships, All Types (Cargo, Cruise, Salvage, etc.)
120.85 Skis, Jet
120.86 Searchlights, Marine
120.87 Towers: Observation, Hunting, etc.
120.88 Tools, Marine Hull and Engine
120.90 Trailers, Boat
120.91 Submarines (Exploration, Recreation, etc.; See 257-47 for Military Type)
120.92 Vegetation Control and Removal Equipment, Water
120.93 Traps, Fish
120.94 Wildlife Scare-Away Devices: Cannons, Exploders, etc.
120.95 Wildlife Scare-Away Devices, Ultrasonic
120.96 Water Safety Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified;  Rope Float Lines, etc.)
120.97 Winches and Lifts, Boat (Including Windlasses)
125.05 Adhesives, Compounds, Glues, Pastes, Glue Pots, and Containers
125.08 Base Compound
125.10 Bindery Supplies
125.15 Bindings, Comb Type, Metal
125.20 Bindings, Comb Type, Plastic
125.22 Bindings, Plastic Post/Rivet Strips
125.25 Board, Bookbinding Type
125.30 Cloth, Bookbinding Type
125.35 Covers (For Comb Bound Books)
125.40 End Sheets, Bookbinding
125.45 Foils, Lettering and Stamping
125.50 Headbands, Bookbinding
125.60 Leather, Bookbinding
125.68 Page Repair Products (Mending Tapes and Cleaners)
125.70 Paper, Reproduction Proofing
125.72 Paper Treatment Chemicals (Deacidifiers)
125.73 Recycled Bookbinding Supplies
125.75 Tapes, Bookbinding
125.78 Threads, Bookbinding
125.82 Tools, Bookbinders'
125.90 Wire, Bookbinding
135.05 Alabaster, Gypsum, etc.
135.08 Bricks, Common
135.09 Brick Facing
135.10 Brick, Sewer
135.12 Cement (Mortar), Refractory
135.15 Clay, Kaolin and Ball
135.20 Coloring for Cement and Grout
135.28 Firebrick
135.34 Fire Clay
135.36 Granite, Rough Dimension and Building
135.38 Grout Sealer
135.40 Grout, Tile
135.45 Marble, Building
135.46 Molding, Brick
135.47 Refractories, Castable
135.50 Stone, Building (Except Marble)
135.52 Stone Products, Fabricated
135.54 Stucco
135.55 Ties and Anchors, Furnace
135.57 Tile, Field Stone (Incl. Borders and Medallions)
135.58 Tile, Decorative
135.59 Tile, Field Tile (Photo Imaged, Porcelain, Sculptured, Wall)
135.60 Tile, Fire (Refractory)
135.61 Tile, Fine Gemstone (Solid or Mosaic) (Incl. Borders)
135.64 Tile, Floor and Wall, Ceramic, Glazed
135.65 Tile, Shell (Mosiac) (Incl. Borders)
135.66 Tile, Floor and Wall, Ceramic, Unglazed
135.70 Tile, Quarry
135.74 Tile, Roof, Clay, Burnt Type  (See 770-64 for Concrete Roofing Tile)
135.79 Tile Sealant
135.80 Tile-Set (For Ceramic Tiles)
135.85 Tombstone, Stone Grave Markers, and Grave Liners
135.93 Recycled Tile (Ceramic, Decorative, Fire, Roof, Quarry, etc. (See 360-37 for Other Types)
135.94 Recycled Bricks, Refractories, Clay, Marble and Stone Products
140.03 Bands, Wire, Broom
140.05 Blocks, Brush
140.06 Broomcorn
140.09 Broom Manufacturing Machinery and Parts
140.12 Broom Manufacturing Tools
140.15 Brush Manufacturing Machinery and Parts
140.18 Brush Manufacturing Tools
140.21 Caps, Handle, Whisk Broom
140.24 Dyes, Broom
140.27 Ferrules, Handle, Metal
140.30 Ferrules, Handle, Plastic
140.33 Fibers, Bass
140.36 Fibers, Bassine
140.39 Fibers, Horsehair
140.42 Fibers, Mixed (Union Mixture)
140.45 Fibers, Palmetto
140.48 Fibers, Palmyra
140.51 Fibers, Plastic and Synthetic
140.54 Fibers, Tampico
140.66 Mop Manufacturing Machinery and Parts
140.69 Mop Manufacturing Tools
140.75 Rag, Broom
140.76 Recycled Broom, Brush and Mop Supplies
140.78 Tie Tape, Mop (Nylon)
140.81 Twine, Broom
140.84 Wire: Broom, Brush, and Mop
140.87 Yarn, Mop Head, Cotton
140.90 Yarn, Mop Head, Synthetic
145.15 Acid
145.18 Chimney Brushes
145.20 Cylinder, Tank, and Vat Brushes
145.30 Glue
145.33 Gutter Brushes
145.35 Kettle Brushes
145.43 Masonry Brushes
145.44 Miscellaneous Brushes (Not Otherwise Classified)
145.45 Paint and Varnish
145.57 Recycled Brushes
145.60 Roofing
145.65 Solder Flux Paste Brush
145.67 Snow Brushes
145.72 Washer Brushes, Car/Truck
145.75 Wire, Hand
145.90 Wire, Wheel
150.02 Adhesives, Bonding Agents and Cement Antifreeze
150.04 Aluminum Extrusions (For Fabricating Window and Door Screens)
150.05 Brick, Fire (Plastic)
150.06 Builder's Paper, Kraft Types (Not Felt and Tar Paper)
150.07 Boxes, Shoring (For Construction Worker Protection)
150.08 Cabinets, Counters, Shelves, etc., Ready-Made
150.09 Casement Window Hardware: Latches, Operators, and Handles
150.10 Construction Materials (Not Otherwise Classified)
150.11 Ceiling Coffers
150.12 Cement, Concrete, Lime and Plaster Mixes, Sacked (LTL Quantities) (See Class 750 for Bulk Cement, Concrete and Lime)
150.13 Chimney Parts and Accessories
150.14 Cement, Quick Setting, Sacked
150.15 Concrete, Polymer, All Types
150.16 Curing Mixtures, All Types (For Curing Concrete)
150.17 Chutes, Linen (Laundry)
150.18 Door Bells, Chimes and Hardware
150.19 Door Operators (Not Door Closers): Chain Hoist Type, Electric Motor Type, etc.
150.20 Door Openers and Parts, Electric
150.21 Doors, Aluminum and Glass, All Types
150.22 Doors and Components, Fiberglass
150.23 Doors and Parts, Automatic, Drive-Through Type, etc.
150.24 Doors and Parts, Swinging (Incl. Handicapped and Revolving Types)
150.25 Doors, Frames, and Jambs, Steel
150.26 Doors and Components, Plastic
150.27 Doors, Frames, and Jambs, Wood
150.28 Dowels, and Rods, Wood
150.29 Down Pipes, Eaves, Troughs, Guttering, and Accessories
150.30 Folding Doors, Commercial Type (Including Portable Walls)
150.31 Folding Doors, Residential Type (Including Portable Walls)
150.33 Grout, Drywall
150.34 Handrails, All Types
150.35 Hardeners, Concrete and Plaster
150.36 Hatch Covers, Attic
150.37 Jalousie Doors and Windows
150.42 Lath, Metal
150.43 Lath, Plastic
150.44 Lath, Wood
150.45 Logs, Building
150.46 Louvers (See Class 031 for Air Conditioning)
150.49 Millwork: Counters, Custom-Made Cabinets, Shelves, Stairs, etc.
150.51 Moldings, Metal
150.52 Moldings, Plastic
150.53 Moldings, Strips, Stops, Rounds, etc.: Wood
150.54 Non-Corrosive Doors and Components
150.55 Overhead Doors: Garage, etc. (See Class 450 for Hardware)
150.56 Partitions, Office, Metal and Glass, Custom-Made
150.58 Partitions, Office, Wood and Glass, Custom-Made
150.59 Pole, Post and Pipe Setting Compounds
150.60 Recycled Builder's Supplies Incl. Sacked Cement, Concrete, Lime and Plaster
150.61 Retarder, Plaster
150.65 Revolving Doors
150.72 Screen Doors and Window Screens, Aluminum Frame
150.74 Screen Doors and Window Screens, Steel Frame
150.76 Screen Doors and Window Screens, Wood Frame
150.77 Sliding and Rolling Doors, Commercial Type; and Hardware
150.78 Sliding and Rolling Doors, Residential Type; and Hardware
150.79 Storm Doors and Windows
150.81 Ties, Wall and Rafter (Not Concrete Form)
150.83 Tile, Wall, Metal
150.84 Tile, Wall, Plastic
150.85 Transoms, Door/Window
150.86 Trusses, Roof, Wooden
150.88 Vents, Foundation
150.89 Warehouse Type Doors (Impact, PVC Strip, etc.)
150.90 Weather Stripping, All Kinds
150.91 Wall Panels, Modular, Insulated
150.92 Windows, Frames, and Sashes, Aluminum
150.94 Windows, Frames, and Sashes, Steel
150.95 Windows, Frames, and Sashes, Vinyl
150.96 Windows, Frames, and Sashes, Wooden
155.05 Barriers and Enclosures, Construction
155.07 Bridge Accessories and Parts
155.08 Bridges, Prefabricated (Not Installed)
155.10 Buildings, Large, Prefabricated (Over 500 Sq.Ft.)
155.12 Building (500 Sq.Ft. and Under)
155.13 Buildings (1000 sqft and Under)
155.18 Cabins, Storage Buildings, etc. (Pre-Engineered in Kits, Ready to Assemble and Erect)
155.20 Canopies, Freestanding
155.24 Carports, Fiberglass and Plastic
155.30 Carports, Metal
155.37 Farm Structures, Prefabricated (Silos, etc.)
155.38 Field Offices and Sheds, Construction Type
155.40 Gazebos, Kiosks, and Pavilions
155.42 Greenhouses and Equipment (Including Isolation, Irrigation and Ventilation Equipment)
155.46 Guard and Watchman Huts
155.47 Houses, Club/Play
155.48 Lifeguard and Umpire/Referee Stands
155.49 Medical Structures, Prefabricated
155.50 Office Buildings, Modular and Portable
155.53 Parking Structures
155.54 Patio Covers, Fiberglass and Plastic
155.60 Patio Covers, Metal
155.70 Portable Toilets
155.72 Recycled Buildings and Structures
155.73 Residential Structures, Prefabricated
155.74 Sheds, Storage
155.75 Shelters, Decontamination (All Types)
155.76 Shelters, Bus Waiting
155.77 Shelters, Fire
155.78 Shelters, Insulated (For Remote Equipment)
155.79 Shelters, Non-Insulated
155.80 Shelters, Portable
155.85 Structures, Shade, Fabric Covered (Patio Areas, Play Areas, etc.)
155.86 Structures, Rooms, Panels, Enclosures, etc. (Radio Frequency Shielded)
155.88 Telephone Booths and Enclosures
155.90 Tunnel Accessories and Parts
160.04 Baskets, Bins, and Chill Trays (For Meat Handling)
160.06 Bleach, Preservative and Wash (For Tripe and Other Meats)
160.08 Blocks, Butcher
160.10 Block Scrapers, Brushes, and Bone Dust Removers
160.12 Brine and Pickle Pumping Units and Supplies
160.16 Buckets and Drums, Stainless Steel (For Meat Handling)
160.19 Cleavers, Knives, Steels, Stones, and Sharpeners
160.20 Dehairer and Dehider
160.21 Forks and Shovels, Meat
160.24 Grinders and Accessories, Meat, Heavy Duty, Electric
160.28 Hooks, Meat
160.32 Injection Equipment, Meat
160.36 Kettle, Rendering
160.40 Knockers and Stunners
160.44 Lard Making Tools
160.45 Markers and Inks
160.46 Meat Marking, Tying, and Wrapping Equipment and Supplies
160.47 Meat Molds and Presses
160.48 Racks and Hangers, Bacon and Ham Curing
160.52 Rails and Tracks (For Meat Handling)
160.54 Recycled Butcher Shop and Meat Processing Supplies
160.56 Saws, Butchers', Hand
160.60 Saws, Meat, Electric, All Types
160.61 Shears, Meat
160.62 Scalding Equipment
160.63 Shrouds, Clamps, Pins, and Skewers
160.64 Slicers, Heavy Duty, Electric
160.65 Smokehouses and Parts, Portable, Gas or Electric
160.68 Steak Machines and Tenderizers
160.70 Sterilizing Equipment: Knife Sterilizers, etc.
160.72 Stuffers, Meat, Heavy Duty, Electric
160.76 Tables, Meat Cutting
160.77 Tables and Sinks, Stainless Steel (For Meat Washing, etc.)
160.78 Tags and Fasteners
160.79 Thermometers, Meat
160.84 Trucks: Meat Handling, Head Inspection, Offal, Smoke, etc.
160.88 Vacuum Packaging Equipment and Supplies, Meat
165.02 Blenders, Food Cutters, and Mixers
165.05 Cabinets, Counters, Stands, Tables, etc.
165.07 Cafeteria and Kitchen Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
165.08 Can and Bottle Crushers
165.10 Can Openers and Knife Sharpeners, Electric
165.12 Can Openers, Manual
165.14 Cleaner/Sanitizer
165.15 Coffeemakers, Hot Water Dispensers, Urn Bags and Filters
165.16 Cold Packs (For Use in Keeping Food Items Cold)
165.17 Coffee Mills
165.18 Compactors, Trash, Cafeteria Type (See 045 and 545 for Other Types)
165.19 Cotton Candy Machines
165.20 Deep Fat Fryers
165.23 Dish Storage Units
165.26 Dish Trucks and Tote Boxes
165.29 Dishwashers
165.30 Dispensers: Aluminum Foil,  Plastic  Wrap, Food Service Gloves, etc.
165.31 Dispensers, Butter or Margarine
165.32 Dispensers: Cream, Juice, Milk, Pancake, Tea, etc.
165.33 Dispensers: Cup, Dish, Silverware, Tray, etc.
165.34 Dispensers: Drinking Straw, Napkins, Toothpicks, etc.
165.35 Disposal Units
165.37 Dunnage Racks
165.38 Extractors, Juice
165.41 Filters, Grease Cleaning (For Vent Hoods)
165.44 Food Containers, Stainless Steel, Vacuum Type
165.46 Food Serving Dinnerware (Not Otherwise Classified)
165.47 Food Carts and Cafeteria Serving Units Including Steam Tables
165.48 Hot and Hot and Cold Pass-Through Units (See Class 740 For Cold Only Pass-Through Units)
165.50 Ice Cream Making Machinery (Including Malt and Milkshake Equipment)
165.52 Ice Equipment: Carts, Crushers, Picks, Scoops, Shavers, Storage Bins, Tongs, etc.
165.54 Ingredient Storage Bins
165.57 Menu Boards
165.59 Napkin Holders
165.60 Ovens, Convection and Microwave (Commercial)
165.61 Pasta Cookers and Machines
165.62 Peelers, Fruit or Vegetable
165.65 Popcorn Machines
165.68 Racks: Cup, Glass, Tray, etc.
165.69 Racks, Dispensing (Food Service)
165.70 Racks, Utensil and Pastry: Aluminum, Chrome, and Stainless Steel
165.73 Ranges, Griddles, Hot Plates, Warmers, etc., Electric and Gas
165.75 Recycled Cafeteria and Kitchen Accessories and Supplies
165.76 Sanitizers (Used to sanitize dishes, counters or any food contact area)
165.77 Sieves and Strainers, Food
165.79 Sinks, Scullery, Galvanized and Stainless Steel
165.80 Slicers and Shredders
165.82 Soup Kitchens, Cafeteria
165.85 Steam Cookers and Steam Jacketed Kettles
165.88 Storage Shelves, Aluminum, Chrome, and Stainless Steel
165.89 Table Coverings, Food Service
165.91 Toasters, Electric and Gas
165.92 Vending Machines, Non-Refrigerated (Snacks, Laundry items, Candy, Cigarettes,etc.)
165.94 Vent Hoods and Exhaust Systems, Range
175.03 Aprons and Gloves, Laboratory: Plastic, Rubber, etc.
175.06 Bacteriological Plugging Material, Cotton or Synthetic
175.08 Balances and Accessories
175.10 Burners, Heat Guns, Hot Plates (With or Without Stirring), Mantles, etc.
175.11 Cells and Cuvettes (For Photometry and Spectrometry)
175.12 Ceramic Ware, All Types (Laboratory)
175.13 Chemicals, Laboratory (ACS, CP, Practical, Reagent Grade, etc.)
175.14 Chromatography Supplies: Developing Tanks, Columns, Packing, Septums, TLC Plates, etc.
175.15 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Laboratory
175.16 Cocktails (Solutions), Liquid Scintillation
175.17 Containers (For Liquefied or Compressed Gases), Laboratory Sizes: Dewar Flasks, Gas Cylinders, Lecture Bottles, etc.
175.19 Crushers and Grinders (Metal and Stoneware): Ball Mills, etc.
175.22 Dialysis Equipment and Supplies: Cells, Fittings, Membranes, Motors, Tanks, Tubes, etc.
175.23 DNA or RNA Acids (Nucleic, etc.) Including Extraction, Purification, Quantification and Sequencing Equipment
175.24 Dishes, Evaporating and Other Metal Vessels (For Platinum See Class 175-71)
175.25 Drying Equipment, Laboratory
175.27 Electrode Sensing Meters and Electrodes: Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Specific Ion, etc.
175.28 Electrophoresis Supplies: Gel Materials, Plates, Strips, Tubes, Wicks, etc.
175.29 Extraction, Digestion, and Distillation Apparatus, Specialized: Kjeldahl, Soxhlet, etc.
175.32 Filtering Apparatus and Filters (For Liquids)
175.33 Filter Paper and Membranes
175.36 Furnaces and Heaters, Laboratory
175.39 Glass Pipe and Fittings
175.40 Glassware, Laboratory, Custom-Made (Specialized Fabrication Only)
175.42 Glassware, Laboratory (Stock Only)
175.44 Glassware Washing Compounds
175.46 Holders, Glass Tube
175.47 Hydrometers and Pyconometers, Glass, Lab
175.48 Incinerators, Laboratory
175.49 Interval Timers and Actuators, Electrical and Mechanical
175.51 Ion Exchange Materials: Liquids, Resins, etc.
175.54 Laboratory Supplies: Asbestos Squares, Corks, Files, Glass Cutters, Ring Stands, Stopcock Grease, Tongs, Wire Gauze, etc.
175.55 Melting Point Apparatus
175.57 Metal Ware, Laboratory
175.60 Ovens, Laboratory
175.62 Papers, Laboratory
175.65 pH Buffer Solutions, Indicators, and Papers
175.66 Pipette Pullers
175.67 Pipetters and Dispensers
175.68 Plastic Ware, All Types
175.70 Porcelain Ware, All Types
175.71 Platinum Ware: Boats, Crucibles, Dishes, etc.
175.72 Precious Metals (All Forms, Including Salts): Gold, Platinum Group Metals, and Silver
175.74 Reagents and Chemicals, Ultrapure (Meeting Higher Standards than Ordinary Reagent Grade, etc.)
175.75 Refractometers
175.76 Recycled Chemicals and Laboratory Accessories and Supplies
175.77 Sand, Cement Testing
175.78 Screening and Sieving Apparatus and Accessories: Riffle Samplers, Sieve Shakers, etc.
175.79 Solvent Reclaiming Unit, Cleaning
175.80 Stainless Steel Ware, All Kinds
175.82 Stirrers, Blenders, Homogenizers, Mixers and Shakers
175.84 Stoppers, Rubber and Synthetic
175.85 Syringes, Laboratory, Manual and Automatic
175.87 Thermometers, General Laboratory Type
175.88 Transformers, Variable, Laboratory Type
175.89 Tubing, Plastic, All Types
175.90 Tubing, Rubber, All Types
175.91 Tubing, Steel (Laboratory Type)
175.92 Tubing, Glass
175.93 Water Baths and Steam Baths (Except Recirculating and Shaking)
175.95 Water Purification Apparatus and Treatments (For Distilled, Reagent Water, etc.)
180.02 Abrasives: Feldspar, Pumice, Silica, etc.
180.04 Acids, Inorganic: Hydrochloric, Phosphoric, Sulfuric, etc.
180.06 Acids, Organic: Hydroxyacetic, Oleic, Stearic, etc.
180.08 Alcohols
180.12 Ammonium Hydroxide (Aqua Ammonia) and Amines
180.14 Antioxidants
180.20 Bacteriostats and Germicides (Except Quaternary Ammonium Type)
180.24 Bicarbonates and Carbonates
180.28 Boron Compounds
180.30 Brighteners, Fluorescent (Optical Bleaches)
180.34 Chelating and Sequestering Agents (Except Phosphates)
180.36 Chlorine Carriers, Inorganic and Organic
180.38 Color Compounds and Dispersions
180.42 Dyes and Pigments
180.44 Emollients: Glycol Stearate, Lanolin, etc.
180.48 Fats, Vegetable Oils, and Fatty Acids: Coconut, Tall Oil, Tallow, etc.
180.54 Foam Stabilizers
180.58 Hydroxides, Alkali Metal
180.60 Isotopes and their Compounds (Organic and Inorganic)
180.62 Latexes, Resins, Waxes, and Polymers (For Floor Finishes)
180.66 Mineral Oil, etc.
180.70 Opacifiers
180.72 Perfumes and Essential Oils: Citronella, etc.
180.74 Phosphates, Inorganic
180.79 Quaternary Ammonium Derivatives (For Antistats, Bacteriostats, Fabric Softeners, etc.)
180.81 Recycled Chemical Raw Materials
180.84 Silicates
180.86 Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and other Cellulose Derivatives
180.88 Solvents and Coupling Agents (Including Ethers)
180.90 Sulfates, Inorganic
180.91 Surfactants, Amphoteric and Cationic: Detergents, Emulsifiers, etc.
180.92 Surfactants, Anionic: Organic Phosphates, Sulfates, Sulfonates, etc.
180.93 Surfactants, Nonionic: Ethoxylated Alcohols, Ethoxylated Lanolin, Ethoxylated Phenols, etc.
180.94 Titanium Dioxide, Anatase
190.18 Acids, Mineral: Boric, Hydrobromic, Hydrochloric, Sulfuric, etc.
190.25 Alcohols: Ethyl, Isopropyl, Methyl, etc., and Glycerine
190.30 Bio-Chemical Compounds, Organic and Inorganic (Ammonia Derivatives, Amines, Amides, Imines, Imides)
190.36 Chemicals, Bulk (Not Otherwise Itemized)
190.40 Chlorinated Hydrocarbons: Methylene Chloride, 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, etc.
190.42 Compounds, Inorganic Chemical
190.43 Compounds, Organic Chemical
190.46 Formaldehyde Solution (Formalin)
190.51 Heat Transfer Media, Liquid
190.55 Hexane and Pentane
190.57 Intermediates and Fixatives, Chemical
190.60 Ketones: Acetone, Diacetone Alcohol, Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, etc.
190.68 Oxidizing and Bleaching Agents
190.69 Oxides (Including All Oxided Substances)
190.70 Phenol, Liquid
190.75 Recycled Bulk Chemicals and Solvents
190.80 Silicone Fluids
190.81 Pentachlorophenol (Penta), Creosote Oil, and other Wood Preservatives
190.85 Sodium Phosphates and Polyphosphates
190.90 Solvents (Not Otherwise Itemized)
190.95 Toluene
192.10 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Mixtures (Cleaning Solvents)
192.17 Chemical Spill Solvents and Detergents
192.20 Cold-Tank and Soak-Tank Cleaners (For Heavy Duty Shop Use, etc.)
192.25 Concrete Strippers and Brick Detergents
192.40 Glue Solvents
192.43 Herbicides and Other Poisons, Cleaning Agents (Used to Clean Spray Equipment)
192.46 Ice and Snow Removal Chemicals (See 775-45 for Road Salt)
192.55 Nonflammable Solvent Mixtures (Safety Solvents)
192.60 Packing Plant, Smokehouse, and Slaughter House Cleaning Compositions
192.65 Paint Spray Booth Compounds, Water-Soluble
192.70 Recycled Cleaning Compositions
192.80 Spray Detergents (For Heavy Duty and Steam Cleaning)
192.83 Steam Cleaning Compounds
192.84 Stripping Solvents (Not Otherwise Classified)
192.85 Surface-Active Agents: Emulsifiers, Wetting Agents, and One-Component Nonionic Detergents (See Also Class 180)
193.08 Blood Chemistry and Hematology Controls and References, Normal and Abnormal (For Blood Gas Hemoglobin, Plasma and Serum Factors)
193.12 Blood Chemistry and Hematology Reagents and Supplies (For Automatic and Semiautomatic Instruments): Counting Controls, Detergents, etc.
193.14 Blood Chemistry Reagents and Tests, Nonautomated (For BUN, Enzymes, Glucose, Proteins, Triglycerides, etc.)
193.18 Blood Coagulation Reagents and Controls (For Fibrinogen, Fibrin (Ogen) Split Products, Prothrombin Time, etc.)
193.22 Blood Fractions (For Grouping, Typing, and Diagnosis): Reagent Red Cells, Sera, Antisera, etc.
193.26 Blood Grouping and Typing Reagents: Antibody Potentiating Media, Copper Sulfate Solutions, Normal Saline, etc.
193.36 Diagnostic Reagents and Supplies (For Automated Chemistry)
193.40 Diagnostic Reagents and Tests (For Diseases, Pregnancy, etc.): Cards, Slides, Spot Tests, Strips, Tablets, etc.
193.48 Drug Assay and Screening Test Kits (Except Radioimmunoassay)
193.52 Enzyme Immunoassay Reagents
193.66 Nuclear Medicine Test Kits
193.80 Radioactive Diagnostic Reagents
193.84 Radioimmunoassay Kits
193.85 Recycled Clinical Laboratory Reagents and Tests
193.88 Test (For Examination of Other Body Fluids, Wastes, etc., Not Otherwise Itemized)
193.89 Test Kits and Supplies, Chemistry (Not Otherwise Classified)
193.92 Urine and Spinal Fluid Controls, Normal and Abnormal
193.94 Urinalysis Reagents and Tests (For Albumin, Bile, Blood, Glucose, Ketones, etc.)
193.95 Virology Test Equipment and Supplies
193.97 X-Ray Contrast Media: Barium, Sulfate, Dyes, etc.
195.08 Alarm Clocks, Electric and Spring
195.12 Braille Watches and Clocks
195.16 Clock and Watchmakers' Repair Parts and Materials
195.17 Clocks, Battery Operated (See 195-80 for Wall Type)
195.18 Clocks, Electric, Commercial
195.20 Clocks, Game (Sports)
195.23 Hourglasses
195.24 Jewelers' and Watchmakers' Shop Equipment and Furniture
195.27 Jewelers' and Watchmakers' Tools and Accessories
195.30 Jewelers' and Watchmakers' Manuals
195.32 Jewelry, Costume
195.33 Jewelry, Fine
195.40 Master Clock Systems and Parts
195.49 Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, Gems and Pearls
195.50 Program Clocks, Bells, Lights, and Chimes
195.56 Recycled Timepiece Accessories and Supplies
195.60 Stopwatches (Including Liquid Crystal Display)
195.67 Time and Attendance Data Collection Systems
195.68 Time Clocks and Recorders, Accessories, and Parts
195.70 Time Indicators, Elapsed
195.74 Timers, Interval; Accessories, and Parts (Not Photographic or Laboratory)
195.80 Wall Clocks, Battery
195.83 Wall Clocks, Electric
195.85 Watches: Pocket, Wrist, etc.
195.88 Watchmen's Clocks and Supplies
200.10 Athletic Clothing
200.13 Children's Clothing
200.16 Coats, Jackets, Parkas, Vests  (Cold Weather)
200.19 Disposable Clothing (See Class 475 for Hospital Type)
200.25 Dresses, Skirts, Blouses
200.27 Folkloric Clothing
200.28 Formal Clothing (Tuxedos, Formal Gowns, etc.)
200.31 Hazardous Environment Clothing
200.32 Hospital Wear, Patient
200.34 Hospital Wear, Professional
200.36 Infant Apparel (Including Booties and Shoes)
200.38 Insulated Clothing
200.40 Laboratory Clothing, All Kinds (See 175-03 for Aprons and Gloves)
200.44 Pants, Slacks, Trousers, Shorts, Jeans, etc.
200.45 Party Wear
200.49 Prisoner Clothing
200.56 Recycled Clothing
200.70 Shirts, Dress and Casual
200.74 Silk Screened Shirts, Jackets, Hats, etc.
200.76 Suits, Dress and Casual
200.78 Sweaters
200.79 Swimwear
200.85 Uniforms, Blended Fabric
200.86 Uniforms, Cotton
200.87 Uniforms, Synthetic Fabric
200.88 Uniforms, Wool and Woolen Blends
200.90 Waistcoats
200.92 Work Clothes
201.13 Aprons, Bibs, Smocks - Non-disposable (See 200-32,34 for Hospital type)
201.17 Bags, Clothing
201.19 Bandanas, Hankerchiefs, Ties, etc.
201.20 Bands: Arm, Hat, Head, Sweat, etc.
201.25 Belts and Suspenders
201.27 Brushes, Clothes
201.30 Caps, All Types (Except Disposable and Hospital Types)
201.37 Emblems, Braids, and Patches (For Caps and Uniforms) (Including Chevrons, Epaulettes and Shoulder Boards)
201.39 Gloves, Cloth Type (All Types)
201.40 Gloves, Cowhide/Leather (All Types)
201.41 Gloves, Neoprene and Rubber (All Types)
201.42 Gloves: Latex, Plastic, PVC, Poly, Synthetic, Vinyl, etc. (All Types)
201.45 Hats, Felt
201.46 Hats, Straw
201.47 Hats, Miscellaneous (See 201-65 for Rain Type and 345-56 for Safety Type)
201.49 Hoods, Mittens, Mufflers, Scarves, etc. (For Cold Weather)
201.51 Hosiery and Socks
201.55 Liners, Glove
201.58 Moth Balls
201.62 Pacifiers, etc. for Infants
201.65 Rainwear (Raincoats, Hats, Slicker Suits, Storm Suits, Umbrellas, etc.)
201.66 Recycled Clothing Accessories
201.67 Robes, Caps, and Gowns (Choir and Graduation Types)
201.73 Shower Accessories: Bath Robes, Caps, Shoes, Wraps, etc.
201.80 Tie Holders and Racks
201.86 Undergarments and Sleepwear, Female
201.87 Undergarments and Sleepwear, Male
201.88 Undergarments and Sleepwear, Unisex
204.10 Cabinets and Cases: Desktop Cases, Tower Cases, Drive Cabinets, etc.
204.13 Cables: Printer, Disk, Network, etc.
204.14 Cameras, Digital, For Windows (Including Liquid Crystal Display)
204.16 Chips: Accelerator, Graphics, Math Co-Processor, Memory (RAM and ROM), Network, SIMMS, etc.
204.19 Communication Boards: Fax, Modem (Internal), etc.
204.20 Communication Control Units: Concentrators, Multiplexors, Couplers, etc.
204.24 Controllers, Programmable: Industrial Control Devices, Robots, etc.
204.28 Data Entry and Remote Job Entry Devices, Voice Activated: Voice Recognition, Voice Digitization, Speech Synthesizers, etc.
204.32 Drives, External (Jumpdrives, Flash Drives, etc.)
204.33 Drives, Compact Disk (CD ROM, etc.)
204.34 Drives, Floppy Disk
204.35 Drives, Hard/Fixed Disk
204.37 Drives, Tape
204.39 Duplicators, DVD
204.42 Expansion/Accelerator Boards: Hard Drive Controller Cards, Memory, Processor, SCSI, Video Cards, etc.
204.46 Imaging Systems, Microcomputer (Including Digital Imaging Network (DIN), Technology,  and Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine (DICOM))
204.47 Integrated Hardware-Software I.T. Solution (Microcomputer)
204.48 Keyboards
204.53 Microcomputers, Desktop or Towerbased
204.54 Microcomputers, Handheld, Laptop, and Notebook
204.55 Microcomputers, Multi-Processor
204.58 Modems, External, Data Communications
204.60 Monitors, Color and Monochrome (CGA, VGA, SVGA, etc.)
204.62 Motherboards
204.64 Network Components: Adapter Cards, Bridges, Connectors, Expansion Modules/Ports, Firewall Devices, Hubs, Line Drivers, MSAUs, Routers, Transceivers, etc.
204.68 Peripherals, Miscellaneous: Joy Sticks, Graphic Digitizers, Light Pens, Mice, Pen Pads, Trackballs, Secure I.D. Access Cards, etc.
204.70 Picture Archiving Computer System (PACS)
204.71 Plotters, Graphic
204.72 Power Supplies and Power Related Parts, Internal
204.74 Printer Sharing Devices
204.75 Printers, Dot Matrix
204.76 Printers, Inkjet
204.77 Printers, Laser
204.78 Printers, Pen Plotter
204.79 Printers, Digital
204.80 Printers, Thermal
204.82 Printers, Microcomputer (Not Otherwise Classified)
204.83 Recycled Microcomputer Hardware and Peripherals
204.84 Retrieval Systems, Computer Assisted: Indexing, Retrieval (CD ROM Jukebox, etc.) and Access Systems
204.88 Scanners, Document: Handheld, Desktop and High Volume
204.89 Scanners and Readers, Magnetic Strip
204.90 Scanners and Readers, Optical Character: Bar Code, Remittance Scanner/Processors, etc.
204.91 Servers, Microcomputer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, etc)
204.93 Terminals and CRTs: Data Processing Systems
204.95 Word Processing Equipment, Accessories and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
204.96 Workstations: SPARC, RISC, etc. (For Use With CAD/CAM, etc.)
206.14 Cables: Printer, Disk, Network, etc.
206.17 Chips: Accelerator, Graphics, Math Co-Processor, Memory (RAM and ROM), Network, etc.
206.20 Communication Boards: Fax, Modem (Internal), Network Cards, etc.
206.21 Communication Control Units: Concentrators, Multiplexors, Couplers, etc.
206.23 Communication Processors and Protocol Convertors: Front-End Processor, Network Interface Module, Protocol Interchange, Switching Controls, etc.
206.25 Computer Systems, Digital
206.27 Computer Systems, Laboratory Control
206.28 Computer Systems, Process Control
206.31 Controllers, Disk: Disk Subsystems, etc.
206.32 Controllers, Local and Remote
206.34 Controllers, Peripheral: Plotters, Printers, Digitizers, etc.
206.36 Controllers, Tape: Tape Subsystems, etc.
206.40 Data Entry and Remote Job Entry Devices, Voice Activated: Voice Recognition, Voice Digitization, Speech Synthesizers, etc.
206.44 Drives: Compact Disk, ROM, etc.
206.45 Drives: Floppy Disk
206.46 Drives: Hard/Fixed Disk
206.47 Drives, Tape
206.51 Expansion/Accelerator Boards: Memory, Processor, etc.
206.54 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
206.55 Integrated Hardware-Software I.T. Solution (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
206.56 Imaging Systems, Mini and Main Frame Computer (Incl. Digital Imaging Network and Technology)
206.57 Keyboards
206.59 Modems, External Data Communications
206.61 Monitors, Color and Monochrome (CGA, VGA, SVGA, etc.)
206.64 Network Components: Adapter Cards, Bridges, Connectors, Expansion Modules/Ports, Hubs, Line Drivers, MSAUs, Routers, Transceivers, etc.
206.66 Peripherals, Miscellaneous: Graphic Digitizers, Joy Sticks, Light Pens, Mice, Pen Pads, Trackballs, etc.
206.68 Power Supplies and Power Related Parts, Internal
206.70 Printer Sharing Devices
206.71 Printers, Dot Matrix
206.72 Printers, High Speed, Line Printers, and Printer Subsystems
206.73 Printers, Inkjet
206.74 Printers, Laser
206.75 Printers, Pen Plotter
206.77 Printers, Thermal
206.78 Printers, Mainframe Computer (Not Otherwise Classified)
206.79 Recycled Mainframe Computer Hardware and Peripherals
206.80 Retrieval Systems, Computer Aided: Indexing, Retrieval and Access Systems (CD ROM Jukebox, etc.)
206.84 Scanners, Document: Handheld, Desktop, and High Volume
206.85 Scanners and Readers, Magnetic Strip
206.86 Scanners and Readers, Optical Character: Bar Code, Remittance Scanner/Processors, etc.
206.87 Servers, Mini/Mainframe Computer (Application, Database, File, Mail, Network, Web, etc.)
206.89 Storage Devices, Electronic (Disk Drive Compatible)
206.93 Terminals and CRTs: Data Processing Systems
207.10 Batteries, Computer and Peripheral
207.14 Battery Chargers, Computer and Peripheral
207.20 Braces: Monitor, PC's, CRT's, Desk Top Printers, etc.
207.23 Carts, Computer
207.25 Cleaners for Keyboards, Monitors, Tapes, Diskettes, etc.
207.30 Compact Disks, DVD, ROM, etc.
207.32 Computer Instructional Aids and Training Devices
207.34 Covers and Enclosures (Acoustical and Protective) (For Equipment)
207.37 CRT Holders, Cases, Glare Screens, Locks, etc.
207.42 Diskettes, Disk Packs, Floppy Diskettes, Labels, etc.
207.47 Fasteners and Accessories, Thumb Lock
207.49 Forms Bursters, Decollators, Detachers, Feeders, Strippers and Related Accessories
207.50 Forms, Charts, Templates, Rulers, etc.
207.55 Graphic Supplies for Plotters and Printer Plotters: Inks, Pens, Penholders, Chemicals, Paper, etc.
207.60 Keyboard Dust Covers, Key Top Covers, Keyboard Drawers, Wrist Supports, etc.
207.67 Power Supplies: Surge Protectors, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Switches, etc.
207.72 Printer Accessories and Supplies: Chemicals, Forms Tractors, Inks and Cartridges, Paper, Label Sheets, Sheet Feeders, Toner Cartridges, Wheels, etc.
207.75 Projection Devices and Accessories: Interactive Conferencing Boards, LCD, Pads, Panels, etc.
207.79 Recycled Computer Accessories and Supplies
207.82 Sleeves, CD/DVD
207.84 Storage Devices for Tapes and Diskettes: Containers, Racks, etc.
207.85 Systems Environmental Monitor for Computer Rooms
207.87 Tapes, Tape Cartridges, Tape Cassettes, Tape Reels, Tape Labels, etc.
207.89 Testing Equipment for Computers and Related Equipment
207.91 Tools, Computer
208.10 Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
208.11 Application Software, Microcomputer
208.12 Architectural Software
208.15 Aviation Software (Flight Control, Ground Support, Testing, etc)
208.18 Bar Code Software (Microcomputer)
208.19 Biometric Authentication System Software for Microcomputers
208.20 Business Software, Misc.: Agenda, Labels, Mail List, Planning, Scheduling, etc.
208.27 Communications: Networking, Linking, etc. (Includes Clustering Software)
208.30 Computer Aided Design and Vectorization Software
208.36 Data Processing Software, Microcomputer
208.37 Database Software
208.39 Desktop Publishing
208.40 Driver and Hardware Support Programs
208.41 Engineering Software
208.42 EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Microcomputer
208.43 Educational: Foreign Languages, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.
208.44 E-Mail Software
208.45 Expert System Software
208.46 E-Commerce Software (Microcomputer)
208.47 Games: Adventure, Board, Puzzles, Strategy, etc. (See 037-84; 209-48; 785-53; and 805-51 for other type games)
208.50 Graphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, etc.
208.51 Human Resources Software
208.53 Integrated Software
208.54 Internet and Web Site Software for Microcomputers
208.55 Inventory Management
208.56 Logistics and Supply Chain Software
208.57 Law Enforcement Software
208.58 Language Translation Software
208.59 Library Information Management Software
208.60 Medical Software, All Types
208.61 OCR and Scanner Software
208.63 Personnel Software
208.65 Point of Sale Software
208.66 Professional: Computer Training, Hospital/Pharmacy, Legal, etc.
208.67 Programming: Basic, Assembler, Computer Assisted Software Engineering Tools (CASE), Libraries, etc.
208.68 Project Management
208.70 Printing Software (Microcomputer)
208.71 Purchasing Software
208.72 Purchasing and Accounting Codes for use with PC Software
208.76 Real Estate/Property Management
208.77 Recycled Microcomputer Software
208.80 Software, Microcomputer (Not Otherwise Classified)
208.81 Software For Computer Software Training
208.82 Scientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
208.83 Shipping and Postal Management Software
208.84 Spread Sheet Software
208.85 Surveying Systems Software
208.86 Sound or Music Editing Software, Microcomputer
208.87 Tools, Programming and Case
208.88 Software, Monitoring
208.90 Utilities: Back-up, Batch File, Firewall, Menus, Operating System, Network Operating System, Network Management, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, etc.
208.94 Word Processing, Text Editors, Spell Checkers
209.11 Accounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
209.12 Application Software, Mainframe Computer (Incl. Cobal)
209.13 Application Software, Minicomputer
209.14 Architectural Software (Mini/Mainframe)
209.22 Bar Code Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209.24 Biometric Authentication System Software for Mini/Mainframe Computers
209.28 Communications: Networking, Linking, etc.
209.31 Computer Aided Design
209.37 Data Processing Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer
209.38 Database Software
209.40 Desktop Publishing
209.41 Driver and Hardware Support Programs
209.42 E-Commerce Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209.43 EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer
209.44 Educational: Foreign Languages, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.
209.45 E-Mail Software
209.46 Expert System Software
209.47 Engineering Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209.48 Games: Adventure, Board, Puzzles, Strategy, etc.(See 037-84; 208-47; 785-53; and 805-51 for other type games)
209.49 Geographic Information System (GIS) Software
209.51 Graphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, etc.
209.52 Human Resources Software
209.54 Internet and Web Site Software for Main Frame Computers
209.56 Inventory Management
209.58 Language Translation Software
209.59 Logistics and Supply Chain Software
209.60 Music or Sound Editing Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209.62 OCR and Scanner Software
209.64 Personnel Software
209.66 Point of Sale Software
209.67 Professional: Hospital/Pharmacy, Legal, Computer Training, etc.
209.68 Programming: Basic, Assembler, etc.
209.69 Project Management
209.70 Printing Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209.72 Purchasing Software
209.73 Purchasing and Accounting Codes for use with Mini/Mainframe Software
209.77 Real Estate/Property Management
209.78 Recycled Mainframe Computer Software
209.82 Scientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
209.83 Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer (Not Otherwise Classified)
209.84 Shipping and Postal Management Software
209.85 Spread Sheet Software
209.86 Surveying Systems Software
209.87 Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer (Not Otherwise Classified)
209.88 Tools, Programming and Case
209.91 Utilities: Back-up, Batch File, Menus, Network Management, Operating System, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, etc.
209.95 Word Processing, Text Editors, Label Makers, Spell Checkers, etc.
210.07 Basins, Catch, Including Accessories and Parts
210.10 Blocks, Hollow and Solid, Lightweight
210.11 Blocks, Hollow and Solid, Normal Weight
210.12 Blocks, Kiln and Oven
210.13 Box Voids and Void Concrete Forms (Including Chemical Release Agents)
210.15 Bricks, Concrete
210.16 Concrete Beams, Channels, Roof Decks, etc., Prestressed
210.17 Concrete Bunker Panels
210.18 Concrete Encased Ducts
210.25 Concrete Pilings
210.26 Concrete Support Items (Chairs, etc.)
210.27 Connecting Bands, Corrugated Metal
210.28 Culverts, Concrete
210.29 Culverts, Corrugated Metal (Incl. Well Casing Pipe)
210.30 Curbs, Parking and Curb Boxes: Vehicle (Including Recycled)
210.31 Drains, Parts and Accessories
210.33 Irrigation Pipe, Metal
210.35 Joint Sealing Compound (For Sewer and Drain Pipes)
210.45 Meter Boxes and Concrete Pull Boxes
210.47 Molds and Parts, Concrete
210.55 Paving and Stepping Blocks
210.70 Recycled Concrete and Metal Products Incl. Culverts, Pilings, and Septic Tanks
210.72 Risers and Cones, Reinforced Concrete
210.75 Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, and Water Troughs
210.80 Ties and Anchors and Other Masonry Wall Reinforcements
210.85 Vents, Foundation, Concrete
220.02 Accelerometers
220.04 Actuators and Controls (For Robotics, Servo Systems, etc.)
220.06 Charts: Flowmeter, Receiver, Recorder
220.07 Clinometers and Inclinometers (For Slope and Tilt Measurements)
220.09 Conductivity Instruments (For Dissolved Solids)
220.13 Examination Equipment: Current, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, etc.
220.14 Energy Computerized Control Systems for HVAC, Lighting, Utilities, etc. Combination
220.15 Flow Controllers, Indicators, Calibrators, and Recorders (For Air and Gases)
220.16 Flow Controllers and Recorders (For Liquids)
220.18 Gauges: Altitude, Pressure, Profile, Temperature, Liquid Level, etc.
220.19 Gyroscopic Instruments
220.20 Hazardous Environment Detection and Measuring Equipment
220.22 High Vacuum Controllers, Indicators, and Recorders and Accessories: Ionization Gauges, Thermocouple Gauges, etc.
220.29 Imaging Systems, Infrared Thermal (Not X-Ray)
220.30 Indicating and Recording Instruments, Equipment and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
220.33 Liquid Level Controllers, Indicators, and Recorders
220.34 Logging Devices, Electronic (Long-Range Data Collection and Recording for Use at a Remote Location)
220.36 Oscillographs (Cathode-Ray Recording Systems) and Accessories
220.42 Photoelectric Control Devices
220.43 Position Measuring Devices (X-Y Coordinates)
220.45 Pressure Controllers, Indicators, and Recorders
220.46 Pressure Converters
220.48 Radar Instruments (Marine Type), and Accessories: Magnetrons, etc.
220.53 Radiant Energy Measuring Devices (For Visual, UV, and IR): Light Meters (Except Photographic), Photometers, Pyranometers, Radiometers, etc.)
220.54 Recorders and Plotters, General Laboratory Type (Strip Chart, X-Y, etc.), and Supplies: Chart Paper, Developing Chemicals, Ink, Penholders, Pens, etc. (See 690-62 for Power Generation Type)
220.55 Recycled Recording, Controlling and Indicating Instruments and Supplies
220.60 Sonar Instruments, Research Type
220.61 Sound Analysis Equipment and Accessories: Noise Meters and Dosimeters, Sound Level Meters, etc. (Including Noise Control Enclosures, etc)
220.63 Strain Gauges, Force Gauges, and Associated Instruments: Strain Gauge Conditioners, Stress-Strain Plotters, etc.
220.66 Stroboscopes and Tachometers (Except Automotive)
220.68 Surface Profile Measurement Equipment
220.72 Temperature Controllers, Indicators, and Recorders (Digital Thermometers, Pyrometers, etc.), and Accessories: Thermistors, Thermocouples, etc.
220.75 Transducers and Couplers
220.84 Vibration Detecting and Measuring Equipment: Geophones, Seismic Amplifiers, Seismographs, etc.
220.85 Vibration Generating Equipment: Piezoelectric, Sonic, Ultrasonic, etc.
220.87 Weather Instruments: Anemometers, Barographs, Barometers, Hygrometers, Lightning Strike Counters, Relative Humidity Meters, Thermographs, Radar Weather Display, etc.
220.88 Weather Station
225.30 Coolers, Electric (Water Fountains)
225.32 Coolers, Non-Electric (Water Fountains)
225.40 Coolers, Storage Type (Remote Refrigeration Unit), Including Parts
225.64 Recycled Drinking Fountains and Supplies
232.02 Artificial Plants, Shrubs, and Trees
232.05 Basketry Materials
232.10 Beadcraft Supplies
232.15 Candlemaking Equipment and Supplies (See 393-56 for Candles)
232.20 Carpet Warp and Roving, Macrame
232.25 Decoupage Materials and Supplies
232.27 Dried Flowers and Plants
232.32 Floral Arrangements, Artificial
232.35 Floral Supplies: Artificial Flowers, Floral Tape, etc.
232.38 Glitter, Sequins, Stars, Feathercraft, etc.
232.42 Kits and Supplies: Foil, Tin, etc.
232.43 Kits and Supplies: Mosiac
232.45 Kits and Supplies: String and Wire Art
232.50 Liquid Embroidery and Fabric Painting Supplies
232.55 Model Kits and Parts: Airplane, Automobile, Ship, etc.
232.60 Needlework Kits and Supplies: Crewel, Embroidery, etc.
232.70 Precut Wood Kits: Bird Houses, Magazine Baskets, What-not Shelves, etc.
232.75 Recycled Crafts (General)
232.77 Ribbons, Craft
232.80 Styrofoam Shapes and Foam Filler
232.85 Transfers, Hot Iron
232.90 Weaving Looms and Materials, Hand
232.95 Woodburning and Woodcarving Tools and Supplies
233.20 Ceramic and Pottery Equipment and Supplies
233.32 Faceting and Cabbing Equipment and Accessories
233.35 Glass Blowing Equipment and Supplies
233.55 Kilns and Furnaces (For Ceramic and Enameling) and Accessories
233.60 Lapidary Equipment, Jewelry Findings, and Supplies
233.65 Leathercraft Supplies
233.70 Metal Enameling Material
233.75 Metalcraft Supplies
233.80 Paper Making Equipment and Supplies, Handmade: Beaters, Screens, Vats, etc.
233.85 Recycled Crafts (Specialized)
233.90 Rubbing Compound, Abrasive
240.07 Aluminum Ware: Cooking Utensils, Dishes, Trays, Pots and Pans, etc.
240.14 Beverage Servers, All Types (Including Decanters)
240.17 Cast Iron: Cooking and Frying Pots and Pans, etc.
240.20 Ceramicware
240.21 Chinaware
240.23 Condiment Shakers, Dispensers, Covers, etc.
240.28 Cutlery: Knives, Spatulas, Steels, etc.
240.35 Cutting Boards
240.42 Enamelware: Small Cooking Utensils, Pots and Pans, etc.
240.49 Flour Sifters, Light Duty
240.56 Glassware, Table
240.63 Kitchen Utensils, Small: Basters, Corers, Ladles, Pastry and Vegetable Brushes, Peelers, Scoops, Tongs, Turners, etc.
240.66 Meal Servers, Insulated
240.70 Plastic Ware: Dishes, Pots and Pans, Trays, Non-Disposable Type (See 640-60 for Disposable Type)
240.74 Recycled Dishes, Utensils, etc.
240.77 Silver Burnishing Equipment and Scouring Pads, All Types
240.84 Silverware: Flatware, Tableware, etc.
240.87 Silverware and Dishes, Specialized, Self-Help Feeding Type
240.91 Stainless Steel Ware: Cooking Utensils, Flatware, Tableware, Trays, Pots and Pans, etc.
240.93 Storage Boxes, Food
240.95 Thermometers, Cooking and Oven
240.96 Timers, Mechanical
245.02 Butter Machines, Churns, and Equipment
245.03 Cheese-Making Supplies: Annatto, Rennet, etc.
245.05 Cleaning Materials (For Dairy Equipment): Chlorine Sanitizers, Milkstone Remover, etc.
245.10 Cooling Vats
245.15 Dairy Pails (Utility Pails)
245.20 Ice Cream Containers, Paper and Metal
245.25 Ice Cream Shipping Jackets
245.30 Milk Bottle Caps, Metallic and Paper
245.35 Milk Bottles, Glass
245.40 Milk Cans, All Types
245.45 Milk Cartons, Paper and Plastic (Including Liners)
245.50 Milk Crates
245.55 Milk Dispenser Can Tubes
245.59 Milk Filling Machines, Accessories and Supplies (Dispenser Bags, etc.)
245.60 Milk Filters
245.70 Milking Machines, Accessories, and Parts: Compressors, Pulsators, etc.
245.80 Milk Processing Equipment (Homogenizers, Pasteurizers, etc.) and Parts
245.83 Recycled Dairy Equipment and Supplies
245.85 Stanchions, Milk Parlor
245.86 Teat Sanitizing Equipment and Supplies
245.87 Thermometers, Dairy (For Milk Vats, etc.)
245.90 Wrapping, Cheese, Circles and Bandages
250.18 Cards, Tabulating, Special (For Automatic and Manual Data Processing Systems)
250.30 Cards, Tabulating, Standard (For EDP Systems)
250.55 Paper, Tabulating Stock
250.67 Recycled Data Processing Cards and Paper
250.70 Roll Paper, Bond (For EDP Portable Terminals)
250.72 Roll Paper, Thermal (For EDP Portable Terminals)
250.80 Tests, Answer Sheets, Scoring Keys, etc. (For EDP Systems)
255.05 Bar Code Decals
255.10 Bedding Stamps
255.20 Cigarette Stamp, Numbered
255.22 Decals, All Other Types of Transfer (For Screen Printed see 255-28)
255.24 Decals, Heat Transfer
255.26 Decals, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
255.28 Decals, Screen Printed
255.30 Decals, Water Transfer Type (For Cigarette Machines, Doors, Equipment, Vehicles, Windows, etc.)
255.40 Inventory and Other Small Decals
255.45 License Plate Decals
255.50 Liquor Stamps, Numbered
255.53 Recycled Decals and Stamps
255.56 Tax Stamps (Other Than Cigarette and Liquor), Numbered and Un-Numbered
255.60 Windshield Decals, Not Numbered
255.70 Windshield Decals, Numbered
257.18 Aircraft, Military (Fighter Bombers, Attack Aircraft, etc.)
257.23 Bomb Detection Equipment and Supplies
257.24 Bomb Protection Devices and Supplies
257.46 Military Explosives: Bombs, Mines, etc.
257.47 Military Watercraft (Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, etc.)
257.50 Missiles, Air to Air (Guided)
257.51 Missiles, Air to Surface (Guided)
257.52 Missiles, Antiballistic (Guided)
257.53 Missiles, Antiaircraft (Guided)
257.54 Missiles, Antimissile (Guided)
257.55 Missiles, Antiship (Guided)
257.56 Missiles, Antitank (Guided)
257.58 Missiles, Ballistic (Guided)
257.60 Missiles, Cruise (Guided)
257.63 Missiles, Surface to Surface (Guided)
257.64 Missiles, Training (Guided)
257.67 Missile Subsystems (Including Boosters, Warheads, Pin Pullers, Jet Reaction Control Assy)
257.71 Recycled Defense System Equipment and Accessories
257.73 Rockets and Launch Vehicles (Including Boosters)
257.75 Satellites, Military (See 804-74 for all other types)
257.76 Sensors, Infrared (IR)
257.77 Science and Research, Military
257.88 Vehicles, War (Armored, Tanks, etc.)
257.94 Weapons, Naval  (Torpedos, etc.)
260.02 Abrasives: Pumice, etc.
260.04 Amalgams and Mercury
260.07 Cabinets, Furniture, Sinks, etc., Dental
260.09 Casting, Filling, and Molding Materials: Artificial Stone, Clay, Gypsum Plaster, Investments (Bonded and Solder), Molding Resins, Porcelain, etc.
260.11 Cements (Cavity Lining, etc.): Glass Ionometer, Polymeric, Zinc Compounds, etc.
260.13 Ceramic Items: Jacket Crowns, Porcelain Inlays, Porcelain Teeth, etc.
260.16 Chemicals, Cleaners, Lubricants, etc., Dental
260.19 Containers, Dispensers, Trays, etc.
260.20 Cosmetic Dentistry Equipment and Supplies
260.22 Crowns and Teeth, Acrylic
260.23 Crowns, Metal
260.24 Crowns and Teeth, Plastic
260.26 Dental Units and Components: Chairs, Compressed Air and Aspiration Devices, Consoles, Handpieces, etc.
260.29 Dies, Forms, Molds, Patterns, etc., Dental
260.31 Electrosurgery Units, Dental
260.33 Evacuation Equipment and Supplies, Dental
260.36 Grinding and Polishing Implements: Burs, Cones, Cups, Discs, Wheels, etc.
260.39 Heaters, Ovens, and Water Baths
260.41 Implants, Dental, All Types
260.43 Impression Materials: Agar, Alginates, Plasters, Zinc Oxide, etc.
260.45 Infection Control Equipment and Supplies, Dental
260.46 Instruments and Devices (Endodontic, Orthodontic, Periodontal, and General Dental): Arches, Bands, Brackets, Curets, Files, Forceps, Mirrors, Points, Rasps, Reamers, Scalers (Hand), etc.
260.49 Lamps and Lights, Dental: Operating, Ultraviolet, etc.
260.51 Matrix Materials, Dental
260.52 Metallic Supplies: Alloys, Precious Metals, Tubes, Wires, etc.
260.53 Miscellaneous Dental Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
260.54 Models, Manikins, and Instructional Aids
260.56 Pharmaceuticals, Dental: Anesthetics, Antiseptics, Plaque Disclosing Liquids and Tablets, etc.
260.59 Power Tools and Appliances, Dental: Drills, Grinders, Lathes, Vibrators, etc.
260.62 Prosthodontic Equipment: Articulators, Casting Units, Frames, Impression Trays, Soldering Units, etc.
260.66 Pulp Testers
260.68 Recycled Dental Equipment and Supplies
260.69 Resins (For Repair and Restoration): Acrylic, Epoxy, etc.
260.70 Retraction Materials, Dental
260.72 Scalers, Peridontal: Rotary, Sonic, and Ultrasonic
260.76 Solders, Fluxes, and Antifluxes
260.79 Sterilization Systems, Dental: Autoclaves, etc.
260.82 Sundries, Dental: Articulating Paper and Tape, Cotton, Dental Care Kits, Denture Adhesives and Creams, Floss, Gauze Pads, Paper and Plastic Items, Sutures, Tubing, etc.
260.86 Syringes and Needles, Dental
260.89 Ultrasonic Cleaning Units, Dental Laboratory
260.92 Waxes, All Types
260.96 X-Ray Equipment, Dental (For Chemicals and Film See Class 898): Film Mounts, Film Processors, Intensifying Screens, X-Ray Machines and Accessories
265.20 Curtains, Draperies, and Scarves
265.30 Curtain and Drapery Hardware: Hooks, Rods, etc.
265.38 Foam, Upholstery (Rubber, Urethane, etc.)
265.40 Material, Drapery
265.44 Material, Upholstery (Fabric), Furniture and Auto
265.46 Material, Upholstery (Vinyl), Furniture and Auto
265.64 Recycled Drapes, Curtains, and Upholstery Material
265.80 Upholstery Supplies: Beading, Burlap, Buttons, Padding, Springs, Tacks, Thread, Welt Cord, etc.
265.87 Valances and Cornices
269.02 Anesthetics, Local
269.03 Antagonists, Heavy Metal
269.04 Antihistamine Drugs
269.08 Anti-infective Agents
269.10 Antineoplastic Agents
269.12 Autonomic Drugs
269.16 Blood Derivatives
269.20 Blood Formation and Coagulation
269.24 Cardiovascular Drugs
269.28 Central Nervous System Agents
269.32 Contraceptives
269.36 Diagnostic Agents
269.40 Electrolytic, Caloric, and Water Balance
269.44 Enzymes
269.48 Expectorants, Antitussives, and Mucolytic Agents
269.52 Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Preparations
269.56 Gastrointestinal Drugs
269.60 Gold Compounds
269.64 Herbal Drugs
269.68 Hormones and Synthetic Substitutes
269.72 Miscellaneous Drugs and Pharmaceuticals (Not Otherwise Classified)
269.73 Muscle Relaxants, Smooth (Including Respiratory Drugs)
269.76 Oxytocics
269.78 Radioactive Pharmaceuticals
269.79 Recycled Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
269.80 Serums, Toxoids, and Vaccines
269.84 Skin and Mucous Membrane Agents
269.87 Therapeutic Agents, Unclassified
269.88 Vitamins
271.04 Administration Sets and IV Additive Accessories
271.08 Administration Sets, Special Use: Controlled Flow, Solution Transfer, etc.
271.10 Anesthesia Sets, Specialized
271.12 Blood Administration Sets
271.14 Blood Bank and Blood Transfusion Equipment: Collection Units, Dielectric Sealer, Freezing Bags, Pooling Bags, Transfer Units, etc.
271.16 Blood Cell Processing and Storage Solutions
271.18 Blood Plasma Extenders: Dextrans, etc.
271.19 Blood, Whole; and Blood Fractions (For Transfusions): Plasma, Serum Albumin, etc.
271.21 Cell Processing Sets and Supplies
271.24 Dextrose Solutions, High Strength (For IV Additive Use)
271.26 Dialysis Concentrates and Solutions, Hemo- and Peritoneal
271.28 Diets, Complete, Liquid; and Liquid Food Supplements (Oral and Tube Fed)
271.30 Enteral Administration Systems (For Tube Feeding, etc.)
271.32 Extension Sets
271.34 Feeding Equipment and Accessories (Other Than Tube Feeding)
271.35 Filter Sets and In-Line Filters
271.41 IV Additive Equipment and Supplies: Bands, Caps, Dispensing Syringes, etc.
271.42 IV Drop Counters, Flowmeters and Regulators
271.44 Infusion Solutions (For Organ Preservation, Such as Kidneys, etc.)
271.56 Irrigation Solutions and Sets
271.63 Mannitol Solutions
271.68 Nutritional Product IV Solutions: Amino Acids, Fat Emulsions, Protein Hydrolysate, etc.
271.76 Premixed Pharmaceutical Solutions
271.78 Recycled Pharmaceutical Sets and Supplies
271.80 Respiratory Therapy Solutions and Sets
271.84 Sets (For IV Pumps): Peristaltic, Metering, etc.
271.88 Specialty and Custom-Made Sets and Equipment (Not Otherwise Itemized)
271.92 Specialty Solutions (Not Otherwise Itemized)
271.96 Standard IV and Injectable Solutions: Dextrose, Electrolytes, Ringer's, Saline, etc.
279.18 Anvils (18th Century Reproduction)
279.22 Artillery (18th Century Reproduction)
279.26 Blanks, Belt (18th Century Reproduction)
279.30 Buckles (18th Century Reproduction)
279.34 Clothing, Custom (18th Century Reproduction)
279.43 Horse Equipage (18th Century Reproduction)
279.48 Leather Goods (18th Century Reproduction)
279.49 Leather Work, Custom
279.53 Miscellaneous 18th Century Reproduction Goods
279.57 Pottery (18th Century Reproduction)
279.58 Pots, Iron (18th Century Reproduction)
279.64 Recycled 18th Century Reproduction Goods
280.08 Appliance, Fixture, and Portable Cables and Wires (Up to 600V): Types S, SJ, SJO, SO, SPT, TF, TFF, etc.
280.16 Bare Cables and Wires: Type ACSR, Bare Copper, Bare Aluminum, etc.
280.24 Building Cables and Wires, Single and Multiconductor: Types NM, THWN, TW, THW, THHN, XHHW, RHW, RR, ROMEX, etc.
280.28 Cathodic Cable (Protection)
280.29 Communications Cable
280.30 Control Cables and Wires, Solid and Stranded, Single and Multiconductor (Up to 600V, for use in Boiler Controls, Fire Alarms, Motors, etc.)
280.40 Guy Wires and Cables: Guy Strand, SM, HS, EHS, etc.
280.50 Heating Cables and Wires (Up to 277V): Lead Covered, Neoprene Jacket, etc.
280.58 High Voltage Cables and Wires (601-15,000V), Solid and Stranded, Single and Multiconductor
280.62 Recycled Cable and Wire
280.65 Submarine Wire and Cable
280.70 Telephone Cables and Wires, Single and Multiconductor, Clad Steel and Copper
280.75 Ties and Anchors, Cable and Wiring
280.80 Underground Cables and Wires, Solid and Stranded, Single and Multiconductor, Aluminum and Copper: Types UF, URD, USE, XLP, etc.
280.90 Weatherproof Cables and Wires, Solid and Stranded, Single and Multiconductor, Aluminum and Copper: Types RR, WP, etc.
280.95 Wire and Cable (Not Otherwise Classified)
285.02 Analyzer, Electric Power Demand
285.03 Arresters, Lightning
285.04 Back-up Systems, Battery Operated (Emergency)
285.05 Beacon Light Systems Complete For Buildings, Roadside, etc. (See Class 120 for Marine Beacons)
285.06 Ballasts, All Kinds
285.07 Bulb and Fixture, Changer/Remover
285.08 Bus Bars, Duct, and Accessories
285.09 Cabinets, Electrical Service Entrance
285.10 Cable Accessories: Clamps, Clasps, Clips, Closures, Reels, Splices, Wrappings, etc.
285.11 Capacitors, Motor Starting and Running
285.13 Compound, Explosion Proof Sealing
285.14 Circuit Breakers, Load Centers, Boxes, and Panelboards
285.15 Coatings, Protective, Electrical
285.16 Commutators, Resurfacers, Stone
285.17 Conduit and Fittings, Fiber and Asbestos-Cement
285.18 Conduit and Fittings, Cast Iron and Malleable Iron
285.19 Conduit and Fittings, Plastic/Pvc
285.20 Conduit and Fittings, Fiberglass
285.21 Conduit and Fittings, Aluminum
285.22 Conduit and Fittings, Rubber
285.23 Conduit Fittings, Steel: Boxes, Bushings, Clamps, Connectors, Covers, Locknuts, Straps, etc.
285.24 Conduit and Fittings, Brass, Bronze, and Copper
285.25 Current Collection Equipment and Accessories, Electrical
285.26 Conduit, Steel
285.27 Control Devices, Lighting (Including Photocells, Multiple Relays, Lighting Contactors)
285.28 Cutouts, Pole Line Type
285.29 Dimmers, Light (See Class 855 for Theatre Dimmers)
285.30 Dielectric Tools, Tool Handles, Hydraulic Hose and Fittings (High ANSI Rated)
285.31 Fluorescent Tube Crushers and Diposers
285.32 Fluorescent and HID Lamp Energy Saving Devices
285.33 Fog Light Systems (Not Automotive)
285.34 Fuses, Fuse Blocks and Holders, Links, etc.
285.35 Gaskets, Meter
285.36 Gates, Electric (Including Card Readers, etc.)
285.37 Generators, Portable, Engine Driven (Including Fog and Mist Types)
285.39 Generators, Stationary Type (Not Automotive)
285.40 Grounding Rods and Fittings
285.41 Hose, Protective Line
285.42 Insulation Materials and Insulators: Compounds, Varnish, etc.
285.43 Induction Heating Equipment, Parts and Accessories
285.44 Isolation System (For Computer Center)
285.45 Lamps, Projector
285.46 Lamps: Construction Equipment, and Miniature
285.47 Lamps: Decorative, Household
285.48 Lamps: Desk, Floor, and Table
285.49 Lamps, Miscellaneous (Not Otherwise Classified)
285.50 Lamps: Fluorescent, Incandescent, Mercury Vapor, Quartz, and Sodium Vapor
285.51 Lamps: Scientific Instrument: Microscope, Oscilloscope, etc.
285.52 Lamps: Portable, Shop, and Work Site
285.53 Lens and Reflectors, Replacement (Including Holders)
285.54 Lighting Fixtures, Indoor: All Kinds and Parts (Including Lampholders and Recycled Types)
285.55 Lighting, Area, Pole or Standard Mounted (Parking Lots, etc.)
285.56 Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor: Floodlights, Spotlights, Yard Lights, and all other Weatherproof Fixtures (Except Streetlights) (Including Recycled Types)
285.57 Lighting, Solar Powered
285.58 Lighting Units, Emergency, Battery Operated; and Batteries
285.59 Light Meters and Reflectometers (For Office Illumination Measurement, Reflectivity, etc. (Not Photographic or Lab)
285.60 Locators, Cable
285.61 Meters, Indicating and Recording of Power Consumption
285.62 Meters, Indicating and Recording (Of Powerline Fluctuations -Voltage or Amperage -Not Hand Tool Type)
285.63 Meters, Hand Held: Voltage, Amperage, Multi-Hand Held, Phase Indicators, etc.
285.64 Motor Controllers, Contactors, Push Button Stations, Relays, Safety Switches, Starters, Coils and Brushes
285.65 Ignition, Starting Aid, High Pressure Sodium, All Types
285.66 Monitors and Related Equipment, Power Line
285.67 Power Systems Switchgears and Related Accessories
285.68 Motors and Parts, Fractional H.P. Electric (Incl. Remanufactured)
285.69 Misc. Electrical Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
285.70 Motors and Parts, Integral H.P., Single Phase, Electric (Incl. Remanufactured)
285.71 Motors and Parts, Integral H.P., Three Phase, Electric (Incl. Remanufactured)
285.72 Resistors (Non-Electronic)
285.73 Relays (Non-Electronic)
285.74 Pole Line Hardware: Anchors, Arms, Bolts, Braces, Brackets, Clevises, Connections, Insulators, Plates, Pole Steps, Racks, Rods, Shackles, Straps, Thimbles, Washers, etc. (See 765-95 for Wire Rope Accessories)
285.75 Repair Kits (For Contactors)
285.76 Street and Highway Lighting Luminaires, Accessories and Parts
285.77 Square Duct and Fittings
285.78 Structural Supports and Racks, Mechanical Type: Angles, Braces, Brackets, Channels, Clips, Fittings, Spring-Nuts, etc.
285.79 Switches, Parts and Accessories (Miscellaneous)
285.80 Street Light Poles and Standards
285.81 Tools, Electricians' and Lineman's (Including Cable Fault Locators, Cable Pullers, Press Boosters and Heads, Hotsticks, Testing Equip. Wire Crimping Tools, etc.) (See 285-30 for Dielectric Tools)
285.82 Transformer Equipment, Type 1 KVA and less
285.83 Towers, Light
285.84 Transformers, Transmission Line Type
285.85 Transformers, Dry Type, For Indoor or Outdoor Applications
285.86 Transformers, Power Distribution (Including Fluid Filled, Pad and Pole Mount)
285.87 Transformers, Power, Electric Sub-Station
285.88 Tube Guard and Safety Sleeves (For Fluorescent Fixtures)
285.89 Unilets
285.90 Voltage Line Thermostats, Inverters, Converters, Spike and Surge Controllers
285.91 Valves, Electro Pneumatic
285.92 Wire and Cable Markers and Marker Ties
285.93 Wire Molding, Raceways, Accessories, and Fittings
285.94 Voltage Regulators
285.95 Wiring Devices: Adapters, Caps, Connectors, Extension Cords, Fluorescent and HP Starters, Outlets, Plates and Covers, Plugs, Receptacles, Safety Cord Lock, Switches, Terminals, etc.(Incl. Recycled Electrical Products, Supplies)
285.96 Uninterruptible Power Supplies
287.06 Amplifiers and Preamplifiers (Not for Sound Systems or TV Antennas)
287.12 Batteries and Hardware For Electronic Equipment (Including Recycled Types)
287.18 Chemicals for Electronics Use: Antistatic, Cleaning, Degreasing, Etching, Metal Stripping, Solvent, etc.
287.24 Circuit Boards, Modular, Printed (PCB), and Proto
287.25 Circuit Board Production Equipment (For Etching, Cleaning, Drilling, etc.)
287.26 Circuit Cards
287.30 Detectors (Electron, Photon) and Detector Arrays
287.36 Metal Items: Boxes, Cabinets, Chassis, Panels, Racks, etc.
287.42 Microprocessors (CPU Chips, etc.)
287.48 Microwave Equipment and Accessories: Band Pass Filters, Coaxial Attenuators, Couplers, Switchers, Tellurometers, Tuners, Wave Guides (Not Communication Type)
287.54 Power Supplies, Computer Room
287.55 Power Supplies (Not Computer Room)
287.57 Protective Devices, Electronic (Anti-Static, Wrist and Ankle Bands, Work Mats, etc. for the Protection of Electronic Equipment)
287.59 Recycled Electronic Components, Accessories and Supplies
287.60 Repair Equipment, Electronic: Cleaning, Desoldering, Soldering, etc.
287.66 Replacement and Component Parts: Capacitors, Chokes, Coils, Panel Meters, Potentiometers, Relays, Resistors, Solenoids, Transistors, Transformers, etc.
287.71 Semiconductors, Parts, and Accessories
287.72 Shelf Hardware, Electronic: Adapters, Clips, Connectors, Dielectrics, Jacks, Lugs, Plugs, Sockets, Solder, Switches, Terminals, etc.
287.78 Teaching and Demonstration Units: Electronic Kits, etc.
287.80 Testing Equipment and Systems, Electronic Meter
287.82 Transmitters, Emergency Alarm Type (To incl. Equipment Operation Status Reporting)
287.84 Tubes, Electron Multiplier and Photomultiplier; and Accessories
287.90 Tubes, Electronic: Cathode Ray, Power, Receiving, Thyratron, Transmitting, etc.
287.96 Wire and Cable, Electronic: Audio, Coaxial, Hook-Up, Lead-In, etc.
290.10 Cells, Solar (Photovoltaic Cells), Unmounted
290.17 Recycled Energy Collection Equipment and Supplies
290.20 Solar Air Conditioning Systems and Accessories: Absorption Type, etc.
290.30 Solar Space Heating Systems and Accessories
290.40 Solar Heat Collector Systems and Accessories
290.50 Solar Heat Collector Tracking Systems and Accessories
290.60 Solar Heat Collectors, Concentrating Type
290.65 Solar Heat Collectors, Evacuated Tube Type
290.70 Solar Heat Collectors, Flat Plate Type
290.80 Solar Powered Electrical Systems (For Battery Charging, etc.)
290.82 Solar Energy Systems, Complete
290.86 Solar Radiant Flux Measuring Instruments (See also 220-33)
290.90 Solar Water Heating Systems and Accessories
290.95 Wind Electrical Generating Systems and Accessories
295.30 Dumbwaiters and Parts
295.35 Escalators and Parts
295.40 Freight Elevators and Parts
295.48 Monitors, Elevator and Escalator
295.50 Moving Walks and Parts
295.70 Passenger Elevators and Parts
295.75 Recycled Elevator Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
305.04 Blades, Gouges, Knives, Needle Files, Routers, etc.
305.06 Calculators (Programmed for Surveying Systems; for Office Type See Class 600)
305.08 Cloths, Films, and Papers (Special): Cross Section, Graph, Log, Profile, Tracing, etc.
305.10 Cloths, Films, and Papers (Stock): Cross Section, Graph, Log, Profile, Tracing, etc.
305.12 Cloths, Films, and Papers, Reproduction Types
305.15 Covers (For Drafting and Drawing Boards)
305.18 Data Books and Tables, Engineering and Surveying
305.21 Direct Print Supplies, Dry Process
305.23 Direct Print Supplies, Wet Process
305.25 Distance Measuring Equipment (Incl. Measuring Wheels)
305.28 Drafting and Drawing Instruments (See 204-71 for Graphic Plotters)
305.30 Drafting and Drawing Pencils, Pens, Leads, Lead Holders, etc.
305.32 Drafting Machines and Scales
305.33 Drafting Supplies: Brushes (Dust and Wash), Cleaning Pads and Power, Paper Shears, Paper Weights, Steel Erasers, Transparent Protective Film and Tape, etc.
305.35 Drawing Boards, Curves, Protractors, Templates, Triangles, T-Squares, etc.
305.36 Drafting Paper
305.38 Duplicator Paper: Blue Print, Brown Print, and White Print
305.39 Duplicator Paper, Chemicals, and Supplies (For Diazo Process Copying Machines)
305.40 Duplicators: Blue Print, Brown Print, Diazo Process, White Print, etc.
305.42 Engineering Supplies, Miscellaneous
305.44 Erasers and Erasing Machines, Electric
305.48 Field Books, Engineers'
305.50 Field Equipment: Arrows, Bush Knives, Flags and Flagging, Hand Levels, Leveling Rods, Machetes, Plumb Bobs, Pocket Transits, Range Poles, etc.
305.53 Graphic Art Type Supplies
305.55 Lettering Equipment (Automatic Letter or Character Generating Devices)
305.57 Lettering Equipment (Hand Manipulated): Guides, Pens, Sets, etc.
305.58 Magnifying Glasses, Angle Mirrors, Prisms, Stereoscopes, etc.
305.59 Maps, Engineer and Topographical
305.60 Measuring Equipment: Chains, Maps, Optical Tapes, Tapes, Wheels, etc. (Including Photogrammetry and Laser Equipment)
305.61 Measuring Equipment, Area (Large Scale)
305.64 Opaquing and Transparentizing Liquids, Erasing Fluids, and Pastes
305.68 Planimeters
305.70 Recycled Engineering Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
305.71 Signage and Logos, Architectural (Glass, Photographic, Stone, Tile)
305.72 Slide Rules
305.75 Straightedges
305.78 Surveying Instruments and Accessories: Alidades, Compasses, Levels, Theodolites, Transits, Tripods, etc.
305.80 Surveying Systems, Geo/Satellite Navigation Type
305.82 Tables, Tracing and Light
305.84 Technical Pens and Sets, Points and Refills, etc.
310.00 ENVELOPES, PLAIN (SEE CLASSES 525, 615, 640, 655, 665, AND 966 FOR OTHER TYPES)
310.24 Envelopes, Plain, Special (Colored wove,  White wove)
310.30 Envelopes, Plain, Stock Sizes
310.6 Envelopes: Clasp, String, etc.
310.60 Envelopes, Recycled Paper
310.65 Envelopes: Seed, Metal or Plastic Closure
310.67 Envelopes, Shipping and Mailing
310.78 Envelopes, X-Ray Film Filing
312.22 Air Filtration Equipment for Aircraft, Boat/Ship, Cargo Containers and Vehicles
312.23 Air Filtration Equipment for Soft and Hard Shelters
312.38 Environmental Control Systems, Aircraft
312.39 Environmental Control Systems for  Automobiles, Emergency Vehicles, Trucks
312.40 Environmental Control Systems for Boats, Ships, Marine
312.41 Environmental Control Systems for Cargo Containers, etc.
312.43 Environmental Control Systems, Spacecraft
312.46 Environmental Remote Control Systems
312.48 Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms (Controlled Temperature, Humidity, etc.)
312.83 Tent Systems, Field (For Ground Zero Environment)
312.84 Tent Units, Contaminated Patient Isolation (Negative Pressure)
315.10 Adhesives (For Concrete): Cured-to-Cured, Fresh-to-Cured, and Steel-to-Concrete
315.20 Adhesive, General Purpose
315.25 Casting, Encapsulating, and Potting Systems
315.30 Coatings, Protective (For Masonry Including Concrete Floor)
315.40 Coatings, Protective (For Metal)
315.50 Coatings, Protective (For Wood)
315.70 Hardening Agents: Amines, Anhydrides, Polyamide Solutions, etc.
315.80 Mortars and/or Grouts
315.89 Recycled Epoxy Based Formulations
315.90 Resins (Epoxy Only)
318.20 Encoding Equipment
318.30 Fare Box
318.33 Fare Box Vault
318.40 Locks and Keys
318.50 Money Changers
318.55 Portable Safe/Money Cart
318.60 Receiver Bin/Terminal
318.62 Recycled Fare Collection Equipment and Supplies
318.70 Testing/Verifying Equipment
318.75 Tickets, Non-Magnetic
318.77 Tickets, Pre-Encoded
318.80 Tickets, Not Encoded
318.85 Ticket Vending Machine
318.88 Tokens
318.89 Transfer Machines
318.90 Turnstiles
320.10 Anchors, Expansion Shields, Molly Bolts, Plugs, Toggle Bolts, U-Bolts, etc.
320.20 Bolts, Steel
320.22 Bolts, Metal or Other Material (Not Steel)
320.24 Box Stitching Machines, Wire, and Parts
320.35 Cotter Pins, Clevis Pins, Dowel Pins, Spring Pins, Taper Pins, and Woodruff Keys and Snaps
320.36 Fasteners (Not Otherwise Classified)
320.37 Grommets (See 590-16 for Sewing Type)
320.40 Mono-Bolts, Power Locking
320.42 Nuts, Steel (Including Nutserts)
320.43 Nuts, Metal or Other Material (Not Steel)
320.50 Package Tying Machines and Parts
320.55 Powder Actuated (Explosive) Tools and Supplies
320.56 Recycled Fastening, Packaging, Strapping and Tying Equipment and Supplies
320.57 Retainers and Keepers
320.58 Rings, Retaining
320.60 Rivets, All Types (Except Brake Lining Rivets)
320.62 Rivet Guns
320.70 Screws, Cap
320.71 Screws: Coach, Drywall, Eye, Lag, Phillips, Set, Thumb, etc.
320.72 Screws, Machine
320.73 Screws, Sheet Metal
320.74 Screws, Wood
320.75 Strapping, Seals, Banding and Tools and Equipment
320.83 Threaded Rod and Studs
320.85 Ties: Bar, Form, etc.
320.91 Washers, Steel
320.92 Washers, Metal or Other Material (Not Steel)
325.04 Animal By-Products
325.05 Animal Food for Zoo and Farm Animals
325.08 Bedding (All Types)
325.10 Bird Food, All Types
325.12 Calcium Carbonate
325.14 Citrus Pulp, Dried
325.16 Cottonseed Products
325.20 Dehydrated Feed
325.24 Distiller's Dried Solubles
325.25 Dog and Cat Food
325.26 Fat, Feed Grade
325.27 Feeders, All Types (Birds, Pets, Squirrels, etc.)
325.28 Fish Food
325.32 Grain, Chopped or Whole, Unmixed
325.36 Guar Products
325.40 Hay and Straw
325.44 Marine Products
325.48 Milk Products
325.52 Mixed Feed, All Types (Includes Feed for Poultry, Deer, etc.)
325.56 Molasses, Stock Feed
325.60 Peanut Products
325.62 Phosphate, Defluorinated
325.64 Rations, Small Animal
325.66 Recycled Feed, Bedding, Vitamins and Supplements for Animals
325.67 Reptile Food
325.68 Rice Products
325.72 Shell, Ground
325.76 Soybean Products
325.78 Supplement, Liquid Feed
325.80 Urea, Feed Grade
325.84 Vitamins and Supplements
330.00 FENCING
330.10 Fencing, Concrete or Rock
330.13 Fencing, Chain Link (Including Fabric, Gates, Panels, Posts and Fittings)
330.20 Fencing, Electrified
330.32 Fencing, Wrought Iron (Including Components)
330.37 Fencing, Metal Slat and Tubular (Including Components)
330.38 Fencing, Plastic
330.40 Fencing, Ornamental
330.46 Fencing, Snow
330.49 Fencing, Split Rail
330.55 Fencing, Temporary (For Construction and Other Industrial or Safety Uses)
330.58 Fencing, Wire
330.59 Fencing, Wood (Including Components)
330.61 Windscreens and Accessories for Fencing
330.65 Wire, Barbed
330.69 Wire, Obstacle : Concertina (Including Razor Ribbon and Barbed Tape)
330.78 Wire, Plain
330.91 Wire, Woven
330.95 Recycled Fencing and Supplies
335.04 Additives and Supplements, Fertilizer
335.06 Ammonium Nitrate
335.09 Ammonium Phosphate
335.12 Ammonium Sulfate
335.18 Anhydrous Ammonia
335.24 Animal and Marine
335.30 Blended or Dry Mix, Commercial
335.33 Chemical Root Stimulators
335.36 Ferrous Sulfate and Chelates of Iron and Zinc
335.37 Fertilizer Combined with Fungicide and/or Insecticide
335.38 Fertilizer Spikes, Tree and Shrub
335.40 Fertilizers, Liquid, All Types (Except Anhydrous Ammonia)
335.41 Formulations and Components (Fertilizer) Not Otherwise Listed
335.42 Granulated or Pelletized, Commercial
335.45 Hydromulch
335.48 Limestone, Agricultural
335.54 Muriate of Potash (Potassium Chloride)
335.60 Organic Base (Including Manure and Guano)
335.66 Phosphate, Agricultural (Including Triple Superphosphate)
335.69 Recycled Fertilizer and Soil Conditioners
335.72 Soil Conditioners: Compost, Marine Humus, Sulfur, Synthetic Polymers, Mulch, etc
335.75 Soil Stabilizers and Penetrants, Liquid and Solid
335.78 Urea, Fertilizer Grade
335.85 Wetting Agents
340.04 Backfiring and Burning Equipment: Firing Torches, Flame Guns, etc.
340.06 Brackets, Clamps and Holders for Fire Fighting Equipment
340.07 Breathing Equipment for Firemen
340.08 Cabinets and Covers (For Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose and Racks, Valves, etc.)
340.10 Chemicals, Fire Retardant (Used to Make Various Materials Fire Retardant)
340.12 Couplings, Fire Hose
340.14 Ejectors, Smoke
340.15 Fire and Medical Alert Systems
340.16 Fire Alarm Systems, Power Sirens, and Controls
340.18 Fire Blankets
340.20 Fire Detecting Equipment
340.24 Fire Escapes and Fire Exit Devices
340.28 Fire Extinguishers, Rechargers, and Parts
340.29 Fire Extinguisher Systems, Complete, All Types (See Item 28 for Individual Extinguishers)
340.32 Fire Hose Carts, Dryers, Racks, Reels and Rollers, etc.
340.34 Fire Protection Clothing (Turnout Coats, Bunker Pants, Hoods, Gloves, etc.) (See 345-56 for Fire Helmets)
340.36 Fire Pump, Back Carrying Type
340.38 Fire-Stop Equipment, Materials, Accessories and Parts
340.40 Fire Suppression Hand Tools: Fire Axe, Fire Rack, Fire Swatter, etc.
340.41 Fire Suppression Foam and other Suppression Compounds
340.44 Firefinder, Forest
340.45 Fireman Training and Instructional Aids and Materials
340.48 Flail Trencher
340.49 Foam Dispensing Equipment, Compressed Air (For Fires)
340.50 Foam Generators, Truck or Trailer Mounted
340.52 Fusible Links (For Fire Doors)
340.54 Gas Detection/Monitoring Equipment (Firemen)
340.56 Hose, Fire, and Fittings, Coupled and Uncoupled (See 340-12 for Couplings)
340.60 Hydrants, Fire (Including Accessories and Parts)
340.62 Ladders, Fire
340.64 Nozzles, Fire Hose and Parts
340.67 Poles and Stanchions
340.70 Recycled Fire Protection Equipment and Supplies
340.72 Rescue Equipment, Supplies and Accessories Including Rescue Nets, Power Extractors (Jaws of Life), Rope and Life Harnesses, etc.
340.76 Smoke Bombs and Candles, Forestry
340.80 Smoke Detecting Equipment (Incl. Smoke Alarms)
340.84 Sprinkler Heads and Systems
340.86 Swivels and Swivel Joints
340.87 Training Equipment and Supplies, Fire and Safety
340.88 Valves, Fire Hose
340.92 Vise, Fire Extinguisher, Pneumatic Belt
340.94 Washing Equipment for Face Masks, etc.
345.04 Air Bags, Rescue Lifting Systems
345.05 Asbestos Abatement Equipment and Supplies
345.06 Chemical Light, Emergency
345.08 Clothing and Belts, Safety (Not Automotive)(See 345-79 for Reflective Type)
345.10 C.P.R. Equipment and Supplies (See 345-68 For Models)
345.16 Detectors and Parts, Dust and Gas
345.18 Emergency Showers and Wash Stations
345.21 Extraction Equipment for the Removal of Exhaust Gases and Other Vapors from Buildings (OSHA)
345.22 Fall Protection Equipment and Accessories (For the Climber's Protection from Falls (See 445-83 for Pole and Tree Climbing Equipment)
345.24 Fireproof Curtains
345.30 First Aid Blankets, Stretchers, etc.
345.32 First Aid Cabinets, Kits, and Refills
345.40 First Aid and Safety Teaching Equipment and Supplies: Charts, Manuals, Posters, Safety Placards, Safety Training Videos, etc.
345.48 Gloves, Safety: Electrician's, Lineman's, etc. (Including Sleeves)
345.56 Hats and Helmets, Safety (Incl. Fire Helmets)
345.64 Head, Ear, Eye and Face Protection
345.65 Labels, Warning
345.66 Lockout and Tagout Safety Kits and Supplies
345.68 Manikins and Models, First Aid and Safety Teaching
345.72 Masks, Filters, and Parts: Dust and Gas
345.73 Personal Distress Warning Devices
345.74 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), (Bloodborne Pathogen Protection), Not Listed Elsewhere
345.78 Recycled First Aid and Safety Equipment and Supplies
345.79 Reflective Safety Apparel and Accessories (See 345-08 for Non-Reflective Type)
345.80 Respiratory Protection Equipment and Parts (Including CPAP Equipment and Parts)
345.84 Resuscitators and Parts (Including Portable Rescue Units)
345.86 Scissors, First Aid and Paramedic
345.87 Shoe Chains (For Icy and Slippery Surfaces)
345.92 Vest, Safety
345.95 Wipes for Safety Equipment
350.10 Banners, Pennants, and Decorative Fans, Drapes, and Pull Downs
350.20 Flag Accessories: Belts, Brackets, Covers, Crosses, Eagles, Holders, Sockets, Spears, Staffs, Stands, and Tassels
350.30 Flag Poles, All Types
350.35 Flags, County
350.40 Flags, International and Special Occasion
350.45 Flags: Municipal, School, Departmental, Agency, etc.
350.60 Flags, Safety and Warning (any color)
350.70 Flags, State and U.S.: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, and Wool
350.72 Flags, State and U.S. (Presentation): Nylon, Rayon, and Taffeta
350.80 Recycled Flags, Banners, and Accessories
360.05 Adhesive, Cement and Mastic
360.07 Base, Resilient (Cove and Straight)
360.10 Carpets and Rugs: Cotton, Synthetic, Wool, etc.
360.11 Carpet and Rug Mills
360.14 Duckboards and Boardwalks
360.17 Felt and Paper
360.20 Floor Covering, Seamless (All Types)
360.21 Hardwood Flooring
360.22 Installation Supplies: Adhesive Edge Strip, Seam Tape, Tack Strips, etc.
360.25 Linoleum
360.28 Nonslip Floor Coverings: Mats, Rolls, Strips, etc.
360.30 Padding and Cushioning, Carpet
360.37 Recycled Floor Covering Products
360.40 Rugs, Cut and Bound Sizes: Cotton, Synthetic, Wool, etc.
360.50 Runners, Carpet and Fabric
360.52 Runners, Rubber and Synthetic
360.56 Sheet Vinyl, Cushioned
360.58 Sheet Vinyl, Non-Cushioned
360.65 Stair Treads, Metal
360.67 Stair Treads, Rubber
360.68 Stair Treads, Vinyl
360.69 Steel Flooring
360.70 Steel Mats, Flexible
360.75 Tile, Asphalt
360.76 Tile, Carpet
360.77 Tile, Composition Asbestos-Vinyl
360.78 Tile, Coping Double Slant
360.79 Tile, Cork
360.81 Tile, Parquet
360.83 Tile, Rubber
360.85 Tile, Vinyl
360.89 Tools and Equipment, Floor Installation
365.10 Brushes and Pads, Floor Machine Type
365.15 Carpet Cleaning Machines (Foam, Hot Water, Steam, etc.), Parts and Accessories
365.20 Edgers and Sanders, Floor Type, Parts and Accessories
365.25 Floor Covering Stripping Machines (For Removing Glued Down Floor Covering), Parts and Accessories
365.30 Polishing and Scrubbing Machines, Commercial Type, Parts and Accessories
365.50 Power Sweepers and Brooms, Warehouse Type (Not Road and Street), Parts and Accessories
365.56 Recycled Floor Maintenance Machines, Accessories and Supplies
365.60 Scrubbing Machines (With Vacuum Pickup), Parts and Accessories
365.70 Shampoo and Spray Buffing Machines, Parts and Accessories
365.80 Vacuum Cleaners, (Commercial, Wet or Dry), Parts, and Accessories
370.03 Blanchers, Fruit and Vegetable
370.04 Bottles: Wine, Juice, etc.
370.06 Closing and Labeling Machines
370.09 Cooker, Canning
370.12 Corn Machinery
370.14 Crushers, Food
370.15 Cutters and Shredders
370.16 Dehydrating Equipment, Food
370.17 Drying Equipment, Freeze
370.18 Elevators, Continuous Bucket Type
370.21 Filling Machine
370.22 Food Conveyer Dryer and Cooler
370.23 Grease, USDA Approved for Food Processing
370.24 Huller, Pea and Bean
370.26 Jars, Glass; and Lids
370.27 Juice Extractor
370.30 Juice Heating Equipment
370.33 Kettle, Heavy Duty
370.34 Milling Machines, Food
370.35 Oil, USDA Approved for Food Processing
370.36 Peelers, Slicers, and Dicers
370.39 Pulper
370.40 Pump, Stainless Steel (For Wine Must, Juice or Pulp)
370.41 Recycled Food Processing and Canning Equipment and Supplies
370.42 Scalder
370.45 Sealer, Canning
370.46 Seed Extractors
370.48 Sorters: Seed, Grain, Dried Vegetables, etc.
370.51 Spice Bucket
370.54 Table, Grading
370.57 Table, Peeling
370.60 Table, Picking
370.63 Table, Sorting
370.65 Thermometers, Industrial (Including Recording Thermometers)
370.66 Tin Cans and Lids, All Types
370.67 Tinning Equipment
370.69 Vacuum Pan
370.72 Vacuum Still
370.75 Washing Machine, Fruit and Vegetable
370.76 Washer, Can and Tins
375.15 Bread, Rolls, etc. (Including Brown and Serve Items)
375.30 Cakes, Cookies, and Pastries
375.45 Doughnuts, Fried Pies, Bagels, etc.
375.50 Pastry Shells
375.54 Pizzas
375.60 Taco Shells and Tortillas
380.10 Butter
380.15 Cottage Cheese
380.30 Cream, All Types (Including Sour Cream)
380.33 Desserts, Milk Based (Not Otherwise Classified)
380.35 Eggnog and Mix
380.45 Ice Cream
380.50 Ice Milk
380.60 Mellorine
380.75 Milk, All Types
380.80 Sherbet
380.85 Toppings, Whipped, Refrigerated
380.90 Yogurt
385.06 Bread
385.12 Cakes, Cookies, Dough, Pastries, etc.
385.14 Coffee
385.17 Dairy Products, Frozen (Not Otherwise Classified)
385.18 Desserts (Except Cake and Pastry)
385.30 Eggs
385.31 Eggs and Egg Mixes, Freeze Dried
385.41 Entrees, Freeze Dried : Meat, Poultry and Seafood
385.42 Entrees, Meat (Includes Beef and Pork)
385.44 Entrees, Poultry
385.46 Entrees, Seafood
385.47 Entrees, Specialty (Including Corn Dogs, Lasagne, Mexican Food, etc.)
385.48 Fruits
385.54 Juices
385.56 Pancakes and Waffles
385.57 Pizzas
385.58 Pretzels, Soft Frozen
385.64 Salad Mixes, Frozen
385.65 Sandwiches, Ready-Made
385.66 Seafood, Freeze Dried (Not Entrees)
385.67 Seafood, Frozen (Not Entrees)
385.84 Soups and Sauces, Frozen
385.95 Vegetables, Freeze Dried
385.96 Vegetables, Frozen
390.02 Aquatic Invertebrates (Octopus, Squid, Anemones, Sea Cucumbers)
390.05 Casings, Meat, All Types
390.07 Cheese
390.15 Dips, Food
390.21 Eggs, Fresh
390.28 Fruits, Fresh
390.33 Hors djoeuvres, meat trays, vegetable trays, dessert trays, etc. for meetings and parties
390.35 Ice
390.42 Ice, Dry
390.49 Meat: Cured, Fresh, and Frozen
390.56 Oleomargarine
390.63 Poultry, Dressed
390.68 Salad Mix, Fresh
390.69 Salted or Smoked Foods (Fruit, Meat, Seafood, Nuts, etc.)
390.70 Seafood, Fresh
390.72 Shellfish, Fresh
390.75 Shortening (Except Vegetable) and Lard
390.77 Tamales, Fresh
390.84 Vegetables, Fresh
390.91 Water, Drinking (Incl. Distilled, Mineral, Sparkling and Spring)
393.03 Breading
393.04 Bread Mixes, All Types
393.05 Cones, Ice Cream
393.06 Combination Meals, Shelf Staple
393.10 Chips, All Types
393.30 Beverages, Thirst Quenching, w/Electrolyte
393.31 Baby Foods, Canned
393.32 Baking Powder
393.33 Beverage Base (Not Fountain)
393.34 Candy, Confectionery and Marshmallows (Including After Dinner Mints or Savouries)
393.35 Cereals, Ready-to-Eat
393.36 Cereals, Uncooked
393.37 Cocoa and Chocolate
393.38 Coconut
393.39 Coffee Extender
393.40 Coffee, Instant (Regular and Decaffeinated)
393.41 Coffee, Whole Bean and Ground
393.42 Cornstarch, Cooking
393.43 Crackers and Cookies, Packaged
393.44 Cream Substitute and Other Non-Dairy Items
393.45 Curing Compounds, Meat
393.46 Desserts: Packaged, Canned, and Mixes (Includes Cake Mixes, Gelatins, Icings, Pie Fillings, etc.)
393.47 Diet Foods, All Types (Also See Class 271-28)
393.48 Dressings, Condiments, Sauces, and Gravies
393.49 Eggs and Meringue, Powdered
393.50 Extracts, Flavoring, and Food Coloring
393.51 Flour
393.52 Flour, Binder
393.53 Fruits, Vegetables, and Full Meal Entrees, Dehydrated
393.54 Fruits, Canned  (Incl. Fruit Sauces)
393.55 Fruits, Dried
393.56 Grocers' Miscellaneous Items: Cake Decorations, Candles, Canned Fuel, Food Preservatives, Matches, Meal Kits, Toothpicks, etc.
393.57 Honey
393.58 Ice Cream Mix, Emulsifiers, Stabilizers, and Toppings
393.59 Jams, Jellies, and Preserves
393.60 Juices, Fruit and Vegetable (Not Frozen)
393.61 Pasta (Including Macaroni, Noodles, and Spaghetti)
393.62 Meal, Corn
393.63 Meat and Meat Products, Canned (Incl. Meat Substitutes)
393.64 Milk, Evaporated and Condensed
393.65 Milk, Powdered
393.66 Mincemeat
393.67 Nuts, Edible (Incl. Sunflower Seeds)
393.68 Peanut Butter
393.69 Pickles, Relishes, and Olives (Including Pickled Foods)
393.70 Protein Food Supplement
393.71 Popcorn
393.72 Rice
393.73 Salt, Table
393.74 Seafood, Canned
393.75 Shortening and Oil, Vegetable (Cooking Oil) (To include Shortening Filter Powder)
393.76 Soda, Baking
393.77 Soft Drinks
393.78 Soup, Soup Base, and Entree Mixes, Canned and Dehydrated  (Incl. Bouillon)
393.79 Soy Products: Extender, Flour, Grits, Meatless Products, etc.
393.80 Spices, Seasonings, Starches (To Include Seasoned Salt and Pepper)
393.81 Sugar and Sweeteners
393.82 Syrups and Molasses (Except Fountain)
393.83 Syrups, Fountain
393.84 Tea (Not Instant)
393.85 Tea, Instant
393.86 Vegetables, Canned (Incl. Canned Salads)
393.87 Vegetables, Dried, Beans, Peas, etc.
393.88 Vinegar
393.89 Wheat Germ
393.90 Yeast
393.93 Sanitizer, Liquid (For elimination of Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi caused by contact with Food)
393.95 Recycled Grocer's Miscellaneous Products
393.97 Food Products, Scrap or Waste
395.15 Binders and Documentation Folders For Continuous Forms (Incl. Self-Mailers)
395.25 Continuous Form Labels, Pressure Sensitive, Custom
395.27 Continuous Form Labels, Pressure Sensitive, Stock
395.29 Continuous Forms, Carbon Interleaved
395.30 Continuous Forms, Custom
395.40 Continuous Forms, Carbonless Paper (Chemical Transfer)
395.50 Continuous Forms (Computer Paper), Stock (Including Blank, Ruled, and Tinted Types -See Class 525 for Library Stock Continuous Forms)
395.51 Recycled Computer Paper, Continuous Forms, Form Labels, Snap-Out Forms, Binders, Folders, etc.
395.70 Snap-Out Forms, Carbon Interleaved
395.80 Snap-Out Forms, Carbonless Paper (Chemical Transfer)
395.81 Snap-Out Forms, Tab Card Set
400.15 Castings, Aluminum
400.23 Castings, Beryllium
400.25 Castings, Brass and Bronze
400.28 Castings, Copper
400.33 Castings, Ductile Iron
400.34 Castings, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloy
400.35 Castings, Gray Iron
400.37 Castings, Lead
400.44 Castings, Magnesium
400.45 Castings, Malleable Iron
400.46 Castings, Mold (Permanent, Shell, Investment, Centrifugal, Ceramic, Graphite, Plaster, V-Process)
400.47 Castings, Steel
400.48 Castings, Stainless Steel
400.49 Castings, Stone and Mortar, etc.
400.50 Castings, Tin
400.51 Castings, Titanium
400.52 Castings, Precious Metal
400.53 Castings, Zinc
400.55 Foundry Equipment and Supplies: Anvils, Bellows, Clays, Flasks, Fluxes, Ladles, Molds, Sand, Shovels, etc.
400.60 Forgings
400.75 Ovens, Annealing
400.80 Recycled Foundry Castings and Supplies
405.02 Alternative Fuels (Not Otherwise Classified)
405.03 Butane and Propane (Including Liquified Petroleum Gas)
405.05 Charcoal
405.06 Coal, Coke, Lignite and Peat
405.07 Fuel Additives, Extenders, Octane Enhancers, etc.
405.08 Distillates, Petroleum (Not Otherwise Classified)
405.09 Fuel Oil, Diesel (Use 405-02 for Biodiesel)
405.12 Fuel Oil, Heating (Use 405-02 for Biodiesel)
405.13 Gas, Natural (Incl. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG))
405.14 Gasohol
405.15 Gasoline, Automotive
405.18 Gasoline, Aviation (Including Jet Fuel)
405.21 Gasoline, Marine White
405.23 Graphite Lubricant
405.24 Grease, Lubrication Type
405.27 Grease, Protective Coating Type
405.30 Kerosene
405.31 Lubricants, Industrial Type  (Incl. Biodegradable Type)
405.32 Methanol (Fuel)
405.33 Naphtha
405.36 Oil, Automotive Transmission
405.37 Oil, Crude
405.38 Oil and Grease Additives
405.39 Oil, Automotive Engine
405.42 Oil, Aviation Engine
405.45 Oil, Chain Saw
405.47 Oil, Compressor
405.48 Oil, Cutting
405.49 Oil, Gear
405.50 Oil, Heat Transfer Fluid, Fire-Resistant
405.51 Oil and Fluid, Hydraulic
405.52 Oil, Instrument
405.54 Oil, Lubricating: Household, General Purpose, etc.
405.57 Oil, Lubricating: Differential and Gear Lubricant
405.60 Oil, Marine Engine
405.63 Oil, Outboard Motor
405.66 Oil, Penetrating, Special Use (May Contain Graphite)
405.69 Oil, Pump, Vacuum
405.72 Oil, Refrigeration
405.73 Oils and Lubricants for Special/Severe Service
405.74 Oil, Steam Cylinder
405.75 Oil, Transformer
405.81 Oil, Turbine
405.82 Oil, Two-Cycle Engine
405.84 Oil, Wax (Paraffin)
405.85 Power Steering Fluid
405.86 Propellent Fuels and Oxidizers, Chemical and Petroleum Based
405.87 Recycled Petroleum Products
405.90 Synthetic Petroleum Products
405.95 Petroleum Products, Scrap or Waste
410.03 Beds and Mattresses, Hospital Specialized: Air Beds, Intensive Care, Orthopedic, Waterbeds, etc.
410.06 Cabinets, Instrument and Treatment
410.09 Cabinets, Narcotics
410.12 Carts: Dressing, Laboratory, Medication, Patient Tray, Resuscitation and Utility
410.15 Chairs and Modules, Blood Collecting
410.18 Chart Cabinets, Carts, and Holders
410.24 Cubicle Curtains and Privacy Screens
410.30 Examining Room Suites (Not Optical or Auditory)
410.33 Furniture, Health Care (Custom Made)
410.34 Furniture, Hospital (Not Specialized)
410.36 Incubators, Infant
410.42 Mortuary Furniture: Autopsy Tables, Cadaver Tables, Refrigerators, etc.
410.48 Nurses' Desks and Accessories
410.54 Nursery Equipment and Furniture, Infant (See 420-13 for Household Types)
410.60 Operating and Examination Room Furniture: Instrument Tables and Stands, IV Stands, Stools, Work Tables, etc.
410.66 Recovery and Treatment Room Furniture: Reclining Chairs, etc.
410.68 Recycled Health Care and Hospital Furniture
410.72 Tables, Examination; and Accessories
410.78 Tables, Operating; and Accessories
410.84 Tables, Treatment; and Accessories
415.13 Cabinets, Storage, Floor and Wall
415.26 Cases: Laboratory, Museum, Specimen Storage, etc.
415.39 Casework, Metal
415.40 Casework, Wood
415.52 Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow Hoods, Biological Cabinets and Isolators, etc.
415.55 Furniture, Laboratory (Custom Made)
415.57 Recycled Laboratory Furniture (All Types)
415.58 Refrigerators and Cooling Equipment, Laboratory, Specialized: Explosion-Proof, Ultra-Low Temperature, etc.
415.65 Service Fixtures: Cocks, Connectors, Sink Traps, Valves, etc.
415.78 Sinks, Laboratory Type
415.85 Stools, Laboratory
415.91 Tables, Laboratory Type
420.03 Arts and Crafts Furniture (Tables, etc.)
420.04 Auditorium, Stadium, Team Seating Furniture and Portable Bleachers
420.08 Cafeteria Furniture, Chairs and Tables (Incl. Stacking Types)
420.09 Cafeteria Furniture, Booths
420.11 Casework and Cabinets, Custom, All Types
420.12 Chapel Furnishings: Pews, Pulpits, etc.
420.13 Children's Furniture (Incl. Stackable Types) (See 41054 for Hospital Types)
420.14 Counters, Sales and Store
420.15 Courtroom Furniture: Chairs, Tables, etc.
420.16 Dormitory Furniture, Metal: Wardrobes, Beds, Bunkbeds, Desks, etc.
420.18 Dormitory Furniture, Plastic: Wardrobes, Beds, Bunkbeds, Desks, etc.
420.20 Dormitory Furniture, Wood: Wardrobes, Beds, Bunkbeds, Desks, etc.
420.24 Folding Chairs, Tables, and Chair Trucks, Metal
420.28 Folding Chairs and Tables, Wood
420.30 Furniture, General (Custom Made)
420.34 Furnishings (Not Otherwise Classified)
420.40 Household Furniture, General Line
420.44 Institutional Furniture, All Types
420.48 Library Shelving, Metal
420.52 Library Shelving, Wood
420.56 Library Furniture: Book Trucks, Card Cabinets, Carrels, Chairs, Curb-Side Book Returns, Dictionary Stands, Step Stools, Tables, etc.
420.59 Lounge Furniture, Upholstered
420.60 Lounge Furniture, Steel, Indoor
420.61 Lounge Furniture, Steel, Outdoor
420.62 Lounge Furniture, Indoor: Fiberglass, Plastic, etc. (Incl. Stacking Types)
420.63 Lounge Furniture, Outdoor: Fiberglass, Plastic, Aluminum, etc. (Incl. Stacking Types)
420.64 Lounge Furniture, Indoor, Wood
420.65 Lounge Furniture, Outdoor, Wood (Including Outdoor Household Swings)
420.66 Mailroom Furniture: Bins, Boxes, Carts, Consoles (Including Wrapping Consoles), Mail Systems, Sorters, Tables, etc.
420.68 Mattresses and Bedsprings (Incl. Fillers) (See Class 410 for Hospital Type)
420.72 Mirrors, Glass (Not Auto, Barber, Safety, Security, or Telescope) (Including Parts and Accessories)
420.73 Mirrors, Safety and Security, Non-Glass, Flat Type (For Prison or High Risk Areas) (Including Parts and Accessories)
420.74 Mirrors, Safety and Security (For Blind Corners in Hallways, etc.): Parabolic, Convex, Hemispherical, etc. (Including Parts and Accessories)
420.81 Recycled Furniture for Cafeteria, Chapel, Dormitory, Household, Library, Lounge and School (All Types)
420.84 Schoolroom Furniture, Metal: Cabinets, Chairs, Desks, etc.
420.86 Schoolroom Furniture; Plastic, Polypropylene, Fiberglass Type: Cabinets, Chairs, Desks, etc. (Incl. Stacking Types)
420.88 Schoolroom Furniture, Wood: Cabinets, Chairs, Desks, etc.
420.92 Showcase, Trophy Cases and Exhibit Cases
420.93 Stools, Household
420.94 Toddler and Child Size Furniture
420.96 Work Benches, Shop Desks and Tables
425.03 Bookcases and Bookshelves, Metal and Wood
425.06 Chairs, Metal
425.07 Chairs, Wood
425.10 Costumers and Racks: Clothes, Coat, Hat, etc.
425.11 Counter, Work
425.13 Credenza Unit, Metal
425.14 Credenza Unit, Wood
425.17 Data Processing Furniture, Metal and Plastic (For Storage Cabinets See Item 87)
425.18 Data Processing Office Furniture, Wood (Not Storage Cabinets -See Item 87)
425.20 Desks and Tables, Metal
425.21 Desks and Tables, Wood
425.30 Drafting Chairs and Stools, Metal and Wood
425.33 Drafting Plan and Map Files, Metal
425.34 Drafting Plan and Map Files, Wood
425.37 Drafting Tables, Metal and Wood
425.40 Filing Cabinets, Metal: Card, Jumbo, Lateral, Legal, and Letter
425.41 Filing Cabinets, Wood: Card, Lateral, Legal, and Letter
425.42 Filing Systems, Mobile, High Density (Electrical and Mechanical)
425.44 Fire Files
425.47 Floors, Raised Access Type (For Data Processing Equipment)
425.48 Furniture, Office (Custom Made)
425.49 Hutches for Desks, Credenzas, etc.
425.50 Key Storage Cabinets and Files
425.53 Lockers, Storage (For Coats, Hats and Baggage)
425.54 Modular Panel Systems, (With Metal Connecting Mechanism)
425.55 Modular Panel Systems, (With Synthetic Connecting Mechanism)
425.56 Partitions, Free Standing, All Types, Stock Sizes
425.58 Plastic, Polypropylene, Fiberglass Office Furniture: Chairs, Desks, Tables, etc.
425.59 Posting Stands and Trays
425.60 Posture Chairs (Ergonomic)
425.62 Racks, Metal, Stationary and Mobile
425.64 Recycled Office Furniture (Bookshelves, Chairs, Credenzas, Computer Furniture, Desks, Tables, Hutches, Workstations)
425.65 Recycled Office Furniture (File Cabinets, Storage Cabinets and Lockers, Partitions, Modular Furniture, Racks, Shelving)
425.68 Rotary Filing Systems
425.71 Safe Files
425.74 Safes, Vaults, and Night Depository Boxes (Incl. Parts and Accessories)
425.77 Safety Step Stepladders (For Office Use)
425.80 Shelving, Metal (Not Library or Shop)
425.81 Shelving, Mobile, Track Type
425.82 Shims, Leveling (For Furniture)
425.83 Stands, Office Equipment and Machines
425.87 Storage Cabinets, Data Processing
425.89 Storage Cabinets, Metal
425.92 Visual Filing Systems
425.94 Work Stations, Modular, Systems Furniture
430.12 Containers (For Liquefied Gases), Large Dewars (For Laboratory Sizes See Class 175)
430.20 Filters, Natural and LPG Gas
430.24 Gas Cylinder Carts, Clamps, and Stands, Hospital and Laboratory Type
430.27 Gas Cylinders, Empty, Commercial Sizes
430.30 Gases, Radioactive Counting: Methane, PR-Gas, Q-Gas, etc.
430.32 Gas Distribution Equipment, Components and Fittings
430.33 Gas Mixtures, Special Purpose
430.36 Gas Regulators, Gauges, Fittings, and Parts
430.42 Laboratory Gases: Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, etc.
430.48 Medical Gases (For Anesthesia and Respiration Therapy): Carbon Dioxide, Cyclopropane, Nitrous Oxide, (Pure) Oxygen, etc.
430.51 Noble (Inert) Gases: Argon, Helium, Krypton, Neon, Radon, Xenon
430.62 Pure (Elemental) Gases (Not Otherwise Classified)
430.63 Purifiers (For Gases): Soda Lime, etc.
430.72 Rare or Highly Purified Gases (For Research Uses, etc.)
430.75 Recycled Gases and Containers
430.84 Sterilizing Gases: Ethylene Oxide, etc.
430.92 Welding and Industrial Gases: Acetylene, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, etc.
435.04 Antimicrobial Solutions, Topical: Surgical Prep, etc.
435.08 Benzalkonium Chloride, USP (Aqueous Solution)
435.16 Detergent, Surgical Scrub, All Types
435.24 Detergent-Disinfectant, Phenolic Type, Liquid
435.40 Detergent-Disinfectant, Iodophor Type
435.56 Detergent-Disinfectant, Quaternary Ammonium Type
435.59 Disinfestation Equipment and Supplies (for Ambulances, Hospital Rooms, etc.)
435.64 Instrument Sterilizing Solution, Hospital
435.66 Recycled Detergents, Disinfectants and Cleaners for Health Care Personnel
435.68 Skin Cleansers: Emollient, Nonalkaline, etc.
435.70 Skin Cleaners, Antimicrobial: Emollient, Nonalkaline, etc. (See Class 485 for Janitorial Hand and Skin Cleaners)
435.72 Soap, Surgical Scrub (See 485-85 for Janitorial Type Scrubbing Soap)
435.90 Whirlpool Additives, Antimicrobial
440.03 Beveled Glass
440.04 Blocks, Glass
440.05 Bullet Resistant Glass
440.07 Desk Felts and Pads
440.10 Crystal Glass
440.12 Factrolite Glass
440.14 Florentine Glass
440.21 Glass Cutting Machines
440.28 Glass Cutting Tables
440.29 Glass Handling Tools and Equipment
440.30 Glass Tinting Film and Supplies (Including Glazing Compounds)
440.32 Glass and Glass Products, Scrap or Waste
440.35 Glaziers' Clips and Points
440.40 Hammered or Bubble Glass
440.42 Heat-Tempered Safety Glass, Fully Tempered
440.49 Heat-Tempered Glass, Partially Tempered
440.50 Mirror Glass
440.51 Obscure Glass (Not Florentine)
440.52 Lead Glass
440.56 Annealed Glass
440.58 Plexiglass Glass
440.60 Pyrex Glass
440.62 Recycled Glass Products
440.63 Safety Glass, Laminated
440.70 Stripping (For Desk Top Glass)
440.73 Thermo Glass (Insulated)
440.75 Tile, Field Glass (Incl. Borders and Medallions)
440.77 Window Glass
440.84 Wire Glass
445.02 Air Pumps for Sporting Goods, Toys, etc. (See 075-83 for Tire Pumps)
445.03 Axes, Adzes, Bush Hooks, Hatchets, Mattocks, Picks, etc.
445.05 Balancers, Tool (Industrial)
445.06 Bits, Dies, Drivers, Reamers, Taps, etc. (For Hand Tools, Powered and Non-Powered)
445.08 Blades, Hand Saw (Non-Powered)
445.09 Blades: Handsaw, (Powered) Circular, and Reciprocating (For Powered and Non-Powered Portable Saws)
445.10 Bricklaying Tools
445.12 Caulking Guns, Putty Knives, Scrapers, etc.
445.13 Carpet Laying Tools (Including Knee Pads)
445.15 Chisels, Drawknives, Planes, etc.
445.18 Clamps: Bar, "C", Carriage, Hand, Spring, etc.; and Clamp Fixtures
445.19 Concrete Tools and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
445.20 Copper and Tinsmith Tools and Equipment
445.21 Cutters and Knives: Bolt, Burrs, Glass, Nippers, Pinchers, etc.
445.26 Drills, Hand, Non-Powered: Braces, etc.
445.27 Drills, Hand, Portable, (Powered), Automatic
445.29 Extractors, Pullers, and Inserters
445.30 Fastening Tools: Nailing Machines, Staplers, Tackers, etc.
445.32 Files and Rasps
445.33 Fireplace Components: Flues, Grates, Tools, Stokers, etc.
445.35 Gauges: Feeler, Sheet Metal, Spark Plugs, Wire Size, etc.
445.37 Guns, Heat
445.38 Hammers, Mallets, Crow Bars, Pinch Bars, Pry Bars, Ripping Bars, Sledges, Wrecking Bars, All Types
445.39 Hand Tools (Not Otherwise Classified)
445.40 Handles, Tool, All Kinds (See 285-30 for Dielectric Handles)
445.41 Hazardous Material Equipment, Tools and Supplies
445.42 Knives, Utility and Pen (All Types) and Accessories
445.43 Hoes, Leaf Loaders, Rakes, Council Tools, Weed Cutters, etc.
445.44 Hooks
445.45 Leather and Canvas Aprons and Tool Pouches, Carpenter's and Electrician's
445.46 Levels, Chalk Lines, Chalk Line Refills, etc.
445.47 Mitre Boxes
445.48 Mirrors, Inspection Type
445.49 Punches, Etchers, Marking Tools, Nail Sets, Scratch Awls, etc.
445.50 Presses, Hand Type
445.51 Pick-up Tools, Magnetic
445.52 Pliers, All Kinds (Except Stock Tagging)
445.55 Posthole Diggers, Earth Augers, etc. (Including Utility Probes for Testing Digging Sites)
445.56 Re-Toothing Machines, Hand Saw
445.57 Rules, Squares, and Tapes (Carpenter, etc.)
445.58 Saws (Non-Powered): Hack, Keyhole, Pruning, Pole, etc.
445.59 Saws, Hand, Portable (Powered)
445.61 Scoops, Shovels, Spades, Spading Forks, etc. (Including Entrenching Tools)
445.62 Scrapers, Chipping and Sealing
445.63 Scrapers, Ice and Snow (See Class 765 For Motorized Type)
445.64 Screwdrivers, All Kinds
445.66 Shaft Machines, Flexible (Powered)
445.70 Snips: Metal, Tin, etc.
445.73 Soldering Coppers, Guns, Irons, etc.
445.75 Stud Finder Tool
445.76 Steel Figures and Letters, Stamping
445.77 Thread Cutters (See 670-15 for Pipe Threader)
445.78 Tool Lathe (Quick-Change Type)
445.79 Tool Boxes, Cabinets, and Chests (For Truck Tool Compartment Boxes See Class 065)
445.80 Tools, Machinist
445.81 Tool Holders (Collets, etc.)(See 445-45 for Tool Pouches)
445.82 Tool Sets, All Kinds
445.83 Tree and Pole Climbing Equipment
445.85 Trowels and Floats, All Kinds
445.87 Upholstery Tools
445.88 Vises, All Kinds
445.90 Winches, (Not Otherwise Classified)
445.91 Wrenches, All Kinds (Including Sockets)
445.95 Recycled Hand Tools
450.01 Adhesives and Sealants (Not Otherwise Classified)
450.02 Adhesives: Rubber and Silicone
450.03 Adhesives: Glue and Glue Guns, Gum, Paste, etc.
450.04 Baling Wire and Ties
450.05 Barrel or Drum Stands
450.06 Batteries, Dry Cell (Except Communications Radio and Electronic)
450.07 Battery Chargers
450.08 Bins, Cabinets, and Shelves, Metal (Not Office Type)
450.09 Bins, Cabinets, and Shelves, Wood (Not Office Type)
450.10 Bins, Cabinets, and Shelves, Other than Metal or Wood (Not Office Type)
450.11 Blocks: Snatch, Tackle, etc.
450.13 Blow Torches, Furnaces, Ladles, Melting Pots, etc.
450.14 Cabinets, Safety (For Flammable Liquids, etc.)
450.15 Camping and Outdoor Equipment: Camp Stoves, Cots, Lanterns (See 450-32 for Battery Types), Mantles, Sleeping Bags, Stools, Tarpaulins and Tents
450.16 Casters, All Types
450.17 Cans, Safety: Gasoline, Kerosene, Oil, etc.
450.18 Cans, Buckets, and Lids, General Purpose (Including Paint Cans and Buckets)
450.19 Chain Hooks, Links, Cold Shuts, Shackles, Slips, etc.
450.20 Cans, Food and Beverage Packaging
450.21 Chain, All Types: Coil, Link, Machine, Sash, Tow, Weldless, etc.
450.22 Cloth, Hardware
450.23 Coasters and Cups, Furniture
450.24 Cords and Ropes Including Accessories: Cotton, Manila, Nylon, Sisal, etc.
450.26 Door Closers, Escutcheons, Eyes, Hangers, Holders, Overhead and Sliding Door Hardware, Panic Hardware, Thresholds, etc.
450.28 Drawer Glides, Rollers, Tracks, etc.
450.30 Electric Fence Controllers and Accessories
450.31 Flashlights and Spotlights, Security Type
450.32 Flashlights and Lanterns (See 450-15 for Fuel Types), Battery Type
450.33 Funnels and Spouts, All Types (Except Glass)
450.34 Garbage Cans, Containers and Racks
450.35 Glides, Furniture
450.36 Hasps, Hinges, Hooks, Knobs, Latches, Pulls, Shelf Brackets, Swivels, etc.
450.37 Hardware Accessories: Mounts, Patches, Plates, Seats, Shoes, Stays, etc.
450.38 Heaters, Salamander Type
450.39 Holders, Broom and Mop
450.40 Horseshoes, Horseshoe Nails, Farrier Tools, and Blacksmith Tools
450.41 Hardware and Related Items (Not Otherwise Classified)
450.42 House and Building Numbers and Letters, All Kinds
450.44 Ice Chests, Portable, Thermos Bottles, etc.
450.46 Incinerators, Industrial
450.47 Knives, Pocket
450.48 Ladders, Fiberglass, All Types (See Class 340 for Fire Ladders)
450.49 Ladders, Metal, All Types (See Class 340 for Fire Ladders)
450.51 Ladders, Wood, All Types (See Class 340 for Fire Ladders)
450.52 Ladders, Extension, (See Class 340 for Fire Ladders)
450.53 Loadbinders and Tie Downs
450.54 Levelers and Jacks for Ladders
450.55 Locks, Key Blanks, and Locksmith Tools  (Including Time Locks)
450.56 Machine Finishing Compounds, Layout Fluids, etc. (For Metals)
450.57 Mailboxes and Supports
450.58 Nails, Brads, Concrete Nails, Masonry Nails, Spikes, Staples, Tacks, etc. (See 559-79 for Railroad Track Spikes)
450.59 Measuring Devices for Cable, Hose, Rope, etc.
450.60 Oilers, Hand
450.61 Pails, Buckets, Tubs, etc. (See 450-34 and 450-87 for Other Types)
450.62 Pads, Equipment Foundation, All Types (Including Recycled Type)
450.63 Pulleys and Sheaves
450.64 Recycled Hardware and Rubber Products
450.65 Refuse Carts, Chutes, Containers, and Holders (Commercial)
450.66 Rope Slings, Halyards and Lanyards (See 765-93 for Wire Rope)
450.67 Rubbish Burners
450.68 Rubber (Not Recapping or Tire)(Including Structural Rubber Shapes)
450.69 Rubber, Scrap or Waste
450.70 Sash and Window Hardware (For Casement Type See Class 150)
450.72 Scaffolding, Sectional (Including Work Platforms)
450.73 Security Seals
450.74 Shaft Couplings, Flexible and Rigid
450.75 Shutters (Inside and Outside Types)
450.76 Solder and Babbitt Metals
450.77 Tarpaulins and Tents, Commercial Weight (For Recreational Type See 450-15)
450.78 Traps and Snares, Animal
450.79 Steps, Portable
450.80 Trench Braces and Column Clamps
450.83 Trunnions
450.86 Water Repellents
450.87 Water Bags, Cans, Jugs, and Kegs
450.88 Wire and Accessories, Clothesline
450.89 Wheelbarrows
450.90 Wire Cloth, Screen (All Metals)
450.91 Wire, General Purpose Tying and Wrapping, Including Accessories and Parts
450.92 Wire and Cable, Mechanical
450.93 Wire Stretchers
460.04 Accessories, Hose (Hangers, Reels, etc.)
460.05 Acid/Chemical Hose and Fittings
460.10 Air Hose and Fittings
460.20 Fuel Hose: Diesel, Gasoline, etc. (Including Fittings)
460.30 Garden (Water) Hose, Plastic and Rubber (Including Soaker Hoses)
460.35 Garden Hose Accessories: Bands, Couplings, Nozzles, Splicers, etc.
460.36 Hose, General Purpose
460.38 Gaskets, Hose and Coupling
460.39 Hose Fitting Machine
460.40 Hot Water Hose
460.45 Hydraulic Hose and Fittings (See 285-30 for Dielectric Hose and Fittings)
460.48 Menders, Hose
460.50 Linen Hose
460.60 Metallic Hose and Fittings
460.65 Mud Jack Hose
460.70 Recycled Hose and Accessories
460.75 Sand Blasting Hose and Fittings
460.77 Sewage and Sludge Pump Hose
460.78 Silicone Hose
460.80 Steam Hose and Fittings
460.85 Suction and Discharge Hose and Fittings
460.90 Water Hose and Fittings, High Pressure
460.91 Wire Reinforced Hose
465.01 Analyzer Equipment, Medical (Not Otherwise Classified)
465.02 Anesthesia and Respiration Equipment, Hospital: Controls, Gauges, Outlets, Tents, Valves, Ventilators, etc.
465.03 Angiocardiography, Angiography and Angioplasty Equipment and Supplies
465.04 Biofeedback Equipment and Supplies
465.05 Blood Cell Counters, Processors, Separators, and Accessories: IV Sets, etc.
465.07 Blood Chemistry Equipment (For Clotting Time, Blood Glucose, etc.)
465.09 Blood Oxygenators and Heat Exchangers
465.11 Blood Pressure and Blood Flow Detection Equipment: Dopplers, Sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes, etc.
465.12 Cancer Equipment and Supplies (Incl. Chemotherapy and Radiation Equipment)
465.13 Cardiac Pacemakers, Heart Valves, Stents, etc.
465.14 Cardiovascular Instrumentation: Defibrillators, Heart Pumps, Monitoring Equipment, etc.
465.16 Clinical Forensic and Postmortem Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
465.17 Clinical Chemical Analysis Systems, Automatic: Colorimetric, Ion Electrode, Titrating, etc.
465.18 Clinical Chemical Analysis Accessories: Clinical Centrifuges and Rotators, Fraction Collectors, Multiple Sample Dispensers, Spotters, etc.
465.19 Cryosurgical Equipment
465.22 Diagnostic Equipment, Computerized: Plethysmographs, Spirometers, etc.
465.23 Diagnostic Equipment, Minor: Headlights, Penlights, Percussion Hammers, Specula, Tourniquets (Blood Pressure), Tuning Forks, etc.
465.24 Diagnostic/Surgical Equipment (Optical and Fiber Optics): Arthroscopes, Bronchoscopes, Colonoscopes, Endoscopes, Proctoscopes, etc.
465.25 Diagnostic Equipment, Electronic (Not Otherwise Itemized)
465.27 Diathermy and Ultrasonic Equipment (For Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services)
465.29 Electrical Safety Analyzers (For Current Leakage Detection)
465.30 Electrocardiographs (EKG) and Supplies
465.32 Electroencephalographs (EEG) and Supplies
465.34 Electrosurgical and Laser Surgery Instruments and Accessories
465.37 Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Equipment (Hand Held): Laryngoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Otoscopes, Retinoscopes, etc.
465.38 Fertility, Sterility, and Impotence Equipment and Supplies
465.40 Freezers and Refrigerators (Blood Bank Type)
465.44 Hemodialysis Equipment and Accessories
465.48 Hospital and Surgical Equipment and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
465.50 Housekeeping Equipment and Supplies, Specialized (For Hospitals) Incl. Chemicals
465.53 Hypothermia Systems Equipment and Supplies
465.54 Injection Guns (Jet Injectors) and Parts
465.55 Intravenous and Arterial Infusion Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
465.56 Lavage Systems and Accessories for Treatment of Wounds
465.57 Lithotripters (For Breaking Kidney and Other Stones)
465.58 Lamps, Examining and Surgical (For Headlights See Item 23)
465.60 Monitoring Systems, All Types (Hospital and Patient)
465.61 Mortuary and Morgue Equipment and Supplies: Embalming Fluid, Embalming Pumps, Injectors, etc. (See 410-42 for Furniture; 475-73 for Cadaver Bags and Shrouds; 495-82 for Scales)
465.63 Nursery Supplies: Infant Measuring Devices, etc. (For Incubators See Class 410)
465.64 Operating Room Equipment (Not Furniture)
465.65 Obstetrical and Gynecological Equipment and Supplies
465.66 Organ Preservation Equipment: Perfusion Chambers, etc.
465.67 Orthopedic Equipment: Bone Plates, Bone Saws, Cast Cutters, Drills, Nails, Pins, Prosthetic Bones and Joints, Screws, etc.
465.70 Pads and Pumping Systems, Alternating Pressure Point
465.72 Pads and Systems, Fluid Circulating (Cooling and Warming)
465.73 Pads, Heating, Standard Type
465.74 Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery Equipment and Supplies
465.75 Pharmacy Equipment and Accessories
465.76 Physical Therapy Equipment and Supplies
465.77 Pulmonary Equipment and Supplies
465.78 Pumps, Hospital: Breast, Enteral and IV Feeding, Infusion, Pressure, Suction (Aspirators), and Vacuum
465.79 Psychologist and Psychistrist Equipment and Supplies
465.81 Recycled Hospital and Surgical Equipment
465.82 Rehabilitation Equipment and Supplies (For Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, etc.)
465.83 Repair Kits, Hospital and Medical Equipment
465.84 Shield, Protective, Surgical
465.85 Shock Treatment Units and Accessories
465.88 Splints and Tourniquets
465.90 Sterilizing Equipment, Hospital and Research: Autoclaves and Sterilizers (Chemical, Dry Heat, Gas, Steam, etc.)
465.91 Stress Relief and Test Equipment
465.92 Surgical Instruments, Floor Grade
465.93 Surgical Instruments, Operating Room Grade
465.94 Medical Valves
465.95 Vaporizers, Humidifiers, and Nebulizers (Including Room Size)
465.97 Warming Cabinets (For Blood, IV Solutions, etc.)
470.06 Alarm and Warning Devices for the Disabled in Hospitals or Nursing Homes
470.10 Ambulance Cots and Stretchers (Incl. Shifting Boards)
470.13 Anatomical Braces and Supports: Arm Slings, Back Supports, Torso Supports, Neck Braces, Trusses, etc.
470.17 Canes, Crutches, Gait Trainers, Walkers, etc.
470.20 Commode Chairs and Shower Chairs
470.25 Communications Systems (For the Speech Impaired), Display Scanning Type
470.35 Environmental Remote Control Systems
470.40 Fracture Frames, Traction Apparatus, Trapeze Bars, etc.
470.45 Furniture, Special: Chairs, Stands, Stools, etc. (For Beds See Class 410)
470.50 Lifting Devices, Patient
470.54 Orientation or Navigational Aids for the Disabled
470.55 Page Turners
470.56 Personal Care Devices for the Handicapped (Not Otherwise Listed)
470.58 Recycled Mobility, Speech Impaired and Restraint Items
470.60 Restraint and Protection Items: Crib Nets, Foam Helmets, Jackets, Mittens, Wristlets, etc.
470.62 Robots for Assisting Disabled Persons
470.64 Specialized Cooking and Housekeeping Aids for the Handicapped
470.65 Specialized Mobility Items: Gridlock or other Devices for Wheelchair Mobility in Sand, Tricycles, etc. (For Wheelchairs See 470-80)
470.67 Speech Synthesizers
470.78 Training and Recreational Aids for the Handicapped
470.79 Vision Impaired Mobility Devices and Equipment
470.80 Wheelchairs (Including Mobile Treatment Chairs)
470.81 Wheelchair Lifting Devices and Accessories (Other than Vehicle Type)
470.90 Wheeled Stretchers
475.05 Apnea Equipment and Supplies, Sleep
475.06 Atomizers and Nebulizers, Pocket Size
475.08 Bags, Physician and Nurse
475.09 Bandages (All Types), Adhesive Tapes, Dressings, Plaster of Paris, and Surgical Gauze (Including Casts)
475.10 Bath Systems Complete, Patient
475.11 Blades and Handles, Surgeons'
475.12 Body Parts for Transplanting, Artificial and Human
475.14 Brush-Sponges, Scrub Brushes, and Dispensers
475.15 Brushes, Specialized, Instrument Cleaning: Tracheal Tube, etc.
475.16 Catheters, IV: Around Needle, Inside Needle, and Winged Vein Sets
475.17 Catheters and Urinary Drainage Systems, Plastic and Rubber
475.18 Catheters, Specialized (And Guide Wires)
475.19 Cement and Tape Remover, Surgical
475.20 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies (For Infectious Body Fluid)
475.21 Care Supplies, Patient (Not Otherwise Classified)
475.22 Clips, Wound (Not for Use in Automatic Suturing Instruments)
475.24 Collection Systems, Suction, Disposable
475.26 Crushers and Cutters, Tablet
475.27 Cotton and/or Rayon, Surgical (Dry or Impregnated With Germicide): Applicators, Balls, Padding, Swabs, etc.
475.28 Debridement Products and Supplies
475.29 Diabetes Test Kits (Including Syringes)
475.30 Decubitus Pads: Sheepskin Shearlings, Synthetics, etc.
475.31 Dispensers, Hospital (Not Otherwise Classified)
475.32 Disposals, Sanitary Napkin
475.33 Dermatome Blades, Cement, and Tape
475.34 Disposal Systems, Nonreusable (For Blades, Hospital Waste Containers, Needles, Syringes, etc.)
475.35 Electrodes, Grounding Pads, Lead Wires, and Electrode Gel (For Monitoring Devices), Disposable
475.36 Glassware: Bottles, Prescription and Nursing; Glasses, Medicine; Jars, Ointment and Dressing; Vials, Medicine, Specimen, etc.
475.37 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Equipment and Supplies (Including Response Kits, Life Support Kits, Trauma Kits, etc.)
475.39 Glove Powder and Detergents
475.41 Gloves and Finger Cots, Medical Type
475.42 Grafts and Implants, Internal
475.43 Height Measurement Devices
475.44 Hosiery, Orthopedic and Surgical
475.45 Hospital Tubing and Accessories (All Types)
475.47 Identification Supplies, Patient
475.48 Instrument Cleaners: Instrument Milk, Detergents, Lubricants, Rust Inhibitors, etc.
475.49 Instructional Aids and Training Programs, Medical (See Class 345 and/or Class 785 for Mannikins and Models)
475.50 Lancets, Blood
475.51 Lymphatic Equipment and Supplies (Mapping, Navigator, etc.)
475.52 Medical Ergonomic Instruments and Equipment
475.53 Medical I.D. Bracelets, Tags, etc., for Hospital Patients and Medical Emergency
475.54 Medical Documentation Forms, Charts, Labels, etc.
475.55 Medical Examination Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
475.61 Needles, Specialized: Amniocentesis Type, Biopsy, Spinal, Surgical, etc.
475.62 Operating and Examining Apparel, Disposable: Capes, Caps, Examination Paper, Gowns, Masks, etc.
475.63 Ostomy Care Products
475.64 Paper Goods: Diapers, Medication Blister Cards, Pillow Cases, Sheets, Wiping Tissues, etc.
475.65 Pads, Sterile, Impregnated (For Topical Applications)
475.66 Packs, Pads, and Drapes, Surgical: Lap Sponges, OB Pads, etc.
475.67 Personal Items: Applicators, Corn Plasters, Safety Pins, Suspensories, Tongue Blades, etc.
475.68 Paramedic Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
475.69 Pharmaceutical Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
475.70 Plastic Ware: Bottles; Prescription and Nursing; Cups, Medicine; Jars, Ointment and Dressing; Vials, Medicine; Specimen, Sickness Bags, etc.
475.71 Protective Wall and Corner Guards Installed in Health and Nursing Facilities (For Patients Safety and Protection)
475.72 Recycled Hospital Accessories and Sundry Equipment and Supplies
475.73 Rubber, Fabric, and Plastic Goods: Cadaver Bags and Shrouds, Ice Bags, Sheeting, Tubing, Water Bottles, etc.
475.74 Sets, Procedural, Disposable: Catheter Care, Enema, Irrigation, Surgical Prep, Surgical Scrub, Suture Removal, Urine and Stool Collection Kits, etc.
475.75 Stopcocks and Adapters, Reusable
475.76 Stopcocks, Disposable
475.77 Sterilizing Supplies: Biohazard Bags, Indicators, Sterilizing Tapes, Tubes, Wraps, etc.
475.78 Sutures and Suturing Needles, Disposable (Including Skin Staplers, Skin Closures and Supplies)
475.79 Surgical Bougies, Sounds, Obturators, etc.
475.80 Syringes and Needles, Hypodermic, Reusable
475.81 Surgical Support Supplies incl. Post-Surgery (Not Otherwise Classified)
475.82 Syringes, Hypodermic and Irrigation (Disposable), and Hypodermic Needles
475.83 Tissues, Body
475.84 Trauma Packs and Kits
475.85 Thermometers, Clinical; Sheaths and Dispensers (Including Electronic)
475.86 Trays, Preparation
475.87 Tracheotomy Equipment and Accessories (Including Tracheal Tubes, Masks, etc.)
475.88 Utensils, Sickroom: Aluminum, Enamelware, Stainless Steel, etc. (Bed Pans, etc.)
475.90 Utensils, Sickroom, Plastic (Bed Pans, etc.)
475.93 Vaccination Needles and Devices  (Incl. Immunology Equipment)
475.95 Vacuum Blood-Collecting Sets (Tubes, Tube-Holders, and Needles)
475.97 Vaginal Speculums and Dilators, Disposable
485.01 Ammonia and Other Chemicals, Household (Plain or Sudsing)
485.02 Animal Cage Cleaning Compound
485.03 Adhesive Removers
485.04 Applicators, Floor Finish, All Types (Except Brushes)
485.06 Bottles, Glass (For Cleaners, Detergents, and Janitorial Supplies)
485.08 Bottles, Plastic (For Cleaners, Detergents, and Janitorial Supplies)
485.09 Brush Cleaner
485.10 Brooms, Brushes, and Handles
485.11 Cleaner and Detergent, Paste and Tablets
485.12 Cleaner and Polish, Metal (For Brass, Stainless Steel, etc.)
485.13 Cleaner, Hand and Skin, Synthetic Detergent Type (See 435-68, 70 for Skin Cleaners for Health Care Personnel)
485.14 Cleaner, Hand, Mechanics' Waterless
485.15 Cleaner and Polish, Plastic
485.16 Cleaner, Hard Surface, General Purpose, Liquid (Including Graffiti Removers) (See 630-45 for Painted Type Graffiti Removers)
485.17 Cleaner and Polish, Wood
485.18 Cleaner, Heavy Duty Degreaser (Including Oven Cleaner)
485.19 Cleaner/Remover, Lead-Based Debris
485.20 Cleaner and Polish for Marble, Masonry, Porcelain, etc.
485.21 Cleaner, Rust Remover
485.22 Cleaner, Sewer, Septic Tank, and Waste Pipe, Acid and Caustic Types (Incl. Drain Openers)
485.24 Cleaner, Sewer, Septic Tank, and Waste Pipe, Aerobic Bacteria and Fungi Type
485.25 Cleaner, Tile and Grout
485.26 Cleaner, Toilet Bowl, Granular and Liquid
485.27 Cleaner: Vinyl, Upholstery
485.28 Cleaner and Wax: Window, Mirror, and Glass
485.29 Cleanser, Powdered, Chlorinated
485.30 Deodorant Blocks, All Types
485.31 Deodorants for Portable Toilets (Including Ozone Air Freshener Type)
485.32 Deodorants, Room, All Types
485.34 Detergent, Steam and Hot Water Spray Cleaning
485.36 Detergent, Car Washing, Cold Water Type
485.37 Detergent-Disinfectant (Washroom Type), Liquid and Aerosol (See Class 435 for Health Care and 505 for Laundry Type)
485.38 Dishwashing Compounds, Hand and Machine Type (Including Rinse Solutions)
485.40 Disinfectants, Spray and Powdered
485.42 Disinfectants, Pine Oil
485.44 Dispensers, Lotion and Soap (Including Waterless Soap Dispenser)
485.45 Dispensers (For Metered Aerosol Deodorants, Air Sanitizers, and Insectides), AC and DC Models
485.46 Dispensers and Holders (For Cleaning Rags, Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue, and Toilet Seat Covers)
485.48 Dispensers (For Sanitary Napkins and Tampons)
485.50 Door Mats, All Types
485.51 Dry Powder Processing Machine (For the Production and Packaging of Powder Soap)
485.52 Dusting Cloths, Treated
485.53 Dusters: Feather, Lambswool, Split, etc.
485.54 Floor Polishes and Waxes, Floor Sealer, and Dust Mop Treating Compound
485.55 Floor Stripper and Cleaner
485.56 Floor Sweeping Compound and Oil
485.57 Fly-Swatters
485.58 Furniture Polish
485.59 Insect Control Units, Chemical or Electric, Lures and Traps
485.60 Insecticides and Repellents, Household
485.62 Insecticide Spraying Equipment, Household
485.64 Janitor Carts and Bags
485.65 Janitorial Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
485.66 Linen Hampers and Bags
485.67 Litter Pickup Devices
485.68 Mop Buckets, Wringers, Bucket Trucks, and Attachments
485.70 Mops and Handles, Dry and Treated Types
485.72 Mops and Handles, Wet Types
485.73 Protectant (For Furniture, Carpet, Fabrics, etc.)
485.74 Oil, Chemical, and Hazardous Material Spill Absorbents, Cleaners, Neutralizers, and Pads (Including Microorganisms, Live; Peat Moss))
485.75 Receptacle Liners: Vinyl and Steel (See 665-24 For Plastic Type)
485.76 Recycled Janitorial Supplies
485.77 Rubber Cleaner
485.78 Rug and Carpet Shampoo and Spot Remover (Including Deodorizers)
485.80 Sand Urns, Filling Materials, Smoking Stands, Wall Mounted Ashtrays, and Cuspidors
485.82 Sanitary Napkins and Tampons, Dispensable Type
485.84 Scale Remover (Acid Type Cleaners For Dishwashers, Steam Tables, etc.)
485.85 Soap, Scrubbing Type (See 435-72 for Surgical Scrub)
485.86 Soap, Hand: Bar, Liquid, and Powdered
485.87 Soil Retardant (For Carpets, Rugs, etc.)
485.88 Squeegees, Sponges, and Scrubbing Pads (For Manual Hard Surface Cleaning)
485.90 Stain Remover, Active Chlorine or Oxygen Type (For Coffee Urns, Plastic Dishes, etc.)
485.91 Stain Remover, Pet
485.94 Waste Receptacles and Dust Pans
490.06 Barometers and Manometers, Laboratory Type
490.07 Cabinets, Safety, Laboratory
490.08 Calorimeters and Accessories
490.09 Centrifuges, Desk Top and Free Standing
490.14 Cleaners, Ultrasonic
490.15 Colorimeters, Reflectance
490.16 Colorimeters, Optical, Comparators (See Class 493 for Photoelectric Colorimeters)
490.17 Crystallography Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
490.19 Density Gradient Equipment: Fractionators, Mixers, etc.
490.21 Dry Boxes and Glove Boxes
490.24 Dynamometers (For Automotive See Class 075)
490.29 Electron Microscopy Equipment: Electron Microscopes, Vacuum Sputtering Systems, etc.
490.30 Electron Guns
490.32 Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms (Controlled Temperature, Humidity, etc.)
490.34 Filters, Optical: IR Interference, etc.
490.36 Glassware Washing Apparatus
490.39 High-Pressure Equipment and Accessories
490.40 High Vacuum Fittings, Valves, Supplies, etc.
490.43 Laboratory and Scientific Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
490.44 Lamps and Other Radiation Sources, Specialized: Cathode, Infrared, and Ultraviolet Lamps, etc.
490.47 Liquid Scintillation Counting Systems
490.51 Lasers, Masers, and Accessories
490.52 Leak Detectors, Vacuum: Helium, Ultrasonic, etc.
490.53 Magnetic Equipment: Demagnetizers, Electromagnets, Fluxmeters, Gaussmeters, Magnetometers, etc.
490.55 Mass Spectrometers and Accessories
490.56 Micromanipulators
490.57 Microscope Accessories: Adapters, Condensers, Filters, Illuminators, Lenses, etc.
490.58 Microscopes, All Types (For Electron See 490-29, and for Operating Room See Class 465)
490.63 Natural Science Equipment and Supplies
490.65 Nuclear Equipment and Accessories: Magnetic Shielding, Particle Accelerators, Counters (Research Type), Scintillating Crystals, etc.
490.68 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Apparatus
490.69 Nuclear Radiation Sources (Not for Medical Use)
490.71 Nuclear Safety Equipment and Supplies: Dosimeters, Film Badges, Lead Shielding, Radiation Monitors, Survey Meters (For Warning Tape See Class 832)
490.72 Optical Laboratory Equipment: Beam Splitters, Choppers, Diffraction Gratings, Interferometers, Monochromators, Optical Benches and Tables, etc.
490.73 Photometers, Reflectance
490.74 Physics Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
490.75 Plasma Generators
490.76 Plasticizers : Agriculture Oils, Glutarates, Phthalates, Polymerics, Sulfonamides, Etc.
490.77 Pumps, Liquid (Laboratory Type): Metering, Peristaltic, Syringe, etc.
490.78 Pumps, Vacuum and Pressure/Vacuum
490.79 Radioactive Waste Disposal Systems and Accessories
490.80 Sorption Measurement Systems (For Surface Area of Fine Particles, etc.)
490.81 Semiconductor Devices
490.82 Separators, Laboratory
490.83 Spectrographs, Laboratory
490.84 Spectrometers: Auger, Electron Energy Loss, X-Ray Frequency, etc. (For Mass Spectrometers See 490-55)
490.88 Spectroscopes, Direct Reading
490.90 Testing Instruments (Not Otherwise Classified)
490.92 Thermal Analysis, Thermogravimetry, and Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
490.93 Ultrasonic Equipment (For Research): Ultrasound Interferometers, Pulse Generators, etc.
490.94 Vibration Isolation Supports
490.95 Vacuum Equipment, Laboratory (Not Otherwise Classified)
490.96 X-Ray Diffraction and Electron Diffraction Equipment
490.97 Recycled Nuclear, Optical and Physical Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
493.04 Air Quality Monitoring Equipment and Accessories (Including Ozone Type)
493.05 Airborne Bacteria and Virus Inactivation Equipment, Ozone Type
493.06 Baths, Constant Temperature (Hot or Cold): Recirculating, Shaking, etc.
493.08 Biochemical Research Equipment: DNA Synthesizers, Enzyme Analyzers, Respirometers, etc.
493.09 Chemical Analysis Systems, Automated: Ion-Sensing Electrode, Micro-Kjeldahl, Titration, etc.
493.10 Chemical Reactors: High-Pressure (Autoclaves), Catalytic, Fluid-Bed, Photochemical, etc.
493.11 Chromatographs, Gas
493.12 Chromatographs, Liquid: High-Performance (HPLC), Preparative, etc.,and Major Accessories: Absorbance/Fluorescence Detectors and Monitors, etc.
493.13 Colloids : Aerosols, Emulsions, Gels, Suspensions, Etc.
493.14 Combustion Analysis Equipment, Automatic (For Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulfur, etc.)
493.16 Densitometers, Scanning (Gel or Plate Scanners)
493.17 Deodorizers, Convection Type
493.18 Deodorizers and Room Air Fresheners, Ozone (Portable)
493.24 Electrophoresis Equipment: Electrofocussing Cells, Gel Driers and Slicers, Power Supplies, etc.
493.25 Entomological Equipment and Accessories (Insect Science)
493.30 Evaporators, Analytical (Air or Nitrogen Jet)
493.32 Evaporators, Vacuum: Flash, Rotating, etc.
493.35 Fluorometers and Spectrofluorometers
493.38 Freeze-Drying and Critical-Point Drying Apparatus
493.42 Gas Analysis and Monitoring Equipment (For CO2 Oxygen, etc., in Gas Mixtures)
493.44 Gas Generating and Purifying Equipment: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Ozone, Pure Air, etc.
493.45 Incubators, Bacteriological
493.46 Ion Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
493.48 Odor Control Equipment, Duct Mount Ozonators
493.50 Osmometers
493.52 Photometers, Flame
493.54 Photometers, Photoelectric (Colorimeters, Transmittance)
493.58 Polarimeters
493.60 Polarographs
493.62 Sample Collecting, Diluting and Multiple Dispensing Apparatus, Automatic: Pipetting Machines, etc.
493.63 Sample Concentrators (For Multiple Samples), Vacuum Type
493.64 Sample Preparation Systems
493.69 Spectrometers, Emission: Argon Plasma and Conventional
493.73 Spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption
493.75 Spectrophotometers, Infrared
493.77 Spectrophotometers, Ultraviolet and Visible
493.80 Tensiometers (For Surface Tension Measurements)
493.84 Tissue Disrupting, Grinding, and Homogenizing Equipment: Frozen Tissue Pulverizers, Ultrasonic Cell Disrupters, etc.
493.92 Vacuum Still: Short Path, Spinning Band, etc.
493.96 Water Quality Monitoring Equipment: BOD Analyzers, Turbidimeters, Well Samplers, etc.
493.97 Recycled Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Environmental Science Equipment and Supplies
495.05 Activity Cages, Mazes, and Other Animal Psychology Equipment
495.07 Agricultural Science Equipment: Diffusive Resistance Meters, Leaf Porometers and Water Potential Measuring Equipment, Seed Counters and Germinators, Soil Sterilizers, etc.
495.08 Amphibia For Laboratory Research (Preserved)
495.09 Animal Cage and Rack Washing Equipment
495.10 Animal Cages and Supplies (Including Litter) (Laboratory Type)
495.12 Animals, Experimental, Not Specially Bred
495.13 Animals, Experimental, Specially Bred or Selected (e.g., Albino Mice and Rats)
495.15 Aquariums and Supplies
495.20 Biology Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
495.25 Biology Specimens and Cultures (Except Microbial)
495.26 Biology Specimens and Cultures (Including Microbial): Complete Ecosystems, etc.
495.28 Biotechnology and Clinical Equipment and Supplies
495.30 Botany Specimens
495.33 Breeding and Other Insect Equipment for the Laboratory
495.35 Cabinets and Cases, Storage (For Slides and Specimens)
495.36 Charts, Anatomical and Life Sciences
495.37 Counters and Counting Chambers (For Bacterial Colonies, Blood Cells, etc.): Hemacytometers, etc.
495.38 Cultures, Microbial (Living Organism)
495.41 Fermentation Equipment: Chemostats, Chemotaxis Chambers, Fermenters, etc.
495.43 Geology, Earth Science
495.44 Geology Equipment and Supplies
495.45 Geology Specimens and Collections
495.48 Incubators: Convection, CO2 (Anaerobic Chambers), etc., and Plant Growth Chambers
495.49 Invertebrates and Vertebrates, Preserved
495.50 Herbarium Equipment and Supplies: Drying Cases, etc.
495.54 Insects for Laboratory Research
495.55 Instruments, Dissecting
495.56 Microbiology Equipment and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
495.57 Microscope Slide Preparation Equipment: Staining Racks and Trays, Slide Warmers, etc.
495.58 Microscopy Supplies: Cement, Immersion Oil, Slide Holders, Dispensers and Mailers, etc.
495.60 Mounts and Models
495.65 Museum Preparations and Supplies: Labels, etc.
495.69 Neuropsychological Testing Equipment: Reaction Time, Rotary Pursuit, etc.
495.70 Oceanography and Limnology Equipment: Dredges, Thermographs, etc.
495.73 Physiological Testing and Recording Equipment (Single and Multichannel), and Accessories: Electrodes, Monitors, Stimulators, etc.
495.75 Prepared Slides (Microscope)
495.78 Reptiles, Preserved
495.82 Scales, Laboratory (Animal and Human): Autopsy Scales, Underwater Scales, etc.
495.84 Slide Stainer Equipment and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
495.85 Skeletons: Mounted, Unmounted, and Partial
495.88 Tissue and Organ Culture Equipment: Cell Harvesters, Roller Drums, etc.
495.90 Tissue-Processing Equipment and Supplies (For Histology): Cryostats, Flotation Baths, Microtomes, Paraffin Embedment Systems, etc.
495.95 Zoology Specimens, Live and Injected
495.97 Recycled Biology, Botany, Geology, Microbiology and Zoology Equipment and Supplies
500.03 Conditioning and Finishing Equipment: Chambers, Tunnels, etc.
500.05 Dry Cleaning Plants, Petroleum Solvent
500.10 Dry Cleaning Plants, Synthetic Solvent
500.15 Drying Tumblers, Steam, Electric and Gas Fired (Fifty Pounds and Over)
500.17 Drying Tumblers, Steam, Electric and Gas Fired (Up to Fifty Pounds)
500.20 Extractors, Centrifugal
500.25 Extractors, Hydraulic
500.30 Folders and Folder-Stackers, Flatwork
500.40 Ironers and Accessories, Flatwork
500.45 Ironing Tables and Spray Guns
500.47 Lint Disposal and Removal Systems
500.50 Marking Machines
500.55 Patching Machines, Electric
500.60 Presses
500.63 Recycled Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
500.65 Soap Tanks and Automatic Supply Injection Systems
500.68 Stands, Laundry Equipment
500.70 Starch Cookers
500.75 Tables, Shirt Finishing and Folding
500.87 Washer Extractors (Rated Under 100 Pounds)
500.90 Washer Extractors (Rated at 100 Pounds and Over)
500.95 Washing Machines
500.97 Water Recovery System, Laundry
505.09 Additives, Rinse
505.15 Bluing, Inks, and Vat Dyes
505.20 Boron Compounds: Granulated Borax, Sodium Perborate, etc.
505.25 Chlorine and Peroxygen Bleaches, etc.
505.30 Chemicals (Not Otherwise Classified)
505.33 Detergents, Special Formula (For Removing Proteins, Tannin, and Other Soils)
505.35 Detergents, Synthetic
505.37 Detergents, Synthetic, Germicidal
505.40 Dry Cleaning Materials: Detergents, Naphtha and Other Solvents, etc.
505.41 Dry Cleaning Solvent Regeneration Materials: Activated Carbon (Absorbent Powder), Diatomite (Filter Powder), etc.
505.42 Dry Cleaning Supplies: Bone Scrapers, Spotting Brushes, Spotting Tools, etc.
505.47 Fabric Softeners, Germicidal and Nongermicidal
505.57 Laundry Alkalis: Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Orthosilicate, etc.
505.63 Paper Goods: Shirt Bands and Boards, etc.
505.68 Paraffin Wax
505.70 Recycled Laundry and Dry Cleaning Compounds, Detergents, Solvents and Soaps
505.73 Sizing, Textile Finishing
505.78 Soaps: Bar, Chip, Flake, and Granular
505.80 Soaps, Germicidal: Bar, Chip, Flake, and Granular
505.85 Sours
505.88 Stain and Spot Remover (Fabric)
505.90 Starches
505.95 Waxes and Cleaners (For Ironers, Presses, etc.)
510.08 Aprons, Flatwork Ironer
510.16 Asbestos Covers and Pads
510.20 Bag Holders, Baskets, Carts, and Trucks
510.22 Bags, Laundry, Cloth
510.24 Bags, Laundry, Water Soluble
510.32 Bags and Liners (For Bag Holders, Baskets, and Trucks)
510.48 Belts and Feed Ribbons
510.56 Covers and Cover Cloths
510.64 Identification Pins, Tags, etc.
510.72 Net Pins
510.80 Nets, Laundry
510.83 Pads and Padding
510.85 Press Pads, Metal
510.88 Recycled Laundry Textiles and Supplies
510.90 Slings, Laundry (For Conveyor Systems)
515.05 Aerators, Pluggers, and Spikers
515.06 Baggers and Catchers, Grass, Lawn Mower
515.07 Blowers, Lawn, Power
515.08 Carts, Lawn
515.10 Edgers, Trimmers, and Weed Cutters
515.15 Engines, Motors, and Parts (For Lawn Equipment)
515.18 Feeders, Root
515.20 Fertilizer Distributors, Lawn Type (See Class 020 for Commercial Distributors)
515.23 Gang Mowers for Lawns and Grounds, All Types
515.24 Garden Hand Tools (Not Otherwise Specified) (Including Sickles)
515.29 Lawn and Grounds Equipment Rollover Protection (ROPS)
515.30 Lawn Mowers, Hand, Reel Type (Manual)
515.35 Lawn Mowers, Power, Heavy Duty, Flail Type (See Class 020 For Highway Type)
515.40 Lawn Mowers, Power, Heavy Duty, Reel Type (See Class 020 For Highway Type)
515.45 Lawn Mowers, Power, Heavy Duty, Rotary Type (Incl. Self-Propelled Types) (See Class 020 For Highway Type)
515.50 Lawn Mowers, Power, Light Duty, Reel Type (For Yard Use)
515.55 Lawn Mowers, Power, Light Duty, Rotary Type (For Yard Use)
515.56 Lawn Mowers, Riding Type (Incl. Parts)
515.59 Pads, Kneeling, Lawn and Garden
515.60 Pruners and Grass Clippers, Hand Type
515.63 Recycled Lawn Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
515.64 Rollers, Lawn (Including Parts and Accessories)
515.65 Rakers and Combers, Lawn, Power
515.66 Shears: Grass, Hedge, Lopping, Pruning, etc.
515.67 Shredders and Screeners (For Conditioning Soil)
515.68 Snowblowers and Snowthrowers, Tractor Mounted (For Lawns and Grounds)
515.69 Snowblowers and Snowthrowers for Lawns and Grounds (Walk Behind)
515.70 Sod Cutters and Lifters
515.75 Spreaders, Broadcast, Fertilizer and Seed
515.80 Sprinklers, Portable
515.82 Sprinkler Systems and Parts, Lawn and Turf
515.83 Tree Trimming and Pruning Equipment (Portable, Power Operated - Not Saws)
515.85 Vacuum Cleaners and Other Litter Pickup Devices: Lawn, Parking Area, Sidewalk, etc.
520.06 Beeswax
520.08 Blankets, Bags, Cinches, and Pads (Saddle)
520.10 Bottomfillers and Bottom Filler (For Cork See Class 010) Materials (For Shoe Manufacturing)
520.12 Box Toes
520.14 Cement, Adhesives, and Thinner (For Leather and Rubber)
520.16 Hand Tools, Leather Working
520.18 Harness Hardware
520.20 Harness, Leather
520.22 Heel and Toe Plates
520.24 Heel Braces
520.26 Heel Fillers, Grippers, Liners, Scaphoid Pads, etc.
520.28 Heels, Leather and Wood
520.29 Heels, Soles, and Strips, Polyethylene or Other Elastomer
520.30 Heels, Soles, and Strips, Composition
520.32 Heels, Soles, and Strips, Rubber
520.33 Heels, Soles, and Strips, Leather
520.34 Horse Collars and Reins, All Types
520.36 Ink and Brushes, Leather Working
520.38 Insoles and Counters, Shoe
520.40 Leather, Belt
520.42 Leather, Harness
520.43 Leather Leggings and Chaps
520.44 Leather, Shoe: Sole Bends, Split, and Upper
520.45 Leather Tanning and Finishing Equipment and Supplies
520.46 Leather Preparation, Repairing and Working Equipment
520.47 Lining, Base (Used in Shoe Manufacturing)
520.48 Lining, Shoe Tongue
520.49 Measurement Devices, Foot
520.50 Metal Eyelets (For Leather)
520.52 Nails, Tacks, and Wire, Shoe
520.54 Neat's-Foot Oil
520.56 Needles and Awls, Shoe Machine
520.58 Patching and Upper Shoe Machine
520.59 Pellets, Shoe Sole
520.60 Polishes and Conditioners: Leather, Shoe, Boot, etc. (Incl. Dyes)
520.61 Recycled Leather Products
520.62 Saddles and Accessories
520.64 Saddle Trees
520.66 Shanks, Shoe, Steel and Fiber
520.68 Shoe Lasts: Iron, Wood, and Plastic
520.70 Shoe Repair Supplies: Beading, Belting, Cleats, Elastic, Pads, Piping, etc.
520.72 Shoe Shine Brushes and Cloths
520.74 Shoe Shine Machines, Electric
520.76 Shoelaces, All Types
520.78 Skins, Skivers, and Pelts (For Shoe Manufacturing)
520.80 Soap, Saddle
520.81 Stretchers, Shoe/Boot
520.82 Stirrups, Saddle
520.83 Taps, Shoe
520.84 Thread, Shoe Stitching
520.86 Wax, Stitching
520.88 Welting, Shoe
520.90 Wheel Covers, Cloth (For Shoe Manufacturing See Class 005 for Abrasives)
525.05 Archival Storage Materials (Acid Free): Document Cases, Envelopes, File Folders, etc.
525.10 Binders, Covers, Jackets, Protectors, Sticks, etc. (For Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Pamphlets, Photographs, etc.)
525.20 Book Cards, Date Slips, Pockets, Protectors, etc.
525.25 Book Ends, Holders, Supports, etc.
525.30 Book Mending, Rebinding, and Repairing Supplies (See 590-68 for Binding Tape for Sewing Purposes)
525.40 Book Security Systems, Equipment, and Supplies
525.50 Books, Accession
525.55 Daters, Pencil and Band Type; and Supplies
525.60 Library Catalog Cards and Accessories: Cards, Guides, Protectors, Sorters, Trays, etc.
525.65 Library Forms, All Kinds: Circulation Record, Continuous, Strip, etc.
525.70 Library Labeling Supplies: Labels, Letters, Signals, etc.
525.75 Library Machines: Card Duplicators, Card Master Machines, Charging Machines, Pasting Machines, etc.
525.80 Library Supplies, Miscellaneous
525.95 Recycled Library Books, Equipment and Supplies
530.15 Attache Cases
530.25 Back and Fanny Packs
530.30 Brief Cases, Brief Bags, and Portfolios
530.39 Business and Credit Card Holders, Binders, Folders, etc.
530.45 Cases: Catalog, ID Card, Salesman's and Special
530.50 Duffle and Tote Bags
530.60 Luggage and Trunks
530.65 Purses, Wallets, Key Cases, etc.
530.68 Recycled Luggage, Brief Cases, and Purses
530.75 Travel Kits and Accessories
540.05 Asbestos Sheets, All Types (Except Insulation and Roofing)
540.08 Asbestos Siding, Flat
540.09 Blocking Wood
540.10 Bridge Timbers and Railroad Ties, Treated
540.12 Forms, Wood (See 210-13 and 755-73 for Concrete Forms)
540.14 Lumber, Cedar
540.17 Lumber, Cypress
540.20 Lumber, Fir
540.23 Lumber, Hardwood, All Kinds
540.26 Lumber, Parana Pine
540.29 Lumber, Poplar and Willow
540.32 Lumber, Redwood
540.34 Lumber, Softwood (SPF)
540.35 Lumber, Southern Pine, Laminated Structural Type
540.41 Lumber, Treated: Creosote, Penta, Wolmanized, etc.
540.42 Lumber, Treated: Fire Retardant
540.43 Lumber, Walnut
540.44 Lumber, White Pine
540.47 Lumber, Yellow Pine
540.49 Oriented Strandboard (OSB, Wafer Board)
540.50 Particleboard, All Types
540.52 Plastic Lumber and Related Products
540.53 Pressed Paper Sheets
540.56 Pressed Wood Sheets: Masonite, etc.
540.57 Pilings, Treated
540.58 Pipe Sticks, Wooden
540.59 Plywood, Softwood (SPF)
540.62 Plywood, Hardwood Type (Except Decorative and Plastic Faced)
540.65 Plywood Panels, Decorative, Prefinished
540.66 Plywood Panels, Decorative, Unfinished
540.68 Plywood Panels, Plastic Faced (For Highway Signs, etc.)
540.70 Poles, Treated and Untreated
540.71 Posts, Cedar
540.73 Posts, Treated and Untreated (Including Wooden Guardrail Posts - See 570-28 for Metal Posts)
540.75 Railings
540.77 Recycled Lumber
540.78 Sawdust and Shavings
540.79 Wood and Lumber Products, Scrap or Waste
540.81 Sheetrock and Accessories: Cement, Corners, Floating Compound, etc. (For Tape See Class 832) (Including Recycled Type)
540.84 Shakes and Shims, Wood
540.87 Siding, Prefinished Particleboard
540.88 Siding, Vinyl Clad (Including Recycled Types)
540.89 Siding, Wood, All Types
540.90 Stakes: Engineers', Agricultural, etc.
540.91 Structural Wood Products (Not Otherwise Classified): Beams, Framing Lumber, Planks, Joists, etc.
540.92 Timbers, Construction Type (Laminated, Treated and Untreated)
540.94 Underlayment
540.95 Veneers, All Kinds
540.96 Wood Bi-Products (Not Otherwise Classified)
540.97 Wood, Fire
545.02 Bits, Dies, Reamers, Taps, etc. (For Stationary Power Tools)
545.03 Broaching Machines and Tools
545.04 Blades, Power Saw, Stationary: Circular and Reciprocating
545.05 Bushings, Machinery (Not Otherwise Classified)
545.06 Chain Hoists and Cable Lifts
545.07 Can Crusher, Industrial (Paint, etc.)
545.08 Can Puncturing and Biofiltration Unit, Aerosol
545.09 Chain Saws
545.10 Coating Machines, All Types
545.11 Compactors, Trash, Industrial, Stationary (See 045 and 165 for Other Types)
545.12 Compressors, Gas (All Types)
545.13 Contaminated Air and Vapor Treatment Equipment
545.14 Contaminated Soil Treatment Equipment
545.15 Drills, Stationary, Air Powered: Arbor, Press, etc.
545.16 Drills, Stationary, Electric Powered: Arbor, Press, etc.
545.17 Drills, Stationary, Hydraulic Powered: Arbor, Press, etc.
545.18 Gin Machinery
545.19 Exploration Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
545.20 Filtering Equipment and Machinery
545.21 Grinders and Buffers: Bench, Portable, and Stand
545.22 Heat Treating and Tracing Equipment, Parts and Accessories (Electric)
545.23 Impact Tools, Air Powered (Not Road Building)
545.24 Impact Tools, Electric Powered (Not Road Building)
545.25 Impact Tools, Hydraulic Powered (Not Road Building)
545.26 Industrial Type Steam and High Pressure Water Cleaning Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
545.27 Jacks, Industrial: Hydraulic, Screw, and Track
545.28 Industrial Compressors, All Types (Not Otherwise Classified)
545.29 Industrial Commercial and Professional Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
545.30 Key Duplicating Machines, Accessories and Parts
545.31 Industrial and Construction Machinery, Equipment, Components and Parts (Not Otherwise Classified)
545.33 Lathe, Metalworking, Accessories and Supplies
545.36 Lathe, Woodworking
545.38 Lumber Equipment, Not Otherwise Classified (Including Mills, Processing Machines, etc.)
545.39 Lifts, Platform, Telescoping and Laterally Powered (Incl. Capstans)
545.40 Machines, Roofing: Roof Scratchers, Rotary Spudders, etc.
545.41 Machine Work Station Center and Components (Incl. Tool Changing, Transfer, and Way-Type Machines)
545.42 Masonry Saws and Blades (See Class 755 for Road and Highway Concrete Saws)
545.43 Metal Electroplating Machine, Accessories & Supplies
545.44 Manufacturing and Processing Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
545.45 Metalworking Machines and Tools, (Not Itemized Herein), Portable and Stationary
545.46 Mills, Iron and Steel
545.47 Mining Machinery and Equipment (See 545-51 for Oil and Gas Equip.)
545.48 Milling Machines
545.49 Motors and Engines (Including Parts), Industrial, All Types (Not Automotive, Lawn or Marine)
545.51 Oil and Gas Machinery and Equipment (Drilling Rigs, etc.)
545.52 Oil Spillage Containment, Purification, and Recovery Equipment
545.53 Ovens, Industrial Process and Heat Cleaning
545.54 Planers, Electric
545.55 Pollution Detection and Control Equipment (Other Than Oil Spill)
545.56 Post Straighteners and Pullers, Hydraulic
545.57 Posthole Diggers and Earth Drills, Powered, Portable
545.58 Presses, All Capacities (Not Wastepaper or Other Paper Material)
545.59 Production Type Impregnation Equip. (Not for Clothing Impregnation)
545.60 Presses, Wastepaper or Other Material (Not Automotive or Printing)
545.61 Refuse/Garbage Burning Equipment
545.62 Router, Air/Pneumatic
545.63 Router, Electric
545.64 Rubber Processing and Working Equipment
545.65 Salt Brine Production Equipment
545.66 Sandblasting Equipment and Accessories
545.69 Sanders, Bench or Portable: Belt, Disc, and Finishing
545.75 Saws, Stationary, Powered: Band, Bench, Electric, Scroll, Radial Arm, Table, Veneer, etc. (See 755-65 for Concrete Saws)
545.76 Soil Measuring Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
545.77 Spindle Centering Machine, Single
545.78 Shapers and Jointers, Wood
545.79 Springs, Coil and Leaf (Industrial)
545.80 Shield, Trench (Worker Protection)
545.81 Sharpeners: Lawn Mower, Saw, etc.
545.82 Shredder, Metal/Wood
545.83 Shredder, Aerator, and Composter for Sludge
545.84 Shears, Metal, Electric
545.85 Tire Shredder
545.86 Trowler, Concrete, Engine Driven
545.87 Windmills and Parts
545.88 Vacuum Cleaners and Dust Collectors for Hazardous Material
545.89 Vapor Extraction Equipment, Soil
545.90 Woodworking Machines and Tools (Not Otherwise Classified), Portable and Stationary
545.91 Wash System, Three-Stage, Industrial, Stainless Steel
545.92 Water Distillation Equipment, Marine and Industrial
545.93 Wire Dispenser Fabrication Equip., Communication
545.94 Tunneling Equipment
545.95 Recycled Machinery and Hardware, Industrial
545.96 Water Well Drilling Equipment
550.04 Beads, Glass, Sign and Stripe
550.05 Beam and Barrier Handling Equipment
550.06 Bridge and Railroad Crossing Gates
550.08 Buttons, Delineators, Reflectors, etc., Reflectorized
550.09 Cameras, Red Light (See Class 655 for other types)
550.10 Cement and Adhesives for Traffic Control Markers
550.12 Clamps and Bolts, U-Type, Large (For Highway Signs)
550.14 Early Warning System, Engine Powered, Trailer Mounted (Or for Truck Mounting)
550.17 Encapsulant, Traffic Loop Detector
550.20 Flares and Fuses
550.22 Gaskets, Traffic Markers and Dividers
550.24 Highway Pass and No-Pass Zone Determination Devices and Equipment
550.28 Markers, Plaques, Placards and Tablets: Dedicational, Historical, Informational, etc.
550.29 Markers, Survey and Right-Of-Way
550.30 Markers, Traffic, Ceramic: Jiggle Bars, etc.
550.31 Markers, Traffic, Concrete
550.32 Markers, Traffic, Metal
550.33 Markers, Traffic, Fiberglass
550.34 Markers, Traffic, Plastic and Rubber
550.36 Marking Compound (Thermoplastic), and Marking Powder
550.38 Parking Meters and Area Control Equipment
550.41 Posts, Flexible (For Delineator Markers)
550.42 Safety Barriers, Traffic, Mobile: Energy Absorption Systems, Impact Attenuators (Crash Barriers), etc.
550.43 Safety Barriers, Traffic, Stationary: Energy Absorption Systems, Impact Attenuators (Crash Barriers), etc.
550.44 Sheeting, Reflectorized (For License Plates)
550.45 Sheeting, Reflectorized (General) (See 801-49 for Reflective Sign Material)
550.58 Signal Torches, Kerosene
550.72 Stripes and Legends, Plastic, Prefabricated, Reflective (Including Pavement Marking Tape)  (See 832-48 for Marking Tape other than for Pavement)
550.78 Traffic Cones, Lane Markers, and Barricades (Portable)
550.79 Traffic Control Devices, Non-Electric (Including Rumble Strips, etc.)
550.80 Traffic Controls and Equipment, Electric Systems
550.81 Traffic Controls and Equipment, Electric Parts
550.82 Traffic Counters, Monitors, and Accessories
550.83 Traffic Devices, Markers, Plaques, etc. Recycled
550.85 Traffic Signal Poles, Standards, and Brackets
550.88 Traffic Signals and Equipment, Electric Systems
550.89 Traffic Signals and Equipment, Electric Parts
550.90 Transportation Systems, Intelligent (An automated information system which provides traffic management, communications, and analysis of data as a minimum)
550.91 Vehicle Detectors
550.92 Vehicle Identification Systems, Automated
550.93 Warning Devices, Telescoping or Fold Up Type; and Accessories
550.96 Warning Lights, Flashers, and Flashing Arrow Boards (See Class 285-76 for Streetlights and Standards)
553.30 Components, Manufacturing (Stamped, Formed, Welded)
553.40 Extrusions (Cold, Impact, Profile)
553.43 Forgings (Closed Die, Drop, Impression Die, Open Die, Rolled Ring)
553.45 Hardware, Manufacturing (Not Otherwise Classified)
553.51 Machine-made Parts (Metal, Non-Metal, Screw, etc.)
553.52 Metal Components (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)
553.54 Moldings (Blow, Injection, Reaction, Vacuum)
553.66 Raw Materials, Paper (Pulp, etc.)
553.75 Shells and Casings (Plastic, Metal, Steel)
553.95 Recycled Manufacturing Components and Supplies
555.10 Stencil Board and Paper, Precut
555.20 Stencil Board and Paper, Rolls and Sheets
555.30 Stencil Cutting Machine
555.40 Stenciling Supplies: Brushes, Inks, etc.
555.50 Stenciling Rollers
555.70 Stencils, Metal Adjustable, Stock
555.80 Stencils, Metal (Not Cut)
555.90 Stencils, Metal (Precut)
555.92 Stencils, Plastic (Pre-Cut)
555.95 Recycled Stencils and Stenciling Devices
556.10 Coach, Transit (Articulated)
556.15 Coach, Transit (Double Door)
556.20 Coach, Transit (Electric)
556.30 Coach, Transit (Mini) Conventional
556.40 Coach, Transit (Mini) Handicapped
556.50 Coach, Transit (Single Door, under 35 feet)
556.60 Coach, Transit (Touring) Conventional
556.70 Coach, Transit (Touring) Custom
556.85 Trolley, Transit, Rubber Tired (Compressed Natural Gas)
556.86 Trolley, Transit, Rubber Tired (Diesel Powered)
556.87 Trolley, Transit, Rubber Tired (Electric)
557.05 Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation
557.10 Axles, Including Suspension, Springs, Shocks, Struts, etc.
557.15 Body Panels, Frames, Trim, and Parts
557.20 Brake Parts/Linings
557.22 Communications Equipment and Accessories, Transit Bus
557.23 Cooling System Parts and Accessories
557.25 Electrical Accessories and Parts (Not Lighting)
557.30 Engines, Complete
557.32 Exhaust System Parts and Accessories
557.33 Engine Parts
557.34 Filters: Air, Fuel, Oil, etc.
557.35 Floors, Matting
557.36 Fuel System Parts and Accessories
557.37 Gauges and Meters (Including Speedometers)
557.38 Hubodometers
557.40 Glazing/Mirrors (Including Window, Door and Windshield Glass)
557.44 Insulation, Transit Bus
557.50 Lamps/Lighting, Lens, and Signals, Interior and Exterior
557.52 Lubricating Systems and Parts (See 557-34 for Filters)
557.53 Power and Drive Train Components and Parts (Transit Bus)
557.54 Radiators, Heater Cores, etc.
557.55 Reflectors
557.56 Recycled Transit Bus Accessories and Parts
557.60 Seating and Upholstery
557.62 Signage, Advertising Type (Interior and Exterior)
557.63 Signage, Destination/Route
557.64 Stanchions and Grab Rails
557.65 Steering Components and Parts
557.70 Tanks: Air, Fuel, Water
557.75 Transmissions, Complete
557.78 Transmission Parts
557.80 Undercarriage/Frame (Including Alignment Parts)
557.85 Wheels, Parts, and Accessories
557.90 Wheelchair Lifts and Accessories
557.92 Windows and Doors Including Parts and Accessories
557.93 Windshield Wipers, Washers, Parts and Accessories
558.14 Car Dumper System Including Electronics and Controls
558.20 Freight Cars
558.30 Locomotives, Diesel
558.35 Locomotives, Electric
558.37 Monorail System, Accessories, and Parts
558.40 Passenger Cars, Light (Self-Propelled)
558.45 Passenger Cars, Light (Non-Powered)
558.50 Passenger Cars, Heavy (Self-Propelled)
558.55 Passenger Cars, Heavy (Non-Powered)
558.70 Specialized Vehicles (Self-Propelled) (Rail Car Movers, etc.)
558.75 Specialized Vehicles (Non-Powered)
558.85 Trolleys, Accessories, and Parts
559.05 Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation (Including Defrosters and Defoggers)
559.10 Body Panels, Frames, and Parts
559.12 Bogie Assemblies
559.15 Brake Systems
559.17 Brushes, Carbon
559.19 Communications Equipment and Accessories, Train
559.20 Couplers
559.23 Crossing Equipment and Accessories, Railroad (Including Crossing Signs)
559.25 Current Collecting Systems
559.30 Door Operators
559.31 Doors and Windows
559.35 Drive Motors and Accessories
559.40 Electrical Accessories and Parts (Not Lighting)
559.45 Glazing/Mirrors (Incl. Window, Door and Windshield Glass)
559.46 Governors and Speed Regulators
559.47 Heaters, Train Track
559.48 Hubodometers, Rail Car
559.49 Hydraulic Systems, Rail Car
559.51 Insulation, Train
559.55 Lamps/Lighting, Interior and Exterior
559.57 Lubricators, Train Track
559.59 Recycled Rail Vehicle Accessories and Parts
559.60 Reflectors
559.65 Seating and Upholstery
559.67 Shock Absorbers, Rail Vehicles
559.70 Signage (Incls. Destination, Routing and Advertising)
559.71 Signals and Accessories, Train
559.74 Stanchions and Grab Rails
559.75 Special Parts (Not Otherwise Identified)
559.76 Switch Stands
559.77 Tools, Railroad (Power)
559.78 Tools, Railroad (Non Power)
559.79 Track Hardware (Plates, Joint Bars, Spikes, Clips, Bolts, Nuts, etc.) (See Class 570 For Rails)
559.80 Traction Power
559.90 Wheel and Axle Assemblies
559.91 Wheel Truing Equipment and Accessories
559.94 Windshield Wipers, Parts and Accessories
560.01 Cargo Handling Equipment
560.02 Carts, Industrial, All Kinds (Except Gas and Hospital)
560.03 Conveying Systems, Food Processing
560.05 Conveyor Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
560.06 Conveyor Line Boosters, Powered
560.09 Conveyor Systems, Overhead
560.12 Conveyors and Hoists, Laundry Handling
560.15 Conveyors, Belt Type: Canvas, Metal, and Rubber
560.18 Conveyors, Bucket Type (Not Road Building)
560.21 Conveyors, Gravity, Roller Type, Aluminum and Steel Frames
560.24 Conveyors, Gravity, Wheel Type, Aluminum and Steel Frames
560.27 Conveyors, Pneumatic
560.30 Conveyors, Powered, Roller Type
560.33 Conveyors, Screw Type
560.36 Conveyors, Vibrating
560.37 Conveyor, Vertical Reciprocating
560.39 Cranes, All Kinds (Except Automotive and Road and Bridge Building)
560.45 Dockboards and Ramps, All Types
560.46 Drum and Other Container Handling Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
560.47 Fuel and Fuel Oil Handling Equipment
560.48 Lifters and Stackers, Hydraulic and Powered
560.49 Lifting and Loading Equipment and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
560.50 Liquid Mixing Equipment
560.51 Material Handling Equipment Batteries and Chargers
560.53 Pallet Storage Racks
560.54 Pallets and Skids (Metal, Plastic, Wood)
560.55 Tow, Battery Powered
560.56 Tie-Downs, Straps, Protective Netting, etc.
560.57 Tractors, Warehouse
560.60 Trucks, Barrel, Cylinder, and Drum
560.61 Moving Devices, Equipment
560.63 Trucks, Dolly
560.66 Trucks, Hand, Shelf
560.69 Trucks, Hand, Two-Wheeled
560.72 Trucks, Lift, Hand Operated
560.75 Trucks, Lift, Powered: Fork Lifts, etc.
560.78 Trucks, Pallet, Hand Operated and Powered
560.81 Trucks, Platform
560.82 Storage, Shelving, and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
560.83 Warehouse Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
560.84 Wheels, Industrial, Steel, Pneumatic, and Rubber Tired Molded-on
560.95 Recycled Material Handling and Storage Equipment and Accessories
565.05 Border Backing, Cotton
565.10 Box Spring Units
565.12 Cores, Convoluted Foam (For Pillows)
565.14 Cores, Neoprene
565.15 Cores, Polyurethane Foam
565.16 Cores, Polyurethane/Vonar
565.20 Cores, Rubber, Foam
565.23 Foam, Shredded (For Pillows)
565.25 Handles, Cord, Steel-Backed
565.30 Hog Rings
565.35 Innerspring Units
565.40 Mattress Manufacturing Machinery and Parts
565.45 Mattress Manufacturing Tools
565.50 Needles, Mattress
565.52 Pillow Manufacturing Machinery and Supplies
565.54 Recycled Mattress and Pillow Manufacturing Equipment and Supplies
565.55 Sisal Padding, Loomed, Latex Coated
565.60 Sisal Padding, Loomed, Plain
565.65 Spring Covers, Wire and Paper Cord Mat
565.70 Tape, Border
565.75 Tufts, Button, Mattress
565.80 Twine, Mattress
565.85 Ventilators, Screened
570.02 Alloy Coatings and Sealers for the Repair of Metal Shafts, Journals, Spindles, etc.
570.03 Alloy Metal: Angles, Sheets, etc. (Not Otherwise Classified)
570.05 Aluminum: Bars, Plates, Posts, Rods, Sheets, Siding, Strips, Structural Shapes, Tubes, etc.
570.06 Aluminum Ingots
570.07 Bar Stock, All Kinds (Not Otherwise Classified)
570.08 Bolt and Stud Stock, Steel
570.09 Brass and Bronze: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570.11 Brass Ingots
570.12 Bronze Ingots
570.13 Bushing Stock, Brass and Bronze
570.14 Cast Iron, Primary and Semi-Finished
570.16 Crayons, Metal Worker's
570.17 Coil Stock
570.18 Copper: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570.19 Cutting Rod
570.21 Decking, Steel
570.22 Earth's Metals (Not Otherwise Classified)
570.23 Expanded Metal (Not Stainless)
570.24 Expanded Metal, Stainless
570.25 Forms, Metal (For Concrete Curbs, Columns, and Gutters)
570.26 Foil Stock
570.27 Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
570.28 Guard Rails and Accessories: Bolts, Posts, Terminal Ends, Washers, etc. (See 540-73 for Wood Posts)
570.29 Iron: Angles, Bands, Plate, Sheets, etc.
570.30 Ingots (Not Otherwise Classified)
570.31 Lead: Bulk, Granulated, Strips, etc. (Not Plumbing or Paint)
570.32 Keystock, All Sizes
570.33 License Plate Blanks
570.34 License Plates Complete (Purchased Through Bid Process)
570.35 Magnesium Alloy: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570.36 Metal, Perforated
570.37 Magnesium Alloy Ingots
570.38 Metals, Alkali (Not Otherwise Classified)
570.39 Nickel
570.40 Ornamental Ironwork
570.42 Pig Iron Ingots
570.44 Posts, Steel (For Delineator Markers, Mile Markers, etc.)
570.45 Posts, Metal (Other Than Steel)
570.46 Post-Tensioned Type Reinforcing System (For Concrete Slabs)
570.47 Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, etc. (See 175-19 and 260-52 for other uses)
570.48 Rails, Railroad, Steel
570.50 Scrap Metals, All Kinds
570.52 Shafting: Bronze, Monel, Stainless Steel, Steel, etc.
570.54 Sheet Metal, Fabricated (Custom-Made Sheet Metal Items)
570.56 Sheet Piling, Steel
570.57 Shim Stock
570.62 Spring Steel
570.64 Stainless Steel: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Tubes, etc.
570.65 Steel Bridge Truss, Overhead
570.66 Steel, Cold Rolled: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, and Strips
570.68 Steel, Fabricated: Beams, Gabions, Gratings, Walkways, Window Bars, and Custom-Made Steel Items
570.70 Steel, Galvanized: Bars, Pipes (Not Plumbing), Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, etc.
570.72 Steel, Mild: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets, Strips, Tubes, etc.
570.76 Steel, Reinforcing, Bars and Rods
570.77 Steel, Reinforcing, Mesh
570.78 Steel, Reinforcing, Fabricated
570.79 Steel Siding
570.80 Steel Sheets, High Carbon (For License Plates, etc.)
570.81 Steel Studs, Dry Wall
570.82 Steel Wire Panels (For Partitions, Window Guards, etc.)
570.83 Structural Shapes, Other Than Steel: Angles, Channels, I-Beams, etc.
570.84 Structural Shapes, Steel: Angles, Channels, I-Beams, etc.
570.85 Tin
570.86 Titanium
570.87 Tool Steel: Bars, Drill Rod, Flat Stock, etc.
570.88 Tile, Metal
570.89 Transition Metals (Not Otherwise Classified)
570.90 Tubing, Mechanical, Steel: Rectangular, Round, Square, etc. (See 570-91 for Structural Tubing)
570.91 Tubing, Structural Grade
570.95 Zinc: Anodes, Sheets, etc.
570.96 Recycled Metals and Related Items
575.25 Computer Output Microfilm/Microfiche (COM) Units: COM Recorders, COM Cameras, COM Tape/Recorder, etc.
575.29 Jacket Loaders, Microfilm
575.30 Microfilm Cameras and Accessories
575.31 Cabinets and Filing Boxes, Microfilm
575.33 Microfiche and Microfilm Duplicators
575.40 Microfilm Splicer and Supplies
575.45 Microfilm Process Chemicals
575.47 Microfiche/Microfilm Reader Printer Supplies: Paper, Toner, etc.
575.49 Microfiche/Microfilm Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified): Jackets, Leaders, Mailers, Reels, Spools, Trailers, Aperture Cards, etc.
575.50 Opaque Viewers (For Microprints and Other Opaque Microforms)
575.51 Microfiche and Microfilm Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
575.55 Processors, Microfilm
575.70 Raw Microfilm
575.72 Reader, Microfiche and Microfilm
575.76 Reader/Printer, Microfiche and Microfilm (including parts and options)
575.80 Recycled Microfiche and Microfilm Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
578.05 Assembly Lines, Complete
578.06 Avalanche Devices, Equipment, Accessories and Parts
578.12 Biometric Card Reader
578.14 Boxes, Suggestion Type
578.16 Cards, Biometric Reader
578.17 Caskets, Funeral (See Classes 410 and 465 for Mortuary Equipment)
578.18 Caskets, Pet
578.19 Cemetery Equipment and Supplies (See 578-52 For Lots and Vaults)
578.20 Counters, Mechanical: Tally, etc.
578.22 Counting Machines, Electronic (Not Ticometers, See Class 600): Tally, etc.
578.27 Dehydrating Machines and Parts
578.28 Deodorants, Industrial (Heavy Duty)
578.30 Disaster Survival Equipment, Kits, and Supplies
578.31 Display and Showroom Equipment and Supplies  (Including Exhibit Booths)
578.32 Distilling and Processing Machinery and Equipment, Petroleum
578.33 Energy Generating Devices; e.g., Modular Fuel Cells w/24, 48 or 125 vdc
578.34 Election and Voter Equipment and Supplies, Electronic
578.35 Election Equipment and Supplies, Non-Electronic
578.36 Fireworks
578.37 Flood Control Devices, Equipment, Accessories and Parts
578.38 Forestry Equipment and Supplies
578.39 Gambling Equipment and  Accessories
578.40 Gavels
578.47 Hazardous Materials (Hazmat, Green Material, etc.), (Not Otherwise Classified)
578.48 Holography Apparatus and Accessories (Excluding Lasers)
578.49 Honeycomb Core Materials, All Kinds: Metal, Foam, Plastic, Wood
578.50 Holders, Metal: Card, Door Name Card, Label, etc.
578.51 Ink, License Plate
578.52 Lots and Vaults, Cemetery (See 578-19 for Equipment and Supplies)
578.53 Lottery Equipment and Supplies
578.54 Mannequins, Clothing Display
578.55 Mats, All Kinds (Not Otherwise Classified)
578.56 Minerals and Ores
578.57 Non-Metallic Structural Shapes (Not Otherwise Classified)
578.58 Numbering Machines and Equipment (Take-A-Number)
578.59 Pneumatic Tube Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
578.62 Recycled Miscellaneous Products
578.63 Real Estate: Land and Improvements
578.64 Recycling Equipment, Machines, and Supplies
578.65 Religious Goods: Altar Sets, Collection Plates, Ecclesiastical Metalware, Pulpit Scarves, etc.
578.74 Robots (For Manufacturing Applications, etc.)
578.76 Robots (For Educational, Scientific Applications, etc.)
578.81 Scrap and Waste Products, Non-Metallic (See 570-50 for Scrap Metal)
578.84 Table Skirts (Skirting): To be cloth, paper, vinyl, etc. and for all uses
578.85 Tachistoscopic Devices (Used in the study of learning, attention and perception)
578.86 Tags, Key (All Kinds)
578.90 Taxidermy Equipment and Supplies
578.91 Testing Machines, Driver, Automated (Including Driver Simulating Machine)
578.92 Toll Collection Equipment and Supplies
578.93 Tools for Scientific Use (Anthropological, etc.)
578.94 Turf, Artificial, Indoor and Outdoor
578.95 Water, Potable (See 390-91 for Bottled Water)
578.97 Water, Non-Potable
580.02 Accordians and Accessories
580.03 Amplified Instruments (Guitars, etc.) and Amplifiers
580.05 Band and Choral Risers
580.10 Band Instruments and Accessories
580.15 Band Room Equipment: Music Cabinets, Stands, etc.
580.17 Batons, Conductor
580.25 Electronic Musical Instruments: Electronic Organs, Synthesizers, Visualizers, etc.
580.30 Metronomes and Tuners, Conventional or Electronic
580.34 Music Boxes
580.35 Music, Sheet and Folio
580.40 Musical Instrument Repair Parts and Supplies (Except Organ and Piano)
580.45 Musical Supplies: Music Holders, Strings, Reeds, Rhythm Sticks, etc.
580.53 Orchestra Instruments and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
580.55 Organs (Conventional), Accessories, Parts and Supplies
580.60 Pianos, Accessories, Tuning Instruments, Parts and Supplies
580.70 Recycled Musical Instruments, Accessories and Supplies
580.80 Stringed Instruments, Conventional and Accessories (Banjos, Guitars, Violins, Violas, etc.)
580.85 Tower Chimes, Accessories, Parts, and Supplies
590.02 Bra Backs, Replacement
590.04 Buckles, Belt and Clothing
590.08 Buttons, All Kinds
590.09 Crochet Hooks, Embroidery Hoops, Embroidery Needles, Knitting Needles, etc.
590.10 Cutting Boards
590.12 Dress Forms
590.16 Eyelets and Grommets
590.20 Fabrics, Heat Adhesive (For Marking, Patching, etc.)
590.22 Fasteners, Self-Gripping
590.24 Fasteners, Snap
590.28 Hangers, Garment
590.32 Hatters' Supplies: Bands, Blocks, Linings, etc.
590.36 Hooks and Eyes
590.37 Interlining, Fusible
590.38 Knitted Cuffs
590.39 Labeling Machines, Fabric
590.40 Labels, Fabric, All Kinds
590.42 Measuring Devices: Pattern Curves, Sewing Gauges, Tapes, Thread Counters, Yardsticks, etc.
590.44 Needles, Pins, Thimbles, etc.
590.48 Patterns, Clothing
590.50 Pressing Aids: Cloths, Seam Rolls, Tailor's Boards, Tailor's Hams, etc.
590.51 Rick Rack (Flat Braid)
590.52 Scissors: Household, Pinking, Sewing
590.56 Sewing Accessories: Bound Buttonhole Makers, Palms, Seam Rippers, Sewing Baskets, etc.
590.57 Sewing Kits, All Kinds
590.60 Slide Fasteners (Zippers)
590.62 Stays, All Types
590.64 Tape and Webbing, Elastic
590.68 Tape, Binding (See 525-30 for Library Binder Tape)
590.69 Tape, Velcro Type (See 615-89 for Office Type)
590.72 Thread, Embroidery (Crewel)
590.76 Thread, Sewing, Commercial (Not Shoe Stitching)
590.80 Thread, Sewing, Domestic
590.84 Webbing (Not Elastic)
590.88 Yarn, Knitting
590.95 Recycled Notions and Related Sewing Accessories and Supplies
593.39 Fuel, Fission
593.40 Fuel Equipment, Nuclear
593.41 Fuel, Reactor (Uranium, Iridium, Plutonium)
593.47 Industrial Nucleonic Instruments
593.48 Irradiation Equipment, Atomic or Nuclear Energy
593.50 Nuclear Energy Machinery and Equipment (Subcritical Assy., Dosimetry Equip., Hot Cell Devices,  etc.)
593.64 Reactor Equipment, Nuclear
593.67 Recycled Nuclear Equipment, Components, Accessories, and Supplies
593.74 Shielding Equipment, Radiation
593.90 Waste Equipment, Radioactive
595.06 Bamboo, Cane, Rattan, Reed, etc.
595.07 Aquatic Plants
595.10 Bedding Plants and Cuttings
595.15 Bulbs and Seeds (Incl. Flower Seeds)
595.26 Edging, Lawn
595.28 Flowers, Fresh
595.30 Fountains, Statues and Other Decorative Lawn and Garden Items
595.33 Grates, Guards, and Other Protective Devices For Trees and Shrubs
595.35 Groundcovers and Vines
595.37 Horticultural Specialties incl. Ornamental Floriculture Products
595.40 Nursery, Greenhouse and Floral Supplies: Labels, Planters, Pots, Tags, Trellises, etc.
595.50 Peat Moss
595.52 Perennials
595.55 Plant Foods (Not Fertilizer)
595.57 Plants, Non-Flowering
595.58 Plant Shine
595.59 Plants, Herb
595.60 Plant Sprayers and Respirators, Plant Propagation Mats, etc., and Accessories
595.61 Plants, Indoor
595.62 Recycled Nursery Equipment and Accessories
595.63 Rocks, Ornamental and Decorative
595.65 Shrubbery, Evergreen
595.66 Shrubbery, Flowering
595.68 Terrariums
595.70 Trees, Fruit and Nut
595.75 Trees, Ornamental and Shade
595.77 Tropicals
595.80 Turf Blankets, Seeded (Including Recycled)
595.88 Vases, Flower Pots, Pottery, etc.
595.90 Vermiculite and Perlite
595.95 Wood Chips and Bark: Composted, Shredded, etc.
600.03 Accounting and Bookkeeping Machines (Not Data Processing)
600.05 Adding Machines
600.08 Addressing Machines (Computer Driven Only, Direct Print Type Only) and Accessories (See Class 015 for Supplies)
600.11 Addressing Machines (Embossed Plate Type) and Embossing and Imprinting Machines, and Accessories (See Class 015 for Supplies)
600.14 Braille Writers and Printers
600.15 Calculators, Electronic, Display/Printing Type, Programmable
600.16 Calculators, Electronic, Display/Printing Type, Non-Programmable
600.17 Calculators, Electronic, Display Type, Non-Programmable
600.19 Calculators, Electronic, Display Type, Programmable
600.21 Calculators, Electronic, Printing Type, Non-Programmable
600.22 Calculators, Electronic, Printing Type, Programmable
600.25 Calculators, Mechanical
600.27 Cases, Typewriter
600.30 Cash Registers and Cash Drawers
600.33 Change Makers, Coin and Bill Counters, Money Handling Machines, etc.
600.35 Check Writing Guide for the Writing Disabled (Incls. Writing, Endorsing, and Depositing plus Traveler Check capabilities)
600.36 Check Machines: Protection, Signing, Writing, etc.
600.37 Copyboards, Electronic
600.38 Copy Machines, Bond (Plain) Paper Type Including Parts and Accessories
600.39 Copy Machines, Analog
600.40 Copy Machines, Coated or Treated Paper Type, Including Parts and Accessories
600.41 Copy Machines, Engineering, for Reproduction and Design Production
600.42 Copy Machines, Laser, Including Parts and Accessories
600.44 Copier Vending Machines, Accessories and Supplies
600.45 Copy Machines, Thermal Type, Including Parts and Accessories
600.46 Copy Machines, Digital
600.47 Copy Machine Add-On Accessories
600.48 Counterfeit Scanning Devices (Including Detector Pens)
600.49 Court Reporter Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
600.50 Counting Devices: Ticometers, etc. (Paper, Tickets, etc.) (For Coins See 600-33)
600.51 Detacher, Forms
600.52 Dictating Machines ; Transcription Machines
600.54 Dictating Machine Accessories and Supplies
600.56 Duplicators, Digital
600.57 Duplicating Machines and Accessories, Mimeograph Type
600.59 Duplicating Machines and Accessories, Spirit Type
600.60 Electronic Reference Equipment (Organizers, etc.)
600.61 Fax Machines, Parts and Supplies (See Class 725 for Industrial Type and Class 645 for Paper)
600.62 Folding Machines
600.63 Folding/Inserting/Sealing Machines
600.64 Ink Rollers, Office Machines
600.65 Inserting Machines
600.66 Label Dispensing Machines and Accessories (For Continuous Form Labels)
600.67 Letter Extraction and Insertion Machines, Mailroom
600.68 Letter Openers, Electric
600.69 Micrographics Equipment and Supplies
600.70 Machine Repair Tools, Office
600.71 Mailing, Packaging, and Shipping Machines (Including Packaging Material Dispensing Machines)
600.72 Multi-Function Office Machines (Combination of Fax-Copier-Scanner-Printer, etc.)
600.73 Office Machines, Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies - Recycled
600.74 Perforating Machines
600.77 Postage Meters
600.79 Poster Making Machines and Equipment
600.80 Postage Meter Supplies
600.81 Postage Stamp Vending Machines, Accessories, and Supplies
600.82 Shredders, Paper and Media
600.83 Stenographic and Stenotype Machines, Accessories, and Supplies
600.84 Teletype Machines and Parts
600.85 Telegraph Equipment, Parts and Supplies
600.86 Typewriters, Electric, Accessories and Parts
600.87 Typewriters, Electronic, Accessories and Parts
600.88 Typewriters, Manual, Accessories and Parts
600.89 Typewriters, Memory: Typewriters with Memory for Data Storage and Retrieval (Not Microcomputer System Style)
600.90 Typewriters, Portable, Accessories and Parts
600.92 Typewriters, Specialized: One-Handed, Large Type, Accessories and Parts, etc.
600.95 Validating Machines
600.97 Vacuum Machines (Specifically Designed for Office Equipment)
605.03 Bells, Call
605.05 Collators, Mechanical, Table Top Type; and Accessories
605.10 Copyholders, Mechanical, Adjustable
605.14 Copyholders, Nonmechanical, Non-Adjustable
605.18 Cutter, Wrapping Paper
605.24 Date and Time Machines and Parts
605.30 Embossing Machines and Labeling Machines and Tapes
605.34 Eyelet Machines and Eyelets
605.36 Footrests
605.41 Magnets
605.42 Magnifying Glasses and Magnifiers
605.46 Moisteners, Sanitary; and Rubber Finger Tips (Incl. Sheet Lifters)
605.50 Numbering Machines and Supplies: Ink, Pads, etc.
605.55 Paper Trimmers, Hand, Blade Type
605.57 Paper Trimmers, Hand, Rotary Type
605.60 Pencil Sharpeners, Electric and Battery Operated
605.63 Pencil Sharpeners, Manual; and Parts
605.65 Punches, Paper, Electric
605.67 Punches, Paper, Manual
605.68 Recycled Office Mechanical Aids, Small Machines and Apparatuses
605.69 Scissors and Shears, Office
605.75 Sealing and Tape Machines, Mail Room
605.78 Seal, Notary and Departmental
605.82 Staple Removers
605.85 Stapling Machines, Electric; and Parts
605.88 Stapling Machines and Parts, Manual
610.07 Carbon Paper, One-Time
610.14 Carbon Paper, Pencil
610.16 Carbon Paper, Register Machines
610.21 Carbon Paper, Typewriter
610.28 Carbon Paper, Solvent Carbon Type
610.33 Recycled Carbon Paper
610.34 Recycled Ribbons
610.35 Ribbons, Adding Machine and Calculator, All Types
610.42 Ribbons, Addressing Machine, All Types
610.49 Ribbons, Bookkeeping and Posting Machine, All Types
610.52 Ribbons, Cash Register
610.56 Ribbons, Computer and Data Processing, All Types (For Tab See 610-73)
610.63 Ribbons, Teleprinter and Teletype, All Types
610.70 Ribbons: Check Machine, Time Clock, Time Machine, and Recorder
610.73 Ribbons, Tab
610.77 Ribbons, Typewriter and Word Processing, Fabric
610.84 Ribbons, Typewriter and Word Processing, Film
610.91 Ribbons, Typesetting, All Types
610.96 Tape, Correcting (For Use with Correctable Typewriters)
615.03 Adding Machine and Calculator Paper (Rolls)
615.04 Adding Machine and Calculator Paper (Rolls), Thermal Type "Treated Paper" and Carbonless Type
615.05 Adhesives and Applicators: Glue, Mucilage, Paste, etc.
615.07 Ashtrays, Desk Type
615.09 Binders: Chain, Post, Prong, Ring, etc.
615.11 Binder Sheets: Accounting, Columnar, Index, Journal, Ledger, etc.
615.13 Blotters and Pads, Desk
615.14 Boards: Calendar, Schedule, Dispatch, Manning, etc.
615.15 Books, Office: Accounting, Address, Columnar, Composition, Memo, Minute, Receipt, Steno, Time, etc.
615.17 Box Files
615.18 Braille Labeling Material: Plastic Sheets, etc.
615.19 Calendars, Calendar Pads and Stands
615.20 Cash Register Paper
615.21 Chair Cushions, All Types
615.23 Chair Mats (Carpet Protectors), All Types
615.24 Cleaners, Hand (Pre-moistened Towelettes, etc.)
615.25 Clipboards, Arch Boards, etc.
615.27 Coin Wrappers, Bill Straps, Bank Deposit Bags, etc.
615.29 Correction Fluid, Sheets and Tape, Including Thinners (For Typewriter Correction Tape See 610-96)
615.31 Covers: Brief, Manuscript, Pressboard, Report, etc.
615.32 Covers, Sleeve (Cuffettes)
615.33 Desk Accessories: Alphabetizers, Cash Boxes, Desk Files, File Card Cabinets, Letter Sorters, Message Racks, etc. (See 620-10 for Desk Sets)
615.35 File Cards, Blank and Ruled
615.37 File Cases: Jackets, Binder, Storage, Transfer, etc.
615.39 File Dividers, Labels, Tabs, etc.
615.41 File Folders: Expanding Envelopes, Wallets, etc.
615.43 File Folders, Hanging Type; and Accessories
615.45 File Folders, Regular, Legal and Letter Sizes
615.47 File Guides
615.48 Holders, Form and Memo (Including Spindles)
615.49 Index Tabs: Celluloid, Cloth, etc.
615.50 Key Rings, All Types
615.51 Labels, Reinforcements, Seals, etc. (Not Printed); and Sealing Wax
615.52 Label Remover Equipment
615.53 Letter Folders and Openers
615.55 Letter and Card Trays, All Types
615.57 List Finders, Rolodex, Telephone Strips, and Accessories
615.62 Pads and Tablets: Analysis, Columnar, Figure, Memo, Note, Ruled, Post-It Notes, Telephone Message, etc.
615.65 Pads and Covers, Office Machine, All Types
615.67 Paper Clips, Ball Bearing
615.69 Paper Clips, Clamps, Fasteners (Round and Flat Head), Dispensers, etc.
615.71 Paper Fasteners, Prong Type
615.72 Planners, Organizers
615.73 Recycled Office Supplies
615.74 Recycled Office Supplies (L thru Z)
615.75 Rubber Bands, All Sizes
615.77 Rubber Stamps, Stamp Pads, Stamp Pad Ink and Stamp Racks
615.79 Rulers, All Types (For Drafting See Class 305-35)
615.80 Sheet Protectors, All Types
615.81 Staples
615.82 Stock Forms and Labels: Copy Sets, Receiving Forms, Speed Letters, etc.
615.84 Tacks (Office Use): Map, Thumb, etc. (Incl. Push and T Pins)
615.86 Tags, Marking and Shipping, Stock
615.88 Tape and Dispensers, Office Type
615.89 Tape, Velcro Type (See 590-69 for Clothing Type)
615.90 Typewriter Cleaners and Oils
615.93 Visible Record Supplies: Cards, Flags, Folders, Hinges, Signal, Strips, Tabs, etc.
615.95 Wastebaskets, Office, All Types
620.10 Desk Sets, Inkstands, Penholders, Pen Points, etc. (See 615-33 for Desk Accessories)
620.20 Erasers, All Types (Except Electric)
620.30 Ink: Drawing, Marking, and Writing
620.40 Ink Eradicators
620.50 Ink Refills (Not Ballpoint), Drawing and Writing
620.55 Lumber Marking Crayons
620.60 Pencils, Lead; Pencil Leads; Pencil Lengtheners; etc.
620.70 Pencils, Marking (Including Mechanical Types and Refills): "Grease" or "China" Types, etc.
620.71 Pencils, Marking (Not Grease or China Types)
620.79 Pens, Fountain
620.80 Pens (General Writing Types): Ball Point, Nylon Tip, Plastic Tip, Roller Ball, etc.
620.81 Pen Refills (General Writing Types): Ball Point, Nylon Tip, Plastic Tip, Roller Ball, etc.
620.85 Pen and Pencil Sets
620.86 Pens, Erasable Markers (For Porcelain Boards, etc.)
620.90 Pens, Marker Type (Including Highlighter Types)
620.94 Recycled Pens and Pencils
625.13 Binoculars
625.15 Calibration Equipment, Optical
625.17 Cleaners and Wipes, Eye Glass
625.20 Contact Lenses and Supplies
625.26 Eye Glasses Including Sunglasses  (Including Frames, Cases, Parts, etc.)
625.39 Eye Testing Equipment (For Intraocular Pressure, Refraction, etc.) (See item 97 for Vision Testers)
625.40 Eyesight Testing Charts
625.42 Laser Safety Goggles
625.43 Laser Systems Instruments and Equipment (Including Lens and Laser Windows)
625.44 Lens Cutting and Grinding Machines, Opthalmic
625.45 Lens Measuring and Polishing Equipment, Opthalmic
625.46 Optical Components: Blanks, Domes, Filters, Lenses, Mirrors, Prisms, etc. (See Class 490 for Microscopes)
625.52 Opticians' Furniture: Cabinets, Chairs, etc.
625.65 Opticians' Tools and Supplies
625.78 Magnifiers (For Office Use See Class 605)
625.82 Telescope Accessories (Stands, etc.)
625.83 Telescopes, Astronomical, Amateur Sizes
625.84 Telescopes, Astronomical, Observatory Sizes, and Guide Telescopes, Schmidt Cameras, etc.
625.88 Telescopes, Surgical
625.91 Telescopes, Terrestrial: Alignment, Spotting, etc. (For Rifle and Range See Class 680)
625.95 Testing and Measuring Equipment (For Optical Components): Spherometers, etc.
625.96 Recycled Optical Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
625.97 Vision Testers (Not Opthalmology; See item 39)
630.03 Additives and Miscellaneous Paint Ingredients: Driers, Fungicides, Latexes, Pigments, Surfactants, etc.
630.05 Bleach, Wood
630.06 Caulking Compounds, Bulk or Cartridge Type
630.09 Coatings, Masonry (For Brick, Cinder Block, Concrete, etc.)
630.10 Coatings, Protective, Polyurethane, etc.
630.12 Coatings, Protective, Asphalt Based (Also See Class 770-26)
630.19 Coatings, Protective, Zinc-Rich (Cold Galvanizing Compound)
630.21 Colors, Tinting (Oil or Universal Type) and Lettering
630.22 Fillers and Sealers, Masonry: Block Fillers, Water Repellent Solutions, etc.
630.23 Fillers and Sealers, Wallboard
630.25 Fillers and Sealers, Metal
630.26 Fillers and Sealers, Wood: Paste, Plastic Wood, Sanding Sealers, etc.
630.27 Fillers and Sealers, Fiberglass
630.28 Fire-Retardant and Heat-Resistant Coatings (Not Aluminum Paint)
630.33 Lacquer and Shellac, Clear and Colored
630.42 Linseed Oil
630.44 Mix, Paint Water
630.45 Paint and Varnish Removers (Includes Painted Graffiti Removers) (See 485-16 for Other Types of Graffiti Removers)
630.47 Paint, Aluminum (Not Roof Coating)
630.49 Paint, Automotive and Machinery
630.50 Paint, Deck and Floor
630.55 Paint, Freezer and Wet Surface
630.56 Paint, House and Trim
630.57 Paint, Miscellaneous: Blockout, Bronzing Liquid, Environmentally Safe, Epoxy, Fluorescent, License Plate, Oil Paste, Reflective, Tint Base, Tree Pruning, USDA Approved, etc.
630.59 Paint, Marine
630.61 Paint, Masonry
630.62 Paint, Rust Preventative
630.63 Paint, Sports Court (Outdoor)
630.64 Paint, Spray (Aerosol)
630.65 Paint, Swimming Pool
630.66 Paints, Traffic
630.67 Paint Sticks, Annealing
630.72 Primers, Rust Inhibiting: Red Oxide, Zinc Chromate, etc.
630.75 Putty, Glazing (Metal and Wood Sash)
630.76 Putty: Lacquer, Plumbers, Tape
630.79 Recycled Paints, Lacquers, Shellacs, Varnish, Primers, Coatings, Sealers, etc.
630.82 Sealers and Primers, Paint
630.84 Stains and Varnishes
630.88 Textured Coatings, All Kinds
630.90 Thinners (Reducers): Alcohols, Aromatic Solvents, Esters, Ketones, Mineral Spirits, Turpentine, V M and P Naphtha, etc.
630.93 Wall Coverings, Fabric and Plastic; and Accessories (Including Recycled Types)
630.95 Wallpaper, Paste, and Canvas (Including Paper Hanger Tools and Recycled Types)
630.97 Wood Preservative and/or Water-Repellent Finishes
635.06 Can Opener, Paint (Pneumatic)
635.07 Cleaner and Conditioner, Paint Brush
635.08 Compressors, Portable Paint Sprayer, Electric Motor or Engine Driven (Up to 25 CFM @ 100 PSI)
635.14 Drop Cloths, Hoods and Mitts, Painter's
635.20 Filter Pads, Paint Arrester
635.38 Masking Film (Spray Booth Lining), Masking Paper, etc.
635.40 Paint Conditioners, Mixers, Shakers, and Tinting Machines
635.43 Paint Equipment, Accessories and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
635.45 Paint and Varnish Removing Equipment
635.47 Rollers, Paint Can Holders, Trays and Accessories
635.50 Screens and Strainers
635.65 Spray Booths and Accessories, Paint
635.70 Spray Booths and Accessories, Water Wash
635.75 Sprayer Components and Accessories: Guns, Hoses, Pots, Regulators, Tanks, etc.
635.80 Sprayers and Spray Systems, Industrial, Heavy Duty
635.85 Spraying Outfits, Portable, Light Duty
635.95 Recycled Painting Equipment and Accessories
640.05 Bags and Boxes: Pollinating, Seed, and Soil Sampling; and Seed Germination Paper
640.08 Bags, Food Storage (Including Freezer Type)
640.09 Bags, Glassine
640.10 Bags, Padded: Book Mailing, Shipping, etc.
640.15 Bags, Paper: Regular Weight, Heavy Weight, Nail, etc.
640.18 Boxes and Retention Packaging (Not Otherwise Classified)
640.20 Chipboard, Pasteboard, and Telescoping Boxes
640.22 Containers, Paper and Plastic
640.23 Containers, Cylindrical, Cardboard (Not Mailing Type)
640.25 Corrugated Boxes and Sheets (Including Fillers)
640.26 Fiber Type Dishes, Trays, etc. (Disposable)
640.27 Foil Containers and Bags
640.28 Gift Wrap Paper Including Tissue Paper and Ribbons
640.30 Mailing Tubes and Storage Tubes
640.40 Multiwall Paper Bags
640.42 Multiwall Wrapping Paper, Rolls or Sheets
640.43 Packing Materials for Mailing and Shipping (Not Containers)
640.44 Packing List Envelopes (Plastic and Paper), Self Adhesive
640.45 Paper, Food Processing (Fresh and Frozen): Butcher Paper, Butter Paper, Freezer Paper, Vegetable Paper, etc.
640.50 Paper Products: Cups, Doilies, Napkins, Plates, Straws, Facial Tissues (Other Than Hospital), etc.
640.60 Plastic and Styrofoam Products: Cups, Forks, Plastic Coated Dishes, Plastic Food Wrap, Cooking Bags, Sandwich Bags, Spoons, Straws, Doilies, etc.
640.66 Recycled Paper, Plastic, and Styrofoam Products (Disposable Type) (Incl. Wax Paper, Aluminum Foil and Cellophane)
640.69 Sheeting, Slip, Paper
640.70 Shelf Paper
640.75 Toilet Tissues, Paper Towels, and Toilet Seat Covers
640.80 Waxed Paper, Aluminum Foil and Cellophane
640.85 Wipers, Shop and Food Service Use
640.87 Wrapping Paper, Brown Kraft Paper, etc.
645.10 Announcement Stock (Including Recycled)
645.15 Backing Sheets and Liners for Decals, Bumper Stickers, etc. (Crack and Peel)
645.18 Boards: Poster, Pressboard, Railroad, etc. (Including Recycled)
645.21 Bond Paper (Including Recycled)
645.25 Book Paper (Including Recycled)
645.28 Bristol (Including Recycled)
645.30 Carbonless Paper (Chemical Transfer) (Including Recycled)
645.31 Card Stock (Incl. Recycled)
645.32 Coated Paper (Not Otherwise Classified) (Incl. Recycled)
645.33 Copy Paper - Specialized High Speed (Included Recycled)
645.35 Cover Stock (Including Recycled)
645.39 Duplicator and Mimeograph Paper (Including Recycled)
645.44 Facsimile (Fax) Paper (Including Recycled)
645.47 Gummed Paper (Including Recycled)
645.51 Index Paper (Including Recycled)
645.54 Kenaf Tree Free Paper (Incl. Recycled)
645.55 Ledger Paper (Including Recycled)
645.58 Manifold Paper (Including Recycled)
645.59 Map Paper (Including Recycled)
645.61 Newsprint (Including Recycled)
645.64 Offset Paper (Including Recycled)
645.66 Onionskin (Including Recycled)
645.68 Parchment Paper (Including Recycled)
645.69 Paper and Paper Products, Scrap or Waste (Incl. Recycled)
645.71 Poster Paper (Including Recycled)
645.74 Pressure Sensitive Paper (Including Recycled)
645.80 Stationery w/Envelopes (Including Recycled)
645.83 Tag Stock (Including Recycled)
645.88 Teletype and Telex Paper (Including Recycled)
645.90 Text Paper (Including Recycled)
645.94 Uncoated Paper (Not Otherwise Classified)
650.04 Amusement Park Ride Equipment, Accessories and Parts
650.06 Benches, Park (Including Bus Stop Benches)
650.10 Bicycle Racks
650.12 Climbers, Playground
650.18 Combination Sets, Playground
650.23 Golf Course Maintenance Tools and Equipment (For Lawn Mowers See Class 515)
650.24 Grill and Park Stoves, Outdoor
650.30 Ice Rink Resurfacer
650.36 Picnic Tables
650.38 Playground Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified) (See 420-04 for Bleachers)
650.46 Rakes, Beach (Tractor Towed)
650.48 Recycled Recreational and Park Equipment
650.50 Safety Surfaces, Playground
650.54 Seesaws, Playground
650.60 Slides, Playground
650.62 Sports Field Maintenance Equipment
650.66 Swimming Pools, Equipment, and Supplies (Including Heaters, Lights, and Vacuum Machines; for Chemicals See Class 885)
650.72 Swings, Playground
650.78 Umbrellas, Lawn and Picnic Type
650.80 Whirls
652.12 Baby Powder, Lotions, Oils and Creams
652.15 Bath Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
652.16 Bath Powder, Oils, and Soaps (Including Talc)
652.27 Combs and Brushes, Hair
652.29 Cosmetics and Skin Care: Colognes, Creams, Lipsticks, Lotions, Perfumes, Powders, Soaps w/Lotion, etc.
652.32 Dispensers for Personal Hygiene, Skin Care, and Grooming Equipment and Supplies
652.35 Electrolysis Equipment (Hair Removal)
652.37 Deodorants, Body
652.39 Feminine Personal Hygiene Items: Sanitary Napkins, Pads and Belts, Tampons, etc.
652.42 Hair Cleaning and Conditioning Supplies: Colors, Creams, Dressings, Oils, Rinses, Shampoos, Sprays, Tonics, Waving Solutions, etc.
652.43 Hair Care Accessories: Bands, Curlers, Nets, Pins, Rollers, etc.
652.50 Manicuring Equipment and Supplies: Nail Files, Nail Clippers, Nail Polish, Polish Remover, etc.
652.54 Mouthwash
652.57 Personal Hygiene Kits for Men and Women  (Incl. Toothpaste, Shampoo, Deodorant, etc.)
652.64 Razors and Blades, Electric
652.65 Razors and Blades, Safety
652.66 Razors and Keys, Security
652.67 Razors, Shaper and Straight
652.70 Recycled Personal Hygiene and Grooming Equipment and Supplies
652.75 Shaving Supplies: Soaps, Brushes, Creams, Lathers, Lotions, etc.
652.84 Toothbrushes and Holders
652.85 Tooth Paste, Polish, and Powders
652.89 Valets and Vanity Kits
652.91 Wigs, Wiglets, Holders, and Manikins
655.04 Albums and Organizers, Picture
655.05 Animation Equipment and Supplies
655.15 Camera Accessories: Batteries, Exposure Meters (Light Meters), Flash Equipment and Bar Lights (See Class 285 for Lamps), Power Packs and Chargers, Tripods, etc.
655.20 Camera Attachments: Adapter Rings, Collimators, Filters, Lenses, etc.
655.25 Camera Carrying Cases, Gadget Bags, etc.
655.27 Camera Tools, Books, Instruction Manuals, etc.
655.29 Cameras, Digital Type (Incl. Digital Network Cameras)
655.30 Cameras, Movie; and Accessories
655.35 Cameras, Still, Nonspecialized (Incl.  Infrared Types, Self-Developing Types, etc.)
655.39 Cameras, Still, Specialized (Including Complete Systems for Medical and Dental Photography, Photomicrography, etc.)
655.41 Chemicals, Photographic
655.43 Color Film Adhesive (For Adding Color to Visuals)
655.50 Copying Equipment (Including Slide Duplicators)
655.55 Darkroom Equipment (Not Graphic Arts Type): Cabinets, Color Analyzers, Counters, Densitometers, Developing Tanks, Enlargers, etc.
655.60 Darkroom Supplies: Enlarger Easels, Film Holders, Film Loaders, Lens Cleaner, Safelights and Filters, Thermometers, Timers, Trays, Water Filtering Elements, etc.
655.66 Film Developing and Processing Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
655.67 Film, Photographic (Including Movie Films and Polaroid Type)
655.71 Paper and Plates, Photographic
655.78 Photo Identification Systems, Complete
655.79 Recycled Photographic Equipment and Supplies
655.80 Silver Recovery Devices
655.84 Slide Maker, Computerized
655.85 Slide Preparation Supplies: Mounting Presses, Mounts, etc.
655.88 Storage and Mailing Materials (For Negatives, Prints, or Slides): Envelopes, Files, Sleeves, etc.
655.90 Studio Production Equipment: Backdrop Mechanisms, Floods, Posing Stools, Reflectors, Spots, Stands, Strobe Systems, etc. (See Class 285 for Lamps)
655.92 Transparency Film
658.04 Pipe, Alloy Steel, Chrom-Moly, Stainless
658.05 Pipe, Aluminum
658.09 Pipe, Asbestos-Cement
658.18 Pipe, Bituminized Fiber
658.19 Pipe, Bonded (All Types)
658.22 Pipe, Brass
658.24 Pipe, Bronze
658.28 Pipe, Cast Iron
658.30 Pipe, Chrome
658.31 Pipe, Clay (Terra Cotta)
658.34 Pipe, Concrete
658.35 Pipe, Copper
658.40 Pipe, Ferrous Alloy
658.41 Pipe, Fiberglass
658.46 Pipe, Iron (Includes Ductile Iron Pipe)
658.50 Pipe, Lead
658.52 Pipe, Magnesium
658.54 Pipe, Non-Ferrous Alloy
658.56 Pipe, Plastic (Incls. Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pipe, Polybutylene Pipe)
658.58 Pipe, Polyethylene
658.60 Pipe, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
658.68 Pipe, Rubber
658.74 Pipe, Soil
658.77 Pipe, Stainless Steel
658.80 Pipe, Steel
658.82 Pipe, Steel, Wrought
658.83 Pipe, Tin
658.84 Pipe, Titanium
658.87 Pipe, Zinc
658.88 Tubing, Brass, Bronze, and Copper (See 570-91 for Structural Tubing)
658.89 Tubing: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloy
658.90 Tubing: Iron, Lead, Magnesium
658.91 Tubing, Plastic and PVC
658.93 Tubing: Tin, Titanium, Zinc
658.94 Tubing, Stainless Steel (See 570-91 for Structural Tubing)
658.95 Tubing, Steel
658.96 Recycled Pipe and Tubing
658.97 Tubing (Not Otherwise Classified)
659.06 Adapters
659.17 Bends
659.24 Bushings
659.27 Caps
659.30 Connectors
659.33 Couplings
659.36 Crosses, Crossovers, Curves
659.40 Elbows, Steel
659.41 Elbows (Other than Steel)
659.42 Ells
659.43 Extensions, Pipe
659.44 Ferrules, Flanges, Glands
659.47 Hubs, Increasers, Inserts, Joints
659.50 Laterals, Nipples
659.51 Lining, Pipe (Cement, Epoxy, etc.)
659.54 Offsets, Plugs, Pipe Rests
659.65 Reducers
659.73 Saddles, Sleeves, Straps
659.78 Tubing Fittings (Brass, Bronze, and Copper)
659.79 Tubing Fittings (Plastic, PVC)
659.80 Tubing Fittings (Stainless Steel)
659.81 Tubing Fittings (Steel)
659.84 Tees, Steel
659.85 Tees (Other Than Steel)
659.87 Unions
659.90 Vees (V)
659.94 Wyes (Y)
659.96 Recycled Pipe and Tubing Fittings
659.97 Pipe Fittings, Misc. (Not Otherwise Classified)
660.05 Alcoholic Beverages, All Types
660.10 Cigarettes
660.15 Cigars
660.23 Lighters, Cigarette
660.29 Papers and Storage Bags, Tobacco
660.30 Pipes, Smoking, All Types; and Pipe Cleaners, Filters, etc.
660.40 Snuff
660.42 Holders, Cigarette and Cigar
660.50 Tobacco, Chewing
660.60 Tobacco, Smoking
660.63 Tobacco and Smoking Accessories, Scrap or Waste
660.95 Recycled Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages Accessories and Supplies
665.06 Acetate Film and Sheets
665.12 Acrylic Rods and Tubes (Methyl Methacrylate)
665.16 Acrylic Mirrors
665.18 Acrylic Sheets (Methyl Methacrylate)
665.21 Bag Sealing Equipment, Including Tape and Accessories
665.23 Bumper and Guard Rails, Poly. (See Class 570 for Metal Type)
665.24 Bags and Liners, Plastic: Garbage Can Liners, Janitor Cart Liners, Linen Hamper Liners, Litter Bags, Polyethylene Bags, etc.
665.25 Burnishers for Plastic
665.26 Contact Cement (For Plastic Laminates)
665.27 Coatings, Protective for Plastics, etc.
665.28 Edging Tape, Polypropylene (For Mesh Screening)
665.30 Engraving Machines (For Nameplates), Accessories, and Stock (Laminated)
665.32 Envelopes, Plastic and Poly.
665.33 Fiberglass Structural Shapes: Angles, Channels, I-Beams, etc.
665.34 Fiberglass, Plastic and Poly. Castings
665.35 Fiberglass Sheets, Panels, etc. (Incl. Reinforced Types)
665.36 Fiberglass Supplies: Catalysts, Cloth, Resins, etc.
665.37 Gratings: Fiberglass, Plastic, Poly., etc.
665.38 Heat Sealing Equipment, Film, and Supplies
665.41 Laminates, Polycarbonate: Ballistic, Break-Resistant and Forced Entry Types
665.42 Laminating Presses, Film, ID Pouches, and Supplies
665.44 Landfill Liners
665.48 Mesh Screening, Fiberglass and Plastic
665.54 Nameplates (Engraved) and Easels
665.59 Pilings, Plastic
665.60 Plastic Rods and Tubes (Except Acrylic)
665.66 Plastic Forming and Molding Equipment: Blow Molding, Extrusion Equipment, Injection Molding, Vacuum Forming, etc.
665.67 Plastic Forming and Molding Supplies: Catalysts, Colorants, Mold Release Compounds, Resins, etc.
665.68 Plastics Processing Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
665.69 Polypropylene Film, Rods, Tubes, etc.
665.70 Plastics and Related Products, Scrap or Waste
665.71 Plastic Laminates: Decorative, High and Low Pressure Type Veneers (As Used for Desk Tops, Cabinetry, etc.)
665.72 Plastic, Polyethylene and Fiberglass Products and Supplies, Recycled
665.73 Plastic Sheets and Strips (Except Acetate, Acrylic, and Polycarbonate)
665.74 Plastic Edge Molding (For Desks, Counter Tops, and Tables)
665.75 Polyimide Film
665.76 Polycarbonate Sheets
665.77 Polyethylene Bags, Self-Sealing, Reclosable
665.78 Polyethylene Film, Rods, Tubes, etc.
665.79 Polyvinyl Chloride Rods and Sheets
665.80 Polyethylene Film, Reinforced
665.81 Polyurethane
665.82 Shrink Film Packaging Equipment and Supplies
665.83 Stretch Film and Wrapping Equipment
665.84 Sheeting, Plastic, Reinforced (Not Polyethylene)
665.86 Structural Plastic Shapes: Angles, Bars, etc.
665.87 Teflon Sheets and Rods
665.89 Thermoplastic Plastics
665.90 Thermoset Plastics
670.02 Bathroom Accessories: Fans, Mirrors, Medicine Cabinets, Soap Dishes, Towel Bars and Rings, etc.
670.03 Bathtub and Shower Cleaners
670.04 Cathodic Protection Equipment
670.05 Cement and Cleaners (For Plastic Conduit, Fittings, and Pipe)
670.06 Compound, Pipe Joint and Tape
670.09 Drains, Grease Traps, etc.
670.10 Dryers, Hand, Electric
670.12 Grout, Pipe and Sewer
670.13 Grab Bars
670.14 Gas Meters, Indicating and Recording
670.15 Hand Tools, Including Plungers
670.16 Hydraulic Fusion Machine for Pipe
670.17 Irrigation Systems, Supplies, Parts, and Accessories
670.20 Lead: Flashings, Ingots, Sheets, etc.
670.24 Liquid Heaters, Immersion Type
670.43 Oakum
670.49 Pipe Hangers, Constant Support Type, for Power Plant Operations
670.50 Pipe Hangers, Concrete Inserts, Joint Restraints, etc.
670.51 Pipe and Utility Markers
670.52 Pipe Repair Clamps, Couplings, Leak Kits, etc.
670.53 Pipeline Equipment and Tools (For Construction and Laying of the Pipeline)
670.54 Plumbing Brass (Tubular Goods)
670.55 Plumbing Fixtures and Parts: Lavatories, Showers, Sinks, Toilets (Water Closets),Toilet Seats (Incl. Hygienic Type), Tubs, etc.
670.56 Plumbing Trim: Faucets, Fittings, etc.
670.57 Plumbing Equipment, Accessories and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
670.58 Rubber Goods and Plumbing Specialities: Gaskets, Leathers, Seats, Washers, etc.
670.59 Sealants, Waterplug
670.60 Septic Tanks and Cesspools (Other than Concrete)
670.61 Sewer Pipe Cleaning Machines, Power Driven; and Parts
670.62 Shower Stalls, Doors, and Tub Enclosures
670.63 Service Boxes and Parts
670.64 Supplies and Stops
670.66 Toilet Partitions and Doors
670.67 Vacuum Breakers
670.68 Valves, Aluminum
670.69 Valves, Brass and Copper
670.70 Valves, Bronze: Angle, Ball, Check, Gate, Globe, etc.
670.71 Valves, Butterfly, All Kinds
670.72 Valves, Chrome
670.73 Valves, Flush, All Types; and Parts
670.74 Valves, Drop-Out
670.75 Valves, Iron Body: Angle, Check, Gate, Globe, etc.
670.76 Valves and Valve Parts, Miscellaneous
670.77 Valves, Plastic: Ball, Check, Diaphragm, Globe, etc.
670.79 Valves, Semi-Steel
670.80 Valves, Solenoid Control
670.81 Valves, Stainless Steel: Angle, Ball, Check, Gate, Globe, etc.
670.82 Valves, Steel: Angle, Check, Gate, Globe, etc.
670.84 Venturi Tubes, Air and Vacuum
670.86 Water Filtration, Conditioning, and Purification Equipment for the Office and Home
670.87 Water Conservation Kits
670.88 Water Hammer Arrester
670.89 Water Heaters, Residential
670.91 Water Heaters, Commercial
670.92 Water Softening Equipment, Residential
670.93 Water Softening Equipment, Commercial (Also see 890-85)
670.95 Recycled Plumbing Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
675.25 Defoliants, Cotton
675.30 Fumigating Gases (Other Than Soil)
675.35 Grains and Baits, Poisoned
675.40 Insecticides and Fungicides, Dry
675.45 Insecticides and Fungicides, Liquid
675.54 Pesticides
675.55 Poison Adjuvants: Emulsifiers, Spreader/Stickers, Wetting Agents, etc.
675.58 Recycled Poisons for Agriculture and Industrial Use
675.60 Rotenone (Fish Toxicant)
675.65 Seed and Soil Fumigants and Sterilants
675.80 TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid, Sodium Salt)
675.84 Weed Control Blankets (Including Recycled Types)
675.85 Weed Killers (Herbicides), Dry
675.90 Weed Killers (Herbicides), Liquid
680.02 Access Control Systems and Security Systems
680.04 Ammunition
680.05 Ammunition, Reloaded
680.06 Ammunition Handling Systems (Aircraft, Tanks, etc.)
680.08 Police Protection Equipment (Body Armor and Riot Shields) and Supplies
680.10 Badge Cases, Police (All Types)
680.12 Belts, Cases, Holsters, Scabbards, etc.
680.20 Billies and Night Sticks
680.24 Breath Alcohol Testing Instruments and Supplies
680.28 Bullet Traps
680.32 Burglar Alarms
680.33 Canine (K-9) Police Dog Training Equipment
680.34 Citation Issuance Devices and Supplies
680.35 Chemicals for Personal Defense (Mace, etc.)
680.36 Clay Targets and Skeet Range Equipment
680.40 Composite Identification Kits and Systems
680.41 Crime Detection Equipment and Supplies
680.42 Curtains, Security; Vehicle Security Partitions
680.44 Detectors, Gun and Metal
680.45 Explosives Storage Boxes, Bunkers, etc.
680.46 Explosives, Grenades, Accessories and Supplies
680.47 Evidence Bags, Containers and Supplies
680.48 Finger and Footprinting Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies (Including Laser and Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers)
680.49 Firearms Training Simulators
680.50 Guns, Stun (Nonlethal) (See 680-54 for EMD Weapons)
680.51 Forced Entry Equipment and Supplies (Battering Rams, etc.)
680.52 Guns, Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns (Incl. Accessories)
680.53 Guns, Machine (Including Other Military Style Weapons)
680.54 Guns, Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) (See 680-50 for Stun Guns)
680.56 Gun Cleaning Supplies: Patches, Rods, Silicone Cloths, Solvents and Brushes, etc.
680.57 Gun Rifling Machines
680.58 Gun Locks, All Types
680.60 Handcuffs and Leg Irons
680.61 Lockers, Security
680.62 Megaphones, Whistles, etc.
680.63 Maintenance Stands, Fixtures, and Jigs for Weapons
680.65 Night Vision Systems
680.66 Police Investigation Robots
680.67 Police Training and Instructional Aids: Wall Charts, etc.
680.68 Polygraph Equipment and Supplies
680.71 Prisoner Tracking Devices, Electronic (Wrist and Leg Bands, etc.)
680.72 Prison Equipment, Cell Blocks, and Accessories (Incl. Control Panels, Door Control Relays, etc.)
680.73 Prisoner Identification Equipment and Supplies
680.74 Pyrotechnics
680.76 Racks, Gun (See 055-74 for Vehicle Racks)
680.77 Radar Instruments, Traffic Enforcement Type (Including Laser Speed Measuring, Ranging Devices and Radar Instruments equipped w/Cameras)
680.78 Recoil Pads
680.79 Recycled Police Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
680.80 Reloading Equipment and Supplies
680.82 Remote Operations Equipment
680.84 Riot and Crowd Control Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
680.85 Road Spikes (For Use by Police to Stop Vehicles on the Road)
680.86 Scopes, Rifle and Range
680.87 Surveillance and Countersurveillance Equipment and Supplies
680.88 Targets and Target Pasters, and Rifle Range Equipment (Including Range Finders)
680.92 Tear Gas, Tear Gas Guns, and Ammunition
680.93 Test Equipment and Supplies: Criminology Kits, Metal Reagents, Paraffin, Sexual Assault Exam Kits, etc. (Including Technical Equipment and Supplies Used in Police Laboratories)
680.94 Tire Markers and Supplies
680.95 Tools, Gunsmith's: Borescopes, etc.
680.96 Traffic Batons
680.97 Warning Systems, Perimeter Anti-Intrusion, Electronic (Including Civil Defense and Natural Disaster Types)
685.05 Bands and Tags
685.10 Brooders and Incubators
685.15 Debeakers
685.20 Egg Baskets
685.25 Egg Candlers
685.30 Egg Cartons
685.35 Egg Cases, Fillers, Flats, etc.
685.38 Egg Cleaning Chemicals
685.40 Egg Crating Machines
685.45 Egg Graders
685.50 Egg Washers
685.55 Feeders and Waterers
685.60 Growing Batteries
685.65 Laying Cages
685.70 Nest Pads
685.75 Poultry Processing Machines and Accessories
685.78 Recycled Poultry Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
685.80 Shipping Boxes, Chick
685.85 Shipping Crates, Poultry
685.90 Turkey Saddles
690.14 Analyzers and Accessories
690.29 Controls, Electro Hydraulic (EHC)
690.30 Controls, Fuel Safety Flame Sensing
690.31 Controls, Integrated System
690.32 Controls, Programmable
690.33 Controls, Single Loop
690.34 Converters and Inverters, Power
690.37 Data Acquisition Systems
690.39 Diodes, Coils, and other Circuit Components
690.40 Engines, Motors and Parts (Power Generation)
690.41 Excitation System, Generator
690.43 Generators, Over 25 MW, Power Plant, Including Parts and Accessories (Also see 285-37,39)
690.46 Indicators, Power Generating Equipment
690.49 Lamps and Lights, Indicating
690.53 Meters, Indicating Panel
690.54 Monitors and Alarms, Power Generator
690.56 Photo-Voltaic Generating Systems
690.57 Power Supplies, Generating
690.58 Power Transmission, Kinetic
690.59 Power Plants (Hydro, Marine, Petrol, Solar, Steam, Wind, Thermal)
690.62 Recorders, Circular and Strip, and Accessories (Including Chart Paper, Pens)(See 220-54 for General Laboratory Type)
690.63 Recycled Power Generation Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
690.64 Regulators, Flow, Pressure
690.65 Regulators, Voltage Current
690.68 Relays, etc.
690.79 Switches, Temperature Pressure
690.84 Test Equipment, Analog and Digital
690.87 Transducers, Signal Converter
690.88 Transmitters, Pressure
690.89 Tubing and Fittings, Power Plant
691.28 Chain (Roller, Table Top, Engineering, Silent)
691.31 Clutches and Brakes (Pneumatic, Electric, Torque Limiting, Tension Control)
691.34 Couplings (Jaw, Steel Flex, Gear, Fluid, Chain, Disc Brake)
691.39 Drives, Variable Speed (AC, AC Flux Vector, DC, Eddy Current, Mechanical, Variable Speed Pulleys, Hydrostatic Speed Variator)
691.51 Motion Components, Linear (Shafts, Bearings, Support Blocks, Slides, Ball Screw)
691.52 Motors (AC, DC, Vector Duty, Washdown, Brake, Stainless) (Also See Class 285)
691.57 Pneumatics and Accessories (Valves, Cylinders, Filters, Regulators, Lubricators)
691.62 Recycled Power Transmission Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
691.63 Reducers (In-Line, Worm Gear, Right Angle, Parallel, Bevel, Mixer, Shaft Mount, Screw Conveyor)
691.73 Sheaves/Belt Sprockets (V-Belt, Poly Chain, HTD, Timing Sprockets)
691.75 Sprockets and Gears (Roller Chain, Engineering, Split, Table Top, Plastic, Spur, Bevel, Helical, Rack and Pinion Gearing)
700.07 Bar Code Printing and Sorting Systems
700.08 Bindery Equipment and Machinery (For Comb Type See 700-74 and 75)
700.09 Binding Equipment and Supplies, Perfect
700.10 Binding Equipment and Supplies, Book (Not Otherwise Classified)
700.12 Casting Machines, Strip
700.16 Casting Metals: Linotype, Intertype, and Strip
700.20 Cleaning Solvents for Press Rollers, etc. (Anhydrous Ammonia, etc.)
700.24 Collators and Sorters
700.25 Direct Impression Typesetting Machines and Supplies
700.26 Form Rollers
700.27 Folding, Scoring, and Perforating Equipment
700.28 Graphic Art Equipment: Cameras, Darkroom Sinks, Engraving Machines, Heliographic Equipment, Light Tables, Photoengravers, Processors, Waxers, etc.
700.29 Film and Rapid Access Film, Reprographic
700.30 Graphic Art Supplies: Films and Chemistry, Opaguing Supplies, Proofing Papers, Stripping Base, etc.
700.32 Imprinting Machine Systems Incl. Accessories and Supplies, Silk Screen
700.36 Letterpress Equipment
700.38 Letterpress Inks, Supplies, and Accessories
700.42 Linotype and Intertype Machines (Including Composing Machines)
700.45 Linotype and Intertype Supplies
700.50 Metal Pig Feeders and Molds
700.51 Misc. Printing Equipment and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
700.52 Numbering Machines and Devices (For Print Shops and Presses; See 605-50 for Office Type)
700.53 Offset Plate Makers and Processors
700.55 Offset Printing (Duplicating and Lithographing) Machines and Equipment (Smaller than 17 In. by 22 In.)
700.56 Offset Printing (Duplicating and Lithographing) Machines and Equipment (For 17 in. x 22 in. and Larger)
700.57 Printing Accessories and Supplies (Incl. Electrostatic Types): Blankets, Chemicals, Gum, Inks, Mats, Negatives, Plates, Roller Covers, Rubber Rejuvenators, Sleeves, etc. (See  700-30 for Graphic Art Supplies)
700.62 Paper Cutters and Trimmers
700.63 Paper and Chemistry for Diffusion Transfer, Photographic (Graphic Arts)
700.65 Paper Drilling Machines
700.68 Paper Joggers
700.69 Paper Production and Processing Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
700.70 Printing Presses (Not Otherwise Classified)
700.71 Paper and Film Shredders
700.72 Photocompositors (Photo Typesetting Machines) and Supplies (See 700-28 for Processors)
700.73 Printing Presses, Offset; and Accessories
700.74 Punching and Binding Machines, Comb Type, Electric
700.75 Punching and Binding Machines, Comb Type, Manual
700.76 Rollers for Offset Presses
700.77 Sign Engraving Equipment
700.78 Sign Die Cutting Machines
700.79 Sign Presses, Rollers, Supplies, etc.
700.80 Stereotype Metal
700.82 Signature Reproduction Machines, Pen and Ink Type
700.85 Typesetting Machines and Supplies, Ludlow
700.88 Typesetting Machines and Supplies, Monotype
700.90 Web Handling and Control Equipment and Supplies (Corona and Flame Treaters, etc)
700.91 Web Type Printing Presses
700.95 Recycled Printing Plant Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
710.09 Alarm Systems (For the Hearing Impaired)
710.18 Artificial Eyes
710.36 Artificial Limbs, Hooks and Accessories
710.52 Audio Equipment for the Visual and Hearing Impaired (Not Otherwise Classified)
710.54 Audiometers, Calibrators, and Accessories (Including Audiometric Examining Rooms)
710.60 Batteries, Hearing Aid
710.72 Hearing Aids
710.73 Hearing Devices (See 710-72 for Hearing Aids)
710.75 Hearing Protectors and Parts
710.90 Plastic Items (Not Internal): Ears, Nose Tips, etc.
710.92 Reading Devices (For the Vision Impaired)
710.94 Recycled Prosthetic Devices, Hearing Aids, Auditory Test Equipment, Electronic Reading Devices
710.95 Speech Training Equipment (For the Hearing Impaired)
715.05 Audio Cassettes, Tapes and Compact Disks (Prerecorded)
715.09 Cook and Recipe Books
715.10 Books, Directories, Magazines, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Publications, Reprints, etc.
715.12 Books, Reference (Incl. CD versions): Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.
715.20 Catalog Cards, Library of Congress Type and other Types
715.30 Display, Exhibit, and Promotional Materials
715.33 Drawings and Diagrams: Dimensional, Technical, etc.
715.35 Electronic Publications: Directories, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.
715.40 Filmstrips, Slides, Transparencies, etc. (Prepared)
715.41 Pay Telephones
715.45 Laboratory Books, Research and Related Materials (DNA, Genomic, etc)
715.46 Legal Books and Publications
715.47 Manuals: Parts, Personnel, Policy, Purchasing, Training, etc., Not Otherwise Classified
715.48 Medical Books and Publications
715.50 Microfilm, Microfiche, etc. (Prepared)
715.52 Journalistic Services to include page charges for publications
715.55 Motion Pictures (See Class 475 for Medical Training Films)
715.60 Multimedia Sets (Prepared)
715.80 Phonograph Records, Sound Tapes, etc. (Prepared)
715.82 Religious Publications and Books
715.83 Textbooks, Adult Education
715.84 Textbooks, Special Education
715.85 Textbooks: Kindergarten thru 5th Grade (Includes Student and Teacher Editions)
715.86 Textbooks: 6th thru 8th Grade (Includes Student and Teacher Editions)
715.87 Textbooks: 9th thru 12th Grade (Includes Student and Teacher Editions)
715.88 Textbooks: College Level (Includes Student and Teacher Editions)
715.90 Video Cassettes, Disks, Tapes, etc. (For Computer and TV, Prerecorded)
715.95 Recycled Publications and Audio-Visual Materials
720.03 Asphalt Pumps
720.04 Automatic Fueling Systems, Accessories and Parts
720.06 Barrel Pumps (Drum Pumps), Rotary and Plunger Types, Hand Operated
720.10 Boom Pumps and Parts, Concrete
720.12 Booster or Circulating Pumps, In-Line
720.13 Cavity Pumps, Progressive
720.15 Centrifugal Pumps, Portable
720.17 Centrifugal Pumps, Compact, Submersible
720.18 Centrifugal Pumps, Stationary
720.19 Compressors, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
720.20 Control Devices for Motor Fuel Dispensing/Security/Management
720.24 Diaphragm Pumps
720.27 Fire Equipment Pumps and Pump Parts
720.33 Gasoline, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), and Diesel Fuel Pumps, Service Station Type
720.36 Hydraulic Pumps, Hand and Motor Driven
720.40 Mechanical Pumps and Accessories
720.41 Meters and Dispensers for Fuel, Oil, and Lubricants
720.42 Packing, Pump
720.43 Oil Pumps and Accessories (See 060-64 for Automotive Type)
720.45 Piston Pumps and Parts
720.52 Propeller Pumps, Vertical
720.55 Proportioning Pumps: Chemical Feed, Metering, Positive Displacement, and Injector Pumps (See Also Class 820)
720.56 Pumps, Miscellaneous (Not Otherwise Classified)
720.58 Recovery Pumps and Piping (Free Product, Groundwater, etc.)
720.59 Recycled Pumping Equipment and Accessories
720.61 Rotary Pumps, Gear or Roller Type, Power Driven
720.63 Sampling Pump Systems and Accessories
720.64 Sewage and Sludge Pumps, Submersible
720.67 Sewage and Sludge Pumps, Surface Mounted
720.73 Sump Pumps, Submersible and Non-Submersible
720.79 Trash Pumps, Portable, Engine-Driven
720.82 Water Pumps and Accessories (See 060-35 for Automotive Type)
720.84 Water Well Accessories: Drive Points, Foot Valves and Strainers, Leather Cups, Sucker Rods, Well Cylinders, etc.
720.90 Well Pumps, All Kinds
725.03 Adhesive/Cement, Radio - T.V.
725.09 AM/FM Transmitters, Broadcast
725.10 Amplifiers (Not TV Antenna): Differential, Linear, Pulse, Video Processing, etc. (Incl. Preamplifiers)
725.12 Antennas and Accessories (Radio Only): Brackets, Masts, Mounts, Rotators, Standoffs, etc. (Incl. Aircraft, Vehicle and Marine Types)
725.13 Batteries, Radio/Telephone Communication
725.14 Battery Chargers and Testers (For Automotive See Class 075)
725.15 Communications Systems, Integrated (Includes Telephone, Clock, Intercom, etc.)
725.16 Consoles, Communication
725.17 Emulators, Telecommunication
725.18 Emergency Radio/Telephone Systems (911 Dispatch, etc.) Including Accessories
725.19 Encoder/Decoder with Printer (Vehicle)
725.20 Encoder/Decoder, Scramblers, etc. (Voice)
725.21 Facsimile Transceivers (Not Office Type)
725.22 Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL) Equipment, Components and Accessories
725.23 Fiber Optics Cables, Interconnecting Components, and Accessories
725.24 Frequency Data Communication Equipment, Radio (Including Identification Equipment)
725.25 Ham Band Transmitters and Receivers
725.26 Highway Advisory Radio Systems
725.27 High Frequency Radio (SSB), Mobile and Base
725.28 High Volume, Call Answering Telephone Systems (See 725-53 for Low Volume Equipment)
725.29 Long Distance Telephone Cards
725.30 Marine Radio
725.32 Intercom Systems, Household or Office
725.33 Intercom Systems, Prison
725.36 Microwave Equipment Including Security Sensors
725.40 Nurse Call Systems
725.41 Pay Telephones
725.42 Poles, Metal, Transmission, High Voltage
725.43 Positioning Systems, Satellite (Global Info. System)
725.44 Poles, Telephone and Utility (All Kinds)
725.45 Pagers, Radio  (Including Parts and Accessories)
725.47 Radio Direction Finder
725.48 Radio Beacon Receivers
725.49 Radio Frequency Scanner Receivers and Amplifiers (Including RF Connectors, Analyzers, Counters, Meters, Switches)
725.50 Radios, Home and Auto (Incl. Short-Wave Type)
725.51 Radio Telephones (Including Cellular Type For Vehicle, Marine, Personal, etc. Use)
725.52 Satellite Ground Stations: Transmit/Receive and Receive Only (Including Antennas)
725.53 Telephone Dialing and Answering Apparatus
725.54 Security Systems and Equipment, Communications (Incl. Prison Visitation Telephones)
725.55 Telephone Equipment and Piece Parts (Not Lines or Otherwise Listed)
725.56 Telephone Systems (2-60 Stations), Electronic Key and 1A2
725.57 Telephone Systems (Over 60 Stations)
725.58 Telecommunicators and/or Display Terminals (For The Hearing and Speech Impaired)
725.59 Telecommunication Parts and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
725.60 Telecommunication Equipment (Via Satellite) for Police and Emergency Vehicle (Including Radio/Terminal Display)
725.61 Towers: Broadcasting, Microwave, Transmitting, etc.
725.62 Telephone Switchboards
725.63 Telemetry Equipment
725.64 Telemedical Equipment, Devices and Supplies
725.69 Translation Equipment
725.74 Two-Way Radio, Portable, Including Vehicle Radio Relay Systems
725.78 Two-Way Radio Receivers, Transmitters, Transceivers: Mobile and Base Station (Audio Transfer)
725.82 Two-Way Radio Supplies, Parts, and Accessories
725.83 Videophone Devices, Equipment and Accessories
725.84 Wide Area Telecommunications Services (WATS); Autovon
725.90 Wildlife Tracking Equipment (For Fish Locators See Class 120-37)
725.95 Recycled Communications Equipment (Including Batteries, Radios, Telephones, Telecommunication Equipment, etc.)
730.06 Calibrators: Resistance, Power, Voltage, Time, etc.
730.12 Computer-Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC) Systems and Devices, All Kinds
730.18 Converters: Analog-to-Digital, Digital-to-Analog, Time-to-Amplitude, etc.
730.24 Counters, Ratemeters, Scalers, Timers, etc. (For Electronic Pulses)
730.30 Discriminators and Burst Protectors
730.32 Distortion Measurement Equipment (For Audiofrequency, Radiofrequency, etc.)
730.36 Field Strength Meters (Microwave Power, etc.) and Monitoring Systems
730.42 Function Generators (Pulse, Ramp, Sweep, etc.) and Oscillators
730.49 Logic Analyzers, Microprocessor Analyzers, and Accessories: Delay and Gate Generators, Personality Modules, Word Recognizers, etc.
730.54 Measuring Instruments, Analog and Digital (For Capacitance, Current, Frequency, Impedance, Power, Resistance, Sound Level, Voltage, etc.)
730.60 Oscilloscopes, Waveform Analyzers, and Accessories
730.66 Pulse Height Analyzers, Single Channel and Multichannel
730.72 Radio, Sound, and Telecommunications Testing Equipment: AF Generators, Deviation Meters, Meter Panels, Test Fixtures and Jigs, etc.
730.74 Recycled Radio and Telecommunication Testing, Measuring and Analyzing Equipment and Supplies
730.78 Signal Averagers, Integrators, etc.
730.84 Spectrum Analyzers: Radio Frequencies, Sound, etc.
730.86 Telephone Line Monitoring Systems
730.90 Video Testing Equipment: Color Bar Generators, Degaussing Coils,  Vectorscopes, Waveform Monitors, etc.
730.96 Tube Testers: Radio, TV, etc.
735.05 Dispenser for Wipers
735.10 Towels, Shop Type, New
735.20 Wipers, Fabric, Non-Woven
735.60 Wiping Rags, All Types: Cotton Towels, Lightweight Blankets, Muslins, Synthetics, etc.
735.75 Recycled Rags, Shop Towels and Wiping Cloths
740.05 Ammonia
740.09 Bacterial and Odor Control Equipment
740.12 Cold Storage Doors
740.13 Cold Storage Vaults, Walk-In Coolers, and Shelving
740.17 Compressors and Parts
740.24 Condensing Units
740.28 Cylinders, Empty (For Refrigerant Gases)
740.30 Display Cases, Refrigerated
740.32 Dry Ice Making Machines
740.36 Gaskets and Felts
740.40 Hand Tools, Refrigeration
740.45 Ice Making and Dispensing Machines (Not Dry Ice)
740.55 Refrigerant Gases (Except Ammonia)
740.59 Refrigeration Accessories and Supplies: Capillaries, Controls, Dryers, Expansion Valves, Refrigerant Oil, Sealants, Sight Glasses, Thermometers, Vibration Eliminators, etc.
740.60 Refrigerant Recovery Systems and Accessories
740.63 Refrigeration Tubing and Fittings
740.66 Refrigeration Units (For Vaults and Walk-In Coolers), Complete and Self Contained
740.70 Refrigerators and Freezers, Commercial
740.74 Scale Eliminator Devices, Ice Machine
740.85 Vending Machines, Refrigerated (Food, Beverages, Sundries, etc.)
740.88 Water Filters, Ice Machine
740.95 Recycled Refrigeration Equipment and Accessories
745.01 Aggregate, Precoated
745.02 Asphalt, AC (Asphalt/Cement)
745.04 Asphalt, AC (With Latex/Polymer)
745.06 Asphalt, Cutback
745.07 Asphalt, Cutback (With Latex/Polymer)
745.08 Asphalt, Emulsified
745.10 Asphalt, Emulsified (With Latex/Polymer)
745.12 Asphalt, Oil
745.13 Asphalt, Uintaite
745.14 Asphaltic Concrete, Cold Laid
745.21 Asphaltic Concrete, Hot Laid Including Bituminous Materials
745.28 Asphaltic Shell
745.31 Bitumens, Bulk (Oil and Tar)
745.35 Catalytically Blown Asphalt
745.42 Coal Tar Pitch, Emulsions, and Anti-Stripping Additives
745.45 Cracked Fuel Oil
745.49 Expansion Joint Material: Asphalt, Rubber, etc.
745.56 Joint Sealants: Asphalt, Elastomeric Materials, Glass Filament, Impervious Membranes, Plastic, Rubber, Silicones, Water Stops, etc.
745.63 Latex Rubber Additive Compound (For Asphalt)
745.65 Patching Mix, Asphalt Concrete
745.67 Patching Mix, Cutback Asphalt
745.68 Recycled Asphalt and Asphalt Products
745.70 Road Oil
745.77 Rock Asphalt
745.80 Rubber Asphalt Crack Sealing Compound
745.84 Slurry Seal
745.87 Stabilized Base, Asphaltic
750.04 Ash, Fly and Bottom
750.07 Borrow and Soil (See Class 790 for Top Soil)
750.14 Caliche
750.21 Cement, Truckload Lots and Larger (See 150-12 for Bagged Cement)
750.28 Concrete Curing Blankets and Paper
750.30 Concrete, Precast
750.32 Concrete Crack Repair Adhesive (Structural Urethane)
750.35 Crushed Stone (Includes Riprap)
750.42 Drilling Mud
750.45 Dust Control Agents
750.49 Dynamite and Supplies: Caps, Fuses, Powder, Stick, and Wire
750.50 Expansion Joint Repair Adhesive (Structural Urethane)
750.51 Fabric, Pavement
750.52 Flexible Base
750.54 Ice Control Aggregate (See Class 775 for Salt)
750.56 Lightweight Aggregate, All Types
750.60 Patching Materials (Not Asphaltic)
750.70 Ready-Mix Concrete (See 150-12 for Bagged Concrete)
750.72 Recycled Bulk Concrete and Other Road Materials (See 745-68 for Recycled Asphalt)
750.77 Sand and Gravel
750.84 Shell
750.89 Slag
750.91 Stabilized Base
750.93 Storage Bins, Aggregate
750.95 White (Hydrated) Lime (See 150-12 for Bagged Lime)
750.96 Water for Road and Highway Use
755.06 Adhesive Applicator, Gas Fired Marker
755.08 Ash System Equipment, Fly and Bottom
755.10 Asphalt Distributors, Levelers, Mixers, Crack Sealing Equip., etc. (See 755-40 for Tools)
755.15 Asphalt Heaters, Electric
755.20 Asphalt Heaters, Gas Fired
755.25 Asphalt Heaters, Oil Fired
755.30 Asphalt Pavers, Self-Propelled Type
755.35 Asphalt Pavers, Towed Type
755.37 Asphalt and Concrete Recycling Equipment
755.40 Asphalt Tools: Buckets, Cutters, Lutes, Pouring Pots, Rakes, etc.
755.43 Asphalt and Concrete Scrapers, Profilers, and Milling Machines (Powered, Complete)
755.45 Batchers and Dryers
755.47 Concrete and Asphalt Power Gun Sprayers
755.50 Concrete Buckets
755.55 Concrete Buggies, Carts, Screeding Machines, Screens, etc.
755.60 Concrete Curbers, Gutter Machines and Accessories
755.65 Concrete Cutters, Saws, Multipurpose Saws, and Accessories
755.70 Concrete Finishers, Power Driven
755.73 Concrete Form Tubes and Boxes (For Forming Concrete Columns, etc.), All Kinds
755.75 Concrete Joint Cleaning and Routing Machines
755.80 Concrete Mixers
755.85 Concrete Vibrators
755.90 Sensors, Road (To detect Ice/Snow on Bridges, etc.)
755.92 Thermometers, Pavement and Thermoplastic
755.95 Recycled Asphalt and Concrete Handling Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
760.03 Backhoe
760.04 Backhoe/Loader Combination
760.06 Blades and Edges: Dozer, Grader, Scraper, Snow Plow, etc.
760.10 Buckets (For Ditchers, Draglines, Loaders, etc.)
760.11 Caps, Dust/Rain, For Equipment
760.12 Cruise Control Units, Low Speed, For Road Equipment
760.13 Cylinders, Hydraulic
760.15 Ditch and Trenching Machines
760.16 Dredging Machines and Equipment
760.20 Earth Boring Machines
760.23 Earth Movers, Motorized
760.26 Earth Pulverizers and Grinders
760.27 Electrical Accessories, Heavy Equip.: Alternators, Ammeters, Coils, Distributors Generators, Ignition, Regulators, Starters, etc.
760.28 Engines, Diesel and Gasoline (Heavy Equipment)
760.30 Graders, Elevating Type
760.33 Graders, Motorized
760.36 Graders, Towed Types
760.44 Loaders, Front End (For Crawler Tractors)
760.47 Loaders, Front End (For Trucks)
760.50 Loaders, Front End (For Wheel Type Tractors)
760.51 Loaders, Pneumatic Tired
760.53 Loaders, Windrow Type
760.55 Mats, Coco
760.56 Mats, Floor, for Heavy Equipment (See 055-61 for Automotive Type)
760.59 Recycled Earth Handling, Grading, Moving and Packing Equipment and Accessories
760.60 Rippers and Scarifiers
760.63 Rollers, Flat Wheel Type, Static
760.66 Rollers, Flat Wheel Type, Vibrating
760.69 Rollers, Grid Type
760.72 Rollers, Portable Type
760.75 Rollers, Rubber Tired
760.78 Rollers, Sheepsfoot Type
760.79 Rolling Straight Edges, Towed
760.84 Scrapers
760.90 Shovels, Power; and Excavating Machines, Telescoping and Hinged Boom Type, Crawler or Tractor Mounted
765.02 Air Conditioners, Heaters and Ventilators for Heavy Equipment
765.03 Booms: Crane, Tractor, etc.
765.05 Brake and Clutch Parts and Accessories For Heavy Duty Equipment (Not Automotive)
765.06 Breaker/Drill, Gasoline Powered
765.07 Cab, Body and Frame Parts For Heavy Equipment
765.08 Core Drilling Rigs and Accessories
765.09 Cranes, Backhoe and Dragline
765.11 Cranes, Clamshell
765.13 Cranes, Truck Mounted Type, Heavy Duty
765.14 Crane Indicators
765.16 Crushing Machines
765.18 Crushing Plants, Elevators, Furnaces, Kilns, Pugmills, and Stabilizing Material Plants
765.21 Culvert Cleaning Equipment
765.24 Diamond Core Drills
765.27 Drill Steel and Rock Bits
765.30 Epoxy Dispensing Machines (For Placing Buttons and Markers)
765.31 Fabric Lay-Down Machines, etc.
765.33 Filters: Air, Fuel, Hydraulic, Oil, etc. (For Heavy Duty Equipment)
765.34 Hour Meters, Heavy Equipment
765.35 Hydraulic Attachments and Accessories (Hammers, Rams, etc.)
765.36 Gunite Machines
765.37 Mixers, Lime Slurry
765.38 Leaf Loaders, Heavy Duty, Truck or Trailer Mounted (See 445-43 for Hand Operated Type)
765.39 Lubrication System Accessory, Automatic
765.41 Mud Jacks and Accessories (Except Hose)
765.43 Pavement Marking Removal Equipment and Accessories
765.46 Pile Drivers and Accessories
765.49 Pneumatic Machines: Demolition Tools, Paving Breakers, Rock Cutters, Tampers, etc.
765.51 Pneumatic Tool Accessories: Bits, Chisels, Points, Spades, Tampers, etc.
765.54 Power Transmission Units: Chains, Gear Reducers, Sprockets, etc.
765.56 Rollover Protections Structures (ROPS)
765.57 Snow Blowers, Self-Propelled
765.58 Snow Blowers, Vehicle or Equipment Mounted
765.59 Snow Blowers, Walk-Behind
765.60 Snow Plows, Motorized
765.61 Snow Plows and/or Snow Wings,  Vehicle Mounted
765.64 Spreaders, Self-Propelled (For Aggregates, Sand, etc.)
765.66 Spreaders, Truck Mounted (For Aggregates, Ice Control Materials, Seal Coatings, etc.)
765.69 Sprinkler Equipment (For Roads and Streets)
765.72 Striping Machines and Accessories
765.75 Sweeper Accessories: Broom Fibers, Extension Brooms, Strips, Wire, Road Magnets, etc.
765.77 Sweepers, Drag Brooms, etc. and Parts (See Class 365 for Warehouse Power Brooms and 035-81 for Runway Sweepers)
765.80 Tampers (Except Pneumatic) and Vibrating Flat Plate Compactors
765.83 Tractor Bulldozers, Crawler and Wheel Type
765.85 Tractors, Crawler Type
765.87 Tractors, Wheel Type (Except Farm Tractors) (Including Walk-Behind Type)
765.90 Weed Burners and Accessories
765.93 Wire Rope
765.95 Wire Rope Accessories: Clamps, Clips, Cutters, Eyes, Hoists, Slings, Thimbles, Turnbuckles, Windlasses, etc.
765.96 Recycled Road and Highway Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
770.06 Aggregate, Gravel, Marble and Stone Chips, etc. (For Roofs)
770.09 Asphalt, Roofing
770.15 Bolts, Clips, Fasteners, etc. (For Sheet Roofing)
770.18 Cant Strips (Expansion Joint Fillers)
770.20 Caps, Roofing
770.23 Cements and Mastics, Roofing
770.26 Coatings, Roof, All Kinds
770.38 Felt, Roofing (Rolls)
770.41 Flashing, Eave Strips, Gravel Guards, Ridge Rolls, Valleys, etc. (Metal)
770.42 Flashing, Plastic
770.45 Insulation, Roof, All Kinds
770.48 Paper, Roofing
770.53 Primers, Roofing
770.56 Roofing, Aluminum: Corrugated, V-Crimp, etc.
770.59 Roofing, Asbestos-Cement: Corrugated, etc.
770.60 Roofing, Baked Enamel Sheet Steel: Corrugated, V-Crimp, etc.
770.61 Roofing: Coated, Elastomeric, Sprayed Foam, etc.
770.62 Roofing, Composition: Rolls
770.64 Roofing, Concrete Tile  (See 135-74 for Clay Roofing Tile)
770.65 Roofing, Galvanized Sheet Metal: Corrugated, V-Crimp, etc.
770.66 Roofing, Malleable Iron
770.68 Roofing, Plastic and Fiberglass: Corrugated, etc.
770.70 Roofing Repair Kits
770.72 Roofing Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
770.73 Roofing, Tin
770.74 Shingles, Asbestos
770.77 Shingles, Composition, Asphalt
770.78 Shingles, Fiberglass
770.80 Shingles, Metal
770.82 Shingles, Wood
770.83 Skylights, All Types
770.88 Tar, Roofing (Coal Tar Pitch)
770.93 Waterproofing Membrane and Base Sheet
770.96 Recycled Roofing Material and Supplies Including Insulation
775.09 Block Salt, Plain or Medicated (For Livestock)
775.18 Brine
775.27 Ice Cream Salt
775.36 Meat Curing Salt
775.45 Road Maintenance Salt (See Class 192 for Ice Removal Chemicals)
775.54 Rock (Granular) Salt (For Livestock)
775.63 Salt, Evaporated
775.72 Salt Tablets (With or Without Dextrose)
775.81 Salt, Tissue Flake, Dairy (Dendritic Butter or Cheese Salt)
775.90 Water Softener Salt
775.95 Recycled Road Salt
780.04 Abattoir Scales
780.08 Animal Scales (For Cattle, Horses, etc.)
780.12 Automatic Scales (With Printers and/or Recorders)
780.16 Batching Scales
780.18 Bathroom Scales
780.20 Bench and Counter Scales
780.24 Computing Scales (Except Postal)
780.28 Counting Scales
780.32 Crane Scales
780.34 Dairy Scales
780.37 Egg Scales
780.40 Floor Scales
780.42 Gas Cylinder Weighing Scales
780.43 Grain Scales
780.44 Hanging Scales
780.48 Hopper Scales
780.49 Hospital Scales: Chair, In-Bed, etc.
780.52 Industrial Built-In Scales
780.60 Infant (Pediatric) Scales
780.63 Load Cell Scales
780.64 Over-Under (Even Balance) Scales
780.72 Physician's Scales: Clinical, Office, etc.
780.76 Platform Scales
780.77 Postal Scales, Conventional
780.78 Postal Scales, Electronic (Computing)
780.80 Table Scales, Small: Baker's, Dietetic, etc.
780.82 Test Systems and Calibration Standards
780.84 Truck Scales and Railroad Track Scales
780.90 Underwater Scales (For Laboratory See 495-82)
780.95 Weigh-In-Motion Systems
780.96 Recycled Scales, Weighing Apparatus, Accessories and Supplies
785.02 Agendas/Planners, Student
785.03 Anatomical Models (For Medical and Nursing Instruction) (See Also First Aid Manikins and Models In Class 345-68)
785.05 Atlases, Charts, Globes, and Maps
785.15 Blackboards, Chalkboards and Dry Erase Boards
785.17 Blind Teaching and Training Equipment and Supplies (See Class 600 for Braille Writers and Printers)
785.20 Books: Class Register, Record, and Plan Books
785.25 Bulletin Boards: Changeable Letter, Cork, Magnetic, Peg, etc.
785.26 Bulletin Board Accessories
785.27 Carrels, Audio-Visual
785.30 Chalk, Crayons, Erasable Markers, Water Colors, Permanent Markers (Child Proof Safety Type), etc.
785.32 Classroom Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
785.43 Display Cabinets, Cases, Files, Racks, Stands, etc.
785.44 Displays, Educational: Kits, Models, Plaques, etc.
785.45 Drawing/Art Supplies, Schoolroom: Colored Pencils, Compasses, Construction Paper, Drawing Paper, Protractors, etc.
785.46 Driver Training Materials
785.47 Easels, Accessories and Supplies, All Types (Including Flip Charts)
785.53 Educational Games and Toys, All Types (See 037-84; 208-47; 209-48; and 805-51 for other type games) Incl. Assembly Kits
785.55 Engineering and Technical Instruction Equipment and Materials (For Air Conditioning, Electronics, Machine Shop, etc.)
785.57 Erasers and Cleaners, Chalkboard and Dry Erase Board
785.62 Flannel Boards and Accessories
785.70 Instructional Aids: Courses, Lesson Plans (Prepared), Programs, Ancillary Materials, Videos, etc. (See Class 715 for Textbooks)
785.72 Lecterns, Rostrums, and Speaker's Stands, Pointers, etc.
785.73 Notebooks and Spirals
785.74 Number Boards and Directory Boards
785.76 Paper Items, Classroom: Composition Books, Scrapbooks, Examination Booklets, Notebook Filler, Tablets, etc.
785.80 Plays and Entertainment, Schoolroom
785.83 Presentation Systems Equipment (Incl. Presentation Boards and Multi-Image Devices)
785.85 Reading Programs, Reading Aids, Accelerators, and Calculators
785.86 Recycled School Equipment and Supplies
785.87 Resource Books and Materials (Not Otherwise Classified)
785.88 Science Instruction Equipment (For Classroom or Laboratory Use)
785.89 School Equipment Required to Meet the Needs of the Physically Handicapped Student (Prone Stands, Toddler Chairs, Special Computer Keyboards, etc.)
785.90 Test and Test Scoring Devices: Achievement, Aptitude, Intelligence, etc.
785.92 Training Aids, Materials, and Equipment for the Industrial Trades (Welding, Electrical, Instrumentation, Industrial Mechanics, etc.)
785.93 Vocational Equipment and Supplies
790.02 Athletic Field Compositions (Baseball Infields, etc.)
790.05 Desert Plant Seeds
790.10 Field Seeds: Cotton, etc.
790.15 Field Seeds: Grains, etc.
790.18 Fruit Seed
790.20 Grass Seeds
790.30 Inoculants
790.31 Melon Seeds (Incl. Pumpkin)
790.32 Millet Grass
790.33 Nut Seeds
790.34 Seed Peanuts
790.37 Rice Seeds
790.40 Seed Potatoes
790.44 Seeds, Spice
790.50 Sod, Grass
790.54 Soil Mixtures (Special)
790.60 Sprigs, Grass
790.70 Top Soil and Fill Dirt (For Mulch See Class 335)
790.73 Tree Seeds
790.80 Vegetable Seeds
790.95 Recycled Seed, Soil, Sod and Inoculants
795.05 Bartacking Machines
795.10 Button Covering Machines
795.15 Button Sewing Machines
795.20 Buttonhole Machines
795.25 Cloth Cutting Machines
795.28 Cloth Rolling Equipment and Supplies
795.30 Cloth Spreading Machines
795.35 Cushion Filling Machines
795.37 Drapery Making Equipment and Accessories
795.38 Embroidery Machines, Accessories and Supplies
795.39 Eye and Hook Attaching Machines
795.40 Fabric Drills, All Types
795.45 Folding and Rewinding Machines
795.48 Garment and Brand Tag Fasteners and Accessories
795.50 Gripper Snap Fastener Machines
795.53 Knitting Machines and Accessories
795.55 Looms and Other Textile Weaving Equipment
795.60 Pattern Paper
795.63 Quiller Machines and Accessories
795.64 Roving Cans
795.65 Sewing Machines and Accessories, Domestic
795.70 Sewing Machines and Accessories, Heavy Duty (Except Shoe Stitching)
795.75 Sheeting, Slitting, Spooling, and Notching Machines
795.80 Slashers, Batts, and Pickers
795.82 Spinning Machines and Accessories
795.83 Spiral Tubes
795.85 Tables, Cloth Cutting and Sewing
795.87 Textile Processing Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
795.88 Textile Working Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
795.90 Warp Conditioner
795.92 Warper Machines and Supplies
795.95 Recycled Sewing Room and Textile Equipment and Accessories
800.05 Boots and Shoes, Athletic and Sportsman Type (Incl. Canvas Type)
800.08 Boots, Leather
800.14 Boots (Other Than Leather or Rubber)
800.16 Boots, Rubber
800.17 Boots, Rubber, Waders
800.24 Boots, Rubber, Safety Toe
800.25 Boots, Rubber, Waders, Safety Toe
800.28 Caps, Spikes, Spurs, and Shields
800.32 House Shoes and Slippers, All Types
800.38 Shoe and Boot Racks
800.40 Shoes, Casual, Women's and Girl's
800.48 Shoes, Casual, Men's and Boy's
800.56 Shoes, Dress, Women's and Girl's
800.64 Shoes, Dress, Men's and Boy's
800.70 Shoes, Orthopedic
800.72 Shoes, Safety Toe
800.80 Shoes, Rain
800.86 Shoes and Boots, Work, Men's
800.88 Shoes and Boots, Work, Women's
800.95 Recycled Shoes and Boots
801.09 Blanks, Sign, Metal (See 801-71, 89, and 97 for other Sign Blanks)
801.12 Brackets and Holders, Sign
801.20 Letters and Numerals, Sign (To Include Logos)
801.30 Posts, Standards, Supports, and Expansion Plugs
801.38 Recycled Signs, Equipment, and Supplies (Including Braille Type)
801.45 Sign Making Equipment Including Computerized Type
801.48 Sign Material, Non-Reflective
801.49 Sign Material, Reflective (See 550-45 for Reflective Sheeting for other than Signs)
801.50 Sign Material, Reflective (Die Cut)(See 550-45 for Reflective Sheeting for otherthan Signs)
801.53 Sign Painting Machines (Including Automatic)
801.54 Sign Painting Supplies (Including Brushes and Inks)
801.56 Signs, American Disability Act (ADA)
801.58 Signs: Billboard, Advertising, etc.
801.59 Signs: Braille (Including Markers and Plaques)
801.60 Signs: Construction (Including Roll-Up Type Message Signs)
801.62 Signs, Door Knob: Meeting in Progress, Do Not Disturb, etc.
801.66 Signs, Electronic Display (Marquee, etc.)
801.68 Signs, Exit: LED, Lighted, etc.
801.69 Signs, Fabric
801.71 Signs, Fiberglass (Including Blanks)
801.74 Signs, Hospital Bed
801.76 Signs and Posters, Informational (No Smoking, Fire Extinguisher, etc.)
801.78 Signs, Janitorial (Wet Floor, Hazardous Spill, etc.)
801.81 Signs, Library
801.82 Signs, Magnetic
801.83 Signs, Metal (Not Blanks)
801.84 Signs, Message, Computerized
801.85 Signs, Neon
801.87 Signs, Overhead (Traffic)
801.89 Signs, Plastic and Polyethylene (Including Blanks)
801.91 Signs, Railroad Crossing (Electric)
801.94 Signs, Runway and Taxiway
801.97 Signs, Wood (Including Blanks)
803.10 Cartridges (Microphone, Phonograph, etc.), Needles, Pickup Arms, Styli, etc.
803.16 Disc Players, Compact (MP3, etc.)
803.18 Electronic Sound Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
803.20 Group Auditory Systems, Language Laboratories, and Speech Training Equipment
803.30 Intercom Systems, Group (For Panel Discussions, Schoolrooms, Hospital Rooms, etc.)
803.39 Microphones and Related Equipment (Not Wireless Systems): Chestsets, Earphones, Handsets, Headphones, etc.
803.40 Microphones and Related Equipment (Wireless Systems): Chestsets, Earphones, Handsets, Headphones, etc.
803.45 Music Systems and Components: Amplifiers, Mixers, Preamplifiers, Tuners, Turntables, etc.
803.50 Music Systems and Components (Stereo Only)
803.55 Paging Systems, Loud Speaker Type
803.56 Paging Terminal, Solid State (Computerized)
803.60 Public Address Systems, Portable
803.61 Public Address Systems, Stationary
803.65 Record Players (Phonographs, Record Changers,) and Accessories
803.70 Recording Disks and Sound Sheets (Including Compact and Laser Disks)
803.75 Recording Tape, Sound: Audio Cassettes, Cartridges, Reels, etc.
803.77 Recycled Sound Equipment, Components and Accessories
803.79 Sound Proof Booths or Chambers (Anechoic)
803.80 Speakers and Accessories: Drivers, Enclosures, Grilles, Grille Cloth, etc.
803.82 Studio Monitors, Broadcasting and Recording
803.85 Tape Recorders, Decks, Players, etc., Sound (Not for Office Dictation)
803.90 Tape Duplicating and Erasing Equipment
803.92 Telephony Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
804.10 Accessories, Satellite (Not Otherwise Classified)
804.12 Altitude Control Systems, Spacecraft
804.32 Computerized Master Control Systems, Spacecraft
804.40 Environmental Control Systems, Spacecraft
804.42 Flight Instrumentation, Aerospace
804.53 Payload Delivery Systems, Spacecraft
804.57 Power Systems, Spacecraft (Solar Arrays, Solar Cells, etc.)
804.74 Satellites (Navigation, Geosynchrous, Orbiting, etc.) (See 257-75 for Military Types)
804.76 Service Modules, Spacecraft
804.77 Spaceships
804.95 Recycled Spacecrafts, Components, and Accessories
805.05 Aerobic Training Equipment
805.09 Archery Equipment
805.15 Athletic Awards (For Service Type See Class 080): Medals, Plaques, Trophies, etc.
805.16 Athletic Facility Storage Equipment
805.17 Athletic Field Markers, Goal Posts, Bases, Goals, etc. (Including Athletic Field Striping Machines)
805.21 Badminton Equipment
805.22 Balls (Not Otherwise Classified): Medicine, Playground, Push, etc., and Inflators
805.23 Bags, Sports Equipment
805.24 Baseball Equipment
805.30 Basketball Equipment (Including Backboards and Backstops)
805.34 Bicycles and Tricycles, All Types (Childrens, Mountain, Racing, Recumbent, Tandem, Touring, etc. - See 805-05 for Stationary Bikes and 805-57 for Exercise Bikes)
805.35 Bicycle Accessories including Tires and  Tubes
805.36 Billiard and Pool Tables and Supplies
805.37 Bobsled Equipment and Accessories
805.38 Bungee Equipment and Accessories
805.39 Bowling Equipment
805.40 Coaching Equipment and Supplies
805.41 Cricket Equipment and Accessories
805.42 Boxing and Wrestling Equipment: Gloves, Platforms, Rings, Striking Bags, Training Bags, etc.
805.43 Climbing and Repelling Equipment
805.44 Equestrian Equipment, Clothing and Supplies (Including Polo)
805.45 Fencing Equipment  (Sport)
805.47 Flooring, Temporary Portable (Athletic Facility)
805.48 Football Equipment
805.51 Games:  Croquet, Dart Boards, Horseshoes, Shuffleboards, Table Tennis, Tetherball, etc. See 037-84; 208-47; 209-48; and 785-53 for other type games)
805.54 Golfing Equipment
805.57 Gymnasium Apparatus and Equipment: Bicycle Trainers, Climbing Ropes, Exerciser Units, Game Standards, Horizontal, Parallel, and Stall Bars
805.58 LaCrosse Equipment and Accessories
805.59 Hunting Equipment and Accessories (Including Decoys and Blinds)(For Weapons See 680)
805.60 Gymnasium Mats, Covers, Hangers, and Trucks
805.61 Hockey Equipment, Ice and Field
805.62 Physical Education Equipment, Adaptive: Body Alignment Wedges, Mobile Mats, Stimulation Boards, Straddle Seats, Vestibular Boards, etc.
805.63 Scoreboards, Sports
805.64 Skating Rink and Skater Equipment and Accessories, Ice and Roller
805.65 Ski Equipment and Accessories
805.66 Soccer Equipment
805.67 Scooters and Skateboards
805.69 Softball Equipment
805.72 Squash, Handball, Paddle Ball, and Racquet Ball Equipment
805.73 Stadium Lighting Equipment and Light Poles (See Class 285 for Lamps)
805.74 Starting Gates and Other Racing Equipment
805.75 Swimming and Surfing Equipment
805.77 Tables, Score (For Scorer's Use)
805.78 Tennis Equipment
805.81 Track Equipment (Including Pedometers, Pole Vault and High Jump Equipment, etc.)
805.84 Trainers' Supplies
805.87 Trampolines, Beds, Cables, Frame Pads, etc.
805.88 Trap Shooting Equipment
805.89 Umpire, Referee, and Coach Equipment, Clothing and Supplies
805.90 Volleyball Equipment
805.93 Water Polo Equipment and Accessories
805.94 Weight Lifting Equipment and Accessories
805.95 Whirlpools, Saunas, Hot Tubs, Spas,  etc.
805.96 Recycled Sporting Goods and Athletic Equipment and Accessories
810.15 Cleaner, Spray Equipment
810.18 Dusting Machines, Crop
810.27 Fogging Machines for Outdoor Service (See 485-60 for Room Type)
810.40 Insect Vacuum, Engine Driven
810.50 Smoke Generators
810.54 Spray Equipment, Crop, Machine Powered
810.56 Spray Equipment, Defoliant
810.57 Spray Equipment, Deicer and Frost Protection
810.71 Spray Equipment, Landscape, Machine Powered
810.72 Spray Equipment, Livestock, Machine Powered
810.85 Spray Equipment, Pesticide, Machine Powered, Commercial
810.90 Spray Equipment, Portable, Hand Powered
810.91 Spray Equipment, Portable, Machine Powered (Back-Pack Type, etc.)
810.93 Spray Equipment: Vehicle, Trailer, or Skid Mounted
810.95 Sprayer Guns, Nozzles, Fittings, Reels, etc.
810.96 Recycled Spraying Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
815.06 Cocks: Air, Drain, Gauge, Pet, Try, etc.
815.12 Expansion Joints
815.18 Fusible Plugs
815.22 Gaskets: Flange, Handhole and Manhole, All Types
815.23 Gasket Sealants, Compounds, etc.
815.26 Gauge Glass and Gaskets
815.28 Gauge Siphons and Pulsation Dampers
815.40 Mechanical Pump and Shaft Seals
815.45 O-Rings
815.48 Oil Seals
815.52 Packing, All Kinds (Except Sheet): Rod, Shaft, Valve Stem, etc.
815.54 Packing, Sheet, All Kinds
815.58 Pressure Gauges (Not Hospital, Laboratory, and Refrigeration)
815.62 Steam Specialties: Air Vent Valves, Main Vent Valves, Radiator Valves, Radiator Traps, etc.
815.65 Steam Traps and Strainers
815.70 Thermometers, Industrial; and Thermometer Wells
815.73 Valves, Directional Control (To Control Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Water Cylinders)
815.75 Valves, Mixing
815.78 Valves, Pressure Reducing
815.81 Valves, Relief and Safety
815.84 Valves, Temperature and Pressure Regulating
815.90 Water Gauges, Columns, etc.
815.95 Recycled Steam and Hot Water Fittings, Accessories and Supplies
820.04 After-Coolers and Condensers
820.05 Air Dryers, Dehydrators, and Preheaters
820.06 A.S.M.E. Code Tanks
820.08 Boilers, High Pressure
820.12 Boilers, Low Pressure
820.14 Boiler Parts and Accessories (Not Otherwise Listed)
820.16 Boiler Tubes
820.19 Blow-Down Equipment, Automatic Top
820.20 Blow-Off Basins
820.24 Blow-Off Valves
820.28 Burners, Gas and Oil
820.32 Chemical Feed Systems (For Proportioning Pumps See Class 720)
820.36 Coils, Steam Heating
820.38 Condensate Return Systems: Vacuum Heat Pumps, Wet Vacuum Pumps, etc.
820.40 Controls: Combustion, Fuel Cut-Off, Hardness, High-Low Water Level, Ignition, etc.
820.41 Control, Corrosion (Using Entrained Gas Eliminator Equip.)
820.42 Controllers, Steam Boiler Automatic Conductivity
820.44 Convectors and Radiators
820.48 Deaerating Units
820.49 Descaling Equipment, MHD Type
820.52 Draft Fans and Draft Gauges
820.56 Feedwater Heaters
820.60 Feedwater Injectors
820.62 Feedwater Pumps
820.64 Filters, Boiler Water
820.65 Flue Gas Desulfurization System Equipment
820.68 Heat Exchangers, Accessories, and Parts
820.72 Hot Water Generators
820.75 Oil Coolers
820.76 Oil Purifiers
820.78 Oxygen Reduction Equipment, Dissolved
820.80 Pulverizers, Boiler and Power Plant
820.81 Screens and Strainers, Water Intake, etc.
820.84 Stacks, Steel
820.85 Steam Boiler Bottom Blow Alarm
820.86 Steam Flow Transmitters
820.88 Tube Cleaners and Tube Expanders
820.91 Turbines, Gas Driven
820.92 Turbines, Steam Driven
820.93 Turbines, Water (Hydraulic) Including Accessories and Parts
820.95 Valves, Spherical
820.96 Recycled Steam and Hot Water Boilers and Heating Equipment
825.03 Animal Dips and Sprays
825.05 Back Scratchers and Oilers
825.06 Bee Keeping Equipment and Supplies (Apiculture)
825.08 Blankets, Livestock
825.11 Branding Crayons, Paints, Paint Pellets, Pistols, etc.
825.13 Branding Irons
825.14 Calf Pullers, Obstetrical
825.16 Castraters
825.19 Chains, Halters, Leaders, Nose Rings, Straps, etc.
825.20 Chin-Ball Marking Devices
825.22 Chutes, Corrals, Livestock Holding Pens, etc.
825.25 Dehorners
825.26 Disinfectants (For Animal Pens): Creosote, etc.
825.29 Drench Guns
825.31 Farrowing Stalls
825.34 Feeders, All Kinds (Except Troughs)
825.36 Feeder Troughs, Dishes, etc.
825.37 Feedlots
825.39 Grooming Equipment and Supplies: Brushes, Clippers, Currycombs, Docking Supplies, Nippers, Trimmers, etc.
825.42 Harness, Ewe Marking
825.45 Hog Holders
825.48 Hog Ringer Pliers and Rings
825.51 Horn Trainers and Weights
825.54 Immobilizers and Accessories: Guns, Loads, Syringes, etc.
825.58 Lariats
825.62 Nipple Pails
825.65 Prodders, Shock Type
825.69 Recycled Stockman Equipment and Supplies
825.72 Shearing Equipment
825.75 Slappers and Whips
825.78 Tags (Ear, Neck, etc,) and Tagging Accessories (Chains, Fasteners, Pliers, etc.)
825.81 Tattooing Equipment and Inks
825.85 Vacuum Cleaners, Cattle
825.90 Waterers (Except Concrete Troughs)
825.93 Weaners
830.04 Aluminum Tanks, All Kinds
830.10 Brass Tanks, All Kinds
830.13 Butane and Propane Tanks, Surface and Underground
830.16 Butane and Propane Tanks, Transport Truck Type
830.18 Calibrating Tanks
830.19 Cast Iron Tanks, All Kinds
830.22 Cement Lined Tanks
830.23 Cisterns and Parts, Fire
830.24 Collapsible Tank for Petroleum Spills
830.25 Copper Lined Tanks
830.26 Dip Tanks
830.27 Expansion Tanks
830.28 Fiberglass Lined Tanks
830.31 Fiberglass Tanks, Gasoline (Including Underground Type)
830.32 Fiberglass Tanks (Other Than for Gasoline)
830.33 Filters, Storage Tank
830.34 Galvanized Sheet Iron and Steel Tanks
830.37 Glass Lined Tanks
830.40 Lead Lined Tanks
830.41 Leak Detection and Vapor Monitoring Equipment
830.42 Plastic and PVC Tanks
830.43 Plastic Lined Tanks
830.44 Polyethylene Tanks
830.45 Processing Tanks
830.46 Stainless Steel Tanks, Pressure Type
830.47 Stainless Steel Tanks, Holding (For Milk)
830.49 Stainless Steel Tanks, Transport Truck Type (For Chemicals, Milk, etc.)
830.52 Stainless Steel Tanks: Mixing, Pickling, and Processing Types (For Chemicals, Foods, Paints, Soaps, etc.)
830.54 Steel Tanks, For Chemical Storage
830.55 Steel Tanks, Overhead Type (For Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Kerosene, etc.)
830.58 Steel Tanks, Portable Type (For Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Liquid Fertilizers, Water, etc.)
830.61 Steel Tanks, Pressure Type (For Air, Gas, Water, etc.)
830.64 Steel Tanks, Surface Storage Type (For Asphalt, Emulsions, Road Oil, Water, etc.)
830.67 Steel Tanks, Transport Truck Type (For Asphalt, Gasoline, Oil, Water, etc.)
830.69 Steel Tanks, Storage Type (For Fuel, Gasoline, and Wetted Salt)
830.70 Steel Tanks, Surface and Underground Type (For Gasoline, Kerosene, etc.)
830.73 Steel Tanks, Water Works Type, Elevated and Tower
830.77 Tank Packing Material
830.78 Tank Ends (Heads), Metal
830.79 Tanks and Cylinders (Not Otherwise Classified)
830.80 Wooden Tanks, All Kinds
830.95 Recycled Tanks, Accessories and Supplies
832.02 Tape, Anti-Seizing
832.03 Tape, Anti-Skid
832.04 Tape, Athletic
832.05 Tape, Automotive Type
832.10 Tape, Barrier (Includes Cautionary and Crime Scene Tape)
832.20 Tape, Cellulose: Drafting, Labeling, etc.
832.22 Tape, Cloth, Mending
832.23 Tape, Detectable Marking
832.24 Tape, Duct, Adhesive Type
832.26 Tape, Electrical
832.27 Tape, Epoxy
832.28 Tape, Filament
832.29 Tape, Glass Setting
832.30 Tape, Freezer/Freeze Protection
832.32 Tape, Gummed Kraft and Reinforced Paper
832.36 Tape, Insulating, All Types (Except Electrical)
832.40 Tape, Insulating, Electrical
832.44 Tape, Labeling, Library Type
832.48 Tape, Marking, Reflective Adhesive-Backed (See 550-72 for Pavement Marking Tape)
832.52 Tape, Masking
832.54 Tape, Metal Repair
832.55 Tape (Not Otherwise Classified)
832.56 Tape, Nuclear Radiation
832.60 Tape, Nylon
832.62 Tape, Pipe Banding
832.63 Tape, Polypropylene
832.64 Tape, Roofing: Rubber, etc.
832.68 Tape, Sheetrock
832.69 Tape, Sign
832.72 Tape, Thread, Teflon
832.74 Tape, Vinyl
832.75 Tape, Wire and Cable Marking and Accessories
832.76 Tape, Wood, All Kinds
832.95 Recycled Tape
840.10 Antennas and Accessories: Amplifiers, Brackets, Masts, Mounts, Rotators, Standoffs, etc. (Television Only)
840.14 Audio Equipment and Accessories, Television (Microphones, Mixers, and Amplifiers)
840.20 Broadcast Equipment, Television
840.24 Cable or Community Television Equipment and Hardware
840.27 Carts and Stands, Television
840.30 Digital Video Disk (DVD) Television Combinations
840.34 Editing, Titling, and Special Effects Systems, Accessories, and Parts
840.36 Frequency Measuring Equipment, Television
840.38 Monitors, Television
840.40 Recording Tape, Video; and Video Cassettes; Videotape Evaluator/Cleaner
840.43 Rewinding Equipment, Tape
840.45 Satellite Receiver Dish (Video)
840.50 Studio Equipment: Furnishings, Record and Tape Storage Cabinets, Tables, etc.
840.55 Switchers, Audio and Video
840.56 Teleconference Systems, Audio/Video  (To Include Video on Demand Systems)
840.57 Teleprompters and Accessories
840.58 Television Hardware (Adapters, Brackets, Connectors, etc.)
840.60 Television Receivers and Consoles
840.62 Television Receivers, Wide Screen, Projection Type
840.64 Television Tools, Equipment and Supplies for Analysis, Inspection, Testing, etc.
840.65 Television Transmitters
840.66 Television-VCR Combination Sets
840.67 Video Camera Recorders, Digital Type
840.68 VCR/DVD/Television Combinations
840.69 Video Camera-Recorders, Accessories and Parts (Television Studio Type)
840.70 Video Camera-Recorders, Accessories and Parts (Portable Type)
840.71 Video Cassette Recorders (VCR), Accessories and Parts (Consumer)
840.72 Video Lighting Units (Portable) and Battery Packs, Accessories, etc.
840.74 Video Monitors, Demodulators, Signal Processors, etc; Accessories and Parts
840.75 Video Players
840.76 Video Projectors, Accessories and Parts
840.82 Video/Disk Players (Recorders and Playback Only Devices); CDI Players, etc.
840.84 Video and Audio Systems, Accessories and Parts (Closed Circuit TV) (Including Surveillance Type)
840.86 Video Systems (For Studio Quality Production)
840.95 Recycled Television Equipment and Accessories
845.01 Acoustics Testing Devices
845.02 Aerodynamic and Aeronautical Testing Devices (Laboratory Type) and Wind Tunnels
845.04 Combustion Efficiency Measurement Apparatuses (For Flue Gases, Exhaust Gases, etc.)
845.06 Concrete Testing Apparatus and Supplies
845.08 Corrosion Test Equipment and Supplies
845.10 Fabric Testing Apparatus
845.12 Falling Weight Deflectometer System (Pavement Loading Device)
845.14 Fiber Testing Apparatus (Except Flammability)
845.19 Flash Point Tester (Closed and Open Cup)
845.22 Fuel Test Kits and Devices
845.23 Flammability Testing Equipment (For Apparel, Construction Materials, Fabrics, etc.)
845.24 Food Testing Apparatus (For Fat, Fiber, Moisture Content, etc.)
845.25 Hydrostatic Pressure Testers: Dead Weight Testers, Hydrostatic Test Pumps, etc.
845.32 Lead Test Kits
845.34 Metallurgical Physical Quality Control Testers
845.35 Milk Testing Equipment (For Dairy Thermometers See 245-87)
845.44 Microwave Test Equipment and Accessories (Not Communications Type)
845.45 Moisture Testers (Not for Soils)
845.46 Moisture-Density Tester (For Soils): Nuclear Moisture-Density Gauges, etc.
845.47 Moisture Density Gauges, Non-Nuclear
845.48 Paint Testing Equipment
845.49 Pavement Testing and Data Collection Equipment
845.50 Petroleum Production Test Equipment (Specialized): Retorts (High-Temperature), Rheometers, Well Testers (For Gas, Liquid and Water Production), etc.
845.51 Petroleum Test Equipment and Supplies (To Determine Recyclability)
845.54 Precision Linear Measuring Instruments: Calipers and Vernier Calipers, Dry Film Thickness Gauges, Dial And Standard Micrometers, etc.
845.60 Recycled Testing Apparatus, Instruments and Accessories
845.63 Road Building Materials Testers and Accessories
845.71 Strength of Materials Testing Apparatus (For Metals, Plastics, Wood, etc.): Fatigue Resistance, Hardness, Internal Flaws, etc.
845.81 Soil Testing Apparatus (For Determining Permeability, Resistivity, Soil Chemistry, etc.)
845.87 Test Equipment For Hazardous Material (Lead Content, etc.)
845.95 Viscosity Testers (Viscometers and Viscosimeters)
845.97 Volume Standards: Liter Provers, etc.
850.03 Bags, Bedding
850.04 Bags, Flour
850.08 Bedspreads (Including Dust Ruffles)
850.12 Blankets, Bedding, All Types
850.14 Border Foam
850.15 Braiding Material
850.16 Cheesecloth
850.17 Chemicals and Dyes, Textile
850.20 Cloth (Yard Goods): Cotton
850.24 Cloth (Yard Goods): Blends, Mixtures, and Synthetics
850.26 Cloth, Oil
850.28 Cloth, Sheeting: Muslin and Percale
850.32 Cloth (Yard Goods): Wool
850.33 Cotton Linters, Bales and Batts
850.34 Cotton Staple, Bales and Batts
850.35 Comforters and Quilts
850.36 Diaper Cloth (Yard Goods)
850.40 Diapers, Cotton and Synthetic
850.42 Duck (Canvas), Treated (Tent Cloth)
850.44 Duck (Canvas), Untreated
850.45 Fabrics, Non-woven
850.46 Fibers, Plant (Hemp, Cotton, Flax, Jute, Sisal, etc.)
850.47 Fur and Related Materials (Incl. Feathers)
850.48 Fabrics, Coated and Impregnated (Not Ticking)
850.49 Furniture Scarves
850.50 Hot Pads and Pot Holders
850.51 Fabrics, Synthetic and Artificial (Not Otherwise Classified)
850.52 Mattress Covers, Cotton or Vinyl
850.56 Mattress Pads
850.60 Mattress Protectors and Pillow Covers, Synthetic
850.61 Mohair
850.62 Pads, Furniture, Protective and Moving
850.63 Pillows, All Types
850.64 Sheets and Pillow Cases
850.68 Shower Curtain, Duck
850.72 Shower Curtain, Synthetic
850.73 Silk Fabric
850.74 Synthetic Textile Fibers: Nylon, Polyethylene, Rayon, etc.
850.76 Table Linens
850.77 Textile Mills
850.78 Textiles, Scrap or Waste
850.80 Ticking, Mattress and Pillow, Cotton
850.84 Ticking, Mattress and Pillow, Synthetic and Waterproofed
850.88 Toweling: Crash (Cup), Huck, and Terry (Includes Dish Towels and Cloths)
850.92 Towels, Washcloths, and Bathmats, Huck and Terry
850.94 Wool
850.95 Recycled Textiles, Fibers, Household Linens and Piece Goods
855.15 Costumes and Accessories
855.22 Curtains, Cycloramas, Draperies, Drops, etc.
855.30 Dance Floors, Portable
855.43 Lifts, Orchestra (Theater Pit Area)
855.44 Lighting and Dimming Controls: Autotransformer Dimmers, Control Panels, Solid State Thyristor/Triac Dimmers, etc.
855.46 Lighting Control Systems: Memory and Computer/Microprocessor Type
855.48 Lighting Distribution Hardware: Borderlight Cables, Pipe Battens, Plugging Strips and Boxes, Wall and Floor Pockets, etc.
855.50 Lighting Instruments: Border and Cyclorama Striplights, Follow Spotlights, Floodlights, Special Effects Lighting, Spotlights, etc.
855.53 Lighting Systems, Complete
855.60 Makeup
855.68 Scenery and Props
855.70 Sound Effects Equipment
855.75 Stage Hardware and Supplies: Braces, Canvas, Clamps, Paints, etc.
855.77 Standards, Portable; and Ropes (For Theater Lobbies)
855.80 Stage Rigging and Tracks
855.81 Stages, Theatre (All Types)
855.88 Turnstiles, Theater
855.95 Recycled Theatrical Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
860.20 Coupon Books
860.30 Dispensing Machines and Collection Boxes for Tickets, etc.
860.40 Sales Books
860.50 Strip Books
860.70 Tickets, Reserved Type
860.75 Tickets, Roll Type
860.76 Tickets, Spitter
860.95 Recycled Tickets, Coupon Books, Sales Books and Strip Books
863.03 Tires and Tubes, Aircraft
863.05 Tires and Tubes, Passenger Vehicles
863.06 Tires and Tubes, Motorcycle
863.07 Tires and Tubes, Light Trucks
863.10 Tires and Tubes, Medium Truck and Bus
863.15 Tires and Tubes, Off-Road Equipment
863.20 Tires and Tubes, Farm Tractor and Implement
863.25 Tires and Tubes, Industrial
863.42 Flaps and O-Rings, Tire
863.65 Recapped/Retreaded Tires (See Class 928 if Recapping/Retreading Own Tires as a Service)
863.95 Recycled Tires and Tubes
864.40 Mainline Train Controls
864.45 Mainline Sub-System Controls
864.55 Miscellaneous Train Controls
864.65 Operations Control Center
864.73 Recycled Train Controls
864.80 Vehicle Train Protection
864.85 Vital Relays
864.90 Yard Train Controls
864.95 Yard Sub-System Controls
865.20 Cotton Twine
865.30 Hay Baler Twine
865.35 Hemp Twine
865.40 Jute Twine
865.50 Linen Twine
865.55 Marline Twine
865.60 Nylon Twine
865.65 Polyester and Polypropylene Twine
865.68 Seine Twine
865.70 Sisal Twine (Including Binder Twine)
865.75 String, All Types (Kite, Mailing, Pull, etc.)
865.95 Recycled Twine and String
870.10 Awnings, Cloth
870.20 Awnings, Metal and Wood
870.22 Awnings, Vinyl
870.25 Reflective Film (Solar Type Sun Screen)
870.30 Shade Screens, Louvered or Perforated
870.40 Venetian Blind Cord and Tape
870.50 Venetian Blinds, Metal, Audio- Visual and Standard
870.60 Venetian Blinds, Wood
870.70 Vertical Blinds, All Types
870.78 Wind Screens, Privacy Screens, etc.
870.80 Window Shade Cloth
870.90 Window Shades
870.95 Recycled Awnings, Venetian and Vertical Blinds, and Shades
875.05 Anesthesia Equipment: Ventilators, etc.
875.08 Animal Control Equipment: Catching Poles, Muzzles, Restrainers, Shockers, etc.
875.09 Animal Body Parts, Tissues, Body Fluids, etc.
875.10 Artifical Insemination Equipment (For Semen Ejaculation, Freezing, Storage, and Use)
875.12 Dental Equipment and Supplies, Veterinary
875.13 Diagnostic Equipment, Veterinary: Scopes, Speculums, etc.
875.15 Diagnostic Test Kits and Supplies
875.24 Fat and Muscle Assay Equipment
875.27 Flea, Tick and Insect Control Equipment and Supplies
875.30 Frozen Semen
875.34 Instruments, Surgical, Veterinary
875.53 Operating Room Equipment
875.58 Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary, Animal: Drugs, Vaccines, etc.
875.59 Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary, Marine Life: Drugs, Vaccines, etc.
875.65 Pregnancy Detection Equipment
875.67 Repellants, Animal and Birds
875.70 Surgical Supplies: Catheters, Gut, Needles, Syringes, etc.
875.80 Thermometers, Veterinary
875.95 Recycled Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
880.11 Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies (Not Otherwise Classified)
880.20 Film Editing and Splicing Equipment and Supplies: Cement, Cleaner, Conditioner, Editors, Film Leader, Splicers, etc.
880.30 Pointers, Projection Type, Hand-Held and Stationary (110V AC and Battery Powered)
880.40 Previewers, Sorters, and Viewers (For Filmstrips, Slides, etc. -Not Projectors or Film Editors and Viewers)
880.42 Projectional Supplies: Acetate Sheets, Films, Photo-Reflex and Photo-Modifier Materials, etc.
880.43 Projection Screens, Standard and Rear-Projection Types
880.46 Projection Stands, Tables, etc., Standard and Rear-Projection Types
880.49 Projectors, Filmstrip (Standard Types Only); Carrying Cases; Parts, and Accessories
880.52 Projectors, Motion Picture (Specialized Types Only, Including Film Loop Projectors, Rear-Projection Units, Repetitive Projectors, etc.)
880.55 Projectors, Motion Picture (Standard Type Only); Carrying Cases; Parts, and Accessories
880.58 Projectors, Opaque; Carrying Cases; Parts; and Accessories (Epidiascopes)
880.61 Projectors, Overhead Transparency; Carrying Cases; Parts; and Accessories
880.64 Projectors, Slide (Standard Types Only); Carrying Cases; Parts; and Accessories
880.67 Projectors (Not Otherwise Classified): Combination Filmstrip-Slide Projectors, Rear-Projection Slide Units, Rear-Projection Filmstrip Units, LCD Projectors
880.73 Recycled Visual Education Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
880.80 Shipping and Storage Accessories (For Films, Filmstrips, Slides, etc.): Cans, Carrying Cases, Cartridges, Reels, Shipping Cases, Slide Files and Trays, etc.
880.85 Storage Cabinets (For Visual Education Equipment and Supplies)
880.86 Tables, Light (Visual Education)
880.88 Transparencies (See Class 715 for Prepared Material)
880.90 Transparency Equipment
883.16 Audiotex Voice Response Systems
883.18 Autoattendant Telephone Systems
883.19 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Systems
883.32 Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Systems
883.43 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems
883.64 Recycled Voice Response Systems, Accessories and Supplies
883.80 Telephone Switching (PBX) Systems
883.90 Voice Mail Systems
885.08 Activated Carbon and Filter Elements
885.11 Agents, Curing
885.15 Algae and Microbe Control Chemicals (Copper Sulfate, etc.)
885.16 Algae and Microbe Control Chemicals (For Air Conditioning and Cooling Water)
885.28 Antifoaming Agents
885.31 Biological Maintainers (Bacteria, Enzymes, etc.)
885.32 Boiler Water Chemical Treating Compounds
885.36 Carbon Based Chemicals and Compounds
885.38 Chlorine, Liquefied
885.40 Chlorinating and Oxidizing Agents: Bromohydantoins, Chloroisocyanurates, Hypochlorites, etc. (For Swimming Pool Disinfection)
885.43 Color Control Chemicals, Water
885.44 Corrosion, Scale, and Sludge Control Chemicals: Alum, Amines (Morpholine, etc.), Sodium Sulfite, etc.
885.46 Counteractant and Degreaser, Odor
885.47 Dechlorinating Agents (Sulfur Dioxide, etc.)
885.48 Descaling Compounds
885.51 Disinfectants, Wastewater
885.52 Disinfectant, Ozone (For Laboratory and Clinical Baths)
885.60 Ferrous Sulfate and Ferrous Chloride
885.64 Filter Aids: Diatomaceous Earth, Fuller's Earth, etc.
885.66 Fluoride and Other Drinking Water Additives
885.70 Hardness Control Chemicals: Chelating Agents (Phosphonates, etc.), Polyphosphates, Polymer Flocculants, etc.
885.74 Nitrogen and Oxygen, Liquid
885.76 Odor Control Chemicals, etc.
885.77 Polymer Flocculants (For Color, Thickening, Dewatering, Coagulant Aid) (Not Hardness Control)
885.78 pH Control Chemicals: Caustic Soda, Lime, Muriatic Acid, Quicklime, Soda Ash, etc.
885.79 Reagents, Buffer (For Water Treatment)
885.80 Resins, Sodium Ion Exchange (For Water Softening)
885.82 Sewer and Septic Treating Chemicals
885.84 Sodium Hydroxide
885.89 Stabilizers (Cyanuric Acid, etc.)
885.94 Water Treating Chemicals (Not Otherwise Classified)
885.95 Water Testing Kits (For Chlorine, Hardness, PH, etc.)
885.96 Recycled Water and Wastewater Treating Chemicals
890.01 Air Flotation Systems (For Water Treatment Removal of Hydrocarbons)
890.02 Activated Carbon Systems, Equipment, and Absorbers
890.03 Back Flow Preventers for Water/Sewer Pipe
890.04 Bar and Trash Screen Equipment and Parts
890.05 Belt Filter Press and Parts
890.06 Bioroughing Systems and Parts
890.07 Centrifuges, Water Treatment
890.08 Chlorination Equipment and Parts
890.13 Clarifiers and Settlers (Separators)
890.15 Complete Water Treatment Systems, Chemical
890.16 Complete Water Treatment Systems, Nonchemical: Ultraviolet Water Supply Sterilization, etc.
890.17 Contaminated Groundwater Treatment Equipment
890.19 Crushers, Grinders, Size Reduction Equipment, etc.
890.20 Demineralizers: Reverse Osmosis, etc.
890.21 Desludging Equipment and Accessories
890.22 Desalination Equipment, Water Treatment
890.23 Elements, Primary (Flow, Pressure, Temperature, etc.)
890.24 Filtration Equipment and Accessories, Water
890.25 Fluoridation Equipment
890.27 Incinerators and Parts, Sludge
890.28 Instrumentation Equip., Parts and Accessories (Actuators, Analyzers, Regulators, Controllers, Transducers, etc.)
890.30 Manholes, and Manhole Covers, Frames, Grates, Rings, Yokes, etc.
890.31 Manhole Risers, Steel Expandable
890.35 Metal Finders and Detectors, Pipe Locators, etc.
890.40 Meter Boxes, Meter Vaults, and Valve Boxes (See 210-45 for Concrete Type)
890.44 Meters, Water
890.45 Meter Fittings, Water, Accessories, Parts, and Conversion Kits
890.46 Meter Reading Devices
890.47 Mixing and Agitation Equipment
890.48 Oil Skimming Equipment and Parts
890.49 Ozone and Oxygen Generating Equipment and Parts
890.50 Rings and Seals, Carbon (For Turbine Shafts)
890.51 Root Cutting Equipment for Sewer Lines
890.52 Removal Equipment, Water Treatment: Ammonia, Bacterial, Iron, Etc.
890.53 Separation and Treatment Equipment, Oil/Water
890.63 Sewer Analyzing, Monitoring, Probe and Related Equipment
890.64 Sewer Inspection Equipment
890.65 Sewage and Waste Treating Equipment and Supplies
890.66 Sewer Lift Stations and Parts
890.67 Solvent (Chlorinated) Recovery System
890.68 Tags, Water Meter Removal
890.69 Sumps, Parts, and Accessories (See 720-73 for Sump Pumps)
890.70 Switches (Pressure, Flow, Level, Proximity, Temperature, etc.)
890.72 Tapping Machines and Equipment
890.74 Transmitters (Pressure, Flow, Level, etc.)
890.75 Valve Operators, Accessories, Parts, and Tools (See 515-82 for Lawn Sprinkler Type)
890.76 Virus and Bacteria Inactivation, Ozone Type Equipment (See 493-05 for Airborne Type)
890.77 Waste Water Reclamation Systems And Parts
890.78 Water Filters and Filter Elements (Except Boiler, Photographic Darkroom, and Swimming Pool): Cartridges, etc.
890.79 Water and Wastewater Disinfecting Ozonators
890.80 Water Leak Detection System (Including Chemicals, Dyes and Supplies)
890.81 Water Main Cleaning Equipment
890.82 Water Screens and Parts, Travelling
890.83 Water Purification Separators
890.84 Water Odor Control Equipment
890.85 Water Softening Equipment, Ion Exchange Type (Also See 670-92,93)
890.86 Water Systems, Ultra Pure
890.87 Water Treatment Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
890.88 Water Rights
890.89 Well Pointing Systems, Accessories and Parts
890.95 Recycled Water Supply, Groundwater and Sewage Treatment Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
895.10 Arc Welders, Electric Driven
895.20 Arc Welders, Engine Driven
895.21 Arc Welders, Wire, Self-Feeder
895.25 Electric Spot Welder
895.27 Electric Welding Torch, Flameless
895.29 Fittings for Welding Equipment
895.30 Gas Cylinder Carts, Industrial
895.40 Gas Tungsten-Arc Welder (TIG) and Specialized Accessories
895.45 Gas Shielded Metal-Arc Welder (MIG) and Specialized Accessories
895.50 Gas Welding Apparatus
895.55 Torch, Cutting
895.65 Welder/Soldering Unit, Refrigeration/Plumber Type, Single Tank, Complete
895.70 Welding Accessories: Cutting Tips, Hammers, Hose, Inspection Shields, Lighters, Lighter Flints, Soapstone, Tip Cleaner, Tip Dip, etc.
895.71 Welding Equipment and Supplies, Plastic
895.72 Welding Gloves, Protective Aprons, Capes, and Sleeves
895.74 Welding Goggles, Helmets, Chin Straps, and Face Shields
895.90 Welding Electrodes, Flux, Rods, Wire, and Soldering Compounds
895.92 Welding Electrode Oven
895.94 Welding Safety Shields/Curtains/Partitions
895.96 Welding and Brazing Tools
895.97 Recycled Welding Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies
898.03 Archiving System Hardware for Medical X-Ray Film
898.06 Cassettes, Cassette Holders, Grids, and Intensifying Screens
898.10 Chemicals, Developing and Processing
898.20 Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) Scanning Systems
898.24 Daylight Stampers or Identification Printers for Medical X-Ray Fil m
898.30 Film Developing and Processing Equipment (Except Dental): Automatic Processors, Safelights, etc.(Including Wet Darkroom or Daylight Type)
898.35 Film, X-Ray (Including Dental)
898.41 Gamma Cameras
898.42 Generators, X-Ray
898.45 Illuminators (Film Viewing Devices)
898.46 Image Analysis Systems
898.47 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems and Accessories (MRI)
898.48 Phantoms
898.50 Radiation Measuring Equipment: Ionization Chambers, X-Ray Film Densitometers, etc.
898.55 Radiation Monitoring Equipment and Shielding Materials: Badges, Dosimeters, Protective Aprons and Coats, etc. (See Also Class 490 and 593 )
898.60 Radiation Therapy Equipment, Nuclear: Cobalt Sources, Radioactive Implants, etc.
898.65 Radiation Therapy Equipment and Accessories, X-Ray
898.67 Radiography Examination Equipment and Accessories
898.68 Recycled X-Ray and Radiological Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
898.70 Radiological Furniture: Cabinets, Files, Tables, etc.
898.74 Ultrasonic Imaging Systems: Echocardiographs, etc.
898.78 Radiological Equipment and Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified)
898.80 X-Ray Machines (Diagnostic) and Accessories (Except Dental)
898.90 X-Ray Supplies: Film Hangers and Holders, Labels, Markers and Mounts
905.03 Aerial Patrolling (Not Survey)
905.04 Aerial Photogrammery Services
905.05 Aerial Photography
905.10 Aerial Surveys and Mapping Services (See 962-52 for Standard Survey and Mapping Services)
905.11 Aircraft Painting Services
905.12 Aircraft Crash Removal Services
905.13 Aircraft Washing, Waxing and Polishing Services
905.14 Airplane/Helicopter Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
905.15 Aircraft Refurbishing, Soundproofing, etc. Services
905.16 Airplanes, Helicopters and Accessories Maintenance and Repair
905.17 Airport Ground Handling Services
905.18 Airport Runway Friction Testing
905.19 Air Cargo Services: Developers, Operators, etc.
905.20 Air Rescue and Transfer of Patients
905.26 Air Traffic Control Services
905.28 Aviation Analytical Studies Including Surveys (See 918-12 for Consulting)
905.31 Concessions, Airport: Art Gallery
905.32 Concessions, Airport: Business Center
905.33 Concessions, Airport: Currency Exchange
905.34 Concessions, Airport: Food
905.35 Concessions, Airport: Gift Shops, Specialties
905.36 Concessions, Airport: Miscellaneous
905.37 Concessions, Airport: Pay Telephone
905.38 Deicing Fluid Recovery Services, Aircraft
905.41 Dusting and Seeding Services, Crop (Aerial)
905.47 Falconry Services (See 910-59 for other Bird Proofing Services)
905.53 Pilot Training Services
905.59 Radio Frequency Access Services
905.60 Removal of Rubber Deposits from Runways
905.66 Runway Grooving Services, Airport
905.67 Runway Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
905.68 Security Screening Services, Personnel
905.69 Signage Services, Aircraft and Airport
905.70 Storage Space Services (Not Building Lease), Aircraft
905.71 Spacecraft Cargo Transport Services
905.72 Spacecraft Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
905.90 Waste Disposal Services, Aircraft
906.02 Acoustics; Noise Abatement - Architectural Services
906.04 Agricultural Development - Architectural Services
906.06 Airports (Lighting, Fueling, Navaids) - Architectural Services
906.07 Architect Services, Professional
906.08 Automation; Controls; Instrumentation - Architectural Services
906.10 Buildings - Architectural Design
906.12 Building Sanitation - Architectural Services
906.14 Cemeteries, Planning and Relocation, Architectural Services
906.16 Chemical Processing and Storage - Architectural
906.18 Cold Storage; Refrigeration; Fast Freeze - Architectural
906.19 Concrete Architectural Services
906.22 Corrosion Control; Cathodic Protection; Electrolysis - Architectural
906.24 Desalinization (Process and Facilities) - Architectural
906.25 Design Build Services
906.26 Electronics - Architectural Services
906.27 Energy Management - Architectural
906.28 Energy Conservation; New Energy Sources (Solar, etc.) - Architectural Services
906.29 Environmental - Architectural
906.30 Fire Protection - Architectural Services
906.32 Fisheries; Fish Ladders - Architectural
906.33 Forensic - Architectural
906.34 Freight Handling; Materials Handling - Architectural
906.36 Gas Systems (Propane, Natural, etc.) - Architectural
906.38 General Construction - Architectural
906.40 Graphic Design - Architectural
906.42 Harbors; Jetties; Piers; Ship Terminal Facilities - Architectural
906.44 Heating; Ventilating; Air Conditioning - Architectural Services
906.46 Highways; Streets; Airport Pay-Parking Lots - Architectural
906.48 Historical Preservation
906.50 Industrial Processes; Quality Control
906.52 Interior Design, Space Planning, and Exhibits/Displays
906.54 Irrigation; Drainage; Flood Control - Architectural
906.56 Landscape Architecture
906.57 Land Development and Planning - Architectural
906.58 Lighting (Interior, Exterior) - Architectural Services
906.60 Mining and Mineralogy - Architectural
906.61 Models of Layouts and Buildings to Scale, Architectural
906.62 Petroleum and Fuel (Storage and Distribution) - Architectural
906.64 Planning, Urban (Community, Regional, Areawide, and State)
906.66 Planning, Site (Installation and Project)
906.68 Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution - Architectural
906.70 Railroad; Rapid Transit; Monorail - Architectural
906.72 Recreation Facilities (Parks, Marinas, etc.) - Architectural Services
906.74 Recycling Systems - Architectural Design
906.78 Security Systems; Intruder and Smoke Detection - Architectural
906.80 Sewage Collection, Treatment, and Disposal - Architectural
906.82 Solid Wastes; Disposal Systems - Architectural Services
906.84 Telecommunications Systems (Telephone, Radio, etc.) - Architectural
906.88 Towers - Architectural Services
906.90 Tunnels and Subways - Architectural
906.92 Utilities (Gas, Steam, Electric) - Architectural
906.93 Video Systems Design - Architectural Services
906.94 Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution - Architectural
907.14 Architectural Services, Non-Licensed (Not Otherwise Classified)
907.28 Communications Systems; TV; Microwave; Telephone; Computer
907.35 Designing Services
907.38 Drafting Services
907.40 Engineering Services, Non-Licensed (Not Otherwise Classified)
907.42 Geotechnical - Soils
907.72 Safety Engineering and Accident Studies; OSHA Studies
907.75 Site Assessment and Site Field Observation
907.83 Testing Services
908.10 Bookbinding Services, Custom
908.12 Bookbinding Services, Glued or Paste Type
908.15 Bookbinding Services, Perfect (Paperback Book Type)
908.17 Bookbinding Services, Saddle Stitched
908.20 Bookbinding Services(Sewed Cross Stitched, Library Quality), Rebinding, and Repairing: Library Books, Text Books, etc.
908.22 Bookbinding, Spiral
908.35 Headbands Installed
908.45 Magazine Binding (Sewed), Rebinding, and Repairing
908.50 Manuscript Binding, (Sewed)
908.55 Newspaper Binding (Sewed), Rebinding, and Repairing
908.65 Special Work and Repairing: Special Treatment of Rare Volumes, Rebacking of Old Volumes, etc.
908.75 Thesis Binding, Sewed
909.03 Administration of Contracts: Summary of Work, Quality Control, Project Closeout, etc.
909.10 Airport Facility Construction
909.11 Airport Facility Maintenance and Repair
909.16 Athletic Facility Construction
909.17 Athletic Facility Maintenance and Repair
909.21 Building Construction, Industrial (Warehouse, etc.)
909.22 Building Construction, Non-Residential (Office Bldg., etc.)
909.23 Building Construction, Residential (Apartments, etc.)
909.24 Building Construction, Commercial and Institutional
909.25 Building Construction, Prefabricated (All Types)
909.26 Building Construction, Agricultural
909.27 Building Construction, Educational
909.28 Building Construction, Medical
909.29 Building Construction, Religious
909.30 Building Construction (Not Otherwise Classified)
909.33 Contractor Compliance Monitoring Services
909.34 Conveying Systems: Elevators, Lifts, etc.
909.37 Doors and Windows
909.45 Finishes: Flooring, Wall and Ceiling, etc.
909.48 Furnishings: Artwork, Cabinets, Furniture, Window Treatments, etc.
909.54 Home Construction, Single Family
909.57 Land Development and Sub-Division Services
909.60 Maintenance and Repair, Industrial Building
909.61 Maintenance and Repair, Non-Residential Building
909.62 Maintenance and Repair, Residential Buildings (Incl. Single Family Homes and Apartments)
909.63 Maintenance and Repair, Commercial and Institutional Building
909.64 Maintenance and Repair, Agricultural Building
909.66 Maintenance and Repair, Educational Building
909.67 Maintenance and Repair, Medical Building
909.68 Maintenance and Repair, Religious Building
909.76 Site Work (Incl. Site Clean-Up)
909.77 Special Construction: Observatory, Security, Special Rooms, etc.
909.79 Specialties: Chalkboards, Fireplace, Storage, etc.
909.80 Special Equipment: Bank Vaults, Darkrooms, Food Service, Laboratory, etc.
909.84 Thermal and Moisture Protection Services
910.01 Acoustical Ceilings and Walls: Cleaning, Installation, Restoration, Maintenance and Repair (Including Panel Wall Systems)
910.02 Background Music Maintenance and Repair Services
910.03 Building Cleaning, Exterior
910.04 Air Duct Cleaning Services
910.05 Building and House Leveling Services
910.06 Carpentry Maintenance and Repair Services
910.07 Chute Installation Services
910.08 Concrete Raising and Undersealing Services
910.09 Carpet Cleaning, Dyeing, Installation and Repair
910.10 Chimney Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910.11 Drapery and Curtain Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910.12 Drapery and Curtain Fabrication Services
910.13 Elevator Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910.14 Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Metal)
910.15 Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Wood)
910.16 Energy Conservation Services (Including Audits)
910.17 Energy Computerized Control System (HVAC, Lighting, Utilities, etc) Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services
910.20 Escalator and Moving Walkway, Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910.22 Fireproofing Services, Spray-On Type
910.23 Firestop Systems (Includes Installation and Fireproofing)
910.24 Fire and/or Water Damage Restoration Services
910.25 Flooring Maintenance and Repair to Include Refinishing and Sealing
910.26 Furnace Maintenance and Repair
910.27 Garbage/Trash Removal, Disposal and/or Treatment
910.30 Glass Replacement, Maintenance, and Repair
910.36 Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Maintenance and Repair Services (Including Installation)
910.37 Incinerator Repair and Maintenance
910.38 Insulation and Asbestos Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Removal Services (Includes Inspection, Monitoring, and Spray-On Insulation)
910.39 Janitorial/Custodial Services
910.42 Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Repair (Not Plumbing): Bathtubs, Sinks, Cabinets, Counter Tops, etc.
910.45 Lathing and Plastering Maintenance and Repair Services
910.46 Lead Poisoning Control and Reduction
910.47 Lead Abatement Services
910.48 Locksmith Services
910.49 Loading Dock and Associated Accessories Maintenance and Repair
910.51 Masonry, Concrete, and Stucco Maintenance and Repair (Includes Inside Concrete Sawing and Grouting Work)
910.52 Maintenance and Repair Services, Building (Not Otherwise Classified)
910.53 Metal Work Maintenance and Repair (Incl. Metal Refinishing Services)
910.54 Painting, Maintenance and Repair Services (Including Caulking)
910.55 Overhead Door Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
910.56 Panel Wall Systems Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
910.59 Pest Control (Incl. Termite Inspection and Control, Bird Proofing, Animal Trapping, Rodent Control, Exterminating and Fumigation)
910.60 Plumbing Maintenance and Repair (Includes Pressure Tapping Services, Pipe Freezes, Toilets, etc.)
910.61 Plant Maintenance, Indoor
910.62 Protection of Building From Weather or Vandalism
910.63 Public Utilities: Water, Sewer and Gas Maintenance and Repair
910.64 Relocation, Building
910.65 Remodeling and Alterations
910.66 Roofing, Gutters, and Downspouts Maintenance and Repair
910.67 Security Lock-Bar Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910.68 Septic Tank Maintenance and Repair Services (Includes Absorption/Leach Field Construction)
910.69 Shelters, Carports, Portable Buildings, etc. Maintenance and Repair
910.70 Sludge Removal, Building (To Include Grease Trap Cleaning)
910.71 Shoring and Reinforcement Services
910.72 Tinting Services, Window
910.73 Tile and Stone (Includes Granite, Marble, and Terrazzo), Restoration, Refurbishing, Maintenance and Repair
910.74 Wallpapering Services, Includes Maintenance and Repair
910.75 Wall and Ceiling Repair and Replacement (Including Drywalling)
910.76 Welding Maintenance and Repair Services (Incl. Brazing, Casting, and Soldering)
910.77 Water Purification/Softening Services
910.78 Weather and Waterproofing Maintenance and Repair Services
910.79 Window Installation, Maintenance and Repair (Metal)
910.80 Window Installation, Maintenance, and Repair (Wood)
910.81 Window Washing Services
910.82 Wiring and Other Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services
910.83 Sandblasting Buildings (See 968-67 for All Other Types)
910.84 Shutter Installation, Maintenance and Repair
910.85 Skylight Installation Services
910.86 Siding Installation and Repair Services
912.16 Boring, Drilling, Testing, and Soundings
912.19 Clearing and Grubbing Services
912.20 Construction, Fire Protection (Includes Fire Escapes)
912.21 Construction, Energy Related (All Types)
912.23 Construction, General (Backfill Services, Digging, Ditching, Road Grading, Rock Stabilization, etc.)
912.25 Construction, Golf Course
912.26 Construction, Hike and Bike Trail
912.27 Construction, Irrigation System
912.29 Construction, Oil and Gas Refinery
912.30 Construction, Power Plant
912.31 Construction, Statues and Monuments
912.32 Construction, Street Lighting
912.33 Construction, Swimming Pool
912.35 Construction, Tennis/Sports Court
912.38 Construction Services, Hazardous Waste (Incl. Site Management)
912.40 Demolition Services
912.44 Excavation Services
912.50 Maintenance and Repair, Golf Course
912.52 Maintenance and Repair, Hike and Bike Trails
912.54 Maintenance and Repair, Oil and Gas Refinery
912.56 Maintenance and Repair, Power Plant
912.59 Maintenance and Repair, Statues and Monuments
912.60 Maintenance and Repair, Street Lighting
912.63 Maintenance and Repair, Swimming Pool (Incls. Swimming Pool Water Treatment Services)
912.65 Maintenance and Repair, Tennis/Sport Court
912.68 Monitoring Services, Structural
912.73 Paver Block Installation
912.75 Quality Control Testing Services for Construction
912.76 Striping Streets, Parking Facilities, Lane Divisions, etc. (Paint)
913.10 Construction: Airport Roadway, Runway and Taxiway
913.13 Construction, Bridge and Drawbridge (Includes Reconstruction/Rehabilitation)
913.15 Construction, Canal or Aquaduct
913.16 Construction, Communication Equipment (Includes Antenna Towers)
913.19 Construction, Curb and Gutter (Includes Maintenance, Repair, and Removal)
913.23 Construction, Defense and Military Structure
913.27 Construction, Highway and Road
913.36 Construction, Parking Lot and Alley
913.39 Construction, Pipe Culvert
913.40 Construction, Pipeline
913.41 Construction, Power Line (Includes Installation, Maintenance, and Repair)
913.45 Construction, Sewer and Storm Drain
913.47 Construction, Sidewalk and Driveway (Includes Pedestrian and Handicap Ramps)
913.50 Construction, Street (Major and Residential)(Includes Reconstruction)
913.55 Construction, Tunnel
913.56 Construction, Utility/Underground Projects
913.57 Construction, Vaulted Sidewalk
913.58 Construction, Viaduct (Includes Reconstruction)
913.59 Construction and Upgrades, Wastewater Treatment Plant
913.60 Construction, Water System, Main and Service Line
913.63 Lime Slurry Removal Services
913.64 Maintenance and Repair: Airport Roadway, Runway and Taxiway
913.65 Maintenance and Repair, Antenna Tower and other Communication Equipment
913.66 Maintenance and Repair, Bridges
913.67 Maintenance, Repair, and Operation of Drawbridges
913.68 Maintenance and Repair, Canal
913.69 Maintenance and Repair, Defense and Military Structure
913.71 Maintenance and Repair, Highway and Road (To include the removal of asphalt, concrete, bitumens, etc)
913.75 Maintenance and Repair, Parking Lot and Alley
913.77 Maintenance and Repair, Pipe Culvert
913.78 Maintenance and Repair, Pipeline (Includes Removal and Relocation)
913.81 Maintenance and Repair, Sewer and Storm Drain (Including Removal)
913.82 Maintenance and Repair, Sidewalk and Driveway (Including Removal)
913.84 Maintenance and Repair, Street (Major and Residential)
913.88 Maintenance and Repair, Tunnel
913.89 Maintenance and Repair, Utility/Underground Projects
913.90 Maintenance and Repair, Viaduct
913.91 Maintenance and Repair, Wastewater Treatment Plant
913.92 Maintenance and Repair, Water System, Main and Service Line
913.94 Paving/Resurfacing, Alley and Parking Lot
913.95 Paving/Resurfacing, Highway and Road
913.96 Paving/Resurfacing, Street (Major and Residential)
914.27 Carpentry
914.30 Concrete
914.38 Electrical
914.44 Flooring
914.47 Glass and Glazing
914.50 Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
914.53 Insulation
914.55 Masonry
914.58 Metal Work
914.61 Painting and Wallpapering
914.64 Plastering
914.65 Plastics
914.68 Plumbing
914.73 Roofing and Siding
914.79 Structural Steel
914.80 Stucco
914.83 Tile and Marble Work, All Types
914.84 Trade Services, Construction (Not Otherwise Classified)
914.85 Welding
914.88 Wood
915.01 Advertising Agency Services
915.02 Advertising (Notice of Bid Solicitation)
915.03 Advertising/Public Relations (Incl. Skywriting)
915.04 Advertising, Outdoor Billboard, etc.
915.05 Answering/Paging Services
915.06 Audio Production
915.07 Audio Recording
915.08 Audio Media Duplicating Services (Incl. Cassettes, CD Roms, Tapes, etc.)
915.09 Audio/Video Production Services Complete
915.11 Background Music Services (Incl. Messaging on Hold, etc.)
915.14 Broadcasting Services, Radio
915.15 Broadcasting Services, Television
915.22 Communications Marketing Services
915.23 Conference Coordinating and Planning Services
915.24 Cable Television Services (Includes Pay-Per-View Services)
915.25 Captioned Services for the Hearing Impaired
915.26 EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Value Added Network (VAN) Services
915.27 Editorial Services
915.28 Electronic Information and Mailing Services
915.30 DVD Duplicating Services
915.36 Facsimile (Fax) Services
915.38 Film and Slide Processing, Duplicating and Touch Up Services
915.42 Film and Slide/Tape  Production Services
915.44 Fulfillment (Incls. Data Processing, Packaging, Labeling and Mailing of Literature as a Package)
915.48 Graphic Arts Services (Not Printing)
915.49 High Volume, Telephone Call Answering Services (See 915-05 for Low Volume Services)
915.51 Information Highway Electronic Services (Internet, World Wide Web, etc.)
915.52 Journalistic Services (Includes Page Print Services)
915.58 Mailing Services (Incl .Addressing, Collating, Packaging, Sorting and Delivery)
915.59 Mail Services, Express
915.60 Magazine Distribution Services
915.64 Media Clippings, Outtakes, Critiques, Summaries, Legislative Bill Tracking Services, etc.(Incl. State, Local, Out-of-State and International)
915.68 Microfiche/Microfilming Services
915.69 Motion Picture Production and Distribution Services
915.70 Monitoring Services: Parolee, Patient, Convict, etc.
915.71 Newspaper and Publication Advertising
915.72 Photography (Not Including Aerial Photography)
915.73 Public Information Services (Incl. Press Releases)
915.74 Radio Commercial Production
915.75 Telephone Services, Cellular
915.76 Telephone Services Includes Installation, Moves, Changes, Adds, Programming, Removal, Training, etc. (To Include Pay Telephones)
915.77 Telephone Services, Long Distance and Local (Including 800, Telex and Watts Services)
915.78 Television Commercial Production
915.79 Telecommunication Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
915.80 Typing and Word Processing
915.81 Telegram/Telegraph Services
915.82 Video Production
915.83 Television Services, Satellite
915.84 Video Recording
915.90 Video Media  Duplicating and Production Services (Including CD Roms, Tapes, etc.)
915.93 Voice Mail Services
915.95 Warning System Services, Citizen
915.96 Web Page Design and/or Management Services
915.97 Wiring Services, Data/Voice
918.03 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Consulting Services
918.04 Accounting/Auditing/Budget Consulting
918.06 Administrative Consulting
918.07 Advertising Consulting
918.09 Agricultural Consulting
918.10 Air Pollution Consulting
918.11 Anthropology Consulting
918.12 Analytical Studies and Surveys (Consulting)
918.13 Asbestos Consulting
918.14 Appraisals Consulting
918.15 Architectural Consulting
918.16 Archeological Consulting
918.17 Aviation Consulting
918.18 Boiler Chemistry Consulting
918.19 Buildings, Structures and Components Consulting
918.20 Business Consulting, Small
918.21 Business Consulting, Large
918.25 Compliance Consulting, American Disabilities Act (ADA)
918.26 Communications: Public Relations Consulting
918.27 Community Development Consulting
918.28 Computer Hardware Consulting
918.29 Computer Software Consulting
918.30 Computer Network Consulting
918.31 Construction Consulting
918.32 Consulting Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
918.35 Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Consulting Including Technical Assistance
918.37 Economy Consulting
918.38 Education and Training Consulting
918.39 Elevator/Escalator/Moving Walks Consulting Services
918.40 Employee Benefits Consulting
918.41 Energy Conservation Consulting
918.42 Engineering Consulting
918.43 Environmental Consulting
918.45 Fashion Consulting Services
918.46 Feasibility Studies (Consulting)
918.49 Finance/Economics Consulting
918.52 Food Service Consulting
918.54 Furnishings Consulting
918.55 Geological Consulting and Study
918.58 Governmental Consulting
918.62 Horticultural Consulting
918.63 Housing Consulting
918.65 Human Relations Consulting
918.66 Human Resources Consulting
918.67 Human Services Consulting (To Include Mental Health Consulting Services)
918.69 Insurance Consulting
918.70 Inventory Consulting
918.72 Lakes, Rivers, and Other Waterway Management Consulting Services
918.73 Landscaping Consulting
918.74 Legal Consulting
918.75 Management Consulting
918.76 Marketing Consulting
918.77 Mail Consulting Services
918.78 Medical Consulting
918.79 Minority and Small Business Consulting
918.80 Moving/Relocation Consulting Service
918.81 Natural Disasters (Fire, Flood, Wind, Quakes) Consulting
918.83 Organizational Development Consulting
918.85 Personnel/Employment Consulting (Human Resources)
918.86 Public Art Consulting
918.87 Purchasing Consulting (Incl. Specification Development)
918.88 Quality Assurance/Control Consulting
918.89 Real Estate/Land Consulting (Including Land Survey Consulting)
918.90 Strategic Technology Planning and Consulting Services
918.91 Roofing Consultant
918.92 Urban Planning Consulting
918.93 Security/Safety Consulting
918.94 Traffic Consulting
918.95 Telecommunications Consulting
918.96 Transportation Consulting
918.97 Utilities: Gas, Water, Electric Consulting
920.02 Access Services, Data
920.04 Applications Software (For Main Frame Systems)
920.07 Applications Software for Microcomputer Systems: Business, Mathematical/Statistical, Medical, Scientific, etc.
920.14 Applications Software (For Minicomputer Systems)
920.16 Biometric Authentication System Software Services (Incl. Maint. And Repair)
920.18 Computer Aided Design Services
920.19 Computer Digitizing Services
920.20 Computer Output to Microfilm (COM) Processing Services
920.21 Data Entry Services
920.22 Data Preparation and Processing Services
920.23 Data Recovery Services
920.24 Data Conversion Services
920.25 Diskette, CD Rom, and Tape Duplicating Services
920.26 Desktop Publishing Services
920.27 E-Commerce Software Development Services
920.28 Emergency Back-up Services and Facilities for Data Processing
920.29 Facilities Management Services, Computer
920.30 Image Processing and Conversion Services
920.31 Installation of Computers, Peripherals, and Related Equipment (Including Software)
920.32 Intelligent Transportation System Software (To Include Design, Development, and Maintenance Services)
920.33 Mapping Services, Digitized, Cartography (See 962-52 for Standard Mapping Services)
920.34 Media Conversion Services
920.35 Modification of Existing Equipment (Including Cost of Parts)
920.37 Networking Services (Including Installation, Security, and Maintenance )
920.38 Optical Scanning Services
920.39 Processing System Services, Data (Not Otherwise Classified)
920.40 Programming Services, Computer
920.41 Retrieval Services, Information
920.42 Recertification/Rehabilitation of Magnetic Media (Disk Packs, Tapes, etc.)
920.43 Recharging and Remanufacturing of Printer and Fax Cartridges
920.44 Risk Management for Software Development
920.45 Software Maintenance/Support
920.46 Software Updating Services
920.47 Support Services, Computer (Includes Computer Warranties)
920.48 Storage Services, Data Media
920.49 Systems/Executive Software, Main Frame
920.50 Shredding Services, Computer Components and Peripherals
920.56 Systems/Executive Software, Microcomputer
920.63 Systems/Executive Software, Minicomputer
920.64 System Implementation and Engineering Services
920.65 System Requirements Quality Assurance Review
920.77 Teleprocessing Via Proprietary Data Bases
920.84 Teleprocessing, Business (Timesharing)
920.90 Teleprocessing, Scientific, Industrial, Medical, etc. -Timesharing
920.91 Training, Computer Based (Software Supported)
920.94 Word Processing Software, Main Frame
920.95 Word Processing Software, Microcomputer
920.96 Word Processing Software, Minicomputer
924.05 Advisory Services, Educational
924.16 Course Development Services, Instructional/Training
924.18 Educational Services, Alternative
924.19 Educational Research Services
924.20 Examination and Testing
924.25 For Credit Classes, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
924.35 In-Service Training (For Employees)
924.60 Not-For-Credit Classes, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
924.64 Partnering Workshop Facilitation Services
924.71 School Operation and Management Services
924.74 Special Education
924.76 Student Activities Services
924.77 Teacher Certification Services
924.78 Teaching and Instruction Services  (Including Elementary and Secondary Education, Higher Education and Adult Education)
924.80 Tutoring
924.86 Vocational Training, All Types  (Including Vocational Rehabilitation and Technical Education)
925.03 Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering
925.04 Agricultural Engineering
925.07 Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating Engineering
925.08 Airports (Lighting, Fueling, Navaids) - Engineering
925.11 Biomedical/Engineering
925.15 Chemical Processing and Storage/Engineering
925.17 Civil Engineering
925.19 Concrete Engineering
925.20 Cold Storage; Refrigeration; Fast Freeze/Engineering
925.21 Corrosion Control; Cathodic Protection; Electrolysis/Engineering
925.22 Control Systems Engineering
925.23 Dam Engineering
925.24 Desalinization (Process and Facilities)/Engineering
925.28 Drainage Engineering
925.30 Earthquake-Seismic Engineering
925.31 Electrical Engineering (Incl. Cogeneration Design Services)
925.32 Electronic Engineering
925.33 Engineer Services, Professional
925.34 Energy Management Engineering
925.35 Environmental Engineering
925.36 Engineering Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
925.37 Facilities Design Services, Engineering
925.38 Field Engineering
925.39 Fire Protection Engineering
925.40 Fisheries; Fish Ladders - Engineering
925.41 Forensic Engineering
925.42 Foundation Engineering
925.43 Gas Systems (Propane, Natural, etc.) Engineering
925.44 General Construction: Management, Scheduling, Cost Estimation - Engineering
925.45 Geological Engineering
925.46 Geotechnical Engineering
925.48 Harbors; Jetties; Piers; Ship Terminal Facilities - Engineering
925.49 Highways; Streets; Airport Pay-Parking Lots - Engineering
925.50 Hydroelectric Engineering
925.51 Hazardous Waste Engineering Services (Incl. Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies for Waste Sites)
925.53 Industrial Engineering
925.55 Inspecting, General/Engineering
925.56 Inspecting, Structural/Engineering
925.57 Instrumentation/Engineering
925.58 Irrigation; Drainage; Flood Control/Engineering
925.61 Land Development and Planning/Engineering
925.65 Machine Design/Engineering
925.66 Manufacturing Engineering
925.67 Mechanical Engineering
925.68 Metallurgical Engineering
925.69 Mining and Minerology/Engineering
925.70 Municipal Engineering
925.72 Nuclear Engineering
925.73 Ocean Engineering Services
925.74 Petroleum and Fuel (Storage and Distribution)/Engineering
925.77 Pollution Control Engineering
925.78 Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution - Engineering
925.79 Railroad; Rapid Transit; Monorail/Engineering
925.80 Rate Engineering
925.83 Sanitary Engineering
925.84 Security Systems; Intruder and Smoke Detection/Engineering
925.86 Surveyor Services, Land
925.87 Sewage Collection, Treatment, and Disposal/Engineering
925.88 Structural Engineering
925.89 Telephone Systems/Engineering
925.91 Video Design and Engineering Services
925.92 Value Engineering and Value Analysis Services, Professional
925.93 Traffic and Transportation Engineering
925.94 Tunnels and Subways/Engineering
925.95 Utilities (Gas, Steam, Electric)/Engineering
925.96 Waste Water Treatment Engineering
925.97 Water Supply, Treatment, and Distribution/Engineering
926.14 Air Pollution Control Services (Including Data Collection Research and Development, etc.)
926.15 Air Quality Monitoring Services
926.23 Auditing Services, Environmental
926.29 Contaminated Groundwater Services (Including Discharge Pipe Installation)
926.30 Contaminated Soil Services
926.40 Ecological Services
926.41 Ecosystems Development, Management and Protection Services
926.42 Environmental Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
926.43 Gas Analysis Services
926.45 Hazardous Material and Waste Services (Including Emergency Response and  Nuclear Wastes)
926.49 Hydraulic Push Probe (Geoprobe) Services
926.52 Impact Studies, Environmental
926.53 Industrial Hygiene Testing Services
926.54 Investigation Services, Pollution
926.58 Lead and Asbestos Inspection Services
926.62 Noise Testing Services
926.65 Oil and Petroleum Spill Services (Including Removal of Used Petroleum Products)
926.66 Oil/Water Separator Inspection and Testing Services
926.70 Permitting Services, Environmental
926.72 Planning and Advisory Services, Environmental
926.75 Radiation Dosimeter Services
926.76 Radioactive Waste Disposal Services
926.77 Recycling Services
926.78 Remediation Services, Environmental (Including Rehabilitation Services Hazardous Waste and Mold Remediation)
926.82 Safety Services, Environmental
926.83 Site Assessment, Environmental
926.84 Soil Pollution Services
926.85 Soil, Soil Vapor, and Groundwater Sampling and Analysis (Including Disposal)
926.88 Storm Water Discharge Testing Services
926.90 Subsurface Testing, Environmental
926.91 Tank Testing and Disposal Services, Storage (Including Underground Types)
926.93 Testing and Monitoring Services for Air, Gas, and Water
926.94 Water Pollution Services
926.95 Water/Wastewater Conservation Services
926.96 Wetland Delineations (Incl. Assessments)
928.04 Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified) Maintenance and Repair
928.10 Alignment and Wheel Balancing (Including Front-End Repair)
928.15 Automobile and Other Passenger Vehicles Maint. and Repair (Not Otherwise Classified)
928.19 Body and Frame Work (Including Undercoating)
928.23 Brake Maintenance and Repair
928.24 Buses, School and Mass Transit, Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Classified
928.27 Communications Systems Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle (Including Installation and Removal Services)
928.29 Conversion of Gasoline Fuel Systems to Alternative Fuel Systems Including Maintenance and Repair Services
928.30 Cooling, Heating, and Ventilating System (A/C System, Hoses, Water Pump, Radiator, Heater and Accessories, Ventilation, etc.) Maintenance and Repair
928.33 Customizing Services, Vehicle (Including Handicapped and Van Conversions)
928.35 Drive Train (Clutch Assembly, Flywheel, etc.) Maintenance and Repair
928.38 Electrical (Alternator/Generator, Battery, Ignition System, Lights, etc.) Maintenance and Repair
928.40 Exhaust System Maintenance and Repair
928.44 Fuel System Maintenance and Repair
928.45 Fueling Services, Mobile (Vehicle)
928.46 Glass Replacement and Repair Services, Windshield and Window (Auto), (Including Window Tinting Services)
928.47 General Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle (Not Otherwise Classified), to Include Oil Changes, Lubrication, Guaranteed Maintenance Programs, etc. (See 928-88 for Tune-Ups)
928.49 Hydraulics (Pump, Hydraulic Motor, Valves, Gauges, etc.) Maintenance and Repair
928.51 License Identification System (Vehicle), Maintenance and Repair
928.54 Machine Shop Services
928.56 Oil Collection Services, Waste
928.57 Painting, Vehicle
928.58 Parts Washing Services
928.60 Power Plant (Engine, Belts, Heads, Intake, Rebuilding, etc.) Maintenance and Repair
928.64 Reconditioning/Refurbishing Vehicles
928.65 Retrofitting Vehicles to Reduce Emissions and Improve Air Quality (A complete service incl. Parts where necessary to meet specs)
928.67 Road Services, Vehicle (Includes Mobile Repair Services)
928.76 Suspension (Axles, Springs, Steering, etc.) Maintenance and Repair
928.82 Tire and Tube Mounting, Repair, Retreading, and Rotation (Including Tire Foam Filling Services)
928.84 Trailer Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Classified)
928.85 Transmission (Main, Transfer Case, Chain and Final Drives) Maintenance and Repair
928.86 Truck and Van Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Classified)
928.87 Truck Maintenance and Repair, Heavy
928.88 Tune-ups
928.91 Upholstery Maintenance and Repair
928.92 Vehicle Inspection and Testing Services (Emissions, etc.)
928.93 Washing, Waxing, Polishing, Steam Cleaning, Disinfecting, etc.
928.94 Wheel Maintenance and Repair
928.95 Welding Services, Automotive Transportation
929.04 Agricultural Implements, Parts and Accessories Maintenance and Repair
929.12 Asphalt Distributors, Levelers, Mixers, etc. Maintenance and Repair
929.13 Asphalt Heaters Maintenance and Repair
929.14 Asphalt Pavers Maintenance and Repair
929.15 Asphalt Scarifiers, Milling Machines, Scrapers, etc., Maintenance and Repair
929.17 Automotive Shop Equipment Maintenance and Repair
929.24 Car Wash Equipment Maintenance and Repair
929.29 Concrete Equipment: Buckets, Screeding Machines, Curbers, Finishers, etc., Maintenance and Repair
929.30 Concrete Mixers, Maintenance and Repair
929.31 Construction Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Listed)
929.32 Concrete and Asphalt Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified) Maintenance and Repair
929.33 Cranes: Backhoe, Dragline, Clamshell, etc., Maintenance and Repair
929.35 Earth Handling, Grading, Moving, and Packing Equipment Maintenance and Repair
929.39 Emergency/Rescue Vehicle Accessory and Major Component Items, Maintenance and Repair
929.41 Engines And Motors, Industrial, Maintenance and Repair
929.44 Hydraulic Tools, Maintenance and Repair
929.47 Lifts and Hoists, Maintenance and Repair
929.48 Machine Shop and Fabricating Services, Industrial
929.50 Machinery and Heavy Hardware (Not Lawn Equipment) Maintenance and Repair
929.58 Material Handling Equipment Maintenance and Repair
929.60 Motor and Engine Maintenance and Repair, Small Gasoline
929.61 Motor Rewinding and Repairing, Electric
929.62 Motorcycles, Bicycles, Motor Scooters, and Trucksters (Including Golf Carts), Maintenance and Repair
929.63 Oil Field Equipment Maintenance and Repair
929.64 Pneumatic Tools, Maintenance and Repair
929.65 Refuse/Garbage Burning Equipment, Maintenance and Repair
929.66 Refuse/Garbage Collection/Dumping Equipment Maintenance and Repair
929.67 Painting Services, Road and Heavy Industrial Equipment
929.68 Road and Highway Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified) Maintenance and Repair
929.70 Snow Plow and Blower Maintenance and Repair
929.71 Snow Melter Maintenance and Repair
929.74 Tanks: Mobile, Portable, Stationary, Storage, etc., Maintenance and Repair (Includes Relining)
929.75 Taxiway and Runway Maintenance and Testing Equipment Maintenance and Repair
929.76 Spreaders (Salt and Sand), Maintenance and Repair
929.79 Sweepers, Street, Maintenance and Repair
929.85 Tractors, Industrial: Bulldozers, Crawlers, Wheel Type, Maintenance and Repair
929.95 Welding Services, Agricultural, Heavy Industrial and Similar Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
931.05 Amusement Park Ride Equipment Maintenance and Repair
931.07 Appliances and Equipment, Household, (Not Laundry or HVAC) Maintenance and Repair
931.11 Athletic and Sporting Goods Equipment and Accessories (Shoulder Pads, etc.), Maintenance and Repair
931.16 Bakery Equipment Maintenance and Repair
931.19 Barber and Beauty Shop Equipment Maintenance and Repair
931.21 Bedding, All Types, Maintenance and Repair
931.23 Butcher Shop and Meat Processing Equipment Maintenance and Repair
931.30 Cafeteria and Kitchen Equipment, Commercial, Maintenance and Repair
931.32 Camping and Outdoor Equipment Maintenance and Repair
931.36 Dairy Equipment Maintenance and Repair
931.40 Food Processing and Canning Equipment Maintenance and Repair
931.43 Furnishings Maintenance and Repair (All Kinds)
931.44 Furniture, Not Office, Maintenance and Repair (Includes Refinishing and Reupholstering)
931.45 Furniture Installation and Reconfiguration Services (Including Systems Furniture)
931.46 Furniture, Office, Maintenance and Repair (Includes Refinishing and Reupholstering)
931.53 Lighting Fixtures Maintenance and Repair
931.58 Musical Instruments, Maintenance and Repair
931.65 Park, Playground, and Swimming Pool Equipment Maintenance and Repair
931.72 Sewing Room and Textile Machinery Maintenance and Repair
931.75 Skating Rink Equipment, Roller and Ice, Maintenance and Repair
931.88 Vending Machine Maintenance and Repair
934.14 Broom, Brush, and Mop Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance and Repair
934.29 Floor Maintenance Machines, Floor Covering Equipment Maintenance and Repair
934.37 Irrigation Systems Maintenance and Repair
934.39 Janitorial Equipment Maintenance and Repair
934.42 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment, Commercial, Maintenance and Repair
934.43 Laundry Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Household
934.46 Lawn Equipment Maintenance and Repair
934.58 Painting Equipment Maintenance and Repair
934.62 Pipe and Pipe Fittings Maintenance and Repair
934.64 Plumbing Equipment and Fixtures, Maintenance and Repair
934.77 Spraying Equipment Maintenance and Repair
934.84 Toilets, Portable, Maintenance and Repair (Including Servicing)
936.06 Awards, Trophies, Collectibles, etc. Maintenance and Repair
936.07 Atomic and Nuclear Energy Machines and Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.08 Air Compressors and Accessories, Maintenance and Repair
936.09 Alarm Equipment Maintenance/Repair (Fire, etc.)
936.10 Bank Machines and Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Incl. ATM Machines)
936.11 Bird Cage and Aquarium Maintenance and Repair
936.18 Clothing Maintenance and Repair (Incl. Uniforms)
936.19 Containers: Barrels, Drums, etc., Maintenance and Repair
936.20 Cemetery Maintenance Services
936.21 Craft Equipment, All Types, Maintenance and Repair
936.23 Door Automatic Operator Installation, Maintenance and Repair
936.25 Electrical Equipment (Except Cable and Wires, and Lighting Fixtures) Maintenance and Repair
936.27 Emergency Warning Systems Maintenance and Repair (Including Civil Defense and Natural Disaster Equipment)
936.28 Energy Collecting Equipment and Accessories Maintenance and Repair
936.29 Facility Energy Management Systems Maintenance and Repair
936.30 Fare Collection Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.31 Foundry Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.32 Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.33 Fire Protection Equipment and Systems Including Fire Hydrants, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Smoke Detectors, Jaws of Life, Fire Protection Material Treatment, etc. Maintenance and Repair
936.34 Fire Extinguisher Maintenance (Including Recharging) and Repair
936.35 Foundry Machine Shop Work
936.36 Furniture, School (Including Student Lockers), Maintenance and Repair (Includes Refinishing and Reupholstery)
936.37 Gates, Electric (Card Reader, etc.) Maintenance and Repair
936.38 Glass and Glazing Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.39 Generators, Portable and Stationary, Including Parts and Accessories Maintenance and Repair
936.40 Hand Tools, Powered, All Kinds, Maintenance and Repair (Including Electrical and Hydraulic)
936.41 Hand Tools, Non-Powered, All Kinds, Maintenance and Repair
936.42 Gunsmith Services
936.43 Hardware, Shelf Hardware, and Allied Items Maintenance and Repair
936.45 Hearing Devices (Aids, Auditory Training Equipment, etc.)
936.48 Industrial Equipment (Not Construction and Repair, or HVAC) Maintenance and Repair
936.49 Intelligent Transportation Systems Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.50 Jewelry, Badges, Nameplates, etc. Maintenance and Repair
936.51 Leather Working Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.52 Luggage, Handbags, Purses Maintenance and Repair
936.53 Parking Equipment Maintenance and Repair (See 936-37 for Parking Gates)
936.54 Pipeline Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.55 Plastics Forming and Molding Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.57 Police Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.58 Poultry Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.60 Printing Plant and Bindery Equipment Maintenance and Repair  (Incl. Graphic Arts Equipment)
936.62 Pumps and Pump Accessories Maintenance and Repair
936.63 Pumps, Vertical, Maintenance and Repair
936.64 Purification and Filtering Devices Maintenance and Repair
936.67 Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.69 Rifle Range Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.70 Roofing Equipment and Machinery Maintenance and Repair
936.71 Scaffolding Maintenance and Repair
936.72 School Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Incl. Resurfacing Slate Blackboards)
936.73 Security and Access Systems Maintenance and Repair
936.74 Signs, Message Centers, Scoreboards, etc. (Including Sign Making Equipment), Maintenance and Repair (See 968-81 for Traffic Sign Maint.)
936.75 Stockman Equipment and Tool Maintenance and Repair
936.76 Stone, Rock, and Ceramic Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.77 Substation/High Voltage (Electrical) Maintenance and Repair
936.78 Tarpaulins, Tents, and Canvas Items, Maintenance and Repair
936.79 Storage Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.80 Theatrical Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.82 Tool Maintenance and Repair, Electric
936.83 Toll Collection Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.84 Towers, Radio/Radar, etc., Maintenance and Repair (Including Painting)
936.85 Traffic Counting Devices, Maintenance and Repair
936.86 Traffic Control Devices, Maintenance and Repair
936.87 Transformer (High Voltage) Maintenance and Repair
936.88 Upholstery and Drapery  Maintenance and Repair (Incl. Cleaning)
936.89 Venetian Blinds Maintenance and Repair  (Incl. Cleaning Services)
936.90 Voting Machine Maintenance and Repair
936.91 Water Supply and Sewage Treatment Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.92 Wagering and Gambling Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.93 Weapon Maintenance and Repair
936.94 Weather Forecasting Equipment Maintenance and Repair
936.95 Welding Equipment Maintenance and Repair
938.17 Controlling, Indicating, and Recording Instruments and Supplies Maintenance and Repair
938.18 CPR Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Including CPR Manikins)
938.24 Dental Equipment Maintenance and Repair
938.31 Engineering and Surveying Equipment Maintenance and Repair; Drawing Instruments, etc. (Including Photogrammetry Equipment)
938.38 First Aid and Safety Equipment (Except Nuclear and Welding) Maintenance and Repair
938.41 Forensic Equipment Maintenance and Repair
938.45 Furniture, Hospital, Specialized, Maintenance and Repair (Includes Refinishing and Reupholstering)
938.46 Furniture, Laboratory, Specialized, Maintenance and Repair (Includes Refinishing and Reupholstering)
938.50 Gas Equipment (Hospital, Laboratory, and Welding) Maintenance and Repair
938.56 Hospital and Medical Equipment, General, Maintenance and Repair
938.57 Hospital and Medical Equipment, Invalid, Maintenance and Repair
938.59 Instrument Maintenance and Repair (Measuring, Observing and Testing)
938.62 Laboratory Equipment and Accessories, Maintenance and Repair: For General and Analytical Research Use, Nuclear, Optical, Physical
938.63 Laboratory Equipment and Accessories: Specialized, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, etc., Maintenance and Repair
938.74 Optical Equipment Maintenance and Repair
938.76 Pollution Control Equipment Maintenance and Repair
938.78 Respiratory Equipment (Including Air Tanks, Breathers, Masks, etc.) Maintenance and Repair
938.79 Scales and Weighing Apparatus Maintenance and Repair
938.81 Scientific Equipment Maintenance and Repair
938.82 Semiconductor Devices and Components Maintenance and Repair
938.85 Testing and Training Apparatus, Instruments, and Machines, Maintenance and Repair
938.90 Veterinary Equipment and Accessories (Including Cages and Kennels), Maintenance and Repair
938.95 X-Ray Equipment Maintenance and Repair
939.06 Audio-Visual Equipment Maintenance and Repair
939.15 Calculating Machine (Not Computer) Maintenance and Repair
939.18 Clocks, Timers, Watches, and Jewelers' and Watchmakers' Tools and Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Including Programming Timers, etc.)
939.21 Computers, Data Processing Equipment and Accessories (Not Word Processing Equipment), Maintenance and Repair
939.24 Coolers, Drinking Water, Maintenance and Repair
939.27 Copy Machine Maintenance and Repair
939.35 Dictating Machine Maintenance and Repair
939.37 Electronic Equipment Maintenance and Repair
939.42 Intercom Equipment Maintenance and Repair
939.48 Library Machines and Supplies, Maintenance and Repair
939.52 Mailing Machines and Equipment Maintenance and Repair
939.54 Microfilm and Microfiche Equipment Maintenance and Repair
939.55 Multi-Function Office Machine Maintenance and Repair
939.59 Office Equipment, Filing Systems, etc., Maintenance and Repair
939.60 Office Machines and Mechanical Aids, Small, Maintenance and Repair
939.66 Photographic Equipment (Not Including Graphic Arts, Microfilm, and X-Ray) Maintenance and Repair
939.72 Radio/Telecommunications/Telephone Equipment (Including Facsimile Transceivers) Maintenance and Repair
939.73 Radio, Television, and Electronic Testing, Measuring, and Analyzing Equipment Maintenance and Repair
939.76 Satellite Systems Maintenance and Repair
939.77 Sound Equipment (Including Microphones, Speakers, Recording Equipment, etc.) Maintenance and Repair
939.84 Television Equipment and Accessories (Including Video and Closed Circuit Equipment), Maintenance and Repair
939.87 Typewriter Maintenance and Repair
939.91 Visual Education Equipment Maintenance and Repair
939.94 Word Processing Equipment Maintenance and Repair
940.25 Cargo Transport Services, Rail
940.29 Construction, Elevated Transit Station (Including Rehab., Maintenance and Repair)
940.31 Construction, Rail Station/Shop (Including Rehab., Maintenance and Repair)
940.33 Construction, Subway and Subway Station (Including Rehab., Maintenance and Repair)
940.34 Construction, Transit Facility, Other (Including Rehab., Maintenance and Repair)
940.50 Passenger Transportation Services, Railroad
940.54 Power Supply Installation, Electric
940.55 Power Supply Maintenance and Repair, Electric
940.61 Rail Car Maintenance and Repair
940.63 Rail Grinding
940.65 Railroad Construction at Street Intersection (Including Maintenance and Repair)
940.67 Railroad Switching and Terminal Services
940.75 Signal System Installation
940.76 Signal System Maintenance and Repair
940.85 Tower Construction
940.86 Tower Maintenance and Repair
940.88 Track Construction and Inspection
940.89 Track Maintenance and Repair
940.90 Tram Construction and Maintenance Services
940.92 Weed/Brush Control Services
941.16 Babbiting Services, Industrial Bearing
941.21 Blade Maintenance and Repair, Electric Power Generator
941.25 Boiler Maintenance and Repair, Steam (Including Testing Services - See 941-56 for Hydrostatic Testing)
941.27 Burner Maintenance and Repair
941.30 Cathodic Protection Services
941.34 Circuit Breaker Services, Air
941.39 Digital and Analog Testing Equipment Maintenance and Repair
941.45 Gas Chromatagh Systems Maintenance and Repair
941.51 Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Repair
941.52 Heating Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Steam
941.55 HVAC Systems Maintenance and Repair, Power Plant
941.56 Hydrostatic Testing Services, Boiler
941.59 Inspection/Examination Services, Non-Destructive (Ultrasonic Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Radiography, etc.)
941.63 Monitoring Services, Power Generation
941.64 Motor Maintenance and Repair, Vertical
941.69 Pipeline Pressure Flushing Services
941.72 Power Generating and Transmitting Control System Maintenance and Repair Services
941.73 Power Plant Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Listed)
941.77 Refractory Services
941.82 Teflon Coating and Lining Services
941.85 Tube Pressure Testing Services
941.87 Turbine Maintenance and Repair, Gas
941.88 Turbine Maintenance and Repair, Steam
941.91 Valve Maintenance and Repair (Control, Fuel Modulation, etc.)
944.19 Animal Farming and Ranching Services
944.26 Bean and Pea Farming
944.31 Citrus Fruit Farming
944.34 Corn Farming
944.36 Cotton Farming
944.38 Crop Farming (Not Otherwise Classified)
944.42 Fruit and Tree Nut Farming (Not Citrus)
944.45 Grain Farming (Not Otherwise Classified)
944.48 Hay Farming
944.54 Miscellaneous Farming Services
944.57 Oilseed and Grain Farming
944.60 Peanut Farming
944.64 Potato Farming
944.67 Poultry Farming
944.71 Ranching Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
944.72 Rice Farming
944.76 Soybean Farming
944.79 Sugarcane Farming
944.85 Tobacco Farming
944.89 Vegetable and Melon Farming
944.93 Wheat Farming
945.14 Aquaculture: Cultivation of Fish and Shellfish
945.31 Commercial Fishing Services for Finfish
945.32 Commercial Fishing Services for Shellfish
945.33 Commercial Fishing Services for Misc. Marine Products
945.42 Fish and Marine Life Hatching and Processing Services
945.45 Game Propagation Services
945.49 Hunting and Trapping Services
945.55 Maintenance and Repair, Fishing Equipment
945.56 Maintenance and Repair, Hunting Equipment
945.57 Maintenance and Repair, Trapping Equipment
945.63 Processing Services, Wild Game (Fowl, Deer, Elk, etc.)
945.80 Taxidermy Services
945.85 Trawling Services
945.92 Whaling Services
946.10 Accounting and Billing Services (Including Payroll Services)
946.11 Accounting Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
946.12 Actuarial Services and Retirement Planning
946.14 Appraisal Services, Antique
946.15 Appraisal Services, Real Estate
946.16 Appraisal Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
946.17 Appraisal Services, Art
946.20 Auditing
946.22 Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Services
946.25 Banking Services
946.29 Cash Management Services (Incl. Budgeting Services)
946.30 Cash/Securities and Bonding Services
946.31 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Services
946.33 Collection Services, Financial Debt
946.35 Credit Card, Charge Card Services
946.36 Credit Investigation and Reporting
946.38 Custom Brokerage Services (Incl. Stock and Bonds)
946.45 Employee Benefit Funds
946.46 Escrow and Title Services
946.48 Financial Advisor
946.49 Financial Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
946.50 Fund Raising Services
946.54 Installment Purchase/Lease Purchase Financing and Lease With Option to Purchase Financing
946.55 Inventory Services
946.56 Investment Management Services
946.60 Loan Administration
946.64 Mortgage Banking Services
946.66 Monetary Systems (Incl. Analysis, Liquidity, Policy, etc.)
946.67 Notary Public Services
946.77 Statistical Services
946.82 Tax Services (Including Tax Preparation, Advisory Services, etc.)
946.85 Trusts, Estates and Agency Accounts
947.32 Conservation Services, Forest
947.41 Firefighting Services, Forestry
947.43 Forest Nursery and Gathering Services
947.45 Forestry Economic and Marketing Services (Including Forestry Resources Services)
947.52 Harvesting Services, Forest
947.56 Logging Services
947.62 Maintenance and Repair, Forestry Equipment
947.81 Timber Production Services
947.84 Tree Farm Operation and Management Services
948.07 Administration Services, Health
948.12 Ambulance Services, Non-emergency (See 990-37 for Emergency Ambulance Services)
948.15 Audiology Services (Including Hearing Aid Services)
948.26 Cytology Screening Services
948.27 Dental Laboratory Services
948.28 Dental Services
948.29 Dental Prosthetic Manufacturing Services
948.32 Dietician Services
948.33 Disease Prevention and Control Services, Non-Contagious (See 948-92 for Vaccination Services)
948.34 Disease Prevention and Control Services, Contagious (See 948-92 for Vaccination Services)
948.36 Exercise Program Services
948.37 Experimental Medical Services
948.44 Health Physics Services
948.46 Hospital Services, Inpatient and Outpatient
948.47 Health Care Center Services
948.48 Health Care Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
948.49 Hygiene Services, Industrial
948.52 Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative
948.54 Massage Services
948.55 Medical and Laboratory Services (Non-Physician)
948.64 Nursing Services
948.65 Nursing Home Services
948.68 Optician/Optometrical Services (Non-Physician)
948.71 Physician Credentialing Services
948.72 Pharmaceutical Services
948.73 Physical Fitness Programs
948.74 Professional Medical Services (Including Physicians, Pharmacists, and All Specialties)
948.75 Prosthetic Manufacturing Services (Other Than Dental)
948.76 Psychologists/Psychological and Psychiatric Services (Including Behavorial Management Services)
948.80 Radiation Control and Leak Detection Services
948.81 Radiation Therapy Treatment Services
948.82 Research and Science Services, Medical
948.85 Sanitary Napkin Disposal Services
948.86 Therapy and Rehabilitation Services
948.87 Telemedical Professional Services
948.92 Vaccination Program Services
948.93 Waste Disposal Services, Medical
948.97 X-Ray Services (Incl. Dental)
952.05 Alcohol and Drug Detoxification (Incl. Rehabilitation)
952.06 Alcohol and Drug Prevention
952.07 Alcohol and Drug Testing Services
952.08 Assisted Living Services
952.09 Autopsy and Other Coroner Type Services
952.10 Barber/Beautician Services
952.11 Babysitting or Nanny Services
952.12 Bioethical Services
952.13 Big Brother, Big Sister, and Similar Type Program Services
952.14 Cemetery Services (Including Operation, Management, and Maintenance)
952.15 Case Management
952.16 Chaplain/Minister Services
952.17 Child Abuse: Identification, Treatment, and Prevention (Including Sexual Abuse)
952.18 Child Care Services (Incl. the Food Program)
952.19 Community Garden Program
952.20 Correctional
952.21 Counseling
952.22 Community Service Campaigns (Anti-Litter Programs, etc.)
952.23 Court Intervention Services
952.24 Cultural Administration and Promotion Services
952.25 Day Care (Preschool)
952.26 Day Care (Adult)
952.28 Day Care Training Consortium
952.29 Dating and Escort Services
952.30 Delivered Meals (Including Shelf Stable Meals and Congregate Meals)
952.31 Discrimination Investigation
952.32 Domicile
952.35 Elder Abuse Prevention Services
952.36 Emergency Food
952.37 Emergency Shelter
952.38 Employee Assistance Programs (Including Unemployment Compensation Administration Services)
952.39 Employment Generating Activities
952.40 Elderly Assistance Services
952.41 Face and Body Beauty Treatment Services
952.42 Family Planning
952.43 Family and Social Services (Including Shopping and Buying Services)
952.44 Fire Fighting and Prevention Services  (For Buildings, Homes, etc.;  See 990-43 for Oil and Gas Well Fires)
952.45 Food Stamps/Coupons
952.47 Foster Home and Adoption Services
952.48 Genetic Parentage Testing Services (DNA)
952.49 Halfway Housing
952.51 Head Start Program
952.53 Home Management
952.54 Homemaker
952.55 Homelessness Prevention Services
952.56 Housekeeping Services
952.57 Human Population Census Services
952.58 Human Resources Development Services
952.59 Human Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
952.60 Job Search Workshop
952.61 Law Enforcement - Community Relations Services (Incl. Victim Notification Services)
952.62 Mental Health Services: Vocational, Residential, Etc.
952.64 Mortuary and Funeral (Including Crematory Services)
952.65 Musical Awareness Services
952.67 Parenting Intervention
952.68 Personal Care Services
952.71 Rape and Sexual Assault Prevention
952.72 Reading Services for the Blind
952.74 Referral Services
952.75 Refugee Assistance
952.76 Respite Care
952.77 Research and Evaluation, Human Services (Including Productivity Audits)
952.78 Safe Housing
952.80 Senior Aides Program
952.81 Slum Redevelopment Services
952.83 Summer Youth Program
952.84 Supplemental Food Services
952.85 Support Services
952.88 Teenage Pregnancy Services
952.90 Training and Instruction (For Clients, Not Staff)
952.91 Transitional Domicile
952.92 Transitional Living
952.93 Try-out Employment
952.94 Transportation Services For the Elderly, Handicapped, Incapacitated, Prisoners, Juries, etc.
952.95 Youth Care Services
952.96 Urban and Regional Development Services
953.06 Accident
953.13 Aviation
953.22 Boiler
953.27 Claims Processing Services
953.30 Collision, Automotive
953.33 Comprehensive, Automotive
953.34 Crime
953.37 Disability
953.41 Fidelity and Surety
953.43 Fire
953.45 Flood
953.48 Health/Hospitalization (Including Dental and Visual Insurance)
953.51 Inland Marine
953.52 Insurance and Insurance Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
953.54 Liability, Automotive
953.56 Liability, General
953.58 Liability, Professional
953.60 Liability, Public Official/Government
953.63 Life
953.66 Malpractice, General
953.68 Malpractice, Legal
953.70 Malpractice, Medical
953.77 Property and Casualty
953.78 Receiver Services, Special Deputy (Insurance)
953.79 Reinsurance Services
953.80 Retirement Benefit Plan Insurance
953.83 Sports
953.87 Title
953.91 Unemployment Insurance
953.92 Worker's Compensation
954.03 Cloth Towel Service
954.05 Laundry and Linen Service
954.10 Mop Cleaning Service
954.20 Dry Cleaning Service
954.70 Shop Towels, Shop Aprons, Floor Mats, etc. Cleaning Services
956.05 Business Research Services
956.10 Cataloging Services
956.26 Breakwater Maintenance and Repair
956.30 Historical Studies and Services
956.35 Internet Database Subscriptions
956.38 Library Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
956.40 Magazine Subscriptions
956.45 Microfilm Subscriptions
956.49 Newsletter Subscriptions
956.50 Newspaper Subscriptions
956.58 Professional Document and Publication Subscriptions (Legal, Medical, etc.).
956.60 Professional Journal Subscriptions
956.70 Research Services (Other Than Business)
956.75 Scientific Research Services
956.80 Talking Books, Cassettes, etc. (For the Vision Impaired)
956.85 Training Material Subscriptions
958.02 Agricultural Management Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
958.03 Airport Management Services
958.12 Bio-Solids Management Services
958.15 Building and Facilities Management Services
958.16 Business Management Services
958.20 Cemetery Management Services
958.22 Child Care Center Management and Operation Services
958.23 Computer Management Services
958.25 Conservation/Resource Management Services
958.26 Construction Management Services
958.28 Corrections Management Services
958.30 Crop Management Services (Including Production, Protection, etc.)
958.36 Exhibition/Exposition Management Services
958.38 Farm Management Services (Including Dairy, Pasture and Range Management)
958.39 Financial Management Services
958.40 Fishery Management Services (Including Data Collection, Research and Experimentation, Resources Protection, etc.)
958.41 Fleet Management Services
958.44 Food Management Services (Incl. Hygiene, Contamination, Preservation, Research, etc.)
958.45 Forestry Management Services (Including Inventory, Monitoring, Extension, Pest Control, etc.)
958.47 Freight Management Services
958.50 Fuel Management Services
958.56 Health Care Management Services (Including Managed Care Services)
958.57 Housekeeping Management Services
958.58 Hospital Management Services
958.59 Industrial Management Services
958.60 Incentive Management Program Services (Safety, etc.)
958.61 Insurance and Risk Management Services
958.62 Irrigation System Management Services
958.63 Janitorial Management Services
958.64 Laundry Management Services
958.65 Livestock Management and Industry Services
958.66 Lottery Management Services
958.67 Mental Health/Retardation Management Services (Incl. Operations, Facilities Maintenance, Nursing, Food Service, etc. 24/7
958.68 Support Services, Management
958.70 Outsourcing Services for Management, Operation, etc. (Purchasing, etc.)
958.71 Orchard and Vineyard Management Services
958.72 Parking Management Services (Incl. Operations, Admissions, and Supervision)
958.74 Personnel Management Services
958.76 Pipeline Management Services
958.77 Project Management Services
958.78 Property Management Services
958.81 Racing Management Services
958.82 Records Management Services (Including Document Management Services which also includes Technology Integration)
958.83 Real Estate Management Services (To include Listing and Sales Services)
958.85 Soil and Land Management Services (Including Testing, Protection, Preparation, Planning, etc.)
958.87 Storage Tank Management Services
958.88 Supply Chain Management Services
958.89 Telecommunications Management Services
958.90 Traffic Safety Program Management Services
958.91 Transit Management Services
958.92 Travel Management Services
958.93 Toll Management and Operations Services
958.95 Utility Management Services
958.96 Waste Management Services
958.97 Wildlife/Fish Management Services (Including Endangered Species and Wildlife Census)
959.17 Aquatic Planting and Harvesting Services
959.22 Barge Maintenance and Repair
959.24 Boats and Motors Maintenance and Repair
959.26 Breakwater Construction, Maintenance, and Repair
959.29 Buoys and Light Services Including Maintenance and Repair (Including Lighthouses, etc.)
959.30 Cargo Handling Services, Marine
959.31 Cargo Transport Services, Marine (Incl. Air-Ocean, Ocean-Rail, Ocean-Truck Intermodal Cargo Services)
959.34 Construction Services: Boats, Barges, Ferries, Ships, etc.
959.35 Construction Services, General (Marine)
959.36 Crane Maintenance and Repair, Marine
959.39 Dam and Levee Construction, Maintenance, Management and Repair
959.42 Docking and Stevedoring Services
959.43 Drawbridge Operations Services
959.44 Electronic and Communication Equipment Services (Including Installation, Maintenance and Repair)
959.46 Ferry Maintenance and Repair
959.50 Marina Services
959.51 Marine Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Listed)
959.52 Marine Life Services
959.53 Marine Survey Services (Including Sonar Radar, Location/Recovery of Sunken Objects, etc.)
959.56 Passenger Transportation Services, Ship or Ferry
959.59 Port and Harbor Operation Services
959.64 Reef Services, Artificial
959.65 Reef Construction Services Including Maintenance and Repair
959.66 Reservoir Maintenance and Management Services
959.72 Seeding Services, Clam and Oyster Bed
959.73 Ship Maintenance and Repair
959.76 Storage, Lifting, and Launching of Boats
959.77 Sunken Vessel Services (Raising, etc.)
959.83 Touring Transportaion, Marine
959.84 Towing Services, Marine
959.90 Waterfront Construction Services Including Piers, Docks, Decking, etc. (Includes Maintenance and Repair)
961.01 Archeological Services (Other than Consulting)
961.02 Administrative Services, All Kinds  (Incl. Clerical,  Secretarial Services, etc.)
961.03 Agricultural Services (Including Production, Cotton Ginning, Planting, Harvesting, Marketing, Seed Extraction, Processing, etc.)
961.04 Artists
961.05 Arbitration, Mediation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
961.06 Beef, Pork, and Other Meat  Processing Services (See 961-59 for Poultry Processing and 962-75 for Seafood Processing)
961.07 Beverage Processing Services (All Types)
961.09 Building Permit Services
961.10 Business Plan Development Services
961.11 Chartering Services (For Other than the Chartering of Transportation)
961.12 Codification of Government Codes (To Include Code Conversion and Code Maintenance Services)
961.13 Chartering Services for Aircraft, Boats, Buses, and other Transportation
961.14 Commissioning of Facilities Services (Functional and Prefunctional)
961.15 Concessions, Catering, Vending: Mobile and Stationary
961.16 Claims Processing Services
961.18 Concrete Resurfacing Services (Swimming Pools, Driveways, Patios, etc.)
961.20 Customer Service Evaluation Services
961.21 Cost Estimating
961.22 Costume Design and Creation Services
961.23 Cryogenic Treatment Services for Metals, Plastics, and Glass
961.24 Court Reporting Services
961.25 Dairy Products Processing Services
961.26 Crating and Packing Services for Transportation (Including Material Handling Services)
961.27 Decontamination Services (Incl. Hazardous Material Decontamination)
961.28 Economic Development, Domestic and Foreign
961.29 Economic Impact Studies
961.30 Employment Agency and Search Firm Services (Including Background Investigations and Drug Testing for Employment)
961.31 Energy Comprehensive Performance Services (A Complete Conservation Program)
961.32 Environmental Impact Studies
961.33 Geese Control Services
961.34 Fugitive Escort Services
961.35 Lock Box (Caging) Services
961.36 Food Administrative Services (Incl. Policy, Standards, Evaluation, etc.)
961.37 Fruit and Vegetable Processing Services
961.38 Food Preparation Services (Including Food Canning Services)
961.39 Floral Designing and Arranging Services
961.40 Forensic Services
961.41 Global Positioning Systems Surveying Services
961.42 Grains, Sugar, Oils and Fats Processing Services
961.43 Hydrological and Oceanography Services
961.44 Industrial Development and Planning Services
961.45 Inspection and Certification Services
961.46 Interpreter Services (Foreign Language, Hearing Impaired, etc.)
961.47 Law Enforcement Services (Including Process Server Services)
961.48 Laboratory and Field Testing Services (Not Otherwise Classified) Incl. Hazardous Waste
961.49 Legal Services, Attorneys
961.50 Legal Services Including Depositions and Expert Witness Testimony
961.51 Lobby Services
961.52 Laboratory Services which Monitor the Equipment that uses Lubricating Oil or Grease
961.53 Marketing Services (Incl. Distribution, Research, Sales Promotions, etc.)
961.54 Milling Services: Asphalt, Grain, Cottonseed, Vegetable, Wood, etc.
961.55 Mining and Quarrying Services
961.56 Program/Project Development and Management Services
961.57 Musical Production Services
961.58 Negotiation Services
961.59 Poultry Hatching and Processing Services
961.60 Public Opinion Surveys
961.61 Public Speaking Services
961.62 Personnel Services (Not Employment)
961.63 Relocation Services for Personnel
961.64 Satellite Global Information Positioning System Services
961.65 Scanning and Testing for Electrical Hot-Spots, etc.
961.66 Sign Painting Services
961.67 Sign Language Services for the Hearing Impaired
961.68 Sports Professionals Services (Including Sports and Recreational Programs and Referee/Umpire Services)
961.69 Reverse Auctions
961.70 Sugar Refining Services
961.71 Talent Agency Services
961.72 Transcription Services: Academic, Braille, Legal, Medical, etc.
961.73 Theatrical Services (Including Production, Scenery Design, Stage, etc.)
961.74 Scientist Services (Geology, Geophysics, etc)
961.75 Translation Services
961.76 Telemetry Services
961.77 Treatment Services, Material (Anticorrosion, Fire Protection, Waterproofing, etc)
961.78 Travel Agency Services
961.79 Trade Services (Facilitation, Information, Marketing, Promotion, etc.)
961.80 Tour Guide Services
961.81 Submarine Services (Incl. Unmanned Type)
961.82 Transportation Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
961.85 Utility Services, Electric, Gas, Water
961.86 Veterinary Services
961.87 Volunteer Services (Aid in Locating Volunteers)
961.88 Weather Forecasting Services
961.89 Weatherization Audit Services
961.90 Writing Services, All Kinds (Including Resumes, Calligrapher/Engrosser Services)
961.91 Water and Petroleum Pipeline Services
961.94 Zoning, Land Use Studies
961.95 Modeling Services
961.96 Non-Professional Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
961.97 Yarn, Thread, and Related Notions Processing Services
962.03 Actor/Thespian Services
962.04 Air Freshener Services
962.05 Amusement and Entertainment Services (Incl. Performing Arts Professionals)
962.06 Animal Care, Animal Health, Animal Shelter, Animal Production (Breeding), Animal Training Services, etc. (Including Pet Services, All Types)
962.07 Arts Services (Cultural, Design, Visual, etc.)
962.08 Athletic Training
962.09 Auctioneering Services (To include Internet Type)
962.10 Animal Trapping Services
962.11 Ballastic Testing
962.13 Hospitality Services (Incl. Wine and Cheese Events)
962.14 Blue Printing Services: Blue Prints, Blue Line, Large Engineering
962.15 Bomb and Other Explosives Detection Services
962.16 Bus Transportation Services, School
962.17 Bus and Taxi Services, Limousines and Vans (Including Operations, Management, and Terminal Services)
962.18 Cable Construction, Installation and Maintenance (Fiber Optic, Communication, Computer, etc.)
962.19 Cafeteria and Restaurant Services
962.20 Cesspool Cleaning and Maintenance
962.21 Cleaning Services, Steam and Pressure
962.22 Chemical Laboratory Services
962.23 Chemical Treatment of Boiler and Tower Water
962.24 Courier/Delivery Services (Including Air Courier Services)
962.25 Disposal and Removal, Dead Animals
962.26 Diving Services
962.27 Document Shredding Services
962.28 Dump Site Services (Resource Recovery)
962.29 Distribution and Collection of Waste Food for Animals
962.30 Export/Import Services
962.31 Electrostatic Painting
962.32 Etching and Stained Glass Services
962.33 Engraving Services; Awards, Trophies, Etc. (See 966-28 for Printing Type)
962.34 Event Planning Services
962.35 Framing Services, Picture
962.36 Fireworks Display and Carnival Services
962.37 Flagpole Services
962.38 Galvanizing, Hot and Cold Dip; Plating
962.39 Hauling Services
962.40 Food Distribution Services
962.41 Heat Treating and Tracing Services (Including Refractory Dryout)
962.42 Heating and Related Services, Induction
962.43 Hose Testing Services (Fire, Water, etc.)
962.44 Hat Renovation/Reblocking Services (Incl. Hat Cleaning Service)
962.45 Industrial Services Not Otherwise Classified (Electroplating, etc.)
962.46 Installation and Removal Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
962.47 Hoisting and Lifting Services
962.48 Interior Design/Decorator Services
962.49 Leather Tanning and Finishing Services
962.50 Leak Detection Services: Gas, Water, Chemical
962.51 Laminating Services
962.52 Mapping Services (Including Cartography and Surveying Services, Not Aerial)(See 920-33 for Digitized Mapping Services) and 905-10 for Aerial Mapping and Survey Services)
962.53 Marking and Stenciling Services
962.54 Mattress and Bedspring Renovation and Repair
962.55 Metal Coating Services: Thermal Spray and H.V.O.F. (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel)
962.56 Moving Services
962.57 Moving: House, Portable Building, etc.
962.58 Professional Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
962.59 Processing Services, Food (Not Otherwise Classified in Classes 961 or 962)
962.60 Party, Holiday, and Event Decorating Services
962.61 Petroleum Production, Transmission, and Distribution Services for Oil and Gas Wells  (Including Drilling, Exploration, Extraction, Project Management, etc.)
962.62 Pneumatic Tube, Maintenance and Repair
962.63 Piano Tuning Services
962.64 Packaging and Wrapping Services (Incl. Shrink Wrapping)
962.65 Protection Services (Not Including Buildings)
962.66 Petroleum Refining Services
962.67 Purification Services for Contaminated Petroleum Products
962.68 Removal of Wood, Wood Chips, Bark, etc.
962.69 Personnel Services, Temporary
962.70 Removal and Pickup of Dead Bodies
962.71 Religious Services
962.72 Restoration/Preservation Services (Of Antiques, Costumes, Paintings, and Other Objects)
962.73 Restoration/Reclamation Services of Land and Other Properties
962.74 Ribbons, Re-Inking
962.75 Seafood Processing Services
962.76 Seating and Meeting Services, Public
962.77 Screenings and Grit Removal Services
962.78 Sewing, Embroidery, Embossing, and Alteration Services
962.79 Sign Making Services
962.80 Shoe and Boot Repairs (Including Maintenance and Shining)
962.81 Steeplejack Services
962.82 Silver Recovery Services
962.83 Stack Work Services
962.84 Tire Shredding Services
962.85 Tinting And Coating Services, Glass (Automobile and Building)
962.86 Transportation of Goods and Other Freight Services
962.87 Travel, Local (Provided by Third Party)
962.88 Travel, Non-Local (Scheduled and Unscheduled), Provided by Third Party (Incl. Commercial Airplane Travel and Helicopter Services)
962.89 Vehicle Transporting Services
962.90 Upholstering Services (See Class 928 for Vehicle)
962.91 Utility Locator Service (Underground)
962.92 Video Scanning of Sewers, Waterwells, etc.
962.93 Vehicle Registration Services
962.94 Water Services, Bottled
962.95 Warehousing and Storage Services (Not Storage Space Rental) (Includes Farm Product Storage in Silos and Grain Elevators)
962.96 Well Services (Including Oil, Gas, and Water): Drilling, Plugging, Consulting, Maintenance, Repair, etc.
962.97 Weighing and Loading Services
963.16 Accreditation Fees
963.20 Associations
963.24 Bonds, Notary
963.30 Contributions/Donations
963.37 Fees, Conference/Convention
963.39 Fees (Not Otherwise Classified)
963.40 Fees, Symposium
963.41 Tournament Fees
963.45 Licensing Fees
963.47 Meals
963.48 Membership Dues
963.55 Permits (Not Otherwise Classified)
963.57 Postage Related Purchases (Incl. Postage Stamps, Pre-Sort 1st Class Inscriptions, Postage by Phone for Meters, etc.)
963.64 Registration Fees
963.77 Sponsorships (All Types)
963.85 Toll and Bridge Fees
963.87 Tours, All Types
963.91 Warranties
965.15 Artwork, Camera Ready
965.30 Desk Top Publishing Services
965.39 Etchings, Copper
965.42 Etchings, Zinc, Ben Day Type
965.43 Etchings, Zinc or Magnesium Alloy
965.46 Graphic Design Services for Printing
965.51 Mat Preparation, Stereotype
965.54 Negative and Plate Preparation for Offset Printing
965.57 Plate Preparation, Color Process
965.58 Plate Preparation, Color, Flat Zinc, Magnesium Alloy, or Plastic
965.60 Plate Preparation, Copper, Halftone
965.62 Plate Preparation, Zinc or Magnesium Alloy, Combination and Halftone and Line
965.64 Plate Preparation, Zinc, Halftone
965.70 Pre-Press: Color Separations, Composite Film, Stripping, Chromolin or Match-Print Proof, etc.
966.03 Bar Code Printing
966.05 Bumper Stickers, etc.: Printed
966.07 Business Cards Printed
966.11 Card Printing: Tab, Post, Form, etc.
966.13 Check Printing
966.16 Continuous Form Printing
966.18 Copying Services (Reproduction)
966.22 Decal Printing
966.25 Digital Printing from an Ink Jet Plotter
966.27 Electrostatic Printing Services
966.28 Engraved and Embossed Awards, Bonds, Certificates, Diplomas, Stationery, etc.
966.31 Envelope Printing
966.36 Forms Printing (Not Continuous)
966.42 Imprinting Services
966.46 Intaglio Printing (e.g., The Process by Which U.S. Currency is Printed): Birth Certificates, Car Titles, etc.
966.51 Letterheads Printed
966.52 Licenses and Back Tags Printing Services (Hunting, Fishing, etc.)
966.55 Numbering Services, Printing
966.57 Offset Printing, General, Small Press Work (Quan. up to 25,000), One or More Colors, No 4 Color Processes or Large Solids or Close Registration; up to 11 x 17 In.: Brochures, Newsletters, Covers, Posters, etc.
966.58 Offset Printing, General, Large Press Work (Quan. up to 100,000); One or More Colors, No 4 Color Processes or Close Registration Required, Finished Sizes May Exceed 11 x 17 In., May Have Large Solids
966.59 Offset Printing, General, Large Production Runs on Large or Web Press (Quan. Over 100,000), One or More Colors, No 4 Color Processes or Close Registration Required, May Exceed 11 x 17 In. and Have Large Solids
966.60 Offset Printing, Large Production Runs (Quan. up to 100,000); 4 Color Process orClose Registration Required: Color Brochures, Maps, etc.
966.61 Offset Printing, Large Production Runs (Quan. Over 100,000); 4 Color Process or Close Registration Required: Color Brochures, Maps, etc.
966.62 Offset Printing, Booklets, Saddle Stitch Binding (Quan. Under 100,000): Books andMagazines
966.63 Offset Printing, Booklets, Saddle Stitch Binding (Quantities up to 100,000; 4 Color Process or Tight Registration Required): Books, Magazines, etc.
966.64 Offset Printing, Booklets, Saddle Stitch Binding (Quantities over 100,000): Books and Magazines
966.65 Offset Printing, Books, Perfect Bound (Quan. up to 10,000); 4 Color Process Acceptable: College Catalogues, Telephone Books, etc.
966.66 Offset Printing, Books, Perfect Bound (Quan. Over 10,000); 4 Color Process Acceptable
966.67 Offset Printing, Custom Bound, Hardback, Leather, etc.: Books
966.68 Offset Printing, General, Large Press Work (Quan. up to 100,000); One or More Colors, Close Registration Required, No 4-Color Processes, Finished Sizes May Exceed 8-1/2 x 11 in., Newsletters, etc.
966.69 Offset Printing, General, Large Press Work (Quan. up to 100,000); One or More Colors, Close Registration Required, No 4-Color Processes, Finished Sizes May Exceed 11 x 17 in., May Have Large Solids
966.70 Optical Scanning Form Printing
966.71 Paper Cutting, Drilling, Folding, Punching, Shredding, Trimming, etc.
966.72 Printing of Annotated Laws, Rules, and Changes from the Legislature, Courts, etc. (Copyrighted)
966.73 Publications Printed on Newsprint or Groundwood Paper Stock (Quan. up to 100,000)
966.74 Publications Printed on Newsprint or Groundwood Paper Stock (Quan. Over 100,000)
966.75 Printing on Recycled Stock
966.76 Print-On-Demand Printing Services (Including Print and Distribute Services)
966.78 Receipt and Voucher Book Printing
966.81 Security Paper, Custom Printed (Quan. Over 100,000)
966.84 Silk Screen Printing
966.85 Snap-Out Form Printing (See 395-70,80 for Continuous Shelf Items)
966.86 Specialty Printing: Die Cutting, Laser, Plastic, Thermography, etc. (Folders, Invitations, Tabs, Binders, etc.)
966.89 Tickets, Special Labels and Tapes, Printed (Not Continuous), For Prescription Drugs, etc. (Pressure Sensitive or Dry Gummed Adhesion Flats, Rolls, Tablets, etc.)
966.90 Tickets, Special Tags, Printed: Continuous, Gang or Single
966.92 Typesetting, Hot Type (Linotype)
966.93 Typesetting, Laser
966.94 Typesetting, Photocomposition (Cold Type)
966.95 Typesetting with Modem Capability
967.01 Athletic, Sporting, Recreational, Fishing, Hunting, and Camping Equipment Manufacturing Services
967.02 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilating Equipment (HVAC) Manufacturing Services
967.03 Animal Food Manufacturing Services
967.04 Abrasives Manufacturing Services
967.12 Aggregate, Concrete or Stone Products (Including Clay, Refractory Matls and Tile Products)
967.16 Asbestos Products
967.17 Assembly Line Services
967.18 Asphalt and Saturated Materials Manufacturing Services
967.19 Automotive Equipment and Supply Manufacturing Services
967.24 Building Equipment and Supply Manufacturing Services
967.28 Computer Hardware and Software Manufacturing Services
967.29 Container Manufacturing Services (Boxes, Bottles, Bags, Cans, Pouches, etc.)
967.30 Cement, Lime, Plaster or Stucco Products
967.31 Classroom and Educational Furnishings and Equipment
967.32 Chemical Products (Incl. Biochemical, Petrochemical, etc.)
967.33 China, Earthenware or Pottery Products
967.34 Clothing (Apparel) and Accessory Manufacturing Services
967.35 Communications Equipment Manufacturing Services
967.36 Drilling Equipment and Supply Manufacturing Services
967.37 Electrical and Electronic Products (Incl. Computers and Peripherals)
967.38 Food Manufacturing Services (Including Beverages)
967.39 Fabric  Products
967.40 Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Products
967.41 Fiber Products
967.42 Furniture and Furnishings Manufacturing and Production Services
967.43 Glass Products
967.44 Hardware Manufacturing Services
967.45 Janitorial Products Manufacturing Services
967.47 Leather Manufacturing Services
967.48 Machinery, All Types
967.49 Metals and Metal Products
967.50 Manufacturing Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
967.51 Nursery Products and Accessories
967.53 Office Equipment and Supply Manufacturing Services
967.54 Paper and Pulp Products
967.55 Paint, Varnish, Lacquer and Related Products Production Services
967.56 Petroleum Products Manufacturing Services (Including Coal, etc)
967.57 Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment and Products Manufacturing Services
967.59 Plastics and Plastic Products (Incl. Fiberglass, Poly, etc.)
967.60 Plumbing Equipment, Pipe, Fittings and Fixtures Manufacturing Services
967.61 Precision Instruments (Incl. Scientific, Measuring, Photographic, Optical, Laboratory, etc.)
967.62 Prefabricated and Manufactured Buildings or Homes Manufacturing Services
967.63 Production Planning and Control
967.72 Rubber and Rubber Products
967.74 Safety and Security Equipment Manufacturing Services
967.75 Semiconductor and Related Equipment Manufacturing Services
967.76 Shoe, Boot and Footwear Manufacturing Services, All Kinds
967.83 Tobacco Manufacturing and Processing Services
967.84 Transport Equipment
967.85 Tool Manufacturing Services
967.91 Warehouse and Storage Equipment Manufacturing Services
967.92 Well Equipment and Supply Manufacturing Services (Oil, Gas, Water, etc.)
967.93 Wood and Wood Products
968.18 Back Flow Preventer Testing Services
968.25 Corrosion Control Services
968.26 Crushing, Screening, etc. of all types of New or Recycled Aggregate, Brick or Stone Products Incl. Road Materials
968.33 Ditch Maintenance
968.34 Dredging Services
968.36 Dust Control Watering
968.40 Foundry Services
968.44 Graffiti Removal Services
968.46 Incinerator Services (To Include Ash Vacuuming)
968.47 Inspection Services, Construction Type
968.48 Inspection Services, Electrical Instrumentation and Control
968.50 Leaf, Bush, Tree Limb Collection
968.58 Meter Reading Services
968.60 Parking Meter Services (Including Collection, Installation, and Removal)
968.61 Pavement Marking Services (Including Removal of Markings)
968.62 Pavement Data Collection Services
968.63 Relocation and/or Removal Services for Utility Works
968.64 Response and Recovery Services, Roadway Incident
968.66 Right of Way Services (Including Title, Appraisal, Negotiation, Closing, Relocation, Condemnation, etc.)
968.67 Sandblasting Services (See 910-83 for Sandblasting of Buildings)
968.71 Solid or Liquid Waste Disposal (Including Management Services) (See 962-45 for Hazardous Waste Disposal)
968.72 Snow and Ice Removal Services
968.73 Storm Drain Cleaning, Repair, and Sludge Removal Services
968.74 Street Sweeping Services
968.75 Streetscaping Services
968.76 Street Light Maintenance and Repair
968.78 Tank Installation, Removal, Disposal, and Related Services (Including Septic and  Underground Type)
968.79 Telephone (Utility, Light) Pole Installation, and Relocation Service
968.80 Traffic Sign Installation and/or Removal Services
968.81 Traffic Sign Maintenance and Repair
968.82 Traffic Signal Installation
968.83 Traffic Signal Maintenance and Repair
968.84 Traffic Control Services (To Include Placement and Removal of Control Devices)
968.85 Traffic Counting Services
968.88 Tree and Shrub Removal Services
968.89 Traffic Studies and Analysis Services
968.90 Vehicle Towing and Storage
968.91 Water Supply Analysis, Infrastructure Analysis, Water Quality Analysis, and Long Term Planning
968.92 Water Supply Plant Operating and Monitoring System Services (Including Water Resources Development and Water Quality Management Services)
968.93 Well Pointing Services (Dewatering)
968.94 Waterproofing Systems and Repair
968.95 Wastewater Treatment Plant, Operations, and Testing
968.96 Water and Wastewater Treatment Services
968.97 Wrecking and Removal Services
971.02 Athletic Facility Rental or Lease
971.04 Boat Dock/Marina Space, Rental or Lease
971.05 Booth, Convention/Exhibit, Rental or Lease
971.08 Building, Fabricated, Pre-Fabricated or Premanufactured, Rental or Lease
971.12 Camping and Wilderness Facility Rental or Lease
971.26 Hangar Facilities for Aircraft, Rental or Lease
971.30 Hotel/Motel Accomodations (Incl. Lodges, Resorts, Bed/Breakfast Inns, etc.) Rental or Lease
971.34 Laboratory Space Rental or Lease
971.35 Land, Rental or Lease
971.36 Locker Rental or Lease
971.39 Mobile Home Rental or Lease
971.40 Mobile Office Rental or Lease
971.45 Office Space Rental or Lease
971.55 Parking Spaces in a Parking Lot or Garage, Rental or Lease
971.57 Photographic and Recording Facility Rental or Lease
971.64 Residential Space Rental or Lease
971.65 Room Rental or Lease for Conferences, Seminars, etc.
971.68 Safety Deposit Box Rental or Lease
971.70 Storage Space Rental or Lease
971.82 Toilets, Portable, Rental or Lease
971.91 Warehouse Rental or Lease
975.06 Aerial Device Rental or Lease
975.08 Agricultural Tractors, Mowers, Implements and Accessories Rental or Lease
975.11 Airplanes, Helicopters, and Accessories Rental or Lease
975.12 Animal Rental or Lease
975.13 Asphalt Equipment and Accessory Rental or Lease
975.14 Automobiles and Other Passenger Vehicles (Including Emergency Type) Rental or Lease
975.15 Automotive Shop Equipment Rental or Lease
975.16 Automotive Accessories Rental or Lease (For Automobiles, Buses, Trucks, Vans, etc.)
975.21 Boats, Motors, and Marine and Wildlife Supply Rental or Lease
975.24 Construction Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified) Rental or Lease
975.26 Cranes and Buckets Rental or Lease
975.29 Concrete Equipment and Accessory Rental or Lease
975.34 Earth Moving Equipment (Graders, Dozers, Loaders, etc.) Rental or Lease
975.35 Equipment With Operator, Rental or Lease
975.36 Forestry Equipment Rental or Lease
975.37 Garbage/Refuse Equipment (Dumpsters, etc.) Rental or Lease
975.38 Golf Cart Rental or Lease
975.39 Hydraulic Tools and Equipment Rental or Lease
975.40 Industrial Equipment Rental or Lease
975.42 Machinery and Heavy Hardware Rental or Lease
975.44 Mass Transit Bus, School Bus,  and Rail Vehicle Rental or Lease
975.46 Material Handling Equipment and Allied Item Rental or Lease
975.50 Motorcycles, Motor Scooters, and Trucksters Rental or Lease
975.54 Pneumatic Tools and Equipment Rental or Lease
975.65 Recreational Vehicle Rental or Lease (Incl. Motor Homes)
975.66 Road and Highway Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified) Rental or Lease
975.68 Roofing Equipment and Machine Rental or Lease
975.75 Snow Plows and Accessory Rental or Lease
975.76 Spacecraft and/or Satellite Rental or Lease
975.78 Sweepers, Street, Rental or Lease
975.81 Tires and Tubes, Rental or Lease
975.83 Tractors, Industrial and Construction, Rental or Lease
975.84 Trailer Rental or Lease
975.86 Truck and Van Rental or Lease
975.88 Utility Vehicle Rental or Lease
977.08 Albums, Tapes, Compact Disks, etc. Rental or Lease
977.10 Appliances and Equipment, Household, Rental or Lease
977.25 Cafeteria, Food Service, and Kitchen Equipment Rental or Lease
977.32 Drapery and Curtain Rental or Lease
977.35 Entertainment and Hospitality Equipment Rental or Lease
977.37 Film, Movie and Video Tape Rental or Lease
977.39 Floor Covering and Carpet Equipment Rental or Lease
977.41 Furniture, Not Office, Rental or Lease
977.42 Furniture, Office, Rental or Lease
977.49 Hand Tool Rental or Lease
977.51 Hardware, Shelf Hardware, and Allied Item Rental or Lease
977.59 Musical Instrument Rental or Lease
977.63 Scaffolding and Ladders Rental or Lease
977.64 Sewing and Textile Machine Rental or Lease
977.73 Toilets, Portable, Rental or Lease
977.85 Vending Machine Rental or Lease
977.86 Venetian Blinds, Awnings, and Shades Rental or Lease
979.17 Chemical Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Rental or Lease
979.20 Controlling, Indicating, and Recording Instrument Rental or Lease
979.35 Engineering Equipment and Supplies Rental or Lease
979.37 First Aid and Safety Equipment (Including Manikins and Models) Rental or Lease
979.39 Furniture, Hospital - Specialized, Rental or Lease
979.45 Hospital Equipment - General, Rental or Lease
979.46 Hospital Equipment - Invalid, Rental or Lease
979.52 Laboratory Equipment and Accessory Rental or Lease: For General and Analytical Research Use, Nuclear, Optical, Physical
979.53 Laboratory Equipment and Accessories, Specialized, Rental or Lease: Biochemistry, Biology, etc.
979.65 Refrigeration Equipment and Accessory Rental or Lease
979.72 Scales and Weighing Apparatus Rental or Lease
979.81 Testing and Training Apparatus, Instruments, and Machines Rental or Lease
979.94 X-Ray Equipment, Medical, Rental or Lease
981.11 Air Compressors and Accessories Rental or Lease
981.12 Air Conditioning Equipment and Accessories Rental or Lease
981.14 Amusement Park Ride Equipment Rental or Lease
981.16 Athletic Equipment and Sporting Goods and Accessories Rental or Lease
981.20 Book and Publication Rental or Lease
981.24 Containers, All Kinds (Including Recycling Collection Containers) Rental or Lease
981.30 Electrical Equipment and Supply Rental or Lease
981.32 Energy Collecting Equipment Rental or Lease: Solar and Wind
981.36 Fencing Rental or Lease
981.38 Fire Protection Systems and Supplies Rental or Lease
981.39 Fishing, Hunting, and Camping Equipment Rental or Lease
981.40 Garden, Greenhouse, and Nursery Equipment Rental or Lease
981.41 Gas Equipment Rental or Lease
981.43 Generator Rental or Lease
981.46 Guard Dog Rental or Lease
981.47 Heating Units, Ventilating Equipment, and Accessories Rental or Lease
981.49 Irrigation Systems Rental or Lease
981.52 Meeting Room Equipment and Accessories, Rental or Lease
981.54 Plumbing Equipment Rental or Lease
981.56 Police Equipment Supplies Rental or Lease
981.57 Pumps and Pump Accessory Rental or Lease
981.61 Recreational, Park, Picnic and Playground Equipment and Accessories Rental or Lease
981.65 School Equipment and Supplies Rental or Lease
981.66 Security and Access Systems (Airport, Library, Hospitals, etc.) Rental or Lease
981.68 Steam Boilers, Steam Heating, and Power Plant Items Rental or Lease
981.69 Storage Tank Rental or Lease
981.72 Tents, Tarpaulins and Supplies Rental or Lease
981.73 Timepieces Rental or Lease
981.74 Theatrical Equipment and Supplies (Including Costumes) Rental or Lease
981.76 Traffic Control Equipment and Accessories Rental or Lease
981.82 Weather Instrument, Equipment, and Accessory, Rental or Lease
981.83 Washers, Pressure (All Types), Rental or Lease
981.84 Water and Sewer Equipment (Including Well Pointing Equipment) Rental or Lease
981.85 Welding Equipment and Supplies Rental or Lease
983.18 Broom, Brush, and Mop Manufacturing Machinery Rental or Lease
983.22 Clothing Rental or Lease (Incl. Formal Wear and Diapers)
983.34 Floor Maintenance Machine Rental or Lease
983.38 Janitorial Equipment Rental or Lease
983.45 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment, Commercial, Rental or Lease
983.47 Lawn Equipment Rental or Lease
983.55 Painting Equipment and Supplies Rental or Lease
983.64 Robes, Caps, and Gowns (Choir and Graduation), Rental or Lease
983.68 Spraying Equipment Rental or Lease
983.77 Textiles, Linens, etc. Rental or Lease (Including Shop Towels)
983.79 Treated and Dry Mops and Rugs (Including Floor Mats) Rental or Lease
983.80 Treated and Dry Sweeping and Dust Cloth Rental or Lease
983.86 Uniform Rental or Lease
984.12 Bursters, Decollators, Detachers, etc., Rental or Lease
984.19 Communication Boards, Control Units, Modems, Processors and Protocol Converters, etc., Rental or Lease
984.23 Computers, Micro, Rental or Lease
984.26 Computers, Mini and Mainframe, Rental or Lease
984.30 Computer Accessories (Not Otherwise Classified) Rental or Lease: CRT Holders, Forms Tractors, Wrist Supports, etc.
984.34 Covers and Enclosures (Acoustical and Protective) for Computer Equipment Rental or Lease
984.39 Drives, Rental or Lease: CDROM, Hard, Floppy and Tape
984.54 Peripheral Miscellaneous Rental or Lease: Keyboards, Mice, Monitors, etc.
984.57 Power Supplies Rental or Lease: Surge Protectors, UPS, etc.
984.60 Printers and Plotters, Computer (All Types), Rental or Lease
984.83 Scanner and Reader Rental or Lease
984.87 Terminals, CRTs and Remote Job Entry Devices Rental or Lease
984.92 Word Processing Equipment Rental or Lease
985.12 Audio/Video Equipment and Accessory Rental or Lease
985.23 Copy Machines, Thermal Type, Rental or Lease
985.24 Copy Machines, Coated  or Treated Paper Type, Rental or Lease
985.25 Copy Machines (For use by Engineers) Rental or Lease
985.26 Copy Machine, Plain Paper Type (Including Cost-Per-Copy Type Leases) Rental or Lease
985.27 Copy Machines, Digital and Analog T