City of Jacksonville


Doing Business with the City

What We Buy

The Procurement Division buys goods, supplies, maintenance, construction and other services for the consolidated City of Jacksonville.

How We Buy

The Procurement Code (Ordinance Code Chapter 126) requires that all orders for goods and services exceeding the established thresholds are procured using the formal bid process. Orders for goods and services under the established thresholds are procured using the informal process. Purchasing Analysts are responsible for purchasing all commodities or services assigned to them.  Buyers are assigned Department/Division as the central point of contact for all procurement needs.

Policies and Procedures

Chapter 126 Procurement Code
Procurement Manual - April 2023

Bidder's List

The City maintains a bidders list for which vendors must register with the City of Jacksonville 1Cloud system. All vendors interested in being certified as a (JSEB) Jacksonville Small Emerging Business must complete a certification application with the Equal Business Opportunity Contract and Compliance Division.

The site for registration can be found under the Supplier Portal link. Use of this system will allow vendors to view/update vendor contact information; receive purchase orders and bid solicitations; respond to informal bid solicitations electronically; and view payment history.

If you provide commodities, (contact the Procurement Division at (904) 255-8800) If you provide professional services, (contact Alex Baker at (904) 255-8830). If you are interested in JSEB certification, (contact the Equal Business Office at (904) 255-8840).

Completing the Bid Proposal

Bidders should carefully review all specifications, terms and conditions contained in the Bid Invitation prior to submitting a proposal. If you can supply the requested items, complete the request for Bid form. Make certain that pricing is correct and that all forms requiring signature are signed. The bid proposal must be typed or written in ink and accompanied by all supporting literature requested in the bid.

Submitting the Bid Proposal

Bid proposals must be returned by mail or hand-delivered to the Procurement Division, Room 105, 214 N. Hogan Street, First Floor, Ed Ball Building, Jacksonville, Florida 32202. It is important to submit the exact number of copies specified in the proposal using the enclosed label.

Proposals must be received in the Procurement Division by 2:00 p.m. on the day of the bid opening (indicated on the form). Late bids will not be considered -no exceptions.

Bids received after that time will be returned to you unopened. Bid openings are held in the City Hall conference room specified in the solicitation documents. You are welcome to attend.

Protest Procedures

To ensure that the City employs sound purchasing procedures, it has adopted Procurement Protest Procedures, pursuant to which any person or entity that is adversely affected by a decision or an intended decision concerning a solicitation, solicitation documents, award, or any other process or procedure prescribed in chapter 126, Jacksonville Ordinance Code, otherwise known as the Procurement Code, and who has standing to protest said decision or intended decision under Florida law, must timely file a written Notice of Protest seeking to challenge the decision or intended decision. For a copy of the Procurement Protest Procedures, please click on the following link: Protest Procedures  (

Advertising for Bids

The Procurement Division advertises bids each week in the Financial News and Daily Record newspaper and the Department of Intra-Governmental Services/Procurement Division website. Bidding opportunities for commodity goods and services, capital improvement projects and Professional Services are posted on the bulletin board on the first floor of the Ed Ball Building, Room 105.  A list of bidding opportunities is also available by calling the City's bid hotline, a prerecorded listing, at (904) 255-BIDS(2437).

Equal Business Opportunity Office

This office is in place to certify small businesses and to promote their growth and economic development. Once a business is certified, they are placed into the City's Jacksonville Small Emerging Business directory where they may be utilized for procurement purposes. If you would like more information on the certification process, please call the EBO office at (904) 255-8840.

Code of Ethics

In the procurement of supplies and services we stringently adhere to the City of Jacksonville Code of Ethics. Copies are available upon request.

Informal Bidding

Written quotes are requested when the value of goods and services is less than $65,000. At least three vendors are contacted and the purchase order is issued to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder.

Formal Bidding

Written sealed  bids are solicited and advertised for goods and services valued at $65,000 or more, or $35,000 for Professional Design Services. These bids contain the description of the goods or services required. All capital improvement projects estimated to exceed $200,000 will be advertised for a minimum of 10 calendar days.

Requesting a Bid Invitation

A request for bid invitation may be obtained from the Procurement Division, 214 N. Hogan Street, Room 105, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may also inquire about bidding opportunities by calling (904) 255-BIDS (2437).

Note: Most construction bids have a charge for plans and specifications which, in most cases, is non-refundable.

Bid Award

Formal bids are awarded by the agency seeking the service or supplies requested by the bid invitation. The Procurement Division reviews and prepares award recommendations for the approval of General Government Awards Committee and the Mayor. Vendors having questions or protests relative to bid awards should contact the Chief of Procurement, for information prior to the bid award.

Notice of Bid Acceptance

Award notices are mailed to all bidders on formal bid solicitations. Unless the bid required that a contract be executed following award, a purchase order will be sent to the successful bidder. If a bid bond is required, the Procurement Division will retain bid security deposits until an award is made.

Direct Deposit Payments

When making direct deposit payments please fill out the following form - ACH Direct Deposit Form.

Professional Services

The City often obtains professional services, such as architectural, engineering, actuarial, banking, insurance, promotional, bond counsel, medical consulting and other like services from the private sector. Professional services projects valued more than $65,000 are awarded through the Professional Services Evaluation Committee. 

Professional services valued less than $65,000 or Professional design services less than $35,000 are obtained through an informal process and are handled by the appropriate buyer.

Legal Related Services

In order for your company to provide services below, it must be placed on the approved Legal Related Services List.

Legal Related Services Subcategories Include: Abstracts and Title Insurance, Court Reporter, Printing Firms for Printing Services for the Supervisor of Elections Office, Expert Witness, Fixture Appraiser, Legal Assistant, Printing of Legal Briefs and Official Statements for the Sale of Bonds, Publication of Legal Notices, Preparation and Printing of Bonds, Polygraph Examiners, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, Real Estate Acquisition Services, and Appraisers of Real Property.

Please send a written request, resume and professional license to: the Procurement Division, 214 N. Hogan Street, Suite 800, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Ex-Offender Re-entry Program Providers

It is the policy of the City of Jacksonville that the rehabilitation of ex-offenders is an essential component in a community fight against criminal activity; the hiring of ex-offenders into fair paying jobs helps restore the economic stability of ex-offenders, perpetuates their rehabilitation, reduces recidivism and contributes to a community crime free environment; providing consideration and opportunities to ex-offenders with companies doing business with the City of Jacksonville can be accomplished without compromising the security of the businesses, or the City and its citizens, and without unnecessarily depriving others of opportunities; and that the City of Jacksonville should take a leading role in the rehabilitation of ex-offenders, and has done so through the City's third-party service provider ex-offender re-entry programs that provide job training and/or job placement services to Ex-Offenders.

Compliance Report - Full and Fair Consideration of Ex-Offenders for Awarded Contractor

Following is a listing of service providers the City is contracting with that may assist contractors/vendors with hiring ex-offenders: