City of Jacksonville


staff working at emergency operations center

UPDATE #6: Tropical Storm Ian

September 29, 2022
As Tropical Storm Ian approaches the Jacksonville area, the City of Jacksonville Emergency Operations Center (EOC) continues to collaborate with local and state agencies as they track and monitor for any potential impacts.


  • Ian is expected to be directly off the coast of Jacksonville around 10 PM, today, September 29.
  • Tidal and coastal flooding remain a high concern.
  • Individuals are encouraged to remain off the roads.
  • JFRD Flood Water Rescue Teams and Emergency Road Access Teams are deployed throughout the city in an effort to clear roads for first responders and respond in the event of flooding.
  • Garbage, Recycling, Bulk and Yard Waste will remain suspended Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30. These days will NOT be made up. Normal curbside services will resume Monday, October 3.


  1. Legends Center (5130 Soutel Dr.) – open for general population and special needs
  2. Landmark Middle School (101 Kernan Blvd.) – open for general population and pet-friendly
  3. Atlantic Coast High School (9735 R. G. Skinner Parkway) – open for special needs only, pet-friendly
  4. LaVilla School of the Arts (501 N. Davis St.) – open specifically for homeless individuals