City of Jacksonville


Statement on UNF Poll

May 28, 2024
A new UNF poll found that 56% of the public supports the full stadium renovation deal, as long as it includes the largest community benefits agreement in NFL history, which by itself garners 81% approval. The City of Jacksonville and the Jaguars released the following statement in response to the poll:
“This historic investment between the City and Jaguars responds to the feedback we heard during months of community huddles in 2023 and conversations over many years. The community benefits agreement is an integral component of the overall package providing a smart way to get long overdue key investments done now that will positively impact all residents.
The respondents see the wisdom of making the city investment up front, which will pay dividends over decades to come. It locks in construction contracts before prices increase. The significant long-term financial support from the Jaguars will sustain these programs over time. It’s a win-win.
We urge the Jacksonville City Council to approve this once-in-a-generation investment in raising the quality of life for everyone in Duval County without raising taxes.”
Additional Background
  • The proposed stadium package keeps the team in Jacksonville for decades to come, renovates and modernizes the city-owned stadium, revitalizes neighborhoods, addresses affordable housing and homelessness, completes the Riverwalk and riverfront parks system, creates youth sports programming, and builds a career-ready workforce – all without raising taxes.
  • If the deal isn’t approved, Jacksonville would be at risk of losing the Jaguars and still need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the stadium alive.
  • This is an outstanding stadium package that protects taxpayers with the Jaguars absorbing any cost overruns and with game day expenses shifting to the team.
  • The lease agreement and new stadium features result in savings which allow COJ to pay for its portion of the Community Benefits Agreement within 25 years.