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Mayor Lenny Curry signs the new JEA contribution agreement with City Council and JEA leadership on March 22, 2016

Mayor Signs Contribution Agreement with JEA

March 22, 2016
In a signing ceremony in his office shortly before the March 22 City Council meeting, Mayor Lenny Curry signed a new five-year contribution agreement between the City of Jacksonville and JEA. He was joined at his desk by City Council members and JEA officials to announce the new agreement.
"This agreement represents the hard work and collaboration between the JEA board and leadership, City Council and my administration,” said Mayor Curry. “Working together, we were able to identify real solutions to create better outcomes for Jacksonville residents.”

The agreement establishes JEA’s annual contribution to the City and extends through 2021. JEA will pay $114 million this year, with a minimum increase of 1 percent per year over the next five years. In addition, the utility company will make a one-time additional contribution of $15 million this year to match City funding for water and sewer infrastructure projects that will improve services and reduce nitrogen pollution in the St. Johns River.

JEA will also give the City 30.34 metric tons per year in Water Quality Trading Credits through December 2023, at no charge. These credits further efforts to improve the health of the river and its tributaries.