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Mayor Brown Celebrates First 100 Days in Office

Mayor Brown Celebrates First 100 Days in Office: Takes Significant Steps Toward Major Goals of Administration

October 12, 2011

Mayor Alvin Brown is celebrating his first 100 days in office as Jacksonville’s chief executive – 100 days that saw the administration take significant steps forward on many of the mayor’s goals.

“When I took office, I said that I would achieve a balanced budget without new taxes or fees, streamline government so that it is more effective and efficient, promote economic development, and work to help our public schools,” said Mayor Brown. “In just over three months, we have made progress in each of those areas. Much work remains to be done, but I’m pleased that we are closer to moving Jacksonville to the next level.”

Barely two weeks after taking office, Mayor Brown submitted a balanced budget that did not increase taxes or fees or tap into the city’s reserves. He has reduced his own pay by 20% and declined a pension. He streamlined city government by eliminating nearly 220 positions. Additionally, Mayor Brown appointed the first City of Jacksonville education commissioner and has worked hard to encourage economic development, an effort that recently culminated in his appointment as Chair of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Metro Exports and Ports Task Force.

In addition to these policy achievements, Mayor Brown has also made good on his promise to be a mayor who represents all of Jacksonville. He has visited neighborhoods, community groups, churches, and numerous other people and places throughout the city in his short time in office.

Attached is a list of some of Mayor Brown’s noteworthy actions during his first 100 days in office.