City of Jacksonville


Mayor Alvin Brown enourages Jaguar ticket sales.

Mayor Brown: 'No Blackouts'

September 07, 2011
Mayor Alvin Brown led a crowd of roughly 1,500 business and community leaders on a chant of “no blackouts” during the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce’s annual Jaguars Kickoff Luncheon.

“We want to sell out every game,” said Mayor Brown. “My goal is to channel all of our resources to ensure this city and the Jaguars are as successful as possible. We want to be sure that when the Jaguars win, North Florida wins.”

NFL rules set ticket sales thresholds that, if not met, lead to television blackouts. This has plagued several NFL markets in the recent economic downturn.

Mayor Brown has made it a personal challenge to encourage ticket sales with the Sept. 11 home opener against the Tennessee Titans approaching.

Mayor Brown thanked the Jaguars and owners Wayne and Delores Weaver for all they’ve done for the City of Jacksonville.

He then asked all the business and community leaders to get on their feet at the lunchtime meeting to pledge their support. They applauded Mayor Brown as he asked them all to do everything they could to boost ticket sales.