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JaxScore to Drive Efficiency, Accountability in City Operations

March 05, 2014
New Website Offers the Public a Tool to Learn about City’s Progress on Key Priorities

Mayor Alvin Brown today announced the launch of a new City of Jacksonville web page with “performance scorecards” aimed at enhancing efficiency and accountability in city operations. JaxScore 1.0, developed by the city’s Information Technology Division, offers the public a new tool to find out how well various city departments, divisions and offices are performing on key priorities.

“JaxScore is about making our city government more efficient, effective and responsive to community needs,” said Mayor Brown. “It’s about being focused on clear goals and measurable results. It’s also about being transparent and accountable, so citizens can see how their city is performing. Some people call it data-driven government. I just call it smart government.”
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In November, the Center for Digital Government ranked Jacksonville third nationally among city governments for its innovative uses of information and communication technology.
JaxScore 1.0 will give residents important information about where the city's departments, divisions and independent agencies are focused, how well they are doing, and where efforts need to be supported. Information on the dashboard will be updated quarterly, empowering taxpayers with an increased understanding of city operations.
“On behalf of JAX2025 and our volunteers, I would like to congratulate the mayor on the creation of this valuable tool. JaxScore 1.0 is a victory for the citizens of Jacksonville, and I have no doubt that it will prove extremely useful in issues of transparency and accountability in our local government,” said Cecil Williams, chair of the JAX2025 Exemplary Governance Task Force.
The initiative is part of a comprehensive performance management process designed to drive efficiency in operations, align priorities and provide transparency to Jacksonville residents. The JaxScore 1.0 website features a user-friendly format that allows the public to simply click and open easy-to-read progress reports with detailed information and charts.
“The creation of JaxScore 1.0 proves the Mayor’s Office and City Hall’s desire to align their work with the wants of the greater public,” said Ben Warner, president and CEO of JCCI, the JAX2025 facilitating organization. “Through the JAX2025 visioning process, Jacksonville citizens identified the need for greater transparency in our governance system and the need for an online-based dashboard. JaxScore 1.0 takes us one step closer to that total shared vision of ‘Exemplary Governance’ for our city.”
JaxScore 1.0 is the first phase in a collaborative effort to provide meaningful and important information on city progress. Feedback and suggestions for improvement can be emailed to
To learn more and to view the JaxScore 1.0 dashboard visit