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Study Circles: A Dialogue on Race and Ethnic relations in Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Human Rights Commission will be commencing study circles on race and ethnic relations in Jacksonville. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the attached registration form or send an email to to have the form emailed to you. If you have questions about study circles, please see below.


A study circle:
  • Is a process for small-group deliberation that is voluntary and participatory
  • Is a small group, usually 10 to 12 participants
  • Is led by one to two facilitators who are impartial and help manage the deliberation proccess, but are not "experts" or " teachers" in the traditional sense
  • Consider many perspectives, rather than advocating a particular point of view
  • Uses ground rules to set the tone for a respectful, productive discussion
  • Is rooted in dialogue and deliberation, not debate
  • Has multiple sessions which move from the participants' personal experience of the issue to considering multiple viewpoints, to strategies for action
  • Does not require consensus but uncovers areas of agreement and common concern
  • Provides an opportunity for citizens to work together to improve their community

How to Join a Study Circle:

Join a study circle today and help make Jacksonville the best place in the nation to live, work, and raise a family for our whole community.

There are now two ways to register:

1.Fill out a Registration-Form and save the registration form to your computer

(a) email it as an attachment to

If you are having trouble downloading the registration form email to obtain registration form


(b) print the completed form and mail to:
                        Study Circles
                        Jacksonville Human Rights Commission
                        117 W. Duval St., Suite 350
                        Jacksonville, FL 32202


(c) fax the form to (904) 255-5385

If you need any assistance please email