Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

This month we'd like to spotlight Volunteer Diane! When we asked Diane why she wanted to volunteer at Animal Care and Protective Services, this is what she said:

"In the fall of 2022 I wanted to spend my retirement helping homeless dogs. I started participating in the Dog Day Out program and met Adele. I felt compelled to advocate for her. Although she was a loving and sweet girl, she had a few things going against her (no fault of her own). With the support from other volunteers and staff, we were able to get her adopted in Feb '23 and she’s been in a loving home ever since.

I saw how much the volunteers and staff at ACPS do for all the animals and wanted to get involved. I became a volunteer soon after.

It’s a great feeling to be around such an amazing group of people, working together to get each animal a home."