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Richard A. McKissick Memorial Dawn Program

"When participants are moved to a more responsible level of behavior, it not only improves their lives, it also makes neighborhoods safer and saves the taxpayers thousands of dollars that would have to be spent on incarcerating them repeatedly."

- Mr. Richard McKissick, Program Founder


Richard A. McKissick Memorial DAWN Program Core Components

Education Preparation Transformation

Mission Statement

To assist our students in completing their educational goals all while changing their mindset and showing them the endless possibilities of a positive and productive life outside of the criminal justice system.

What We Offer

The program is readily available to provide services to Male and Female participants regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic status. Adopting a “one-room schoolhouse” strategy, classroom instructors work in the jail to help participants earn their High School Diploma. We seek to provide participants with job readiness training and life skills coaching. Instilling these skills will assist them to make better choices and to improve their chances for success.

Terry PowellChris Adams
Reentry Program Coordinator (Males & Females)

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