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Explore the impact that France has had on the history of our state. This page contains links to some valuable information and resources that detail the people and events that helped shape Florida's early history.
Note: We are pleased to include a variety of materials and formats from many different perspectives on this website. Listing here in no way authenticates the validity or accuracy of the information contained within the post. We encourage the community to share their links and references to this important chapter of our history.


An engraving modeled after a painting by Le Moyne depicting the landing of Jean RibaultBeaches Museum and History Park - the Beaches Area Historical Society (BAHS) is the only organization dedicated solely to preserving the history and heritage of Florida's First Coast beach communities including Mayport, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and historic Palm Valley.

Beaufort County, South Carolina - The Beaufort County Historical Society and the Committee to honor the 450th landing of Jean Ribaut is pleased to announce the schedule of events to honor the first French stronghold and the first Huguenot/Protestant settlement in the New World.

City of Fernandina Beach, Florida - is planning a series of activities to commemorate the first flag and the French influence on the city's heritage. Download a flyer of Fernandina Beach's upcoming events

Florida Association of Museums - an online database of more than 400 Florida museums that includes in-depth information on their collections, exhibits and programs.

Florida Division of Cultural Affairs - Florida’s state arts agency. The division promotes arts and culture as essential to quality of life for all Floridians. Diverse resources include arts in education, local arts agency, state service organization, theater, dance, museum, music, visual arts programs and much more. 

Florida Historical Museum of Southern Florida - the premier cultural institution committed to gathering, preserving and celebrating Miami’s history through exhibitions, city tours, education, research, collections and publications.

La Floride françoise, by Pierre du Val, 17th centuryFlorida Museum of Natural History - has its goals as understanding, preserving and interpreting biological diversity and cultural heritage to ensure their survival for future generations. 

Florida Historical Society - is the oldest cultural organization in the state and is the only state-wide historical society. The FHS is dedicated to preserving Florida’s past through the collection, archival maintenance and publication of historical documents relating to the history of Florida.

Florida Living History - is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to informing about Florida’s colonial and territorial past, using living-history programs, demonstrations and recreated portrayals of significant historical events.

Francophonie 2012 Cultural Festival - A celebration of French culture in Washington, D.C. March 6 through April 15, 2012.

French American Chamber of Commerce Florida - an organization formed to support strong business relations between France and the United States while promoting the development of their member companies in Florida.

French Embassy in Washington - the Embassy of France in the United States is headed by the Ambassador François Delattre. The Embassy’s efforts are bolstered by its many Departments and Consulates in New York, Boston, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta.

House of France - The culutural outreach arm of the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C.

Jacksonville Historical Society

Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Museum - a non-profit, educational association and collects books, documents, artifacts, and other historical objects significant to General Maritime History of Jacksonville and Florida's First Coast; preserves their historical value; and interprets their meaning to the public by means of museum displays, educational programs, lectures and publications.

Local artist, Lee Adams, who painted "Ribault's Landing" that is to be installed the the Jacksonville Public Library downtown.Jacksonville Public Library - The Jacksonville Public Library has compiled a list of reading material to brush up on your Commemorate 450 history.

Lost Ships of St. Augustine - Early in 1565, France's King Charles sent Jean Ribault to re-supply and assume command of Fort Caroline, which had been established the previous year on the banks of the River of May (St. John's River) in present-day Jacksonville.

Museum of Florida History

National Huguenot Society

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Jacksonville Chapter

Parris Island and Museum - Explore the long and rich legacy of the United States Marine Corps as well as the exciting history of the Port Royal region.

St. Augustine 450 - the website commemorating the 450th anniversary of the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.  

State Library and Archives of Florida

United States Embassy in France - the U.S. Embassy in Paris was America’s first diplomatic mission, and some of our "founding fathers" such as Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were among our first envoys to France.

Virtual Museum of New France

Visit Florida- the official tourism marketing corporation for the State of Florida. VISIT FLORIDA is not a government agency, but rather a not-for-profit corporation that carries out the work of the Florida Commission on Tourism. Read their Mar. 11, 2012 blog post, 7 Free Things to Do in Jacksonville This Spring.

Viva Florida 500 - Commemorates Florida's rich heritage and diverse cultural history through 2013, a significant milestone unlike any other in the history of the United States. As 2013 nears, this website reflects the plans, activities and events that will mark Florida's 500th anniversary, a statewide and year-long event. 

Articles, ebooks and other resources

One of three stamps issued to commemorate the three hundredth anniversary of the settling of Walloons in New Netherlands, now the State of New York, in 1624.Association des Decendant et du Souvenir de Jean Ribault - a French language January 2012 bulletin from the decendents of Jean Ribault Association.

Architectural Digest - A blog post from this French publication about architecture here in Florida. View the published article.

Commemorate 450 at Your Library - A list of books and other resources about French history in Florida available at the Jacksonville Public Library. 

The Saga of Jean Ribault and the French Colony in North Florida
- A slide presentation by the Jacksonville Historical Society.

Historical Collections of Louisiana and Florida - Translations of original manuscripts from expeditions by B.F. French. From Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage in North America - An online, multimedia resource presenting the rich and varied heritage assets of the French-speaking communities living all across the North American Continent. 

Mocama Archaeology - Information on the native peoples in the Jacksonville-area around the time of Ribault's landing. From the University of North Florida's Archaeology Lab. 

A Sixteenth Century French Colony in Florida - By John McGrath from Boston University and Published in Federation of Alliances Françaises USA Le Magazine, Issue 9. The article starts on page 18. 

French History in FloridaFrench History in Florida - A presentation on the French presence in Florida, by the Consulate General of France in Miami. 

Narrative of Le Moyne - Narrative of an artist who accompanied the 1564 French expedition to Florida under Laudonnière. From the University of Florida P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History.

Ponce de Leon and Jean Ribault... A Legacy Project - The historical significance to Jacksonville/North Florida is 30 degrees 8 minutes latitude, where Ponce de Leon is recognized internationally for founding America and “La Florida.”

The French of Fort Caroline and the Timucua of Florida - Selected engravings by Theodore de Bry after watercolors by Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, artist with the French Explorations to Florida under Jean Ribault and René Goulaine de Laudonnière. Published in 1591. From the National Humanities Center.

The whole & true discouerye of Terra Florida - From the University of Florida Digital Collection. This book was produced in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Jean Ribault's Landing in Northeast Florida.  

Voyage of the Huguenots - A screenplay by John Marshall Meisburg, Jr. depicting the history of the Huguenots and their influence on Florida history.

Ponce de Leon and captain Jean Ribault, A Legacy Project - Bring history home to the First Coast. The historical significance to Jacksonville and North Florida is 30 degrees .08 minutes latitude: where Ponce de Leon is recognized internationally for founding America and "La Florida."

Timeline of the French Colonization Attempts in Florida and the Loss of the 1565 French Fleet 

Letters, Proclamations and Resolutions

Letter of support from Governnor Rick ScottU.S. Congressional Record Recognizing the 450th Anniversary of French Huguenot Captain Jean Ribault's Landing in Florida, Rep. Ander Crenshaw

Proclamation from Governor Rick Scott

Proclamation from Mayor Alvin Brown

Letter from Senator Bill Nelson

City Council Resolution designating May 1, 2012 as Jean Ribault Day

Clay County Board of County Commissioners Resolution

State House Resolution recognizing May 1, 2012 as French Day in Honor of Jean Ribault

Resolution from the Town of Penney Farms

Letter from the Ambassador of France

Letter from Governor Rick Scott of Florida

Letter from Florida Secretary fo State Ken Detzner

Letter from State Representative Mia Jones

Proclamation from  Mayor Sharp of Jacksonville Beach 

Proclamation form the Nassau County Board of Commissioners

Letter from Duval County Tax Collector Michael Corrigan

Letter from Duval County Property Appraiser Jim Overton

Letter from the Office of the President of France

North Florida Regional Council Resolution  

Letter from City of Nantes, France

Letter from JaxChamber President Wally Lee 

Historic Preservation Award 

Letter from the Very Reverend Father Kamal Al-Rahil of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

Letter from Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner

Letter from the Consul General of France in Miami Gaël de MAISONNEUVE 

The First Coast Chapter of the Florida Planning & Zoning Association 2012 Stood the Test of Time Award