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Al Ferraro
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Al Ferraro, District 2

Council Member Al FerraroD02AlFerraro is a native Floridian.  He and his wife, Amy, raised their daughter, Amanda, here in Jacksonville.  A small business owner, Al, started Ferraro Lawn Service in 1986.  Al worked hard and grew his business into an active part of our community.  With these deep ties, Al grew to love his hometown and wanted to give back to his community.  Al ran for City Council, District 2 and was elected to serve on the City Council in 2015, Council Member Ferraro was subsequently re-elected in 2019 after earning the reputation of being approachable and hardworking.  Unlike many government officials, Al has been a reliable vote for family values and fiscal responsibility.  Al does not stray from the principles that make him so respected by the people he serves in District 2.  His goal is to eliminate wasteful spending, provide law enforcement the tools they need to combat crime, and ensure that the city of Jacksonville’s government is transparent and accountable to the people.  Al will never forget that this is your city, and he continues to be your voice in City Government.