City of Jacksonville

Thank you for submitting a Special Event Permit Application. Your application will be reviewed by the City of Jacksonville’s Office of Special Events within 10 days. If you have any questions or need to update your application please email

Your event may not be advertised or promoted prior to receiving approval from the City. Advertising or promoting your event prior to receiving approval may be cause for denial.  If any information provided in this application is false or if the applicant does not comply with timeframes, deadlines and requirements the permit may be denied. It is unlawful and a class D offense to conduct, stage, advertise or promote a special event without a permit or make a false statement on the application.

Please be reminded, if alcohol will be sold or included with the price of admission, a temporary permit or special sales license must be acquired from the state of Florida and be submitted to the City in addition to this form being submitted. A temporary permit or special sales license from the state does not give approval for Alcohol to be consumed, sold or served on City Property.

For additional information on hosting events on City of Jacksonville property with over 500 attendees please visit