City of Jacksonville

Thinking about scheduling an event in the City of Jacksonville, Florida? There are two factors which can help determine which kind of event is being held:
  • Where is the event being held (park, street, or public property)?
  • How many people are expected to attend the event (more or less than 500)?
There are three kinds of events (listed below) which require permitting from the City of Jacksonville: Each kind of event has a different permitting process. On this page you can find information and links to forms for permitting these three kinds of events.

Park Event - Under 500 People

Reserving a park for a gathering or event is easy. You can complete the entire process online or contact our permitting office for assistance. There are two types of reservations: one for picnic pavilions, the second for park events.

Visit the JaxParks Reservation Site to apply to reserve a Picnic Pavilion or Park Event.

Picnic Pavilions

Picnic pavilions are used for simple family gatherings, birthday picnics, small work gatherings etc. These do not cover inflatable devices or other specialty items, amplified sound, electricity/generators, alcohols, events where fees are being collected or groups of 50 or more. Any activity including one or more of the above will require a special use permit. A list of parks requiring picnic pavilion permits can be found on the Park Permitting page.

Park Events

If you are planning an event that includes one or more of the following, you will need to obtain a JaxParks Special Use permit:
  • Use of special equipment, electricity/generator, or amplified sound
  • 50 – 499 people
  • Open to the public
  • Donations or fees are collected
  • Includes alcohol (alcohol permits are required and only granted to non-profit organizations)
If your event requires a Special Use Permit click here and begin the process. Once your request has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive an e-mail approving the permit or noting any additional information that may be required in order to process your request.

For a complete list of information visit the Park Permitting page.

Street Events (Block Party) - Under 500 People

The Traffic Engineering Division, in close cooperation with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, authorizes the use of roads for block parties and special events.

Events that are expected to draw more than 500 people - including all workers, participants, spectators and other attendees - must be permitted through the Office of Special Events.

Block Parties

Block parties have the following requirements:
  • Residential streets only
  • Intersections may not be closed
  • A petition of approval must be signed by residents within the block to be closed (Signatures from people outside the block will not count!)
It is important that you provide reliable contact information in case we have questions or need more information. It is also necessary that the form be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the planned event (no exceptions).

For a full list of block party requirements, restrictions, and forms please visit the Public Works Traffic Engineering page.

Public Property Events - Over 500 People

Definition of a Special Event

A special event is a preplanned single gathering, event or series of related consecutive daily gatherings or events expected to draw 500 or more persons at any session as participants or spectators that is proposed to be held on public property. Events on private property shall be considered to be special events if 500 or more people participating in the event will occupy adjacent public streets or public property during the event.

Permitting Process

Since September 18, 2006, all permit applications for special events to be held on city property or affecting city property with 500 attendees or more will need to be permitted through the Office of Special Events. Special Event Permits must be applied for no less than 90 days prior to the event and no sooner than 365 days in advance of the event.

To learn about the permitting processes go to the Special Events permits page.