City of Jacksonville

Office of Public Accountability

The Public Accountability Office was created in March 2012 to focus on promoting transparency and accountability in the unique environment of Jacksonville's consolidated government. This website serves as a resource for access to important public information that brings transparency to government functions.

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Municipal Code Compliance Case Recap:
Please click the following link to submit a request for Muncipal Code violations and case recap

Copy of Fire or Rescue Report:
There are two different incident reports that are available: one is a fire report; the other, a rescue report. A fire report can be picked up at Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Headquarters, which is located at 515 N. Julia St. The information you must provide are the date and address of the fire, along with a $3 fee. A rescue report can also be acquired at Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Headquarters. A medical release form or subpoena is required for anyone other than the victim trying to pick up a rescue report. Otherwise, a valid driver’s license and $5 fee are required. Call 630-0434 for more information.

Building Code Violations and Certificate of Occupancy and approved site plans for property:
Use the City of Jacksonville web page to obtain and print the information about building code violations, Certificate of Occupancy or permit details:  Navigate to “Building Inspection Division” “Permit and Inspection Information” Start by selecting “Guest Sign In” Enter given code  “Search for” (Top Left) Property by Address.   The address number is your link to the permits or Building code enforcement details. The permit number is your link to permit details.  The CV tab is complaint/violation.

A due-diligence check should also include making contact with Municipal Code Compliance at 904-255-7000 to inquire about abatement liens or other municipal code enforcement issues and our local utility company at 904-655-6000 to see if there are any utility holds in place.