City of Jacksonville

Land Use and Regulatory Department
The Land Use and Regulatory Department of the Office of General Counsel is devoted primarily to advising the Council in its legislative and policy making responsibilities and providing guidance  to the Council, the Planning Commission, the Downtown Development Review Board, the Building Code Adjustment Board and the Public Nuisance Abatement Board.  The Department is also responsible for advising the City’s numerous agencies on various administrative, regulatory and environmental matters, ordinance code interpretations and applications, land use matters including zoning, permitting, comprehensive planning and growth management issues and prosecuting violations of the City’s various ordinance code requirements.
Jason Teal is the Deputy General Counsel for Land Use and Regulatory Department.  The Department consists of six attorneys:

Jason Teal – Deputy General Counsel
Trisha Bowles – Assistant General Counsel
Terrence Harvey – Assistant General Counsel
Cherry Pollock – Assistant General Counsel
Erin Mason – Assistant General Counsel