City of Jacksonville

Our Clients
Among municipal and county legal offices in Florida, none has the broad client base represented by the Office of General Counsel. In no other county in Florida does the local government attorney represent all county constitutional officers, independent agencies, the executive branch, legislative branch and all government boards and commissions.

Clients of the Office have thousands of employees and annual budgets in excess of $4 billion dollars. For example, JEA, a $5.1 billion public utility, has over 2,000 employees and a budget of $1.6 billion per year. The Duval County School Board has over 125,000 students, over 14,000 employees and a budget of $1.3 billion. The City has over 7,000 employees and a budget of $1.1 billion (including enterprise funds).

Clients of the office include the following:

Executive Branch (Mayor's Office)

  1. Finance and Administration
  2. Employee Services
  3. Public Works Department
  4. Fire & Rescue (JFRD)
  5. OED - Office of Economic Development
  6. Neighborhoods 
  7. Parks, Recreation and Community Services
  8. Sports and Entertainment
  9. Planning and Development
  10. Military Affairs & Veterans Department

Legislative Branch (City Council)

Jacksonville City Council - The Council is comprised of 19 members, with 14 elected from specific districts and 5 elected at-large. The size of this legislative body requires an advising on legislation, providing procedural, constitutional and parliamentary advice.

Independent Agencies

  1. Duval County School Board
  2. Jacksonville Aviation Authority
  3. Jacksonville Housing Authority
  4. JEA
  5. Jacksonville Transportation Authority
  6. Jacksonville Port Authority

Constitutional Officers

  1. Clerk of Courts
  2. Property Appraiser
  3. Tax Collector
  4. Jacksonville Sheriffs Office (JSO)
  5. Supervisor of Elections

Boards and Commissions*

*This is a partial list of the more than 30 boards and commissions that the Office of General Counsel represents.