City of Jacksonville


Floodplain Management

The City of Jacksonville participates in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Community Rating System (CRS). The CRS program provides incentives for communities that practice proper floodplain management. Each participating community is given a ranking between one and ten, one being best. Jacksonville has a current ranking of six. With this ranking, people within our community who purchase flood insurance get a 10 percent discount if they are not in a special flood hazard area (See Floodplain Definition) and a 20 percent discount if they are.

Flood Protection Information

Duval County is home to coastal, inland, and river flooding. The most common flooding in the City occurs during the rainy season from June to November. Low lying areas are subject to flooding from rising water. Areas of the County have experienced flooding from tributaries and creeks of the St. Johns River. The most severe of these events occur during hurricanes and tropical storms when houses are damaged from rising water. Flood waters are dangerous, even though they appear to move slowly. A flood two feet deep moving as slow as three feet per second can knock a man off his feet and float a car.  (See Flood Protection Information to learn more).



For flood zone determinations or copies of available Elevation Certificates, you can contact:

Michael Stanfield, CFM
Floodplain Coordinator
Office: (904) 255-8366

Development Services Division
214 N. Hogan St., Second Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 255-8310
Fax: (904) 255-8311

Original Elevation Certificates can be brought in person or mailed to the following address:

Development Services Division
Attn: Floodplain Administrator
214 N. Hogan Street, 2nd Floor
Jacksonville, FL  32202
Please note that Elevation Certificate review time is 7-10 business days. Please plan accordingly.