City of Jacksonville


Septic Tank Remediation

When septic tanks continually fail throughout a neighborhood, not only are homeowners inconvenienced, but the environment is threatened as well.

The Duval County Health Department, along with the city's Environmental & Compliance Department, compiled a list of neighborhoods around Duval County that suffer from continually failing septic systems. Chapter 751 of Jacksonville's Code of Ordinances provides the guidelines that the agencies used to determine and rank the areas on the list.


The BJP included $75 million to remediate (phase out) six nuisance areas that were at the top of the nuisance list in 2000: Pernecia, Murray Hill, Lake Forest, Scott Mill Hill, Glynlea, and Oakwood Villas.  These areas have all been remediated, and the BJP-funded program ended in 2010.

The Water and Sewer Expansion Authority, originally created to continue septic tank phase out projects following the completion of the BJP program, was dissolved on June 30, 2011, pursuant to 2011-133-E.