City of Jacksonville


New Sidewalks

The Better Jacksonville Plan new sidewalk program ended in 2007.

The current sidewalk program is administered by the Right of Way and Stormwater Maintenance Division.

Sidewalk requests are primarily generated by residents, City Council members and the Duval County School Board. You may call 630-CITY (2489) or visit 630-CITY online to request a sidewalk.

The Right of Way and Grounds Maintenance Division will evaluate requested locations based on the four criteria of the existing Pedestrian Safety Improvement (PSI) program, which are outlined in the sidewalk policy.

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Residents who request a sidewalk on a street designated 'residential' that meets the four PSI requirements will be required to present a petition with 75 percent of the affected residents/property owners approving the proposed sidewalk.

Typically, locations that meet the four PSI requirements, but do not have at least 75 percent resident/property owner approval, will be denied.

Sidewalks requested for roads designated 'collector' or 'arterial' are not subject to the petition requirement due to inherent safety concerns, but must still meet the four criteria of the PSI program.