City of Jacksonville



The receiver of a right of way permit expressly agrees to do all work subject to approval of the Department of Public Works, in accordance with City Standards and in accordance with conditions and regulations hereon. When accompanied by plat, blue print or acceptable sketch, the same is to be strictly adhered to and subject to endorsements contained therein. Any unapproved deviation from the approved drawings or standards will be sufficient cause to have work stopped or reconstructed at the expense of the party or parties to whom the permit is issued. A copy of the permit is required on the job site at all times.

Plans must be filed in this office showing existing and proposed locations (dimensions) and elevations of ALL drainage structures, pipes, and ditches; utility mains, lines, structures, valves and, appurtenances; pavement; and curb and gutter in the vicinity of and affecting issuance of this permit. Upon completion of work, 'As Built' Drawings must be filed with construction inspector showing whatever changes were made from original plan. All excavations remaining open after sundown must be marked with lights, and a list showing location and number sent to the inspector before 8:30 a.m. the following day. All extra or surplus material and earth must be removed from the street within 24 hours after completion of work. Any violation of these conditions will be deemed sufficient cause to refuse further permits to party or parties violating same, and all repairs deemed necessary will be made by the City. The costs of the repairs will be charged to the party or parties to whom the permit was issued, and all further applications for permits will be refused until payment of these charges is received.

IN PAVEMENT OR SIDEWALK: One half of the roadway must be kept open to traffic at all times and under all conditions unless otherwise approved by the City Traffic Engineer. Any pavement removed will be temporarily restored immediately, in accordance with standard paving repair detail, and permanently repaved within ten (10) days by the person, or persons making the opening. All repairs are subject to approval of the Engineering Division.

SHEET PILING: When required, sheet piling shall be used where excavations exceed three feet in depth in public space. Before said sheet piling is removed, backfill is to be thoroughly wet down and tamped to within 6' of surface.

IN PARKING: All grass, lawns and shrubbery must be carefully removed and upon completion of work shall be replaced to the satisfaction of the Department of Public Works.

EMERGENCY: In case of emergency where opening must be made, due discretion must be exercised. Application for a permit must be obtained at the earliest possible time after such opening is made.

WARRANTY OF WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS: The Permit holder shall be responsible for any failure(s) of workmanship and/or materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of completion of all work performed under this permit.

LOCATE REQUIREMENTS: In order to reduce the disruption and cost of utility damages occurring in the City's right of way and easements, the permit holder shall prevent damages to existing utilities caused by his work through field verification of the existing utilities. In the case of open excavation, verification may be performed during the permit holder's work. In the case of directional drilling, verification shall take place prior to mobilization of the drilling equipment.

The permit holder shall verify the location of existing utilities as needed to avoid conflict. Existing utilities shall be exposed using detection equipment or other acceptable means. Such methods may include but shall not be limited to 'soft dig' equipment and ground penetrating radar (GPR). The excavator shall be held liable for damages caused to the City's infrastructure and the existing facilities of other utility companies.

UTILITY RELOCATION: In the event that a utility relocation is required as contemplated in Ch. 337 F.S., or should the City, including its departments and agencies, hereinafter the 'CITY', require relocation to accommodate any improvements or construction in or involving the right of way, the permit holder and the utility owner shall indemnify and hold harmless the CITY from any claim, expense or damage of any kind, including delay damages, that arises from the non-removal, placement, identification, or misidentification of utility lines, connections, etc., which are placed in the right of way pursuant to this permit. The permit holder and utility owner shall cooperate fully with the CITY in an relocation notice by the CITY and shall provide all information and perform all relocation in an expeditious manner so as to avoid any delay to the CITY or the project impacted by the permit holder's utility placement.

Updated 5/27/2008