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Paving and Drainage As-built Review

As-built drawings are drawings that show the conditions of a development after construction. They are compared to the approved site development plans to find any major deviations. As-built drawings are typically prepared by a registered surveyor (Chapter 472 - F.S.), but a professional engineer (Chapter 471 - F.S.) can legally prepare them also.

Paving and drainage as-built drawings are required for the construction of a new road or new public drainage system prior to submittal of the acceptance package.

All attachments are from the Land Development Procedures Manual


Prior to the submittal of the acceptance package, the developer will need to submit paving and drainage as-built drawings for review and approval. The first as-built review is usually submitted before a final inspection of the improvements is scheduled by the field inspector, but the as-built drawings can be provided at the final inspection if the inspector agrees. The submittal needs to consist of two signed and sealed print sets of the as-built drawings. The certification statements need to be affixed to the drawings and filled out.



On a copy of the design drawings the design information (elevations, pipe lengths, stationing, etc.) must be lined through and the as-built information placed adjacent to it. Erasures should be kept to a minimum (e.g., for placement of the required certification statements and the required one-inch 'as-built' lettering).

Note: To minimize the possibility of as-built drawings looking too cluttered, the plans can be redrawn specifically for as-built information. If this is done, the drawings are to be on 24' X 36' sheets and contain the following in addition to the as-built information:

  • Project name as it appears on the plat
  • City development number
  • Street names
  • Lined through design information for all as-built information provided
  • North arrow
  • Scale
  • All survey lines used for locations
  • The words 'as-built' in at least one-inch high letters
  • Materials certification statement Attachment No. 19A signed by the contractor
  • Signed engineer's or surveyor's certification statement Attachment No. 18 or Attachment No. 19
  • Information pertaining to benchmark (location, elevation and reference type)


Provide stations, offsets and elevations on:

  • Center-line or profile grade line
  • Top of curb
  • Gutter or edge of pavement (specify which)
  • Back of sidewalks

Provide these measurements a minimum of every 300 feet and at the following changes in vertical and horizontal alignment:

  • PVC and PVT
  • Low and high points
  • Curb returns
  • Centerline intersections
  • Begin and end valley gutter
  • Begin and end superelevation transition
  • Begin and end full superelevation


Provide locations of all drainage structures. Locations should be by station and offset whenever possible. Otherwise structures must be tied down from at least two directions. Provide sizes, lengths and types of drainage pipes including underdrain.

Provide the following required information for all drainage structures:

  • Pipe invert elevations including underdrain
  • Top or grate elevations (specify which)
  • Weir or slot elevations and sizes
Provide cross sections through all swale and ditch construction a minimum of every 100 feet to include elevations and locations of the centerline or toes of slope (specify which) and the tops of bank.

Provide information for retention / detention basins to include:

  • Elevations and locations along the top of bank a minimum of every 100 feet
  • A dated elevation of the water stage at the time of as-built
  • Ties from the top of bank to the waters edge a minimum of every 100 feet
  • Elevations along the bottom of basin (two shots per average pond acreage)

Provide the following required information for control structures:

  • Location
  • Top elevation
  • Weir or slot elevation and size
  • Elevation and size of drawdown orifice
  • Length, size and inverts (at high and low points) of filter drain
  • Invert of outfall pipe

Show all drainage easements, encroachments within the easements and any encroachments of drainage outside of easements.


All paving and drainage as-built submittals need to be made to:

Development Services Review Group
214 N. Hogan St., Second Floor
Jacksonville, Florida 32202.
(904) 255-8310


The submittal will be routed to the respective city field reviewer (Project Engineer). Once the Project Engineer has finished his review, either the review mark-ups will be sent back to the customer for correction, or the customer will be provided an as-built approval letter which the developer is to include in the acceptance package. The submittal process will repeat until the as-built drawing are approved.


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