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Dedication / Acceptance

Paving & Drainage As-BuiltsVarious documents must be submitted to and approve by the city after infrastructure construction for a subdivision or roadway is complete. This is called and Acceptance Package, and the submittal and review of the Acceptance Package is known the Acceptance process.

All attachments are from the Land Development Procedures Manual



The Acceptance Package can be submitted before the plat is recorded. In fact, if the developer does not want to have to provide a bond with the plat recording package, this is required. If an Acceptance Package is submitted and approved prior to recordation of the plat, the developer will receive a Completion of Construction letter from the city. A copy of this can be provided with the plat recording package in lieu of a plat bond.



Subdivision Acceptance Checklist

Following is a check list of what is needed in Acceptance Package:

  • Engineers Certificate of Compliance: Attachment No. 9
  • Surveyor Certificate: Attachment No. 10
  • Owner's Affidavit: Attachment No. 11
  • Developer's Warranty, Indemnification Agreement and City of Jacksonville Acceptance Agreement: Attachment No. 12 from developer covering the following (as designated by city project engineer):
    • Damage to curb and gutter, asphalt pavement, drainage: The developer shall guarantee and accept responsibility for damages to curb and gutter, asphalt pavement, drainage piping or structures caused during the home building phase.
    • Grass: The developer shall guarantee that all rights of way and easements will be grassed in accordance with city standard specifications.
    • Trees: The developer shall guarantee that he or she will remove any trees that die within the rights of way or easements for a period of two years following acceptance.
    • Median and landscaping: The developer shall guarantee that he or she will be responsible for the maintenance of all landscaping placed in medians in the rights of way, failure of sub-base, base or pavement and hold the city harmless from any claims arising there from.
  • Traffic sign installation: At least 30 days prior to the completion of construction, the developer shall provide the City Traffic Engineer the following:
    • Written notification of the scheduled completion date for the road construction
    • A copy of the entire subdivision master plan, which indicates the entire road, network for the development
    • A copy of the JEA underground electrical distribution plan showing the lot and block numbers, block numbers and street names and addresses for the development phase for which sign installation is requested
    • Receipts evidencing payment had been made for all street and stop signs
    • A copy of plans showing the location of sidewalks, paving, curbs and water and sewer lines (as-builts or partial as-builts, if available)
    • A return address, contact person and telephone number for the developer making the request
    • Final acceptance will not take place until all required signs are installed
    • Paving and drainage as-built approval

      The required documents should be submitted to:

      Traffic Engineering
      1007 Superior Street
      Jacksonville, Florida 32254
      (904) 387-8861
  • Value of Acceptance Report: LDPM Attachment No. 16
  • Bill of Sale: Improvements other than subdivisions. This applies to dedications of water and sewer. LDPM Attachment No. 17
  • Deed of Dedication
  • Letter from JEA attesting that the following have been obtained and are on file at JEA:
    • Two consecutive days of satisfactory bacteriological clearance from the Duval County Health Department, Environmental Health/Engineering Services on all water main sample points
    • Acceptable pressure test results for potable water, reclaimed water and sewer force mains
    • Satisfactory pump performance tests on pumping stations
    • Acceptable television inspection reports, tapes and mandrel tests on gravity sewer lines
  • Completion of final inspection punch list items
  • Certificate of construction completion approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Paving and Drainage As-built approval
  • Water and Sewer As-built approval from JEA
  • Soil and concrete testing
  • Pre-final inspection report
  • Record of final inspection
  • A copy of the St. Johns River Water Management District permit and a copy of the written notification to the St. Johns River Water Management District that project is complete and ready for inspection. (This notification can be the 'Statement of Compliance' to the St. Johns River Water Management District.)



The Acceptance Package can be submitted to:

Development Services Review Group
214 N. Hogan St., Second Floor
Jacksonville, Florida 32202.
(904) 255-8310



When submitted, the Acceptance Package will be logged in and sent to the respective Review Group Field Representative (Project Engineer) depending on the location of the development. The Project Engineer will review the package.

When approved he will send it back, and the process will be completed.

  • If the plat has not been recorded, a Completion of Construction letter will be typed, signed, and sent to the developer.
  • If the plat has been recorded, an Acceptance letter will be typed and signed. The Acceptance Letter and the plat bond for the development will be returned to the developer.


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