City of Jacksonville


Jacksonville Subdivision Ordinance Section 654.106(nn)

Subdivision means the act of dividing a tract or parcel of land into three or more lots, building sites or other divisions for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or building development according to a plat of record and includes the dedication of a new street, the approval of private streets, or a change in existing streets; provided, however, that the following shall not be subject to the platting requirements contained in this Chapter:

(1) The combination or recombination of portions of previously platted lots where the total number of lots is not increased and the resultant lots comply with the standards of this Chapter and the Zoning Code [Chapter 656];

(2) The public acquisition of strips of land for the widening or opening of streets;

(3) The subdivision of a tract of land where each lot has adequate frontage on an existing City maintained, paved public right-of-way or approved private road and all required public utilities are present and available within the public right-of-way or approved private road; provided, however, that plans for such subdivision are submitted for review and approval by the Director;

(4) The subdivision of any tract of land into parcels each of which are greater than ten acres or larger or any land which is divided or proposed to be divided into parcels of ten acres or larger;

(5) The subdivision of land whose [Future Land Use Map] FLUM designation is Heavy Industrial or Light Industrial;

(6) The subdivision of land by transfer of land to a governmental agency or to a nonprofit, tax-exempt nature conservation organization qualifying under the United States Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(3);

(7) Development of commercial centers where no new streets are being established, provided however, that such commercial development shall be subject to design and engineering review and subject to review and approval, in writing, by the Director that such commercial development is not subject to the platting provisions contained in this Chapter;

(8) Land previously approved for sale by the Division of Florida Land Sales, Condominiums, and Mobile Homes of the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 718, Florida Statutes; and

(9) Any lands which, in the opinion of the Director of Public Works, should not be subject to the terms of this Chapter.