City of Jacksonville


Do I Need a Right of Way Permit?

Paragraph 744.110 of the city ordinance code requires a written permit to disturb, excavate, block, obstruct, tamper with or place any construction or other material on or in any public road, right of way or easement of the City of Jacksonville. Failure to obtain a permit for any work may result in a fine of not more than $250 or imprisonment of not more than ten days or both. Each day any violation shall continue or recur shall constitute a separate offense.

You do not need a right of way permit if you are working in a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) right of way. Contact FDOT at (904) 360-5200 for a list of FDOT maintained rights of way.

Utility construction, including but not limited to water, sewer and storm water, must be performed by a licensed underground utility contractor. Culvert pipes less than 32' in length do not fall under this requirement.

Anyone who is bonded to work in the city right of way can apply for a right of way permit, but if you are not the one performing the work, you should not be the one pulling the permit. If you pull a permit, you are liable for the work performed whether you did it or not. If a contractor asks you to pull the permit for them, there is a possibility they are not bonded and could end up getting you into trouble.