City of Jacksonville


Parks Task Force Committee

Minutes of November 15, 2004 Meeting

I. Date, Time, Place, Attendees

A. Date, Time, Place of Meeting

Date of Meeting: November 15, 2004

Place: Department of Parks, Recreation and Entertainment, Conference Room

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

B. Attendees

Rufus Pennington (Chair)
Coen Purvis
Robert Joseph
Gail McMorries
Pam Paul
Anna Dooley
T.R. Hainline
Richard Skinner
Derek Rowan
Michael Sayer
Councilwoman Self
Lanny Russell
Paul Crawford
Laura Diettrich
Trish Gramajo
Phil Bruce
Denise Ostertag
Alex Graham

II. The Meeting

The group met at the offices of the Parks Department for an organization meeting and a review of the meeting/visit with the San Diego Parks Department by Councilwoman Lynette Self. There were several handouts that were reviewed, that may be obtained by Elizabeth Kohler.

Subcommittee Reports:

Funding: Chairman T.R. Hainline provided the committee a Subcommittee funding report, with the understanding that the format of the report may change. After the handout was reviewed, various questions were raised:

  • Do we want to compare citizens/dollars spent on parks with other cities?
  • Can we put a dollar amount of taking a park from fair to good?
  • Is there a specific amount?
In addition to those questions raised, it was also stated that setting goals for private fundraising is crucial. A review of ADA compliance was held. The committee stated that it is necessary to comply with all ADA rules, yet ensure that the efforts to comply do not hinder park projects.

Governance: Chairman Lanny Russell provided the committee the latest draft organizational chart, along with proposed staff additions and position descriptions. Data was sourced from other cities and from other departments with the City of Jacksonville. The Governance Subcommittee recommends the following:

  • Unified park system of governance
  • Special Events under Parks Department control
  • Weed out functions within the department that do not apply (cemetery maintenance, etc.)
  • Create 11 member board (5 mayoral appointments, 6 City Council based on Planning Districts) with a staggered 4-year terms and budget approval power.
  • Create position for Executive Director that would deal with outside day-to-day functions (inter-city, community and corporate relations). Would also work in conjunction of C.O.O (Chief Operating Officer) of Parks Department.

Process: Chairman Mike Saylor provided the committee the Facilities Delivery Process handout. The Process Committee recommends the following:

  • Reconsider the way we currently plan for success. Merge a bottom-up Recreation Master Plan process with the Recreation and Open Space Element of 2010 Comprehensive Plan.
  • Identify reliable and repetitive sources of funding to implement into the above references plan.
  • Reorganize and augment our personnel resources so that we can implement needs-based planning and development of our Parks system.
  • Create a full-service Parks Department, with trained staff, recreation planners, grants writers, civil engineers, landscape architects, maintenance personnel and leadership.
  • Use consultants to augment the existing staff where specialized expertise is required.
  • Emulate success. Get out and visit a successful program and try to copy it.

Safety: Chairman Coen Purvis provided the committee the Safety Committee report. Since October, a JSO Officer has been assigned to the Parks Department. She has attended Task Force meetings and is knowledgeable in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). The recommendations of the Safety Committee are as follows:

  • Change from reactive to proactive. There is currently little crime data activity available for parks; therefore, there is an inability to pinpoint trouble areas.
  • Codify rules. Comprehensive and enforce City park rules.
  • Develop Community Service Officers and Rangers program.
  • CSO's - Recent high school graduates to make commitment on their way to becoming full-time JSO Officers.
  • Rangers – Program to be developed as soon as it is feasible.

Minutes Prepared by Laurel Beard