City of Jacksonville


Parks Task Force Committee

Minutes of June 15, 2004 Meeting

I. Date, Time, Place, Attendees

A. Date, Time, Place of Meeting

Date of Meeting: June 15, 2004

Place: Losco Regional Park

Time: 3:30PM

B. Attendees

1. Rufus Pennington

2. Bob Baughman

3. Lyssa Kohler

4. Mark Middlebrook

5. Pam Paul

6. Mike Saylor

7. Anna Dooley

8. Christian Harden

9. Ann Baker

II. The Meeting

A. Bob Baughman gave a tour of Losco Regional Park, which contains playscapes, 2 multi use playing fields, concession/restrooms 4 stalls, field lighting, landscaping, walking trails, and parking. Bob discussed how the park is an example of combination structured/ unstructured parks. Nature trails will be developed in the preservation areas of the park as part of Phase II development.