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JaxParks Movie Night - DC League of Superpets

May 05, 2023 8:00 PM (Sunset)
Murray Hill Playground
4208 Kingsbury St.
Jacksonville, FL 32205

Join JaxParks for a FREE movie night and popcorn featuring the movie DC League of Superpets in the park!
Don't forget to bring your chairs and blankets. We'll see you there, weather permitting!

Movie Plot: This animated tale focuses on Krypto the Super-Dog, otherwise known as Superman’s pet. Since he has his own superpowers, Krypto enjoys saving the world with the Man of Steel. However, he finds himself challenged when Superman is kidnapped one day, and the other human superheroes can’t help. With the help of superpower-infused animals in a shelter, it’s up to Krypto to save the world and save his superhuman.

Rated PG
Studio: Warner Bros.
Runtime: 100 minutes long