City of Jacksonville

Roshanda Jackson
Roshanda JacksonA native from Mississippi, Roshanda Jackson was appointed to the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women January 2013 and became the Chair of the MCSW June 2014. As a known humanitarian and advocate for individual personal growth, women, children and families’ issues and special populations, Commissioner Jackson is a champion for fairness and equality to all.
As a minority woman who has experienced and overcome the type of community resistance and barriers individuals in our communities face on a daily basis Commissioner Jackson has a passion to ensure all individuals not only perform at their highest level but given the opportunity to do so.
Through Commissioner Jackson’s relationships she is widely known for listening, being fair, generating, developing and communicating new ideas/programs and for taking all things into consideration to come up with what works best for the right now and the long-term.
Commissioner Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Investing In Me LLC ( ), a Board Certified Clinical Counselor, Motivational Speaker, the former CEO/Executive Director of Northside Community Involvement Inc, the Chair for Public Service Grants and the Director for Families & Children Intervention.
Commissioner Jackson has received many awards recognizing her leadership in the community, for making a difference in whatever she’s a part of, her passion for helping others and for her quest to eradicate nonprofits’ financial disparities.

Commissioner Jackson has over 17 years of corporate, nonprofit, special populations and religious institutions experience. She has one daughter, 4 godchildren and a Mentor to many.  And her favorite snack is a bottle of Dasani water, several spoons full of peanut butter with slices of green apples. 

Phone: (904) 536-3329