City of Jacksonville

About the Plan

On Sept. 5, 2000, residents across Jacksonville turned out at the polls to approve The Better Jacksonville Plan (BJP) as a blueprint for Jacksonville's future.

The BJP is a $2.25 billion comprehensive growth management strategy that provides road and infrastructure improvements, environmental preservation, targeted economic development, and new and improved public facilities. It is codified as Section 761 of Jacksonville Ordinance Code.

The Plan is funded through a half-penny sales tax and by leveraging existing revenue sources. The half-penny sales tax will sunset no later than 2030.

Over the last 10 years, the City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Transportation Authority and JEA have invested nearly $2 billion in infrastructure and quality of life improvements under the Better Jacksonville Plan.

Our roads are better equipped to handle Jacksonville's traffic. The downtown Sports Complex is a vibrant hub of activity. Pedestrians and cyclists have unprecedented access to various destinations. Thousands of acres of environmentally sensitive land has been preserved for future generations.

Jacksonville is a better place because of the courage and foresight of voters to make a long-term investment in the community.