City of Jacksonville

Dr. Gwen J. Chandler
At-Large, Group 5

Former Council Member Gwen Chandler 7/1/1995-6/30/1999

Dr. Gwen Chandler represented At-Large Group 5 from 1995 to 2003. She was chair of the Finance Committee and was a member of the Rules Committee and the Value Adjustment Board. She was also the Council's liaison to new library development and has been chosen to conduct meeting preparation and agenda orientation for the public prior to Council meetings. 

Her previous council appointments include chair of the Recreation & Community Development Committee and member of the Land Use & Zoning, and Public Services, Transportation & Utilities committees and the Special Committee on Cecil Field Redevelopment.

Her political involvement outside of the council includes:

  • Republican Women's Club - Duval - Federated
  • Presidency III Delegate, Orlando, Florida
  • George W. Bush for President, Co-Chair, Duval County
  • Jeb Bush for Governor, Co-Chair, Duval County
  • Republican State Conventions - Florida
  • Republican National Conventions
  • She was elected as supervisor of the Soil and Water Conservation Board for Duval County in 1992 and served until 1994.

Dr. Gwen is involved in many community groups including:

  • Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Outstanding Member
  • Leadership Jacksonville, Graduate
  • Jacksonville Insight, Facilitator - Mayor's countywide initiative to set priorities and agenda for his administration.
  • Chairperson, New Chance, program for teen unwed mothers
  • Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.
  • Management Team, Young Black Male Study
  • United Way Allocation Committee
  • Volunteer storytelling
  • Business and Professional Women, President Gateway Chapter

Dr. Gwen has numerous honors and achievements such as:

  • -UNF Outstanding Alumni Award - 1999
  • -Outstanding Faculty Award - Florida Community College at Jacksonville
  • -Woman of the Year Award - Business and Professional Women
  • -President, Florida Assoc. of Community Colleges Jacksonville Chapter, 1993-94
  • -Facilitator, White House Conference Library and Information Services
  • -Delegate, Florida's Governor's Conference Library and Information Services
  • -Delegate to National Republican Convention
  • -Charter Member - Jacksonville Status of Women Commission

Dr. Gwen currently is employed by Florida Community College at Jacksonville as department chair of the Downtown Campus Library and is a professor of Educational Technology. Previously Dr. Gwen worked at the National Security Agency in Ft. Meade, MD and as a librarian with the Jacksonville Public Library System.

Dr. Gwen received a Bachelor of Science from Alabama State University, a MSLS from Catholic University of America, MS from University of North Florida and a Ed. D from Nova University. Dr. Gwen has two children: Thornton G. Chandler and J. Todd Chandler.