City of Jacksonville

Ronald "Ronnie" W. Fussell
At-Large, Group 1

Framed photo of Council Member Ronnie Fussell, At-Large Group 1. 4/15/2005-6/30/2007

Jacksonville native, Ronnie Fussell, does not consider himself a politician, but rather a businessman fulfilling his community service. He was inspired by several of his mentors, businessmen willing to get involved and impact their community, who served on the City Council during the first years of consolidation. He admired these men who used good business sense to help create the Jacksonville he loves and has long enjoyed. Ronnie takes seriously his duty to our city and the role he has been elected to fulfill. He pledges to both the citizens of Jacksonville and to his colleagues to do his best to make wise, fair decisions.
Ronnie has more than 25 years of successful business, civic and city government experience. Over the years, he steadily advanced through the construction and real estate ranks working on a variety of residential and commercial projects throughout the Jacksonville area. With Ronnie's pro-business vision he has the knowledge and ability to address issues, operate a business, make a payroll, deliver a product and live within a budget.

Although a businessman at heart, the political realm is not unfamiliar to him. In 1995, Fussell joined Mayor John Delaney's Administration serving four years as Director of Government/Business Relations and Legislative Affairs. His experience also includes service under Jacksonville Mayors Ed Austin, Tommy Hazouri and John Peyton. He is actively involved with ongoing interaction with state and federal agencies as well.

In the midst of all these wonderful opportunities, Fussell considers his most important role to be a husband to his wife, Rebecca and father to his son, Chandler. He enjoys playing golf, watching sports and old westerns, reading, and spending time with his family. The Fussells live on the Westside and are active members of Westside Baptist Church. Ronnie is honored to be serving his city and is committed to doing his part to keep Jacksonville the best place on earth to live, work and play.