City of Jacksonville

iOS FAQ & Help

The application seems to be frozen.

  1. Exit the application.
  2. Clear your cache by doing the following:
    1. Double-click your iPhone's Home button.
    2. Wait until the recently-viewed applications are displayed.
    3. Swipe away application.
  3. Reopen the application.

Content isn't loading.

This app requires an internet connection. If content has not loaded after one minute:

  1. Close the application.
  2. Ensure that either:
    • Data services are enabled and you have sufficient signal strength.
    • WiFi is on and connected to a network.
  3. Reopen the application.

JaxReady: "You are in Evacuation Zone" isn't loading.

One or more of the following is required on your device for location services to work:

  • An enabled Geolocation Service (GPS).
  • A cellular data service connection.
  • A WiFi connection.

JaxReady: "You are in Evacuation Zone" isn't showing my exact location.

To improve the accuracy of location services you will neeed to have WiFi turned on. Otherwise, you may receive the evacuation zone of the cell tower that you're connected to.