Swamp Chestnut Oak
Swamp Chestnut Oak
Tree of the month of April, 2022
August's tree of the month is the swamp chestnut oak, Quercus michauxii. This large majestic white oak species is a native oak that can be found in Jacksonville and throughout the southeastern United States growing in bottomland, mixed hardwood habitat. Although this oak tree naturally grows in more mesic soil conditions, the swamp chestnut oak can be an excellent choice for an urban street tree due to its ability to do well in poorly drained soils and drier conditions. It also has a tendency to grow upright to provide a mature shade species. The swamp chestnut oak gets its name from the shape of its leaves. The leaves look similar to the leaves of a chestnut tree and are large dark green in the summer with a grey, patchy bark texture. The swamp chestnut oak can get very large in size, providing excellent shade and wildlife habitat. Keep and eye out for this tree in our urban forest and see its magnificence in person.
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