City of Jacksonville

Non-profit Terms and Conditions

All non-profit and charity organizations will be allowed to bring in as many waste tires and snipe sign that they can collect to the event for a full pay-out of reward monies ($2.00 per tire and $0.50 per sign) if they meet the following conditions:

  • Proof of a current and valid state of Florida registration as a non-profit or charitable organization via;
  • Typed one page letter on organization letterhead signed by an individual listed in the organization’s profile contained in (Officer, Director or Registered Agent) authorizing the person or persons bringing the tires and signs to the event that they are acting for the organization;
Event Procedure 
All waste tires and snipe signs will be collected and counted by event staff. A written receipt will be prepared stating the date, time, name(s), number of Duval County residents, vehicle tag number, number of tires and signs and the calculated total reward money and will be countersigned by the Event Coordinator. The pen and ink copy will be provided to the participant(s) and the carbon copy will be retained by the cashier or further action;
On Monday September 30, 2019, event staff will research to validate the entity’s current non-profit status. After proof of non-profit status is completed, a check for all tires and signs brought to the event will be mailed to the Registered Agent at the Principal Address listed for that entity on Prior to the check delivery, the organization will be notified via regular mail sent to the Principal Address that they will need to supply a W-9 to the City so a check can be issued.
If proof of non-profit cannot be validated by Monday September 30, 2019, the City will send notification of the validation search results to the address that is listed on the one page letterhead (see Condition 2). The addressee has until Friday, September 13, 2019 close of business (5:00 PM) to claim the reward money. The person or persons listed on the receipt can come to the City’s Solid Waste Division located at 1031 Superior Street, Jacksonville, Florida to claim the reward money. Please note, each individual listed on the receipt must show proof of ID matching the information on the City’s receipt. The City will only provide the reward money as per normal guidelines, $2.00 per tire up to 10 tires and $0.50 per sign up to 40 signs per Duval County resident. Upon proof the individual(s) match the information on the receipt, the City will specify the date when the individual(s) can return to collect the reward money. Please note, no reward monies will be paid on the initial claim visit.