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Toxorhynchities species
Cannibal Mosquito

Toxorhynchities species (Cannibal Mosquito)

Toxorhynchities mosquito
A very large mosquito with a
strongly curved proboscis and
brilliant colored markings

The Toxorhynchities mosquito, or commonly known as a Cannibal Mosquito are very special in that these mosquitoes do not require a blood meal. In the larval stage, these mosquitoes consume all the necessary protein needed for egg development for it's lifetime. These larvae prey and feed on other mosquito larvae and is considered a beneficial mosquito.

Description: These mosquitoes are very large and brilliantly colored. The colors vary from white and metallic blue markings on the thorax and purple and black legs. The proboscis is unique in that it curves downward to make it easier to obtain its food.

Home: These mosquitoes lay their eggs in man-made and natural cavities. These sites include tree holes, tires and buckets that are found in shaded areas.

Feeding: In the larval stage, these mosquitoes feed on aquatic organisms, especially other mosquito larvae. They have been known to even eat other Tox mosquito larvae. The adults feed on plant juices and nectar.

Reduction/Elimination: Because Toxorhynchities mosquitoes are beneficial, reduction and elimination are not necessary. Instead, when they are found, they are left alone, allowed to help control mosquitoes.

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