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Psorophora columbiae
Black Gallinipper Mosquito

Psorophora columbiae (Black Gallinipper)

Psorophora columbiae
Large, black, scaly mosquito

Psorophora columbiae are definitely a pest mosquito. These mosquitoes have been known to kill cattle because of the high volume of adults that swarm at one time. This can result in suffocation and severe blood loss (anemia) in the animals.

Description: This mosquito is medium to large in size and has strong black and white markings on its body. The legs are banded black and white. The wings are very dark. The proboscis has a wide pale band in the middle.

Home: These mosquitoes breed in open fields that have been flooded after rain showers.

Feeding: Psorophora columbiae have been known to fly a distance to find a blood meal. They are persistent and vicious biters.

Reduction/Elimination: This mosquito is difficult for homeowners to control through reduction and elimination. Mosquito Control monitors many wetlands in the Jacksonville area that are known to be home for this mosquito, treating the area when it is wet and breeding is found.

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