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Psorophora ciliata
Feather-legged Gallinipper Mosquito

Psorophora ciliata (Feather-legged Gallinipper)

Psorophora ciliata
Very large, scaly mosquito

Psorophora ciliata or Feather-legged Gallinipper gets its name from the fact that it is heavily scaled, giving the appearance of feathers. It's eggs are laid in cracks and small holes in the soil and can hatch years later.

Description: Psorophora ciliata is a very large mosquito with noticeably yellow and black banded legs. The thorax is black and gloden brown with pale stripes on the side.

Home: These mosquitoes breed in flooded fields and the eggs can hatch several years after they are laid. The larvae develop very quickly to the adult stage.

Feeding: Psorophora ciliata is a vicious biter and prefers mammals.

Reduction/Elimination: This mosquito is difficult for homeowners to control through reduction and elimination. Mosquito Control monitors many wetlands in the Jacksonville area that are known to be home for this mosquitoes, treating the area when it is wet and breeding is found.

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