City of Jacksonville


Culiseta melanura

Culiseta melanura is primarily known for the disease that it has the potential of transmitting, Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus (EEEv). The virus has detrimental affects for young children and the elderly, as well as horses and select bird species. In most birds, which are the preferred blood meal, there are no apparent signs or symptoms.

Description: This is a medium sized, non-descript mosquito. It's coloration is medium to dark brown.

Home: These mosquitoes breed in ground pools found in wooded areas. It overwinters in the adult stage and are one of the first mosquitoes flying in the spring.

Feeding: Culiseta melanura primarily feed on birds. However, when they do bite humans, it can be quite annoying.

Reduction/Elimination: This mosquito is difficult for homeowners to control through reduction and elimination. Mosquito Control monitors many wetlands in the Jacksonville area that are known to be home for this mosquito, treating the area when it is wet and breeding is found.

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