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Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus
Southern House Mosquito

Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus (Southern House Mosquito)

Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus

idenifying markings on Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus

Curved white bands across
the abdomen

Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus, commonly known as the Southern House Mosquito, is a commonly found mosquito throughout Florida and when resting, look for moist areas such as bathrooms. These mosquitoes are a problem because of their potential to vector many diseases.

Description: Culex pipiens quinqefasciatus is a medium sized, non-descript mosquito. It's color is dark brown to bronze. It has pale bands across the abdomen.

Home: Culex pipens quinqefasciatus breeds in a wide variety of locations, though is commonly found in septic or dirty water. Mosquito Control Inspectors have found this mosquito in cow ponds, ditches, septic tanks, and catch basins.

Feeding: This mosquito actually prefers to bite birds. However, in large numbers, has been found to bite mammals, including humans.

Reduction/Elimination: The Southern House Mosquito is difficult for homeowners to control through reduction and elimination. Though, there are some things they can do to help in its reduction. Residents with septic tanks need to ensure that the lid is closed or not cracked to prevent breeding in the tank. Make sure there are not any holes in window screens to prevent the mosquito from flying in. Mosquito Control monitors many wetlands in the Jacksonville area that are known to be home for this mosquito, treating the area when it is wet and breeding is found.

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