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Anopheles crucians Complex

Anopheles crucians Complex

Anopheles crucians Complex

Anopheles crucians Complex is actually a group of three mosquitoes very similar in appearance. The only way to determine the species is through microscopic identification of the larvae, which can be difficult to find. Anopheles crucians is capable of harboring malaria but is not considered the primary mosquito responsible for the disease's transmission.

Description: Anopheles crucians Complex are medium sized mosquitoes that are primarily dark in coloration. Their wings have a spotted pattern due to pale colored scales interspersed with patches of dark scales. The mosquitoes legs are long and delicate.

Home: This mosquito prefers longer standing water sources to lay her eggs. The water tends to be tannic (brown due to decomposing leaves) and vegetation is present. Most sources tend to be ponds and swamps, especially cypress swamps. One mosquito found in this complex actually prefers brackish water, whereas another prefers fresh water.

Feeding: These mosquitoes prefer to feed at night on mammals.

Reduction/Elimination: This is a difficult mosquito for homeowners to control through water source reduction and elimination. Mosquito Control is constantly monitoring known swamps where the mosquitoes breed, treating when larvae are found to prevent the emergence of adults.

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