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Aedes sollicitans
Golden Salt Marsh Mosquito

Aedes sollicitans (Golden Salt Marsh Mosquito)

Aedes sollicitans

Banding on abdomen

Bands across abdomen,
note band down length

Aedes sollicitans is a pest salt marsh mosquito found in Jacksonville, though not found as frequently as the smaller Black Salt Marsh Mosquito. It is not known to transmit disease, though it can be problematic when found in large numbers.

Description: The Golden Salt Marsh mosquito is a medium to large, dark brown mosquito with yellow to white accents on its abdomen, thorax and legs.

Home: Aedes sollicitans breeds in the upper regions of Jacksonville's salt marshes. The female mosquito lays her eggs on the soil. The eggs hatch when high tides flood the area. This mosquito is known for flying up to 25 miles from the breeding source for a blood meal.

Feeding: This mosquito is opportunistic, feeding on whatever is available, but it prefers mammals. They are more active at dusk and dawn.

Reduction/Elimination: It is difficult for a homeowner to control this mosquito through reduction and elimination of the breeding sites. Over 20 years ago, Mosquito Control would dig ditches to flood the marsh areas to prevent the breeding of the mosquito. Now, we use aircraft to fly over wide areas of the salt marsh to treat for larvae.

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