City of Jacksonville

Steering Committee Members

Betty Holzendorf, Co-Chair
John Rood, Co-Chair

Ed Austin
Mac Brunson
Toni Crawford
John Delaney
Nat Glover
Hugh Greene
Steve Halverson
Dr. Adam Herbert
Pete Jackson
Rev. Rudolph McKissick Sr.
Jim McMillan
Pam Paul
Gertrude Peele
Steve Wallace
Cleve Warren
Wayne Weaver

Ex Officio

W.C. Gentry, chairman, Education, Truancy, Dropout ;amp; Literacy Subcommittee
John Coxwell, chairman, Intervention and Rehabilitation Subcommittee
Paul Perez, chairman, Law Enforcement and Deterrence Subcommittee
Tony Boselli, chairman, Neighborhood Safety and Stability Subcommittee
Audrey Moran, chairman, Positive Youth Development Subcommittee
Will Ketchum , chairman, Public Relations Subcommittee

Mayor's Staff: Susie Wiles and Kandi Begue