City of Jacksonville

Legislation Relative to The Jacksonville Journey

The legislation listed below relates to efforts made on behalf of the mission of The Jacksonville Journey.

  • 2008-0013
    This bill urges individual members of the United States Senate to cosponsor Senate Bill 2007-1060, and to unanimously pass the Second Chance Act of 2007, in an effort to reduce recidivism and provide expanded services to adult and juvenile offenders, and their families, for reentry into society.
  • 2008-0029
    This bill appropriates $3,000,000 from an Emergency Reserve account to fund overtime officers deployed across the City by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in Operation Safe Streets.
  • 2008-0064
    This bill appropriates $223,760 from the Sheriff's Office federal forfeiture trust and and public works capital projects to provide funding for renovations to the Duval Juvenile Assessment Center.
  • 2008-0087
    The bill declares the following Priority Populations to be targeted for assistance in the FY2008-09 Public Service Grant process:
    • Homeless and low-income persons and families
    • Victims of abuse and neglect
    • Adults with physical, mental and behavioral disabilities
    • Residents of neighborhoods at high risk of crime
  • 2008-0134
    This bill creates the Neighborhoods Safety Trust Fund to provide a dedicated funding source for additional sworn officers to increase police presence in Jacksonville neighborhoods.
  • 2008-0467
    This bill would increase the fees changed by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for such things as record seaches, photographs, fingerprinting and audio recordings. Additionally it would increase or add new fees inmates pay for medical co-pays.