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In 2005, Ordinance 110.368 was sponsored by former City Council President Kevin Hyde and approved by the City Council establishing the Duval County Job Opportunity Bank (the 'Bank'). The Bank is a permanent trust fund of the city into which funds received pursuant to Ordinance Code, Section 180.105 are deposited. The deposited funds are used to provide grants and other financial assistance to city residents that increases opportunities for skills advancement, provides customized training for new and incumbent workers, and increases job placement of youth ages 18 to 21, chronically unemployed and underemployed, dislocated workers, ex-offenders, and veterans. In a nutshell, the overarching goal of the Bank is to ensure that citizens are trained for and are employed in high-wage, highly-skilled jobs in Duval County.

The Bank is subject to the general direction of the Duval County Job Opportunity Board (the 'Board') whose members are appointed by the mayor and City Council. The seven member Board develops and oversees the implementation of policy for the Bank and advises the director of procurement on matters concerning the operation and administration of the Bank.

In its inaugural year, the Board established a grant program through which experienced entities may apply for and, upon successful evaluation of their proposal, receive funds to provide education and training to the populations identifed in the Ordinance for jobs in the industries targeted by the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission.

This is an exciting new initiative that will propel the city and its citizens to new heights of success and standing in the global economy. The Board, chaired by Edythe M. Abdullah, J.D., looks forward to creating an environment where Duval County citizens and industries achieve unparalleled success.

Public-Notice - May 23, 2011
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