City of Jacksonville


Northeast Florida Fin Tech Initiative (Fin Tech Grant): Python 1

June 01, 2023 - June 29, 2023 6pm-8:30pm
Live Online Thursdays

How to apply and Enroll:
Fill out/submit a completed application to or fill out the interest form on the FinTech grant page. Below are direct links for the FinTech Grant page, application, and the FinTech email:
For more Info:
This course introduces the Python programming language and teaches topics found on the PCEP certification exam developed by the Python Institute. This includes basic Python language features and building and running Python programs. Detailed topics include data types, collections (lists, tuples, dictionaries), selection and repetition statements, functions, and file I/O. Students will develop and implement a variety of Python programs and take practice quizzes which will prepare them for the PCEP exam.
The Equal Business Opportunity Office has partnered with FSCJ and the Northeast Florida Fin Tech Initiative to provide educational opportunities in the form of boot camp academies and technical certificate programs to fuel the regional need for employees with the skills and experience in FinTech. This opportunity is 100% grant-funded and will be FREE to JSEB owners as well as their employees.