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Filing a Local Bill

Deadline: The local bill deadline has not been set for this year. It is anticipated to be in September.

Local Bill Information Form
Economic Impact Statement
Advertising Language

House of Representatives -- Local Bill Policy Manual

A local bill public hearing must be held.* The public hearing where the vote on the local bill is actually taken must be noticed and open to the public. Any delegation meeting to discuss proposed legislation where no actual vote is taken appears to be subject to the requirements of Article III, section 4(e), of the Florida Constitution as well.

To sponsor the local bill, the local legislative delegation must agree by majority vote, or otherwise if the rules of the legislative delegation so provide.

A legal advertisement of the proposed bill must be placed in a newspaper of general circulation at least 30 days prior to introduction in the House or Senate unless the bill contains a referendum provision. The local entity requesting the proposed bill generally places the legal advertisement in the newspaper.

Two Original Proofs of Publication must be attached to the original copy of the bill when filed with the House Clerk. Evidence that the notice has been published in an affidavit of proof of publication furnished by the newspaper at the end of the advertising period.

House Bill Drafting Service reviews all drafts, correcting any technical errors and making other changes in form as required to conform to the requirements of the Florida Constitution, Florida Statutes, and House rules.

Under House rule 5.2(a) all local bills must be filed with the Clerk by 12:00 noon of the first day of the regular session.

Local Bill policy adhered to by the House of Representatives requires the bill be filed with a completed, original and signed Local Bill Certification Form and a completed, original and signed Economic Impact Statement form. This policy requires no local bill be considered by the House Local Government & Veterans' Affairs Committee or subcommittees without the completed forms.