City of Jacksonville

Mayor’s Hispanic Leadership Awards
The Mayor’s Hispanic Leadership Awards began in 2013 and is an event sponsored by the Mayor and members of the City of Jacksonville Mayor’s Hispanic American Advisory Board to honor local community leaders. The event is designed to honor individuals, nominated by their peers, who have significantly served the Jacksonville community. Up to eight categories may be awarded: Non-profit, Faith Based, Education, Business, Health Care, Arts & Culture, Military, & Lifetime Achievement. Nomination timelines are provided on this website during the months of July and August .Learn more about the Hispanic American Advisory Board here.

Nominees must reside and/or be employed in Duval County for a two year minimum, have been born in a Hispanic country, be a first generation Hispanic (born in the US with one or more Hispanic-born parent, or second generation Hispanic, born in the U.S. with one or more Hispanic-born grandparent).

2019 Annual Hispanic Leadership Award Winners

  • Non-Profit: Maira Martelo
  • Community Service: Arlene Ortiz
  • Faith Based: Pastor Angel Santiago
  • Education: Hind Chahed
  • Business: Paola Parra Harris
  • Health Care: Dr. Judy Rodriguez
  • Military Service: Lieutenant Colonel, Angel Matos
  • Arts &Culture: Kedgar Volta
  • Business Partner: Victor Cora
  • Lifetime Achievement: Jocely Turner

2018 Annual Hispanic Leadership Award Winners

  • Arts & Culture: Derby Ulloa
  • Disabled Community: Jose Morales
  • Healthcare: Dr. Rene Pulido
  • Education: Dr. Lilia Loriz
  • Business: Jorge Lopez
  • Faith Based: Dr. Elia Enid Vivoni
  • Public Service: Ivan Pena
  • Lifetime Achievement: Edward Perez